Happening Now: Biden Wants To Fight

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(TheRedAlertNews.com) – Happening Now: Even though a federal judge has ruled that President Joe Biden’s and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) federal transportation mask mandate was instituted in violation of the law, Biden’s Department of Justice has announced that it is prepared to appeal the judge’s ruling.

In a statement, the Department of Justice said that it would appeal the decision if the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that the mandate was necessary to protect public health. According to NBC News, the CDC has already determined that the mandate is needed. However, the DOJ will not try to stop the judge’s decision. This means that the transportation mask mandate won’t be enforced while DOJ challenges it in court.

In a statement to the media, the DOJ stated that the two agencies “disagree” with the district court’s decision and would appeal, subject to CDC’s conclusion that the order is necessary for public health. “The Department believes that the order requiring the masking of the transportation corridor is a valid exercise of the authority Congress has granted [the] CDC in order to protect the public’s health.”

Kathryn Mizelle (a Trump appointee) was the U.S. District Judge who overturned Biden’s federal mask mandate for air and other forms of public travel. Mizelle ruled that the mandate violated The Administrative Procedure Act. Last week, the CDC announced that it would extend its mandate for two more weeks beginning Monday. However, a Biden administration official informed media outlets that the mandate was not in effect after Mizelle’s ruling.

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