GOP Demands Biden Bribery Document from FBI

( – House Republicans have moved to make good on their threats to hold FBI chief Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress after the agency refused to produce a document implicating President Joe Biden in bribery.

US Rep. James Comer, the head of the House Oversight Committee, had given the FBI until Tuesday to hand over the informant file containing claims that Biden took part in a $5 million bribery scheme while he was Barack Obama’s vice president.

The federal law enforcement agency failed to comply with the subpoena, Newsmax reports.

“Today, the FBI informed the Committee that it will not provide the unclassified documents subpoenaed by the committee. The FBI’s decision to stiff-arm Congress and hide this information from the American people is obstructionist and unacceptable,” Comer declared in a statement.

He said he would have a call with Wray on Wednesday but had no hopes it would achieve much.

“The committee has been clear in its intent to protect Congressional oversight authorities and will now be taking steps to hold the FBI director in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a lawful subpoena,” the Kentucky Republican elaborated.

“Americans deserve the truth, and the Oversight Committee will continue to demand transparency from this nation’s chief law enforcement agency,” he added.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) commented similarly in an earlier interview with Fox News.

“We have jurisdiction over the FBI, they seem to act like we do not. I personally called Director Wray and told him to send the document, today is the deadline,” the California Republican asserted.

“Let me [say], Christopher Wray, right here, right now, I will move contempt charges against him. He can send the document. We have a right to look at that, Republicans and Democrats alike. If he does not follow through with the law, we will move contempt charges against Christopher Wray. They are not above the law,” the House Speaker declared.

Earlier, a spokesperson for Democrats on the House Oversight Committee cited by The Washington Times said the GOP was engaging in “political theater” based on an “unsubstantiated tip” to help former President Trump win the White House.