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George Soros Caught

Conservatives are often accused of unfairly blaming George Soros for funding every radical-left, socialist policy or program in the United States. Yet, the fact is that Soros does fund a substantial portion of the left’s agenda.

The latest example, found by Red Alert News buried deep in a mainstream media news story, is Soros funding the Defund the Police movement in Minneapolis. A movement that has failed so miserably that Minneapolis has to spend millions of dollars in an attempt to strengthen a depleted police department. Check out the following story, and then share your thoughts in the comment section.


Minneapolis is planning to spend $6.4 million to hire dozens of police officers, at a time when some City Council members and activist groups have been advocating to replace the police department following George Floyd’s death,” according to ABC News.

The City Council voted unanimously Friday to approve the additional funding that police requested. The department says it only has 638 officers available to work — roughly 200 fewer than usual. An unprecedented number of officers quit or went on extended medical leave after Floyd’s death and the unrest that followed, which included the burning of a police precinct… [emphasis added]

While there have been calls to dismantle the department after Floyd’s death, some residents have begged the city to hire more officers, citing longer response times and an increase in violent crime… [emphasis added]

Meanwhile, three City Council members have proposed replacing the police department with a public safety department that would include law enforcement and other services. Yes 4 Minneapolis, a coalition of local community groups, is also collecting signatures to try to get a similar proposal on the November ballot. [emphasis added]

The Star Tribune reported the Yes 4 Minneapolis committee is being fueled by a half-million dollar grant from the Washington, D.C.-based group Open Society Policy Center, which is associated with billionaire George Soros. Organizers hope to collect 20,000 signatures by March 31.” [emphasis added]

For the full report, go to ABC News.


Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Are you surprised that George Soros is behind the “Defund the Police” movement? Why or why not?


  1. Pegs says:

    Where are you holly rose??? No comment on that POS george sores ?!?! Normally you have your 2 cents to put in!! My many friends have been saying for YEARS that SOB is trying to DESTROY OUR GREAT NATION!! he NEEDS to repent for what he’s doing or I fear he WILL BURN IN HELL. I sincerely pray for him, I mean that. I PRAY he see’s the light before he leaves this earth. God Bless his soul. #EVIL

  2. Lil says:

    Someone should interview Soros!

    • Garland says:

      Have Himm Call is Buddy
      Ex president Joe Biden
      Where are the stimulus checks. In your banks with Hunters, Cliton banks, and Joe / jill.

  3. Michael J Korger says:

    Why is George Soros so hell-bent on destroying democracies and “law and order” here and all around the world??? He looks like his days are numbered, so what good is all his support of destruction going to benefit him when he is dead???

    • Leslie Benjamini says:

      His son is going to carry on his disgusting work.

    • Roger Lynn says:

      A person like George Soro has no sole ,and all that money ,he doesn’t know how to handle it in a positive way ,I wanted to be rich with alot money ,thats what I thought as a teenager ,whats more important is being healthy not wealthy,also growing up ,I ve been told that “money is the root to all evil” from the looks of things they maybe right.The some democrats & George Soro,look what it done to them.

  4. Jean says:

    Just moved from Minneapolis. The liberals there ruined a beautiful State just like Newsome is doing to California. It is a real shit show to live in Minneapolis anymore. I don’t recommend moving there and if you do bring a gun.

  5. PETER HUDEC says:

    GEORGE SOROS – former Nazi SS officer under Hitler – will send more information and his photo in a Nazi SS uniform,if interested..
    Go ahead and publish this question with my permission.

    • Margaret says:

      To me he should use his , only some to help people that need help. Pelosi has let people starve, get evicted, no school for children, she doesn’t care. She has her ice cream, candy, and probably more food than they can eat. You may not care but it’s horrific she does this to punish someone she hated.

    • John says:

      Dirty money,crooks,and the democrats.

  6. Jack Meagher says:

    After reading a few dozen pieces sent in by readers, it’s disappointing to see how many readers have serious problems with their spelling, number one….and their ability to write a cogent sentence!

    • Janetta Mills, MA says:

      Many in the general public had a very poor education. They have a right to express their views, misspelling and all. If only the fortunately well educated be allowed to speak, our country would be full of egotistical “know it alls”. Thank goodness for the “common man.”

    • Ed says:

      Don’t tell me , you used to date a teacher , sent her a love letter and she sent it back corrected ????

    • Joan says:

      Well, Aren’t you just so perfect!!!

    • Valice Reames says:

      So true! Also, have you noticed how many of the MEDIA have begun to pronounce contractions such as “didn’t or couldn’t” as if they were spelled didunt or couldunt? Do you still support your “educational systems” without any attempt to correct them?

  7. Robert says:

    AND he is the biggest contributor to the PUPPET CROOKED CAREER POLITICIAN, BEIJING OBIDEN,. AND he is in bed with CEO of Dominion Voting Machine which cheated & stole this election from the American People! FRAUDULENT ELECTIONS AT ITS BEST!! THIS FOREIGN TERRORIST MUST BE DEALT WITH BEFORE HE DESTROYS THIS ONCE GREAT NATION!

  8. Steven says:

    If average people get busted for a joint they take cash and property yet this fool just rides along on a cloud ! Its conspiracy thus rico to pay for terrorism ! He needs to sit his life away at guantimo his son also as im sure he involved ! Then use his billions to help those whom this quarantine is affecting ! Get this scum out of our countries anus and things will be much better ! Tyvm !

  9. Maria says:

    Of course Soros is involved. The ex nazi officer would love to see our country run by socialists.

    • Darwin Salls says:

      Soros was not Nazi Officer, he was Nazi snit ch. He would snitch out the Jews and in return he would be able to steal the gold from the Jews.

  10. Scott J says:

    Soros is the only way that antifa and BLM are still doing their destructive acts. He funds anything that will disrupt our country. He should be killed and his son also as he will follow his fathers dirty footsteps.

  11. Faith Baum says:

    That is not the only thing he has his filthy billionaire corrupt hands in.
    If he didn’t have all that money he would be prosecuted……but no one has the gonads to do anything about all this corruption and treason actions of all these
    of all these corrupt people in office. The whole lot needs to be held accountable for all the corruption and lies.

  12. Sherry says:

    Yup!Up Hold the Law’s of the Constitution!Which the corrupt demorats con-gress are working on with pervert joe and K.Harris and Soros and obo to do away with😡😡😡 Sense No one’s above the Law’s.

  13. jkryanspark says:

    You conservatives are the world’s biggest morons. If you quantified the paranoia of the right and did the same with the left, right wing paranoia would fill the Pacific Ocean while left wing paranoia would not even amount to a puddle in Palm Springs. It’s amusing.

    • Sam B. says:

      The socialist party= Destroying jobs in the energy industries/file prices already on the rise….Constant hate language of the socialist party….Double standards everywhere…Nonstop executive orders which is how a dictatorship operates. What’s Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing Biden up to now..close to “50” executive orders?! MORE than Clinton Bush Obama & Trump combined.
      I’m a registered (barely left leaning very moderate) Democrat who knows dozens of others that r patriots of our great country first. I/We also aren’t in denial. ALL of these BS nonsense from the radical socialist party is toxic…which is why we all bailed off that titanic a few years ago. Some day soon you’ll wake up…esp when gas prices reach $4-$5 a gallon..among several other issues.

      • David D'Anna says:

        Thank you for seeing through the Bullshit,Most of the Politicians DON’T give a shit about ANY of us!! Its all about MONEY and Prestige! Hopefully we can Overcome the COMMUNIST ON BOTH sides of the Aisle and Bring Back REAL Patriots that DO POUR bidding without the EXCESSIVE Greed and Pork filled bills they come up with now!!

    • Leslie Benjamini says:

      You must be kidding? What planet do you live on?

    • Leslie Benjamini says:

      You have a reality problem. You see things exactly the opposite of what they really are.

  14. Sherry Chase says:

    Did he help round up jews? If so send him to Germany! Also see he lives in Ny? Also obos buddy! George visited We the People’s White house😡 Killarys daughter married his nephew and Adam shit fits into the evil family! Demorat corrupt cartel. If Mr.Trump did as the demorats say! Then Mr.Trump would be a Evil Socialist Demorat.

  15. Gene Eberhardt says:

    This thing has only one purpose, to destroy !! Take his wealth and put him in a dungeon for life !!

  16. Sandra Smith says:

    Does anyone remember the movie “The Dirty Dozen”? That’s what we need to take out all of the evil in America. If there are enough good men to take on the challenge, they would definitely go down in history as true heroes for “Making America Great Again”.

    • Sherry Chase says:

      True ✋

    • David D'Anna says:

      If President Trump and Our a Almighty father do not help us soon,it will remain to be POUR DUTY!! To rid the world of these COCKROACHES that Infest our WORLD!!..All it takes is PRAYERS for Guidance and STRong Support!

  17. John Brammer says:

    Yes, it explains why the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta knew about a cure/remedy for the Covid-19 virus early last year that required neither a vaccine nor exotic medications but never passed that info on.
    Old George gave $387000 directly to the CDC and probably millions more through 3rd party proxies. You don’t suppose the suppression of this information had any political significance, do you?
    Like all medications, the efficacy of this ‘cure/remedy’ depends largely on the individual.

    • Why is this man still loose to do all this evil? Do not his actions call for serious reprisals? He has been barred from his native country and has publicly made known his intention to take down the United States. Doesn’t that add up to sedition or something similar?

  18. Rev4God says:

    What an evil, wicked man.

  19. Sam B. says:

    George Soros…what a obvious unhinged psychotic radical communist sympathizer. This nutjob is “off the reservation!” To think that some people have such a psychotic view/ideals is scary for our great country that prides itself on a free & open democratic society. Another scary issue..he has a lot of money to influence others & spread his “cancer” to the weak minded.
    It doesn’t surprise me at all this unhinged psycho is behind defund the police. Hey George…this is the United States of America. Respect our constitution, bill of rights, laws & our law enforcement agencies or beat it. If u can’t respect our & open society/democracy..then As that whackjob kook Maxine Waters incited & said: “your not welcome here anymore!”
    True patriots of our great country don’t appreciate nor respect dangerous unhinged communistic views like this. Venezuela, China & others will accept ur lunacy.

  20. David Smith says:

    LOL They tried to impeach Trump twice for telling his supporters to be peaceful but allow a Jew killing person into the USA and become very powerful and Let people like Clinton molest young girls with Epstein while his wife let’s Americans die in an Embassy and Let Oblacka give billions to Iran and the Bushes blow up the towers and an oil rig and now we have another senile pervert who is opening the doors to let illegals in to rape kill and deal drugs They are not the swamp we are for allowing them to live

  21. Charles Gehlert says:

    He is so old he will probably die soon anyway so all we have to do is wait out the inevitable fate of this anti-Christ demon.

  22. Mary A. Bell says:

    I knew that Soros hates America and funds whatever is detrimental to this nation. I did not know until now how he betrayed Jews in Eastern Europe who were hiding from the Holocaust. For that alone he should be a worldwide pariah. Soros was born in Hungary. How did he acquire dual citizenship in the U.S.A,? Can’t the U.S.A. strip him of that American citizenship and deport him? After all, he is a traitor of the worst kind.

  23. Tina says:

    Throw him in Jail!!! EVIL man

  24. Recall Soros`s origins: He used his Jewish identity in Hungary to penetrate and identify Jewish Communities in hiding, hoping to wait-out the Holocaust evading the Concentration Camps. He later admitted that he felt no remorse identifying Jews and sending them to their certain death. Following the Holocaust he has consistently used his vast sums of wealth to destabilize countries, sow chaos, and install Radical Left Dictatorships. In Israel, he funds legal teams dedicated to dismantling security checkpoints, allowing terrorists to enter vulnerable Jewish Communities. His activities in the U.S.A. are directed at removing the border-fence, sponsoring illegal migrant caravans, and financing the use of fraudulent Voting Counting Machines.

  25. When something evil takes place anywhere in this country, it’s a good bet that Obama’s friend Soros is involved. He is the personification of evil.

  26. rick says:

    Why isn’t this over-wealthy clown arrested & thrown in jail for sedition? Supporting insurrection? Being an enemy of the United States? Because he owns politicians, judges, attorneys etc! There will be anarchy in the U.S. as long as globalist thugs like him are allowed to operate freely in this country. Plain & simple!

  27. paul says:

    Follow the money trail and you”ll find George Soros. He hates America and all us who live and were born on this soil.Your money won”t buy you out on judgement day. You will pay the price for all your underhanded schemes you played on the American people and we won”t forget it. Your a disgrace to America.

  28. Don says:

    Even if is so nothing will be done about the crook.

  29. maxibaby says:

    George Soros is heartless/godless/lawless/and scum of the earth! It is beyond the pale how even a Dem takes his money and supports him! He will spend eternity in hell with his master, satan…………..along with many others and you have their names committed to memory!

  30. Tammy says:

    Dem-o-rat leadership is what people wanted so quit deal with it.

    • I think that he’s merely covering his own azz!! Just like Biden always says: Were gonna fix things n make it all better” n turns around n takes all those jobs away from N. Mexico n the Wall!! Bible even speaks about the double minded. That’s them, the 300 Commitee!!!

  31. Dennis Sumner says:

    We should be talking about Soros in the past tense!!!

  32. Susan Cook says:

    No I am not surprised since he has funded activities across the globe.America is a prime target. As for the police, social workers and others will only tie the hands of police who deal with violence by drug users and others.

  33. Gitmo says:

    No if & ands about it George soros is a devil and dont belong on earth! With his agendas since a kid that should have never made it out of Germany,from money and property he stole from his people as they went to the gas chamber,allowed to sell there property and has reeched havoc on countrys with his backwards socialism and cares nothing about human life other than to make money! He uses this money to cause chaos and hes trying to destroy America with demorats and we cant allow this to happen! Soros needs drug into Gitmo and eliminated like a terriost!! Soros is part of the deep state corruption and the worst of the bunch! They trained obama to be there puppet and cheat elections to do so! Demorats give them insider info to make billions in markets and they pad demorats pockets with stocks and billions for lawyers and campaine money for elections! The swamp needs drained and demorats to the cia/fbi/doj need cleaned out!! Start over! Career politicians must go! We need America back like Trump had it going forward not backwards like biden/Obama will do! Soros must be concidered public enemy #1

  34. Karen K. says:

    No, not surprised George Soros behind the Defund the police movement. Think his dying wish before he leaves the earth, is to help the destruction of the USA. Sure wish we would get rid of him out of our country somehow. Think he funds the left, the have his radical ideas, and they start on the local level. He wants criminals free, and for us to bring in illegal immigrants. He is part of the globalists. He has ruined the Democratic Party.

    • J says:

      George Soros one EVIL BEING

      Wake up American and greedy Politicians he gives you money
      And has one agenda to destroy beloved America

      Will you be safe after being given money by him?

    • Nancy Rodolph says:

      so true, he needs to be prosecuted for all his evil behind-the-scenes corrupt deals, trying to control everything and destroy America!

  35. Margaret Medford says:

    No I’m not surprised. He’s been funding campaigns for leftist district attorneys across the country. Be careful when voting. A DA’s election is an important election. Pay attention
    Also I’d like to know how an alleged Hungarian “Freedom Fighter came to USA so rich?

  36. jeanette bybee says:

    To tell you the truth I personally think and believe that the “president” should take his citizenship away from him a d exile him from the United States forever. He has been right there in the middle of all of what has been happening in the United States over the summer throughout the country. And yes the DemonRats are the ones that want him because it gives them more power over all of us to do what they wish. EXILE him NOW Buden if you are suppose to be our president then it is your responsibility to do this…..

    • Joe Gooch says:

      Jeanette… what would make you think Biden would do such a thing to one of the
      jerks that stole the office for him? Do you only watch MSN!

  37. jean says:

    I am not sure what a “public safety department” actually does, but Minneapolis does need something to give the public some kind of protection. If they are going to hire more police than I pray that they make sure the police they hire are not renegades that may cause more problems than they are worth. If they go with the “public safety department”, again I pray that they truly investigate the help that plan on hiring, that they will do their job correctly.

    • Joe Gooch says:

      “public safety department” is like the swamp…bureaucrats without brains🤢calming they want to do right for you, “Not”

  38. Linda says:

    George Soros needs to be arrested n locked up for the rest of his miserable life. Hes behind alot of whats going on today .

  39. bruce says:

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, Soros has been trying his hardest to destroy the very thing that he got rich from (except for taking money from Nazi’s to have jews killed). The only reason I can figure is now that he got his money, he doesn’t want anyone else to have any.

  40. Linda says:

    George Soros needs to be arrested n locked up for the rest of his miserable life. Hes behind alit of this crap going on in our country bc hes got alot of braindead morons in his pocket to destroy our country. Nobody got a real set to do a thing bout that POS .

  41. Carol Johnson says:

    Common sense is no longer common, as the saying goes. 1. Even a 12-year-old would know that reducing/eliminating Minneapolis police would increase crime, leave the most vulnerable in dire straits, and call for more personal weapons simply for protection! 2. Where on earth will they find 20,000 supporting signatories by the end of next month??

    • SDOfAZ says:

      They will buy the signatures from the street people just as they did the ballots in 2020. Soros funds them and they have the cash!

      • Janice Alito says:

        Soros is evil and will rot in hell and he won’t bring his money with him there. Clinton, Obama are just as bad they take his money and agree with his communist ways all for greed of money and power. This is the entire issue that is wrong with these people in DC. They are working for the people not for their own interest and gains. Trump saw threw these phony hypocrites. They need term limits on their positions. Soon China will own America it will be too late. Biden and his crooked lying family doesn’t care either all for the Biden name of money and power. We need to take America back or we will have no Constitutional Rights🙏

        • Janice says:

          George Soros name never mentioned throughout any news network. We should be condemning him daily. His name should be condemned throughout schools and media outlets instead he is glorified by this world through BLM. Fear God only!

  42. Robert Schultz says:

    If someone were to tie the upper eschelons of the left to soros, like hrc, biden, obuma, and a few others, It would seem as though we could hit them all under the rico act and confiscate every dime those thieves have stolen, and probably pay off a good chunk of our national deficit.
    Soros is a piece of shiff, and needs to be wiped from the face of the earth for good.
    It is well known that hrc and several other liberals/communists are in bed with soros, and should be charged with treason

    • SDOfAZ says:

      The problem today is finding anyone in the establishment not in line with the socialist takeover who will enforce the laws, all of them not just the ones they cherry pick to punish those not in line with their NWO AGENDA.

      Agencies are corrupted since Bozo or Clinton who bought their leaders out with the dark money of the greedy international corporations and those like Soros. Start at the state level if you want change. Clean em out state by state and then with better people in congress than rinos and socialist dim wits maybe things will improve. Today I see no difference in dim wits or republicans. They all reside in the cess pool of DC at different levels and all corrupt.

      Watching the 2020 election steal and listening to the posturing with no real actions told the entire story. Even Pence a fake religious guy proved to be more of a swamp creature than a MAGA politician. Talk is cheap, actions take true courage and conviction. GOP today does not have anything but TALK.

  43. Jeff says:

    This should not be surprising to a lot of us that no longer listen to the MSM to get their news. One church ministry in particular,, has been focusing on George Soros for quite some time. Another billionaire that wants to control our lives. Shameful!

  44. Frank Steele says:

    Soros is like cockroaches. You can’t get rid of them, and they’re around forever.

  45. frances hazlett says:

    George Soros is a very very evil human and has been all his life after working for Hitler stealing gold from dead Jews teeth when he was 14yrs old.

    • Jeff says:

      Absolutely. What’s even more shocking is the fact that Soros is of Hungarian Jewish lineage.

    • David G Beam says:

      Very evil,and absolutely sick!If this is backed up,about what this guy did at 14,he IS evil!Why isn’t this guy brought up on charges over that?Remember the trials that they had after World War 2,with those Nazi criminals?He shold’ve been charged too!14,or not!

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