GOP Adviser Found Dead – Video

( – In a tragic event, Alice Stewart, a distinguished CNN political commentator known for her involvement in numerous Republican political campaigns, has passed away at the age of 58.

See a video of the deceased CNN adviser below!

Stewart, a regular on “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” was discovered deceased on Saturday in the Bellevue neighborhood of northern Virginia, according to statements provided by law enforcement to the media.

It is believed that she experienced a medical emergency, and authorities do not suspect any criminal activity, The New York Post reports.

Mark Thompson, the CEO of CNN, conveyed his sorrow and regard for Stewart in a communication to the network’s employees.

“Alice was a very dear friend and colleague to all of us at CNN,” Thompson said.

He praised her as “a political veteran and an Emmy Award-winning journalist who brought an incomparable spark to CNN’s coverage, known across our bureaus not only for her political savvy, but for her unwavering kindness. Our hearts are heavy as we mourn such an extraordinary loss.”

The specific health issues Stewart may have been facing remain unclear, but her death was unexpectedly sudden, as she had appeared on Blitzer’s program just the previous day.

In her last Instagram post, Stewart shared her enthusiasm for participating in the show, stating,

“It’s always a sunny day when you can join the great @wolfblitzer on #CNN with @mariacardonadc!”

A native of Georgia, Stewart had been a prominent figure at CNN since she joined the organization in anticipation of the 2016 election cycle.

Stewart’s media career began in Georgia as a local reporter and producer, and later as a news anchor in Little Rock, Arkansas.

She transitioned into political communications, serving initially as the communications director for then-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and subsequently for his 2008 presidential campaign.

Stewart continued in this capacity, working as communications director for the presidential campaigns of former Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum in 2012, and later for Texas Senator Ted Cruz in 2016.

Her passing elicited immediate reactions from her colleagues at CNN. Jim Acosta, anchor of CNN Newsroom, reflected on their long-standing friendship, which dated back to the 2012 campaign.

“My heart is broken over the passing of our dear colleague Alice Stewart. We’ve been friends going back to the 2012 campaign,” referring to his own reporting during Senator Mitt Romney’s presidential bid,” he wrote.

“We always invited her to come on my show because we knew we would be a little bit smarter at the end of that conversation. She helped our viewers better appreciate what was going on and that’s why we will miss her so much,” Wolf Blizter stated on the air, cited by The Daily Caller.

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