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GOP Gov: U.S. Is Banana Republic under Trump

Are elected officials within the Republican Party starting to turn on President Donald Trump? It certainly seems that way when you look at the number of prominent members of the GOP who started to move away from Trump over the weekend, suggesting it’s time for him to concede the election to Joe Biden and start the transition process so there won’t be any gap in national security come January 20, 2021.

However, the harshest criticism came from some within the GOP who’ve been Never Trumpers from the start of Trump’s rise to power. For example, Gov. Larry Hogan, the Republican governor of Maryland, who has always been a thorn in Trump’s side.

After reading the following news about Hogan and Trump, please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Hogan? Is it time for Trump to concede or should he continue to question the election results as reported by the mainstream media?


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a vehement anti-Trump Republican, said Sunday that the United States is starting to resemble a “banana republic” under President Trump,” according to The Washington Times.

Mr. Hogan told CNN that he is confident that the president-elect will be sworn in on Inauguration Day in January, but that he has no confidence that Mr. Trump will do the right thing.

“’We were the most respected country with respect to elections, and now we’re beginning to look like we’re a banana republic,’ Mr. Hogan said. ‘It’s time for them to stop the nonsense. It just gets more bizarre every single day, and, frankly, I’m embarrassed that more people in the party aren’t speaking up.’

“Mr. Hogan, who previously had said he wrote-in the late President Ronald Reagan for the 2020 election, said he does not think his fellow Republicans have the “courage” to stand athwart Mr. Trump as he remains in office.

“‘There have been a few people in Congress — Senator [Mitt] Romney, for example — a few people that are standing up and speaking out pretty strongly,’ the governor said. ‘But there’s an awful lot of them that are not. But history will judge everybody, just as they did during Watergate.‘”

President Trump didn’t like Hogan’s stinging remarks and fired back on Twitter with a reminder of how Hogan had failed his state when it came to the purchase of coronavirus tests.


  1. Mary Jones says:

    Talk about feeling hopeless and helpless. What can we do to save our country? Everyone knows the democrats stole the election and our election process will never be the same nor trusted again. We can not allow Biden/Harris to take over the country. Do we need another Civil War? We must do something but unlike the antifa loving democrats, we actually have jobs and don’t have the opportunity to be out on the streets in droves even though we would never destroy our country like they have. We must get organized and stop being silent!

  2. G says:

    With the amount of voter fraud evidence Trumps attorneys have why would he ever concede to a corrupt person who spent 47 years living on tax payer funds doing absolutely nothing. In 2018 Trump new this would happen initiating the executive order regarding election interference. This goes way beyond Biden’s corruption since what is about to happen is pulling the plug in the swamp that will expose people involved in corruption in this country from judges, doctors, lawyers, law enforcement, media, hospitals, businesses, politicians, and even those corrupt people who retired thinking they got away. This will be a new start to our country. A new election will probably be required as seats will become vacated as politicians get arrested for treason or sedition. The longer this drags on more people are exposing themselves as corrupted.

  3. John says:

    Who cares what this fool is recommending president Trump should do. It’s obvious he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Why would he have advise for the man in charge of this nation and doing a damn good job of conducting business for the good of the country. If you want some brilliant advise just ask ME. I have just as much advise as this fool that represents Maryland. Wake up you good people of that state and vote this fool out of office.

    • Ray says:

      And to think I enjoyed watching Hogan’s Heros staring Bob Crane as Col Hogan. Talk about an insult to a ‘Hero”. Sorry I ever watched it.

  4. sue says:

    People who would sacrifice a country to socialism because of their hatred for one man, should not be in our government, they are a disgrace. Maybe the Republicans who are trying to get rid of Trump have dirty little secrets like the Democrats, when the Democrats are in it’s like free for all for the corrupt.

  5. Holly Rose says:

    Hogan should run for the presidency. I agree with his views about the chump trump. Folks, can’t you see how America has fallen with trump at the helm? Our economy, health system, military and treasury has fallen with this dullard as president. I don’t want to see harm done to him. Just want trump to leave office like a decent man and not a spoiled brat not wanting to let go of his toy. For the sake of our nation trump needs to leave and have a real man and woman run the US!

    • Ram3500 says:

      Yeah right ROSE you pillar of IDIOTS. YOU are the reason Americans don’t want you or biden breathing air

    • Donna says:

      The flood is coming & the Red Sea is gonna part. This RINO, along with the Demonrats & DeepSwamp creatures are gonna drown!!

    • Geraldine Wrobel says:

      Your words are pretty harsh why in the hell would Trump step down he won this election don’t you realize some of these Republicans and Democrats want to see Trump out of office because they can’t do what they want to do so get rid of him well guess what there are millions millions of people who voted for Trump and no Trump is not going to concede anything why would he Trump is the best president we’ve ever had he has done wonders for this country but of course the media and the Democrats and these rhinos work against Trump it’s time to put your hatred inside and let’s all get together and make this the best the greatest country of all and we can thank Trump and God for that.

  6. Lesly says:

    I still cant believe smart people in this country would vote for socialism after all the good TRUMP DID.

  7. Jim wells says:

    Tell that fat ugly pig farmer to go back to slopping his pigs and leave politics to real men

  8. Bill Peacock says:

    I don’t even re!lately believe Governor Hogan.
    There are RINOS and then there are RHiNOS
    (Republican hypocrites in NAME only).
    Governor Hogan is in the second category.

  9. John says:

    President Trump should continue on his course. He is uncovering things that many don’t want him to uncover. People are behind him and what he is doing and he should keep on doing it. He is the President of the United States of America. He is making waves that are making people uneasy but should not stop!

  10. Charles says:

    Larry Hogan along with Romney, Susan Collins,the McCain family, the entire Bush family, the Georgia governor and countless others are RINOs. They are all part of the swamp and are looking out after themselves only saying to hell with this country. They are all fleecing this country for every dollar they can just like Biden and his brothers and his son. They don’t like President Trump because he is draining the swamp and exposing the crap that has been going in our government for the last 20-30 years. With Joe and the Ho’ were headed 90 mph down a dead end street.

  11. Don says:

    Dear governor Gum Flap the country became a banana republic under your hero Obozo and was headed towards a 3rd world country and if it hadn’t been your commie friends obstructing instead of helping him we’d still be doing well so sit down and shut up.

    • Graham J Sharp says:

      Banana Replubic is what the Democrats are creating with their lack of reverence to constitutional law. If Democrats cannot get their way by cheating they find friendly judges who ignore the current law and create a new ruling illegally to circumvent the real one in place.
      Read Mark Levin’s explanation of the CIVIL LAW SUITS that Trump is filing. Victor Davis said it was the most straight forward explanation he has ever heard. The ballots were cast, but illegally accepted under the new local Democrat judges illegal rulings made immediately prior to the Nov 3 election.

  12. Thomas says:

    Hogan has always been a traitor and self indulgent RINO like Romney.

  13. john t SANTUCCI says:

    they committed treason , got away with it, now they want to steal the white house.

  14. rm says:

    Hopefully, a lot of people heard Mark Levin’s wise words on his show last night. He EXPLAINED the process behind the President’s lawsuits. Let the judicial process take its course. The Trump cases need to work their way on appeal past activist judges in lower courts to be heard in a conservative court. The election was corrupted immediately when corrupt officials refused to permit observers adequate access to facilities where vote counting occurred. Many of the mail votes in particular are suspected forgeries, dead people, etc. The Constitution has a specific voting procedure in it (which says NOTHING about voting by mail), and votes obtained according to the Constitution procedure should be counted, and the others void.

  15. T Beach says:

    Trump already has all the information he needs to end the fraud now. He is just letting this play out to try and smoke out who all is involved. The reason none of them have been arrested yet is Obummer sneakily pardoned them all right before he left office so they have been quietly acculating new evidence of new crimes to be charged. Its all coming. Why do you think they completely remodeled the prison in Gitmo that wasnt being used?? There gonna be a lot of visitors very soon. The Dumbocrats think they are to smart but Trump is smarter than all of them combined. They have been infiltrated and dont even have a clue. Its gonna get fun before long. Keep the faith.

    • Jaybo says:

      Oh man I hope so! The demon rats and some rhinos had done so much wrong to the president, his family and us that I would like to see them stabbed, then shot and hung and left to rot but Gitmo is my second wish. Temper fi !

  16. Chuck says:

    How do people with so few brain cells get elected to a Governorship? If you have more than 2 brain cells can America will be a Banana Republic, third world dystopia under the Biden Regime.

  17. Nancy L. Minnick says:

    President Trump, In the wise words of Winston Churchill, “WE SHALL NEVER GIVE UP!”. With conviction of being right with God and following His direction, never ever give in to the deceit of evil, NEVER!!! This is my own M.O. and I share it here because it is what works! God will bless you as you glean knowledge and wisdom from His Word and follow His lead. Thank you for your service to our beloved nation! Shalom, Nancy L. Minnick

  18. Dorothy Harpe says:

    I disagree with Gov Larry Hogan all the voting fraud that’s has been reported President Trump should not concede you have betrayed your president just like Judas did Jesus.

  19. Ron Hyand says:

    Too much to lose by conceding! All needs to be proven and of course it takes a lot of time. Right is right and wrong is wrong! Prove it and have your position back and keep America Great!

  20. patricia says:

    Must keep fighting! This is not an Election, but a GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER!! This is not Dems vs. Reps. The Constitution is in SERIOUS jeopardy. Our social security will be greatly taxed. Our seniors who have little will have less and illegals will benefit. Our churches will be under serious attack. Our prisons will be emptied on us who will be disarmed. Peace Treaties will be dissolved. Prescription prices will sky rocket and you’ll be fined every year you can’t afford at current OBAMA CARE PRICES AT 1400 DOLLARS A MONTH. I COULD GO ON BUT YOU GET IT I AM SURE.

  21. Jim McKenzie says:

    I believe that Trump won the election and George Soros and his croines in Washington had it fixed so that there boy Joe would win no matter what. Why did the rallies for Trump always show a large turn out and the ones for Biden, Harris have about a quarter of the amount, because Trump supporters are loyal to him and Joe’s supporters are manufactured, he learned this from Obama, which I though never won either but chicken didn’t want to upset the swamp people so he let it go and now he doesn’t support his own party. When Trump takes office in January watch and see how many f these weasels show their faces. YEA TRUMP

  22. Haskell says:

    Stand our ground, Trump won the election hands down. There will never be a true election without presenting ID and signature. How does these criminals get in the voting places. You could get a better count in some states by letting the prisoners count the votes. Our government needs to guarantee a fair election and prosecute any one caught cheating.

  23. Jennifer says:

    Biden DID NOT WIN!!!!! He is only President Elect in his own foggy mind, and the cheating minds of his followers. Everything about this election smells of voter fraud. I have a hard time understanding why so many Americans hate America. If you want to live in a socialist/communist country, I suggest you move and stop trying to this country. BTW, I believe if we had proof Mr. Biden had won fair and square he would be able to have his day, but not until December 14th. After all, we already sucked it up, and dealt with Mr. Obama for eight years. A president that did NOTHING for the people, except promote violence and hate and run this country in the ground. The Democrats have spent the last four years trying to get rid of President Trump because he truly loves America, and stands up for the American people. You mention this legal nonsense is probably costing millions, well I bet it isn’t costing as many millions as the Democrats spent on all the bogus claims they paid for trying to set up President Trump, all the investigations into the false claims, not to mention all the time and money spent trying to cover up their lies, or the millions it cost to get this election as screwed up as it is. They just didn’t expect President Trump and his millions of followers to stand up and fight back!
    So if Mister Biden did win fair and square, why are they fighting so hard to keep the results from being thoroughly examined? Maybe because they know what is behind door number three!

  24. Jane says:

    If there was election fraud to the extent that it changed the election, it MUST be fought and fought hard. Remember people, it’s not about changing who will be President…it’s about trusting our election process.

  25. Jo Olson says:

    Larry Hogan, Kevin Kramer and all the rest that are calling for President Trump to concede are all corrupt RINOs. They need to be drained from the swamp as much as the leftist DemoRats do. This was not a fair election and it will be proven. The swamp creatures are just afraid their meal ticket is coming to an end.

  26. F F Tramutola Jr. says:


  27. Eveline Franje says:

    Trump supporters want just and clean elections. We are told that there has been fraud and we believe it. Fraud needs to come out to light and justice needs to be done. Shame on those republicans who do not stand for justice. Anything goes is not the answer.

  28. Alice says:

    Any person with a brain knows the election was not fair and president trump won it

  29. Jim says:

    Tell Larry Hogan that America was becoming a banana republic long before Donald Trump became President. Larry keep buying vaccine from South Korea and you will kill everyone in Maryland. Mind your own business and the state of Maryland is your ONLY business.

  30. Judith and Dennis Forrest Forrest says:

    No keep fighting TRUMP won we saw it with our own eyes. We also need this fixed so it will not happen again TRUMP is a fighter and gets things done. Biden is a puppet and will do what they tell him. Go TRUMP you are our PRESIDENT.:)

    • Steven says:

      Redo our votes again,but no mail in ballots,that is a scam,voter I’d too. Let’s make history not to late,to re vote,this one is all fd up redo it,,

  31. Rick Mann says:

    Let me see,
    1. Obamacare: Don’t read the legislation just sign it and then read it. Cost to us unimaginable.
    2. Pelosi third in line for the presidency? Are you kidding?
    3. Rigged election, without a doubt the most dishonest election ever held in the USA, and the liberal left is doing hand stands with happiness.
    TRUMP WON THIS ELECTION OF THAT THERE IS NO DOUBT. So for me you Bozos out there who think the not, get your head out of your a__ and let President Trump continue to clean up the swamp. It is deep and only someone with his stamina, and drive can clean it up. I am tired of hearing all the naysayers say Trump is bad for the US, all you have to do is take a look around you and it is clear that he is our only saving grace now. Biden/Harris what a joke, what a couple of clowns, if this is the best the liberals can offer, if they are all stupid enough to go along with this charade then the party should be disbanded. They have no care for the welfare of the nation, only themselves. And the worst part of the scenario is that only the so called elite in the Democrap party will get anything from this theft, the working folk out there get nothing. It is beyond me how anyone could vote Democrap their history is “deplorable”

    • Steven says:

      I agree 1000% it was rigged,hell they even showed us how they did it,sorry day in America for this to happen,Biden is to dam old and dashed across the stage like he is Rocky,omg,go home Joe blow,,,

  32. jamil gabro says:

    I supported trump on many ishues but not his behavior as president of america tramp lost the election and should do the right thing and concede like an honorable man do

    • Larry says:

      An honorable man would say let’s have a total redo of the election because I am totally confident in our win. So far I haven’t heard anyone from the Biden/ Harris camp uttering a word of this confidence. That speaks volumes to me. The fact that all they chant is concede should raise some doubt but,when you’re unsure or better yet are part of the corruption it makes sense.

    • Steven says:

      He has until December 14th,he won,the Left rigged the election.

  33. Ferdinand Ramos-Faure says:

    We where the most respected country in terms of elections and Democracy until this last four years. The Democrats and never Trumpers constantly opposed every move of our President and even impeached him on fraud charges. On the elections they scheme the mail in votes fraud and created incidents and glitches that reasonably gave ample reasons and statistical evidence to ascertain that the votes where tampered with. The media and the compromised interest of many do not want to investigate the issue.
    So from now on unless the system is open and secure with total controls from within our country we will not have a fair and open elections ever.

  34. Thomas E. Deviney says:

    President Donald Trump is the best President that we have had in my life time of 84 years, and he is working for free, and no he should not concede to these crooked Democrats and the lying news media and the RINO’S are worse than the Democrats.he helped a lot of them get elected and now they turn on him. Mr President, please keep fighting, we need you to stay in the White House. You are our only hope.

  35. Cathy says:

    Why would you want Trump to quit? These demonicrats have been tearing our country apart for 12 years . Now a undeniably tainted election and pinochio joe is as corrupt as they come.communism is not for me I WANT TO BE FREE .

  36. Lorraine Albert says:

    Keep fighting for what’s right mr. President !

  37. vincent iorio says:

    Don’t listen to these clowns, This was a rigged election so obvious a child can see it.

  38. james seaman says:

    I think Trump is worse than any child I have ever known. He has LOST the election and should do the right thing and concede. I have never known any one who is as childish as this person and he should be removed by force if need be. Trump, YOU ARE FIRED and should be put in prison for all the rotten lies and babyish crap you have pulled while in office. Glad I did not vote for this piece of crap and know he will get what he deserves. Karma is a bitch and you deserve the worst of her wrath. You deserve everything bad you have coming and should quit being such a BABY and concede. Do you even know right from wrong????

    • John Chadd says:

      You are a perfect example that you can’t fix stupid. You and the rest of the Democrats. The only way that you guys can win anything is by cheating. We all know. Shit for brains best describes you bunch of loser

    • Eileen Sydnor says:

      This election was OBVIOUSLY stolen. Mainstream media has been hiding all the findings about illegal voting from you dems. God protect us all.

    • No…I would do the same what Pres. Trump’s doing not conceding until all the problems in the 2020 election have been resolved…That’s good for the future of America and the American people…America has a banana republic if those alleged nationwide fraud in the 2020 election are not going to be corrected and will go on and on in every future election…Shame on all Americans who want to just let go and forget all the crimes carried out by bad actors in the 2020 election in this great country…America will never be great anymore and it will be a country of criminals.

    • Patricia Pickton says:

      You will get what you deserve. Taxed social security, freed prisoners, guns taken away, religious freedom minimized, estate tax, mandated fines for not being able to afford Obama care (current cost 1300.00 per month, 3% tax on value of your home yearly over and above current home taxes etc…. READ, LEARN, BE INFORMED

  39. Wil says:

    Let me get this straight. . . Hogan, never Trumper, CNN. . . GOT IT! Simply stated, just more Demoncrat bullshit from the Communist Ministry of Propaganda. ‘Nuff said.

    • Mark Hesselink says:

      Keep fighting Mr. President.. If the troops on Normandy Beach would have given up what would we have today.

  40. Michelle M Evelhoch says:

    do not agree with Hogan keep fighting trump

  41. Marcia says:

    Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to America. He’s had his time and upset the World to have his way. Come on you twit you’ve had your fun, it’s time you retired.

    • Eileen Sydnor says:

      YOU ARE TOTALLY CLUELESS TO REALITY. Your head is in the mainstream media sand.

    • William Costello says:

      You Democrats are really one stupid group of people Trump did what no other President could do started peace in the middle east was pulling out our troops, i cant wait to see how China Biden will screw the people raise taxes so high pass and take away our guns so we have to bend to there will this country will go to shit in a hurry

    • T Beach says:

      You look like that girl that was smoking crack with Hunter in his pervert videos. Dont you know that stuff will make ya stupid. Sounds to me like it worked

  42. JoAnne says:

    Are you people STUPID or Just IGNORANT?
    Maybe you just want everything for free?
    Watch what you wish for(!)
    Socialism is coming your way.

  43. Doris says:

    Don’t agree with Hogan or any never Trumpers, all backstabbers. President Trump legally won this election in my opinion and is my President.

  44. Robert Frantz says:

    I have lived in Maryland for 75 yrs.He is worst the 2nd worst governor,just a little ahead of O’Malley ,who was the worst

  45. Ss says:

    I despise him and the rest of the « never trumpets »! They are the true anti-Americans, and should be removed from office, or just totally ignored! The majority of us don’t like, or respect them!

  46. mary says:

    floodgates are opening and next it will be something else ask the question why does he want to stay as president of USA what re his reasons and you may find out a lot more goings on Biden won give him his day and move on Its a Joke
    Take it like a man Trump The Country is paying for all this legal nonsense and I bet its costing Millions

    • Annrace says:

      This is no different than the Mueller investigation you hypocrite! Taxpayers paid plenty for that BS investigation.
      We will find out how much fraud has taken place at this election. May be a joke to you but millions of Americans spoke out this year more than ever……Grab your popcorn and buckle up buttercup. This ride is just beginning to expose it all 😁😁😁😁