Gun Rights Under Attack

2nd Amendment

( – Staying true to their twisted beliefs, Democrats aren’t letting an appalling mass shooting “go to waste,” that is, without utilizing it for an assault on Americans’ Second Amendment rights – as they are doing just that after a gunman massacred dozens in Maine.

At least 18 people were killed and 30 others were wounded when a shooter opened fire in a bar and a bowling alley in Lewiston, Maine, Wednesday night.

The recent tragedy in Maine has cast a critical spotlight on the state’s gun control policies, with the left reigniting an already settled debate over the adequacy of Maine’s firearm regulations, The New York Post reports.

The report notes there is increasing criticism directed at Maine for its relatively permissive stance on gun control.

Notably, the Pine Tree State does not mandate universal background checks for all gun transactions.

Everytown for Gun Safety, an anti-gun organization, has expressed concern about the state’s legislation.

“[It] effectively make[s] it easy for prohibited purchasers to access guns, no questions asked,” the group is quoted as saying.

In a disturbing revelation, police disclosed that Robert Card, the primary suspect in the Lewiston shooting spree, had lawfully acquired a sniper rifle equipped with .308 caliber ammunition earlier this year. This weapon is believed to have been used in the horrifying assault.

Concurrently, reports have emerged suggesting that Card, a reservist in the US Army and a firearms instructor, was receiving psychiatric treatment in the lead-up to the massacre.

Maine’s lack of a mandatory background check process meant that the seller of the rifle would have had no knowledge of Card’s mental health issues, the Post notes.

Further scrutiny of Maine’s gun laws reveals the absence of Extreme Risk or “red flag” laws.

Such regulations would permit family members or law enforcement to request a court order temporarily barring someone from purchasing firearms if deemed a danger to themselves or others.

It remains unclear whether Card’s family attempted to limit his access to guns during his erratic behavior and reported auditory hallucinations, the report points out.

Additionally, Maine has not prohibited high-capacity magazines and does not obligate individuals subject to restraining orders, even domestic abusers, to surrender their firearms, as highlighted by Everytown.

“State leaders must do more to prevent gun violence,” the anti-gun group says.