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Gun Standoff in Congress

Last night while many were already in bed or unwinding from the day, there was a Second Amendment standoff at the entrance to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. Freshman Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO), well-known for carrying a Glock on her at all times, refused to be searched when she triggered the metal detectors that were installed in the wake of the January 6th Capitol riot.

Read the series of tweets below that document what took place – including the one from Rep. Boebert – and then share your thoughts in the comment section. Should Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) be allowed to carry her handgun on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives?


  1. Holly Rose says:

    No she should not be carrying a gun. No republicans should be allowed to own a gun.

  2. Ken Barkdoll says:

    Yes , if she has a permit to carry , she should be allowed . Any US citizen that has not be denied a firearm purchase should be allowed to carry anywhere in the USA . Read the constitution , shall not be infringed ( denied ) . Wake up America , exercise your rights or you will lose them , one by one .

  3. MrsDianne Lynn Kirkwood says:

    She absolutely has a right to protect herself at all times, good for her. She’s a responsible gun owner, so she would only use it for defense if warranted, so what’s the big deal!

  4. danny shreves says:

    stop the emails

  5. Ron Sullivan says:

    The world is coming to an end. Read your bible! The Dems are the anti-christ, and they will take down anyone and anyway they can. Pelosi needs to bee hanged by her boobs, and the men hanged by their nuts. I’m 78yrs young, also served in the navy, and army, with honors and a Honorable discharge. Never have I dreamed the USofA would come to this. Be ready to meet your maker, it is coming.

    • Joan York says:

      I agree with you whole heartedly. We Conservatives are so sick of all this
      DemoRat Crap. Everyday it is something new to pick on our President about. I
      don’t know how he ever got anything done with all these accusations that they
      placed on him almost every day. He has been the most do good President that I have ever lived under. What he promised he did. Why in the World would anyone want to give up all the good things he did for us? I love the United States of America. I considered it a real privilege to be born and raised here. I like being free and I like to worship God in the way my parents brought me up. These people that want to take all our freedoms from us also grew up here. Why would they want to give all that up to live in a place like NAZI Germany was in the late 1930’s and 40’s??

      I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon. He is going to take the
      one’s that have put their faith and trust in Him to Heaven. If any of you out there don’t know the Lord Jesus, just confess your sins and ask Him to come into your heart. Start living for Him and Praying to Him. He purchased
      your Salvation on The Cross of Calvary. SALVATION is 100% free, there is no
      charge. Do it before it is too late.

      • BILL COULTER says:


      • gerald hendrickson says:

        All the real trouble started when we seen he domos changed voting laws illegally. Everyone seen the suit cases pulled out from under tables. The swamp wins again.

  6. Greg Hauenstein says:

    Maybe we should have a weapons check-in as they used to do in saloons! There is a danger from some of the democrat side who seem to be continuously “drunk on power” or just plain drunk! Now we have a feeble minded POTUS thanks to Demonion Voting!

    • Use the tactics of the left against them by using what is known as the “Cloward and Piven ploy where you totally overload any attempt to stop you by all of your allies carrying metal pieces to set off these ‘Ugly Nancy” detectors over,and over,and over,etc. until traffic at the House entry is backed up worse than a D.C. rush hour. Then mock them as consistently in-competent,and juvenile!

  7. Alice Lawrence says:

    They are no different from average citizens and NO THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CARRY GUNS IN THE CAPITOL. We can’t and she’s no better this is very disturbing and a bad time in history thanks to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer

    • Tina Aliff says:

      YES she SHOULD be allowed to carry a legal registered gun on Capitol Hill! She has a special permit because she works there! Stay in your lane sweet cheeks! Guns are a right of the US citizen ‘s regardless of how you personally feel. Get over it!!! Pretty soon Biden/Harris will have no police protection which im sure the Secret Service are puking in their mouths at the thought of having to protect these 2 nit wits.

    • John Q Adams says:

      Do you need tissues? I know it breaks your heart. Did you cry for Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, LA, NYC, Milwaulkie, Houston and other cities burned and Police officers shot. Give us a break!


  9. Ellsa says:

    The left dems and rino Republicans obeys XI by trying to disarm us. They might be the first to be put in his ‘education camps’. He will turn on them because he fears their power.
    The Colorado woman in Congress is being treated as women have always discriminated against regardless of political beliefs.

    Where is the outrage for a white UNARMED woman that was not threatening anyone.Cold-blooded murder by a police officer. Did Harris egg him on by telling antifa and blm ‘not to stop’. She should not be allowed to be vice.

    • Donna Sobieraj says:

      You are so right on!!!!!!!!

    • Robert says:

      If you have seen the video you can clearly see the officer fire his gun the first time then deliberately turn his gun and shot the lady. I have seen this only one time like this and it was old news reels when the Nazi’s were executing the Jews.

    • Robert says:

      Would like to add if anyone has access to that video can you see if the officer was black and if so can they be trying to cover this up. This looks like a situation where it could be murder by a black cop on a white woman. This is my view and would like to hear yours.

  10. MARK says:

    Yes, she should be able to carry her gun anywhere she goes.

  11. Honest says:

    WAY TO GO , Lauren __ You Have All of My Respect~ Thank You !!

  12. Good for Congresswoman Boebert. The Socialist Democrats would love to take everyone’s guns away thereby making it easier to take away the rest of our rights. All Senators and Representatives who believe in freedom better be ready to do the same. If they are unwilling to make the same commitment to defend our rights, then we will not have those rights much longer. Get the Socialist Democrats out of our government. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

  13. Craig says:

    Strap it on sister… pack that piece it’s your right. Not that 16 rounds of ammo would do anything against a mostly peaceful protest that went down in DC on the 6th. Rep’s would physically fight damn near beating the opposition to death…. dueling went down on Capitol grounds where people died as a result of LOSING… let’s not forget that people please. I understand it’s not the 18th 19th century any longer were civilized I got it. But violence and defiance is how the republic started. If you think people are now going to forget what they witnessed all year long burning, looting, killing and violent protests… meanwhile the Harris Biden team would bail criminals out of jail as fast as they were arrested imagine that!!! (Did you like how I put the smart 1 who’s really president first) TERM LIMITS it’s the only way people.. generations need to be replaced by future generations for Christ sake. Mitch McConnell has been there since I think 82 or 84 come on man! Pelosi she’s 80 and still as power hungry as ever. They are almost all corrupt… and the power they want to ascertain at the table of this broken system is unreal. These old relics left the 20 century behind and want to rule and set the agenda deep into the 21st. I hope crying Chucky busts your BALLS Mitch into DUST you pinko CHICOM POS!! Talk about Swalwell and the Biden’s being compromised… you and CHOW CHOW are members of CCP just like your wife’s parents ol droopy dog!!!

    • John Wolverton says:

      5 ppl dead and 14 law enforcement officers in the hospital is mostly peaceful? And its illegal to have a gun on the floor of the house. You don’t get to follow the law when its convenient.

      • Tina Aliff says:

        The Demoncraps follow lawlessness and rule out of chaos!! Isn’t it IRONIC the 2 in office are now calling for police protection when they didn’t mind bailing out thugs and burning buildings all summer. AMERICA bears guns Loves God and we will fight to the end for our rights to protect ourselves!!!

      • Tina Aliff says:

        ANTIFA set up the PEACEFUL protesters!! Praying and singing is far from a riot! Shooting a Veteran is Unacceptable, she had no gun and a tiny woman wrapped in a flag. MURDER on purpose to stain President Trump ‘s awesome memory. Trump supporters, President Trump are PEACEFUL people, you’ll see ANTIFA was paid and bought by Biden and Harris!!

  14. Sic&Tired says:

    It is One Thing to be able and carry a concealed weapon (pistol)…Which I am fully in favor of that Option….But, there are places that a weapon is just not appropriate and IF, a person does not respect those specific areas or places ….. THEN THE IDIOT SHOULDN’T EVEN BE CARRY A CONCEALED WEAPON…(GUN)..In the First Place. People have got to Smarten Up.!!! We have too many crazy people in this country that don’t have to much of the Ole Grey Matter in the Brain.!! The real question comes when One thinks about it….How do we really allow a person to carry a concealed weapon.?? The Biggest Background Check is the only way to at least see some light about an Individual. But Again – We have so many people that just DON’T HAVE THE COMMON SENSE THAT IT TAKES TO CARRY A WEAPON…OF ANY KIND.!!! To try and take a gun into the House of Representatives….NOT A GOOD IDEA….and shouldn’t happen. That being said – there better be a lot of Law Officers and Security People in the Building, who have the protection weapons – If, ever needed to use them…………

    • Robert says:

      If you would take the guns from the crooks and guarantee they can’t get them again and also guarantee there want be a situation where another person won’t try and do bodily harm to another I am sure most people want need to carry a gun.

  15. Michael Saunders says:

    YES, congresswoman Lauren Boebert has the right to carry her fire arm into the house just like a law enforcement officer would have. She is one of our law makers and that falls under our second amendment rights of the constitution and it can not be infringed on.

    • Sic&Tired says:

      Michael Saunders’s … Comment is Actually a Very True Statement. The Right to Bare Arms and the 2nd. Amendment has to be abided by, due to it is in the Constitution, which is for: “We The People”…. Which too many congressional idiots have lost track of.!!! So, Again…Good statements by Michael..!!

    • Joe Soika says:

      Joe Soika

      • Joe Soika says:

        Michael is completely right on her carrying her gun into the Whitehouse. That’s her right and should not be a issue.

    • I stand with Rep Lauren Boebert and as a law maker has the right to carry her gun. Today she’s a target as all President Trump supporters are. More power to her.

    • Patrick Henry says:

      Agree with Michael. We need someone to standup for or Rights and Freedoms under the Constitution. That is why people supported Trump !

  16. David Waymire says:

    GOP is useless I’m out and no more donations from me either to the leftist, spineless RINOs. Patriot party sounds like a great org to join.

    • Mari Jo Oneill says:

      The gutless cowards in the REPUBLICAN PARTY need to be BOOTED out. I have bo use for them, they are just as bad if not worse than the DEMORATS.

  17. Bebe1959 says:

    So this twitter dweeb likes to use words like ‘standoff’ for his own pathetic narrative and when his little lie was debunked all of a sudden he ‘couldn’t see anything’… but she was let in! So what does that tell ya! Another hysterical, liberal loser on Twitter.

  18. Michael says:

    The whole purpose of the Communist Democratic party taking our guns is so they can conquer us. As long as we got our guns they ain’t got a chance. The minute we lose our guns there goes America’s freedom. They’ll get my guns when they prime from my dead cold fingers

    • Scott says:

      I think some of our high flute and politicians needs to read the decoration of independence we have the right to bear an infringe firearms.

  19. Jaybo says:

    They need to search maxine waters mouth!

  20. Daryl Reese says:


  21. Cathy says:

    You go girl they all knew from day one you were a 2sc. ammendment supporter. Your trained and intelligent know the value of life know you don’t use unless in life or death situations. Really is a political game to all your colleagues. I’d be packing too if I worked with all those jackals. Besides when you stand up to bullies and show you can defend yourself they usually back down. God bless you,your constituents for voting you in. Thank you for being you.

  22. Joe says:

    The second Amendment is her permit to carry, educate yourselves, dummies.

  23. rick says:

    I am in Co., but not in Boebert’s district. She is one of too few Rep.’s standing up for the Constitution! If the commiecrats don’t like what she’s doing’ amend the Constitution! Lotsa luck with that! Welcome to the new form of government- a Criminalocracy! You go Lauren!

  24. Dennis says:

    Does the Representative have a carry permit?

  25. Lenus Moore says:

    Yes she should be able to carry her weapon, she has a right to. Democrats are trying to destroy our second amendment.

    • rm says:

      Hats off to Ms. Boebert from Colorado. I pray daily that the anti-Constitution types and their buddies in big tech suffer ruin and famine daily, and shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD…

      • Victoria says:

        Three cheers for the very brave young patriotic leader that stood up for all Americans when she refused to allow pelosi’s thugs 🇱🇷🦅🤗

  26. Millard E Stone Jr says:

    I’ve had a belt buckle for many years that is the 2nd amendment. When asked about it, I tell them that us my gun permit, the ONLY one I need.

  27. James Hutchins says:

    Biden is a wimp.

  28. Carol says:

    Instead of a ‘metal detector’at the entrance – they should have placed a ‘lie detector’ at that entrance just to see how many would have walked through!!!

  29. Mike says:

    Every right to carry,2nd ammendment, screw Pelosi and the rest of the commie dems,they should b rhe ones removed,all the dems care about are themselves always been that way,only thing they are saying is 700000 that voted for trump dint matter az nd are trying everything possible to silence us,never happen can c civil war coming

  30. franke sinker says:

    I am a lifelong moderate Democrat from Colorado. I am not in Lauren Boebert’s district but it surrounds me on three sides. Consequently, I saw many of her political ads on TV. I really really like her and I defend her stance on the Second Amendment. She was a lightning rod for unfair attacks by leftists from my own party here in Colorado and I predict the unfair attacks by the leftist news media and leftist nut jobs in the US House of Nonrepresentatives will multiply exponentially. I support you Lauren!

  31. Lorraine Learned says:

    I would just like to know how come all the rioters and looters were not in the news for causing millions $ damage all summer.. and KAMALA HARRIS TELLING THEM NOT TO STOP!! and the 3 bus loads of antifa brought in to capital area led by state troopers on that terroble day..and 400k patriots w no trouble but a few at capital which were led by was a beautiful patriotic calm protest..with singing of patriotic songs..none of that is shown.shame on the media and dems for restricting our speech..and pres trump just saying to calmly go down and let your voices be you know what the capital area would look like if the same people that rioted this summer were there..shame on you all..since when did it become legal to squelch the first ammendment

  32. Jim F says:

    No, A dem would not have been searched. They would have opened the gate and let them in like they clearly did during the Trump Rally when the Capital Police opened the gate for Antifa and BLM and then lead them into the Capital. That was all a show to put BLAME on OUR GREAT PRESIDENT Donald Trump.

    She should be and everyone should be allowed to carry as per the 2nd amendment. States and cities that enact laws otherwise are working outside the constitution as they always seem to be allowed to do! Then of course BLAME TRUMP or REPUBLICANS.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a life long republican but as of this Capital Moment and the Republicans selling out Trump and our Country…. I would vote for the SNAKE (Democrats) that we KNOW will cheat steal and rob hard working tax payers to give to lowlife and illegals and other terrorist organizations like ISIS and BLM and ANTIFA over Lying back stabbing disloyal politicians that CALL themselves Conservative Republicans.

    I feel the next election will be a landslide for the BLUE as the RED clearly sells out AMERICA.

    • Lucy H says:

      A lifelong Republican too and l think we need to dismantle both of the parties that are no longer working for the people and start one called the Patriot Party. Or whatever, but l will denounce my affiliation with the Republican party, they can fund their own campaigns. Donating to them is like donating to BLM

      • David D'Anna says:

        I TOTALLY agree!..DAMNED Biden and Harris,Pelosi and schumer,Schitt and Nadler and the rinos that are the REAL TRAITORS!! Time to Remove them PHYSICALLY is coming!! just like the leftist that s said on Clouthub Yesterday..She had the nerve to want to destroy all of us Conservatives and 0let socialism /Communism reign..How utterly distastefull and IGNORANT!!.Well., when they try that shit with the red States,They’ll find that we AREN’T going to let them have their way anymore!! eighty year old congressmen and women and Senators that have turned their backs on AMERICANS and the United States are the ones that have ruined this country..It might JUST have to get physical! And when it does..They will NOT have the CHANCE for forgiveness! Call us terrorist,and Traitors and rioters.will they? There will be NO turning back if they install Biden and Harris! it will be ON!! LOOK IN THE MIRROR,YOU RATS!! THE SHIP YOU sailed on for the last 148 years is going to ROT Under you, and YOU WILL DROWN!!

      • David Waymire says:

        Totally agree. Patriot party no more GOP for me either

    • Gregorable says:

      Wow! Do you have a really bad case of that desperation syndrome where you suddenly start loving the ones who are abusing and oppressing you? Why would same people vote blue? Why would one vote for the crooks who gave terrorists billions? Why would anyone vote for companies that put tape on our mouths and attempt to lock us in our homes? This is America! We don’t respond well to threats from rich wimpy oligarchs who are begging to be sued! Someone needs to literally slap them in the bottom line and their bottom as well!

  33. ron mauldin says:

    The little lady should be allowed to carry her weapon after all there are democraps and rinos in there.I would not go in without some frags and a flamethrower myself.SEMPER FI DEOVINDICE AMEN

  34. Voldemort says:

    This political theater legal carry being questioned despite the law. A totally illegal impeachment because of abject fear of a true American that actually accomplished much good for the people despite the communist resistance. Technically he has been impeached for 5 years because he is a patriot.
    Oh there is unequivocal evidence the result of this election was stolen.

  35. Lee Smoll says:

    Concealed carry, with a license and training, is completely legal and recommended. Yea!

  36. Michael Bouldin says:

    Sure she should be allowed. Even before being elected it was known she would be packing if she was elected. If the DEM-O-RATS were armed they would be given an escort instead of being detained. You go girl, you are covered under Amendment 2.

  37. Christine Meade says:

    Why screen House members? They have been elected & sworn in to protect the Constitution. Haven’t they already in a sense been vetted ? This is just another silly ploy by Democrats to take guns.

  38. ron mauldin says:

    I dont blame the little lady one bit for wanting to arm herself before entering,after all there are demoncraps and rinos in there .i wouldnt go in without a flamethrower myself and maybe a few frags.semper fi deo vindice amen.

  39. Nelda Garcia says:

    She should most assuredly be allow to carry her fire arm anywhere, as she is licensed to do so and especially going into a room full of lying ass nuts and never knowing who else might enter.

    • Gregorable says:

      The “right to carry” should always be protected for ALL women as they are the ones who get assaulted! If we can’t trust congresspersons to carry protection how do we trust them to spend our money?

  40. We are witnessing a responsible individual, who is permitted to carry a concealed weapon and obey the rules.
    Criminals do not care, all they look for is stealing what they want without any consequence of being detained, or shot. They will kill or hurt anyone who gets in their way.
    Laws, like locks, only keep honest people honest.
    Had she been confronted, her weapon could be drawn to protect herself and others.
    Discharging her firearm would have been a split second decision, shoot don’t shoot.
    Kill or be killed.

  41. Ralph Romero says:

    This election was stolen the Democrats are nothing but thieves Biden is nothing but a pedophile liar and a cheater President Trump will always be my President Joe Biden never will be ever ever ever fuck Joe Biden

  42. carolyn Hilt says:

    Would a Dem have been searched?