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Girl Scouts Slammed for Congratulating Justice Barrett

In a sign of the times, the Girl Scouts of America was repeatedly and viciously attacked on Facebook and Twitter for social media posts congratulating Justice Amy Coney Barrett for her appointment to the United States Supreme Court by President Donald Trump. Those attacks resulted in the Girl Scouts deleting the congratulatory social media posts. The following three tweets succinctly document what happened.

Here is a copy of the original congratulatory post saved by a reporter.

Here is just one example of the criticism aimed at the Girl Scouts. In this case it’s from a Democrat Congresswoman from Massachusetts. There were hundreds, if not thousands, of similar messages (many far worse) aimed at the Girl Scouts.

The attacks were so mean-spirited and relentless that they resulted in the Girl Scouts removing the posts from Facebook and Twitter and replacing them with the following apology.


Please share your thoughts in the Comment section about those who attacked the Girl Scouts and the Girl Scouts decision to delete the posts congratulating Justice Amy Coney Barrett.


  1. The Girl Scouts Should not have removed their post, to give in to evil only feeds their evil ego. Right should never back down for wrong.

  2. Dale Nadeau says:

    Nancy,ahhh NAZI Pelosi,UPChuck Shimmer,

    Adam full of shit Shift,need to STOP using the CONSTITUTION band FOLLOW the CONSTITUTION!!!!!

  3. FrankAboutIt says:

    I Don’t know who Ayanna Pressley is, but I know what she is and what she represents.

    She is the lowest form of life on this planet. She doesn’t hesitate to impose her sick, twisted, condescending, sarcastic and ignorant views on people, including children, in an attempt to dissuade them from doing, or saying something that is inherently positive, gracious, well meaning, and makes them feel very good about themselves and the world within which they live.

    She lacks leadership skills, and child rearing skills. Has obtained a position that she clearly should be abruptly removed from barring her from further damaging the mental and emotional growth of our children as a representative of our government. She is a despot, and apparently lacks good judgement. She doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut.
    If she has children, Child Services should make it a point to schedule a Welfare Check on the living conditions of her children. God knows how they’ve been mistreated, or what they are morphing into.

  4. David Smith says:

    Dr Bill please forgive my ignorance but I believe a man should have a voice in the woman having an abortion It may be her body but it is part his as well. You seem to take a give and take attitude towards the abortion That baby did not ask to be made even in rape that baby should not pay the price for adult stupidity or be used for stem cells so planned Parenthood can drive Corvettes There are lot of families who would love to have a baby to raise I am sorry but my Dad wanted me to be an abortion and my mother said no She divorced him he was a drunk and abusive I am glad my mother said no and I believe she was happy that she didn’t either as later on in life she needed my help badly.

  5. Dr Bill says:

    The vitriol comes from both sides because we have, as a people, been of late encouraged by some leaders and many fellow (like-minded) believers to speak ill of those with whom we disagree. Democrats and Republicans used to discuss issues with mutual respect. I have friends and family members who are very much on the opposite side from me, and both as an election official and otherwise (myself still being partisan), I always encourage everyone to vote. That act is what makes our country great, and those who fail to vote, and otherwise participate in our democracy, are denying themselves ownership in our government.

    Even about the abortion issue there is merit on both sides, and compromise given religious differences is necessary for our nation to work. Emotions run high and create a mutual disgust – although concerted thought and soul-searching has led me (personally) to the troubled conclusion that a decision to end the incipient life of a fetus is such a horrendous and tragic one that it should be left to the conscience of the would-be mother. But I refuse to deny the legitimacy of the “right to life” movement which has now scored a huge (while unprincipled) coup within our federal system.

    Those who criticize the most recent Supreme Court justice find her generally lacking in compassion for the rights and freedoms of many Americans, perhaps even a majority of us, due to her narrow-minded and highly partisan background of privilege. And the means of her selection amounted to a repudiation of traditions established and developed over more than two centuries of our government.

    • Dennis says:

      I see Amy Coney Barrett as one who believes in education, family and supports, nurtures and cares for her family! She is a true feminist, supporting others in living a positive life of decency, wholesomeness and a respect for self and others. A great addition to a body that must have the highest integrity in order to defend our Constitution and our honor!

  6. Jeff says:

    I just call the DEMONIC DEMONrats ignorant communist domestic enemies,unless they know that president Trump is the only answer for the the United States at this time,then I call them Americans,he doesn’t blow smoke and unicorn ? farts up your ass like most of the more “presidential”
    politicians have been trained to do in the past,he’s making some of them realize that the status quo of the lying corrupt swamp scum assholes will not be accepted anymore!!!% Crazy joe is running as an enemy of the United States and the constitution and if you vote for him you are admitting that you are a communist and also are a domestic enemy and you really don’t want it to go to a war because many people are prepared to use their constitutional rights to destroy the domestic enemies that the DEMONrat democRATS have become,it’s time to destroy the enemy for good,if they we’re really trying to get the governor it’s to bad they did not succeed,that is exactly how the domestic enemies should be treated,defeat the enemies or live under their communist rule and that is un acceptable,by any means necessary.
    Myself and many more like me will if necessary die defending the United States the constitution and freedom,personally are you willing to die trying to destroy them?
    If you are there definitely needs to be a war,and I like our odds better than yours.
    Be prepared patriots it may be time to do what had to be done in the past by our great veterans!!!%

  7. Kevin says:

    Can you believe it?
    Here is an organization who strive to teach that hard work and high values make a better citizen in this country and all they get for their hard work is a kick in the a_ _.
    Shame on the people (SICK PEOPLE) who have the nerve to attack the Girl Scouts of America.
    Some are politicians and should be removed from office or resign IMMIDIATELY!!!!

    • Grace says:

      Is there any group of women more miserable than uptight liberal women. Nasty,divisive, mean spirited and unhappy. No wonder so many of them are single and barren. Who would want to raise a family with one of these b345es. If you want to know who they are look at one of the women they emulate. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planed Parenthood. The biggest baby killing enterprise in America.

  8. Sunshine says:

    You know, it is time to erase the Left from the face of the earth. I have had it with their hate and vileness. I have always had friends I have disagreed with, but never threatened them. This has got to stop and a rising is coming after them to restore us back to when our Nation was great and not sick with all the evil satanic spewing. Beware, a righteousness is going to do a great house cleaning.

  9. Vicki mcBeath says:

    yOU people are terrible. Giving girl scouts a terrible time for congratulating a Judge to the Supreme Court. See what the left has done to you.

  10. Sam B. says:

    The “Girl Scouts”…the “GIRL SCOUTS” put out a nice congratulatory message for Judge Barrett & recognizing the other powerful women on our Supreme Court & they get harassed for it!?!?! What a JOKE These pans-ass leftists/cancel culture low-life’s are. I’m a moderate Democrat who knows dozens of others…embarrassing bs like this from the “off the reservation” left is yet just another reason WE ALL HAVE JUMPED SHIP & r voting/have already voted for TrumpPence & others on the right. The left has become waaay to radical/unhinged/socialist for any normal minded American to b a part of…no way in hell! I say the Girl Scouts should put ur post back up! It was a very nice gesture. Da-hell with these low-life cancel culture leftist quacks! A small percentage of these assclowns out there wreak havoc on us all. ENOUGH!
    Girl Scouts put ur posts back up! And to the low-life radical leftist cancel culture quack..MOVE TO VENEZUELA! Ur an embarrassment to the 100s of millions of honest patriotic Americans. Venezuela these days is full of & run by unhinged quacks like u. You’ll fit right in! By Felicia! C-ya Chad! We’ll take the good people that enter legally from Venezuela who fled From the destructive socialism bs in trade! At least these folks WANT to b here, work hard, honor our constitution & b appreciative.
    Anyone ever notice that we never see or hear of ANY of this crazy unhinged ideology bs from the right? The left is becoming “radical left” & is on the road to destruction.

  11. Vickie says:

    I think that the girl scouts should put that post back up and those who have nothing better to do than to attack young girls should be ashamed of themselves. These people are acting like children and need to grow up and they should ask God for forgiveness. To the girl, scouts don’t ever bow down to anyone who can’t have respect for you. Stand your ground and remember this is a free country.

  12. Patricia says:

    What has happened to the America we used to know, the America in which we were proud & the America that knew FREEDOM?
    When did bullying become acceptable, when did it become acceptable to attack our Freedom of Speech, when did it become acceptable to have tremendous corporations calling the shots, when did it become acceptable to speak so hatefully & disrespectfully of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, when has FEAR been the operative feeling amongst Americans against Americans & when have Americans ever accepted & actively pursued big government involvement & when did committing crimes go unpunished? Does anyone besides a select few realize that we will lose our rights under THE CONSTITUTION if the left wing radicals take the White House in the upcoming election? Does anyone realize what’s really going on in this country that is NOT being reported by the “Fake News” media? We should ALL take a lesson from history. Really look at Socialist, Marxist & Communist countries, have any of them succeeded? The answer is NO! What do we not understand about history & events that are happening as we speak? Why would ANYONE want that for our rare & beautiful America? How can we just sit back & watch as our country literally becomes undone & the age of free thinking, free speech, simply FREEDOM becomes obsolete & even criminally punishable? Is the motivation behind a part of the changes sweeping our nation due to college tuition? Really? Everyone I know who went to college, graduated, got a job (any job) & began paying down those loans, why is it any different with millennials? How did so many people accomplish the above over the past generations & yet now these people expect a free college education? Why should anyone EXPECT anything for free? Most importantly why would ANYONE want our government so deeply involved in our personal lives when we have PROOF right in front of our eyes that BIG GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION IS DISASTROUS? I wish only good for my fellow Americans but I fear we will pay dearly for making the wrong decisions going forward. Good luck to every American reading this.

  13. Rick Marshall says:

    You have strong parents with high moral values and you are exposed to the highest caliber of leadership in our country. Be proud to be a Girl Scout and know that I am proud of you for the values you uphold. There will always be people and organizations that choose the opposite side. You are on the side of high moral values therefore you will always be on the winning side. We stand with you.

  14. Cathy says:

    The Girl Scouts should put the post back up ,and dont backdown from what you believe in .This country is still Free. The more hate the left spreads the further right I go .Remember sticks and stones may break my bones but WORDS can never hurt me . We need all the POSITIVITY we can get . Never kneel to hatred only for prayer. ? and stand for your rights that our forefathers and military have fought to give us .??????

  15. G.hopp says:

    Have you noticed the DEMOCRATS are openly ranting their communist views.Their supporters are the people who thinks they will get something for nothing.Just send them a check ,Let them have their drugs without fear of arrest and feel sorry for them because they area victim.
    Whether you are a polititian or just a citizen,clean up your own act before trying to influence children.

  16. Louise Gale says:

    As a former Girl Scout, I am deeply disappointed in the leadership of the
    organization that made this cowardly decision to remove their praise of
    the 5 women on the Supreme Court.It’s amazing they were so
    easily threatened by a “candidate “ for office- one not even elected!
    What would these women have done in Germany in 1933! Stand up for
    what is right and be an EXAMPLE to the young women you are training?‼️

    • Kimberly says:

      I’m deeply disappointed that an official would be so low as to attack The Girl Scouts of America. How low cam you go?!? Picking on little girls congratulating women who are successful and gives them someone to look up to. People have sunk to levels I’ve never seen before!

    • Rafael Felix says:

      Tweeter should be banned as an enemy of the country and put on a terrorist list and also monitored at all time for communist activity.

  17. Louise Gale says:

    As a former Girl Scout, I am deeply disappointed in the leadership of the
    organization that made this cowardly decision to remove their praise of
    the 5 women on the Supreme Court‼️‼️ It’s amazing they were so
    easily threatened by a “candidate “ for office- one not even elected!
    What would these women have done in Germany in 1933! Stand up for
    what is right and be an EXAMPLE to the young women you are training?‼️

    • Carmen says:

      Why the post was taken out?! It is awesome to have another women with the values and respect like Justice Barrett. As an ex girl scout I can say that I am very proud of her as a woman and I will not back down my opinion because other women get offended, I think they have issues not resolved. So congratulations Justice Barrett and God bless you!

  18. Esther says:

    These young children should not be critized instead should be informed why they are trying to be polite however ignorant of the harm to women can be caused by the narrow minded backward principles of this Judge that was approved by disrespectful procedures thus what can you expect from her?

    • Dennis says:

      Well, Esther, you sure got that backwards, proper Constitutional procedures were followed and you have, by your negative judgment, disqualified yourself from ever being a SC judge!

  19. Dan Croft says:

    Why doesn’t Twitter and Facebook block this kind of bull crap, by god if it was about Biden it sure as hell would be blocked! Oh that’s right they have “policy’s in place” if that’s not a chicken shit excuse! I think we should all just block them out of business.

  20. Jesus Cruz says:

    I am sick to hear a liberal representative that attacks all ideas that don’t match her personal beliefs. How does a “representative” claim to represent constituents with these single-minded rants?


  21. Mike says:

    If I were the Girl Scouts I would put the post back up. They would have put the post up for who ever the woman is regardless of political affiliation. Girl Scouts do a great job of developing and promoting the success of women regardless of political affiliation and the appointment of Barrett is great for all women. Put the post back up and honor women and Barrett. These pathetic individuals who provide negative responses are a very small percentage of the population. There are at least 85% of us or more who stand with the Girl Scouts against the pathetic 15% who have lost their way. Let’s continue to stand up for what’s right against these people who try to scare you on social media platforms.

    • Lynda Taylor says:

      I agree 100%. The girl Scouts need to take a stand and not back down. Don’t let anyone bully you out of supporting what’s right. I was taught that people bully out of fear.

  22. These women are ugly bullies. They pick on children. How unfair is that. These Girl Scouts can’t even vote for your hateful words. It s disgusting. That’s child abuse as far as I am concerned. How dare you. When my daughter was in the scouts you would have said that I would have gotten a petition started up to boycott you and never vote for abusers bullies that you ungrateful people are towards we the people children’s. Without their parents you wouldn’t have a pay check. You work for us. You work for us.

  23. Kathy says:

    It’s unfortunate that the GS’s apologized & took down their post! Imagine ridiculous adults threatening to boycott cookie sales!!

  24. B. C. Standard says:

    You liberals are trying your best to destroy this country and undermine religion . You don’t have a clue what a true American stands for and obviously you don’t watch the news either nor do you study history as you should . Just look at Cuba and Venezuela- two countries that are fairly close to the U. S. and check out their economy and how they treat their people and if you have any brain left at all you should be able to see that Socialism / Communism is not the answer ! Wake up Idiots ! Leave the Girl Scouts alone !

  25. Richard K.Lindemann says:

    The Girl Scouts’ leadership is like the Boy Scouts’ leadership.They are a bunch of nut jobs.Both let homosexuals into their organization,which completely goes against what both are SUPPOSED TO STAND FOR!They have NO RIGHT to take down what some young women have to say.This goes against their 1st Amendment of Freedom of Speech.If they were my daughters,I’d take them out of the Girl Scouts,and then sue them heavily for violating their U.S. Constitutional Right of 1st Amendment.This nation is going to Hell- In-A-Handbasket because of Democratic Party, homosexuals,all various gangs and hate groups,and Politically Correct Group.Let’s not forget the Liberal Media.We need to take back our great nation from these people,or we are done.

  26. Yank says:

    Put the post back up, if that is how you feel! You will not ever be able to appease everyone and, once in awhile you will find an absolute moron that regards your post as an attack on an issue that is so insignificant that you will read they’re post and scratch your head in disbelief. lol There was nothing whatsoever wrong with the post you deleted with the exception of a “butt hurt” individual. Tougher hides are needed for many “individuals” these days.

  27. Karen J. Caparolie says:

    I truly think it is sad that adults be they women or men would go after young girls that are being taught to be respectful, help those in their communities that are in need, & are in an Organization that is well over 60 years old. The Girl Scouts ,of which I was one for many years teaching girls how to be respectful law abiding citizens. Citizens that obey laws & are a help to the communities they live in. If anyone made ugly slurs or comments about anything the G. S. wrote I would say they are the immature children, & the G.S. are the ones who should hold their heads up! They should be proud of theirselves. Whatever they said I would put it back up. Girls you are not in the WRONG . It is the adults that are ignorant & just looking for anyone they can attract no matter their age or sex. Stand up for you rights. You may be children BUT you do have rights. In 2nd Timothy 4:12-13, The Apostle Paul was talking to Timothy who was a young man at the time. This is what it says, “ You are young, but do not let anyone treat you as if you were not important, Be an example to show the believers how they should live. Show them with your words, with the way you live, with your love, with your faith, and with your pure life. So see what you have to say IS IMPORTANT, YOU ARE ALL IMPORTANT, Don’t take your words down. Stand up, be strong. Make our new Judge Amy Coney Barrett proud of you!!

  28. Ms. Gayle says:

    There was certainly no need to take that post down!!! She should have been congratulated. That is a high honor. You people on the left should be ASHAMED of yourselves.

  29. Elizabeth Rice says:

    These women all deserve congratulations whether I agree with them politically or not.

  30. Tango says:

    Sickened once again by a liberal representative that attacks all ideas that don’t match her personal beliefs. How does a “representative” claim to represent constituents with these single-minded rants?

  31. Scarlet says:

    The whining babies of the left can’t leave any innocent comment go without dragging politics into it. The Girl Scouts organization helps young girls with self esteem and helps them realize they can be anything they want to be. Even a state representative. They left needs to get over Hillary’s lose 4 YEARS ago. Grow up and do your job. Work across the isle and work with the President. Life would be better for all.

  32. eugene orico says:

    They should of left the post up .
    There is only one way to stop that kind of hate and that is to stand up to it by not giving in.
    Political leaders are way out of control when they do things like Ayanna Pressley did.
    There was an apology due but it wasn’t from the Girl Scouts that’s for sure.

  33. Jo says:

    It’s really sad when democrates attack children and women.

  34. I thought these girl scouts were attacked physically???

    Online how utterly dangerous !!

    Come on folks just DELETE the chicken siht’s
    Or better yet trash the dam addictive I-Pods!!

    Cpt. Lauren Dowsett

  35. Michael Rose says:

    Obama, Biden, Pelosi, (Democrats) are a secret, corrupt society bent on destroying The Liberty and Freedoms enjoyed by freedom, and God loving people everywhere!
    This society is led by non other than the destroyer – Satan!

  36. I totally agree! There were both Democrats and Republicans pictured in the post of the five women Chief Justices that our country has had voted in during our country’s history! Shame on the liberals who made the Girl Scouts‘ post political! I suppose we should feel sorry for the one-dimensional brain waves of today’s liberal women!

  37. John McNamara says:

    That is typical of the RADICAL LEFT! She’s in Congress? How? Why? Maybe she didn’t earn any badges, no reason to knock them for looking up to an accomplished woman. Most people do look up to our justices. Not sure how she keeps her job with that attitude.

  38. Bill says:

    They should make one final post telling their followers to boycott farcebook and the other twits as well as the ADVERTISERS!

  39. Tink says:

    Those girls were just mad because they are scared someone will take away their rights to birth control by killing their babies!!!! GOD IS WATCHING GIRLS!!!!

  40. Sherry L. Cullison says:

    It hurts all of America when bullies are able to shut down a perfectly legitimate congratulation and praise. Only convoluted thinking would see that statement/posting as political. Having another positive female role model is what Girl Scouts is about.

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