Fox Host Reveals Dark Truth About Biden

Laura Ingraham

( – In Tuesday’s episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” Laura Ingraham uncovered the underlying message of the modern left.

Discussing what she believed was the “implicit message” Americans received from Joe Biden’s Capitol Hill speech and Georgia speech, Ingraham said the emphasis was “do as you’re told.”

Her remarks come as the Department of Justice announced it would be forming a domestic terrorism unit.

The Fox News host continued, saying that the “rule of thumb” was that “the only people allowed to question election outcomes are Democrats,” as she said everyone else would be “suspected domestic terrorists.” Ingraham substantiated her statements by saying she believed Americans were being encouraged to “do as you’re told.”

Ingraham continued by saying that when “Democrats lose influence,” they don’t revise “their failed policies.” Instead, she stated that Democrats chose to try changing the rules so it would be “easier to cheat in Congress or at the ballot box.” She sustained her remarks by pointing to why Biden-led Democrats supported “voting rights for illegal aliens” and “ballot harvesting.” Saying that in Democrats’ “warped worldview, states need to do as they’re told.”

Dr. Fauci also drew the ire of Ingraham.

While commenting on Dr. Fauci’s appearance in a Senate committee, Ingraham gibed that the Chief Medical Advisor’s appearance was “one of the most disgraceful performances by a public official I’ve witnessed in the 25 years I’ve been covering politics in Washington.”

Her comments follow Fauci accusing Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) of kindling “threats” on his life.

Pointing to these statements, Ingraham revealed she was not surprised, saying that given Fauci had “ruled his own kingdom in the D.C. medical bureaucracy” and his “disdain for those who disagree with his conclusions,” it was not unexpected for him to target “elected representatives.”

Fauci’s highly-criticized appearance also included a hot mic capturing the Chief Medical Advisor calling Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS.) a “moron” when Fauci was asked about his financial disclosures.

Ingraham concluded by saying that Fauci –– “the most highly compensated official in the U.S. government” –– should repay taxpayers “every last dime” of his more than $400,000 a year remuneration after misrepresenting vaccines, therapeutics, masks, and school closures.

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