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Gov. Abbott: Biden ‘Does Not Care about Americans’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has come out swinging at Joe Biden. Abbott charges that Biden “does not care about Americans, he cares more about people who are not from this country.”


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday that President Biden “cares more about people who are not from this country” as his immigration policies spawn a crisis at the border, with surging numbers of migrants being released into communities without testing,” according to The Washington Times. [emphasis added]

Mr. Abbott also challenged Homeland Security to vaccinate all Border Patrol agents this week, saying it was unconscionable that agents are being deployed to handle the surge without protection against the pandemic.

“‘Anything less than that is the epitome of inhumanity,’ the Republican governor said.

“He said Mr. Biden and his team are downplaying the severity of the “crisis” on the border, both in terms of numbers and the danger the migrants pose as a vector for the coronavirus.

“‘He does not care about Americans, he cares more about people who are not from this country,’ the governor said.” [emphasis added]

For more on this report, go to The Washington Times.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree with Texas Governor Greg Abbott that Joe Biden “cares more about people who are not from this country”?


  1. ee says:

    These are not nice people coming here. Check how many rapes, child rapes, other assaults, robbery, et. crimes these people are committing. I stand with the TX Governor. He knows what he must do to protect his people and not just from the crimes but covid also. And with biden canceling jobs that were held by Americans where are these border people going to work and live? And everything that they get free from the government will be from our taxes. We will pay………our constitution says:”To secure these rights,government are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed and whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to establish new government. ”

  2. Dale says:

    Gov. Abbott has it right again. Those living in the border states ( except CA)know what is really going on at the border. We have to get of the illegal Biden mafia cartel before they completely change the US into a third world Cuba type country. The Gov. should send a letter to the president informing him that Texas is not bound by his unconstitutional, illegal and immoral proclamations. He is not the Emperor Lord of this land

  3. Michael J Korger says:

    Biden is following ALL of the orders being given him by the Socialists/Communists. And he could care less as long as he gets to keep the $16 million income reported on their taxes for his wife. Explain how she who is a doctor and professor of nothing has that income. It’s his family’s corruption money that he is trying to cover-up.

  4. VERNA HART says:

    Well you know how it is. Biden is not in his right mind. In fact No one is home in Bidens mind. Biden out for political vengence. Trump must be pretty damn busy living in two different minds. Between Pelosi & Bidens minds, can you imagine? I wonder who is Trump psych? Surely he has to vent. I bet Trump finds alot of space in both Pelosi’ & Bidens minds.It makes you wonder how one functions without brains? Both Pelosi & Biden were on vacation when God was passing out brains so both thought God said trains and took the longest ones. Neither has been back since. Look at how the media has led people to believe that when Pres Trump was in office he had kids in cages. But now we have Old Man Biden hes has kids stacked on top one another in shipping containers with no outside ventilation. Now tell me what’s the difference between the way these kids are kept? No you missed it. The difference Is ones Pres Trump & one is old man Biden.

  5. Craig says:

    This entire election was a sham! The Biden administration is illegitimate. You don’t just wake up with Alzheimer’s, he had symptoms even before the election, why do you think he campaigned mostly from his basement. The whole year was nothing but distractions to keep our eyes off the big picture. This would be laughable if not such a serious situation. This is Treason, in all seriousness he probably doesn’t even know half of what he’s agreeing to and/or signing. Considering everything that’s being pushed on the federal level by the Democrats is a push into a Communist state. Are the state governments that ignorant or unwilling to put a stop to the puppet regime? When is enough, enough?

  6. G says:

    Biden has no idea what his handlers are putting in front of him to sign. He can’t read the teleprompter without losing his focus and botching the messages they put in front of him. They run him off stage before answering questions and there is no way for him to get through a state of the union address. The machines and ballots need released so Domestic and foreign interference can be shown to Americans and the world Trump won. The corruption needs exposed throughout the world and addressed ASAP so we can all move forward positively and become united, not only as Americans but also as a world.

    • Cathy Floyd says:

      Biden barely knows where he is. He is just a puppet for the radical left who are really running the country. He was a Trojan horse to get them into power. They used him to pull one over on the American voters along with every other voter fraud that they could think of.

  7. Robert says:

    Gov. has got it absolutely correct!

  8. Mary Brittain says:

    It’s time that us Texan’s start governing our own state or should I say country and do what is necessary to keep those illegals out of here. Governor Abbott I am glad you are speaking up for this state but I don’t believe that is going to be enough. I once was proud to be an American but not any more. I call my country Texas!!!!!

  9. David says:

    Dorothy you don’t want the military involved if you are white they will let BLM do whatever they want but they will shoot whites like they did at Kent State and they are controlled by the Democratic government that is why they are still at the white house. Holly you never make me stop laughing thank you I guess you have never seen the videos from ICE and the other videos that show these” children ” that are teenagers or above with gang tattoo’s being allowed into our country They are not tested for any diseases and have been released back into the towns and no way to find out who they really are and have Covid tested positive but that doesn’t mean they have it the test are not 100 per cent truthful I could tell you a million stories of what illegals do but you would not believe me because I just lived near the border and close to the border most of my life. Now I live a little distance from the border but there are people here that don’t speak English and the drug cartel is about 50 yards away Mexican drug cartel maybe you could come down were I live and I will introduce you to them maybe they will make you a junkie or a prostitute And yes I have already stood up to them they leave me alone I guess they figured I was crazy because I told them I could blow up the whole block if they messed with me but I still get to hear the guns being fired LOL It is sort of like the fourth of July but no pretty lights in the sky Perhaps you can start a rape tree here in Corpus Christi when your ILLEGAL children pay you a visit some night or day doesn’t mater to them. As far as Biden the fraud President can’t even remember what he is talking about watch his speeches And he is kind you are right he is kind enough to feel up women and a few other things and his son likes little girls and drugs and fortune cookies LOO But please keep writing and tell me how great he is He saved the earth by killing thousands of jobs on a pipeline I didn’t see has he stopped Fracking?? That is a million times worse than a pipeline. Love your letters Holly but get CK and a few others and come on down to the border or take a trip to Mexico a you should make it back home with your life Take care

  10. Sam B. says:

    Well as per ALL these actions…It sure as hell seems like President Biden* IS more concerned & focused on helping these non-citizens rather than caring for our own less fortunate citizens/Americans FIRST!!! Playing politics with this situation is completely pathetic. This nonsense has been TOTALLY brought on by the Biden-Harris administration/psycho-socialist kook unhinged radical left party by way of their views, ideals, lack of patriotism-Americans first..& oh yeah..stopping the construction of the border wall making ALL this inviting to these people. So much effort/focus is on this with hopes that if the millions & millions already here..& many more otw/trying to get in will a bribed with citizenship for votes. obvious.
    With all due respect to these people…we have so many of our own issues/people that must b addressed-helped FIRST. This is no doubt a sad situation…but so r the tens of thousands of homeless Americans in our country..& so many that r struggling.
    Knock off the politics of this sad situation & take care of/focus on America-Americans FIRST! Stop chasing votes!!
    *= Presumed winner of an obviously fraudulent election.

    • Proud Patriot says:

      100% on!!
      The White House is all in with assistance for the illegals at the southern border….yet Homeless people r everywhere…insane laws…ridiculous politicians/policies…rolling blackouts & that’s just CALIFORNIA!
      Hello Biden, Pelosi, wacky Maxine Waters etc.
      The legal citizens of our country need assistance first!

    • John says:

      Biden lost it 20 years ago.

  11. Holly Rose says:

    Gov Abbot is being very unfair towards President Biden. President Biden is a very kind, honest, loving person otherwise he wouldn’t be so concerned about the poor crossing our border and allowing them in. America is very fortunate to have Biden as president and we Americans should be thankful!

    • Bert C. Banner says:

      Rose how can you back Biden and what he is doing. Have you ever been to the border? Maybe you should take a trip and have your eyes open. You will be changing your tune real quick.

    • Kim L Lepley says:

      President Biden does not care about the American people and you saying hes such a nice guy have you ever met him or even know him personally I’m guessing you dont know him at all. But Mr Abbott is right to say that to our so called President. You must not live in Texas. The American people do care about the illegals but there’s a law in place for the them to become US citizen the legal way.

    • Maureen Mcdonough says:

      On what planet have you resided for the past couple of months? You are either naive, gullible or very stooopid!

    • Raquel Pena says:

      You must not know Biden’s record. He’s done nothing for this country and must less now. He wasn’t the elected President and he and his cronies know it. You don’t really believe that he’s a kind man. When he’s sniffing girls hair.

    • Richard says:

      He’s a little girl hair sniffer,I saw videos and pics of it.

    • Robert says:

      You wear a very small hat!

    • Dean says:

      Holly Rose do you pay attention to anything that is going on w/Joe Biden? He is going down in history as the worst President ever. He is totally ruining our country that every veteran has given their life for or years of service trying to protect future Americans. Your future when the left gets finished with this four years will take you and everyone else the next generations to repair.

    • John says:

      Governor Abbott should be president instead of wimpy biden. Biden doesn’t know anything about love, passion, respect, kindness, caring about others other than gropping, other men’s wives.

  12. Linda says:

    I agreee 100 percent with Governor Abbot . Biden and the whole bunch of democrats need to be impeached. I’m ashamed that Americans voted for the old man to start with and rigged the election. Jill Biden should be ashamed for allowing her husband to even run for President knowing he was mentally sick! She could have spared him the embarrassment.
    Governor Abbott send the illegals to WASHINGTON DC. Get the trucks, train cars, buses, etc, and haul them out of Texas and other border states.

  13. Holly Rose says:

    I am sure President Biden knows what is best for our country. Shame on all of you who disrespect our wonderful president. In his kindness he is offering asylum to the indigent immigrants. If you were in their shoes, how would you view President Biden?

    • Maureen Mcdonough says:

      I view him as a moronic puppet clown. Thanks for asking!

    • Luce Lou says:

      Biden is clueless. He just does whatever his henchman tell him to do. So Holly Rose, are you opening up your home to all these illegal immigrants? Are you giving them money for food? Where is all this money coming from? Us, the American tax payer. Our gas prices our going up, food costs are increasing, roads are crap, schools are not allowed to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic. Kids are falling behind. Wait how about the whole gender thing. Our country is screwed up and you think bringing in thousands of people who are poor, uneducated, violent, are coming here because they want to make america great. NO, they want free stuff. What extra money they get goes back to family in another country. Sorry sister but I lived next door to a family that did just that. Four families in a single family house, the refuse to learn english, their kids got to take the bus to school while mine had to walk to the same school. They had every free service available to them…while they were making money selling cocaine. By the way they hid the cocaine under the babies crib along with a crap ton of cash. That is what is coming over the border, they have no skills, the US is not prepared to teach them, we have lots of people here who need those resources. Time to fix whats broken on the inside before you can help those on the outside. So, can we count on you to open your home to about 20 of these illegals?

    • John says:

      Biden doesn’t even know if he is coming or going or if he is in this country or China or elsewhere.

      • Shirley says:

        She was in Houston couple weeks ago, ask”what am I doing here”. He stout like a stature. He doesn’t care about Americans Any thing Trump did that was good he took aw ay

  14. Dave Darflinger says:

    I hope Biden does go to the border. And the minute he steps off AF 1, Abbott has him arrested.

  15. Jean says:

    Biden is. Not in charge…..Obama is running this show for all his rich friends. Biden is a sick old man who’s wife is enjoying the money and attention. Nobody cares about Biden. Joke is on Americans! We should revolt against this tyranny before we loose our [email protected]

    • Biden doesn’t know if he is on foot or horseback. Just a Trojan horse for the communist party that is in charge now. We will lose the country within his term, because nothing can be done without a justice system to control illegal activities. We don’t have one and won’t get one with the communist at the helm.

      • John says:

        Biden doesn’t know what a horse is. He thinks he is the horse and little girls are supposed to ride him.

  16. David Wise says:

    The governor is absolutely correct

  17. Sharon says:

    That is so true. Governor Abbott deals with this everyday. The Democrats don’t care if this pandemic continues. My granddaughter went to get her driver’s license and was supposed to make an appointment. She tried but was told the only appointment they were make were for immigrants. She is a born American citizen. How messed up is that? Pelosi needs to go also.

  18. Carolyn Clark says:

    Time to charge Biden with treason and failure to honor his oath of office. I do hope all the incompetents who voted for him are hanging their heads in shame and embarrassment. They are guilty also of everything he does. God bless and keep Gov. Abbott.

    • BevG says:

      Absolutely,he has already broken our laws, his oath of office and should be impeached for all of this BS! TAXPAYERS shouldn’t have to foot the bill for illegal immigrants he lets in, with no regard for criminal elements, drug smuggling, human trafficking and the illnesses, not to mention possibly TERRORISTS, that are coming into our Country. Time to bring Trump back to fix this Biden mess.

    • John says:

      Anyone who voted for biden are just like him.

  19. AJ says:

    This is how communism works. This how you lose your rights. This is how you become a subservient slave. This how you lose your constitution and country.
    The use of the 2nd Amendment is how we take our country back. If you don’t resist it will get worse sooner. The covid fraud hoax is to subvert your independence and constructional rights. Thus, making your conversion to communism easier. Everyday now, you read about further demands-restrictions against your Rights. This will continue until the “NEW FLAME of FREEDOM” ignites spontaneously. Save all your matches!

  20. Yes king biden is totally worthless. Can’t even leave white house now. Has to send his ole lady to speak to people he is suppost to talk too. Only thing is no one understandsanything he is saying. Uh umm, where am l now. King biden needs a new job. Hair sniffer, grooper, creepy ole guy. All fit him.

  21. Evelyn Gallenstein says:

    To Joe Biden all these immigrants mean are Votes. He does not love America only power and money. Besides, there are people behind the curtain pulling his strings!

    • Marilyn M M Lindsay says:

      I totally agree that Biden is buying votes and using taxpayers taxes to do so. The Dems act like they are humanitarians but nothing is further from the truth. They do do not care about keeping Americans safe and employed. I do place all of the blame on the Supreme Court for not hearing the cases that involved defending the Constitution. They have created this mess!!

  22. Allan says:

    Joe Bama is a goon for the Crash America puppet masters. He doesn’t know what he is really doing, so why should he care what anybody says? He is just another piñata, keeping everyone’s attention away from the demolition of our Constitutional Republic. Wounded bird schtick.

    Where have all the real investigative journalists gone to? Paid off as well?

  23. rick says:

    Gov. Abbott is 100% correct! Bite-me & the commiecrats have only ONE goal in mind, & this is what “progressives” have been trying to do for 100 yrs. That is to get as many “Democratic” votes as they can by overwhelming the law, the courts, & traditional conservatives with so-called “grateful immigrants” as they can. If a citizen with American ideals & values can’t see this, then they are blind, stupid, or both!

  24. Pete LaCombe says:

    totaly agree with abbott !the dems stole the race and are burning the trophy ! because they know the majority of this country voted TRUMP!!!!!!!!

  25. Terrie Wyatt says:

    I agree wholeheartedly Biden does not care about America and it’s real citizens..

  26. Peter says:

    The Governor is absolutely correct!!!

  27. Margaret says:

    Joe Biden’s immigration policies will kill Americans. He does not care. He encourages illegals, many of whom are bringing the coronavirus into this country, to come to the United States to get on the Welfare, Medicaid, Independence Card gravy train. He won’t let you go anywhere without a mask. But he is bringing in thousands of superspreader teenagers and sending them all over the country. All the deaths that result from these untested carriers that he is bringing to our homeland are on his head and on the head of Susan Rice … who everybody knows is really running the country.

  28. judith says:


  29. Susan says:

    I think we should all chip in and put all the immigrants on a bus and put them at the capitol. Buden and the swamp want this, so let them deal with it

    • Craig says:

      Do people really want to do that? Once they arrive in Washington, whose money do you think is going to be spent to care for them. The problem for the country just expanded. It’s an invasion, an act of war and needs to be treated as such. I’m not for throwing hard earned American tax money into a never ending cycle of waste, that’s what the Commucrats would have us do. The flooding of illegal aliens across our borders isn’t just about new voters, it’s about bankrupting our Republic. It’s a faster way into communism.

  30. TERRY HUDSON says:


  31. Don says:

    He’s being blasted by all real adults.

    • Lu Leidy says:

      I agree he is not able or wants to visit the border so send them to Biden and his cronies

  32. Carol Reeves says:

    Biden should be held responsible for all illnesses or deaths of Americans caused by allowing people to cross the border into The United States of America. We need President Trump back to save our land and all people across America. God Bless us all

  33. Elizabeth says:

    Biden is only doing what his Democratic keepers tell him to, and they want the extra votes the illegals will supply. They don’t give a thought or care about the American citizens. They’re only out to get the votes to stay in power and change our country into a government controlling communist country. They’re already begun censoring speech and are trying to silence anyone who broadcasts material from the right. Their lackeys riot and burn anywhere some Republican might be speaking, especially in universities. They want only what they believe to be heard. They’ve fixed the books in our schools so our kids will be good comrades. They’re working on closing churches too. They’ve banned books they think are racist even if the book has historical merit. They’ve even banned Dr. Seuss. What will they ban next, the Bible?

  34. chet kaminski says:

    Why don’t they send a competent delegation down their and make an honest evaluation….if it’s all Democrat…then it’s biased! I’m mean there are all people there who are in jeopardy!…..CK

  35. WKenobi says:

    All of the Demagogues are only interested in total power and will use any means to get and keep it. It is evolving from stealing an election to allowing anyone left leaning into the country because of the likelihood they will vote for the Demagogues.They want totally open borders and a welfare state so the illegals can get free stuff and vote for who gives it to them.

  36. Sandra Fields says:

    Yes I agree with Abbot. This is sickening for our country as well as putting immigrants in harm’s way. Biden is a disgrace and should be removed from office as well as Harris

  37. Anthony Moreland says:

    Bidens America is a corrupted, crooked, anti-Trump federal government regime that is guilty of treason by all 3 branches. And the worst branch of all is the SCOTUS that seems intent on being in contempt of itself & every principle that America was founded on. I pray for & look forward to God intervening & bringing down the democratic far leftist machine.

  38. Dennis Gilley says:

    Biden and DC do not care for the American people and it shows in everything that they doing. To open the gates and let just anyone come across the border is dangerous to everyone. We must be heard and make our demands or they will keep shoving it in our face. Save America.

    • Inez Bowman says:

      Biden doesn’t care about the border problems! He doesn’t care about the people coming across the border. All he cares about is taking orders from the traitors who call the shots. Hell Biden can’t even have a press conference, (he is perfect for the democrats, mindless) the whole thing is to cripple this country so that we AMERICANS will see only the crisis in front of us and not the traitors actions behind the move to destroy our way of life and put themselves above the rest of us. I am 82 and I still have my rolling pin-look out democrats

  39. Lesia Jones says:

    Dominion machines phony demonized lying dementia patient Pawpaw Joe and his lying VP is the worst ever for America. They are shameful and Embarrassing. The demonized democratics party is evil and corrupt. This is the truth. America can’t go down like this. We love our country. Majority of the democratics party are old and need to be home or in a nursing home. That’s the truth

  40. Emmett Nichols says:

    Any person who knowingly supports the Biden administration in this sick endeavor should be removed from congress and the presidency. Democrats,GET A GRIP BECAUSE THIS FALLS ON YOU.

  41. Tommy H says:

    Biden you resign and retreat to his basement in Delaware!!!!
    He is a fraud!!!!

  42. Buff says:

    Yes I totally agree with the Texas governor, he should go a step further and close the border with armed Texans.

  43. Sandra says:

    The only thing Biden is doing is appeasing his puppeteers who are looking for Votes in the next election. Biden is just shameful.

  44. Dick Giuffre says:

    Agree with our governor;biden is just a puppet for the crazy left

  45. Carol Johnson says:

    Any of us who truly care about poor and sick immigrants would not allow this terrible situation at the border–the truth is that the previous administration’s approach is safer and significantly more humane–also to the American citizens who live along the border.

  46. Marilyn Mitchell says:

    All Biden cares about is getting rid of all the good things that Trump did. It’s shameful. He doesn’t seem to care about law-abiding American Citizens.

  47. Michael Lamb says:

    Biden needs to go he is a damn traitor to this country along with all the Dems.
    He is a joke.

    • Richard Honaker says:

      I agree with you Michael. Looking for votes for next time around. It’s about voters