Gun Control Zealots Creating More ‘Gun-Free’ Zones

( – While many towns, counties, and even states across the United States of America increasingly embrace the gun rights granted to Americans by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, others are creating more “gun-free” zones.

Yesterday, Denver, Colorado, an increasingly liberal city, joined the ranks of cities carving out exceptions to long-established concealed carry rights.

As the Denver Post is reporting today, “The Denver City Council on Monday adopted an ordinance banning concealed carry permit holders from bringing a gun into any city facility or public park after an effort to strip parks out of the law failed.”

In the opinion of Denver Council President Stacie Gilmore, “I don’t think it’s necessary nor appropriate for members of the public, city employees or anybody to have a concealed weapon in a city facility.”

But as has been the case in every jurisdiction across the United States, there is no evidence that concealed carry permit holders commit gun crimes in Denver.

As the Post reports, “District 2 Councilman Kevin Flynn asked representatives from the city attorney’s office last month for any statistics that could link gun crimes in the city to concealed carry permit holders.”

The response from the City Attorney? The Denver Police Department has no data indicating concealed carry permit holders commit gun crimes.

What is your opinion about jurisdictions that create gun-free zones? Do you think gun-free zones reduce crime? Or, in your opinion, do they put law-abiding citizens at greater risk of becoming crime victims because criminals target gun-free zones? Please email your thoughts and views to [email protected]. Thank you.