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GOP Fights Vaccination Discrimination

Should discrimination against the unvaccinated become illegal in the United States?


State Republican lawmakers around the country are pushing bills — at least one of which has become law — that would give unvaccinated people the same protections as those surrounding race, gender and religion,” according to Axios. [emphasis added]

These bills would tie the hands of private businesses that want to protect their employees and customers. But they also show how deep into the political psyche resistance to coronavirus vaccine requirements has become, and how vaccination status has rapidly become a marker of identity.

“On a national scale, well-known GOP figures have recently escalated their rhetoric about the vaccination effort, comparing it to Nazi Germany and apartheid.

“At a state level, there’s more bite to the bark. Many Republican-led states have enacted some kind of restriction on vaccine mandates or vaccine ‘passports.’

“And some state lawmakers are trying to make it illegal for employers, governments or private businesses to treat unvaccinated people any differently than vaccinated people, using the same language found in federal civil rights law.” [emphasis added]

For more of this report, please go to Axios.

Please share your thoughts about this report by emailing [email protected]. Do you believe it should be illegal to discriminate against those who decide not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine? Why or why not?

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