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WATCH: Gunman Shoots His Way Through Kenosha Riot

Watch (top video) as a suspected shooter is chased down Tuesday night in a Kenosha street during riots that continue following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. After falling to the ground, he opens fire on those around him. If you listen closely, you’ll hear other guns going off nearby.

Also on Tuesday night (second video), a man was shot in the head in Kenosha. Some witnesses allege the man who was shot was about to vandalize or set fire to an auto dealership.

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  1. Eric says:

    We the American people have been lied to so much by our government officials and the like . It has become almost comical to see people believing what is put out there i for one believe in America the constitution which by the way is being attacked all the time with congressional backing for is nancy pelosi whom is not in reality is not fit to have a seat in congress or her nephew who happens to be the governor of California they are communists not American citizens and these radical group’s like blm antifa are terrorists nothing but thugs well funded by the new world order agenda this country is doomed unless we put God back where he belongs first in all our lives and if the foriegn people who come here do not like it go back to your homeland dont disrespect mine.