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‘Hardcore Leftist’ Planning to Attack Pro-Trump Protesters Arrested

While the mainstream media continually tries to paint President Donald Trump supporters as the enemy of democracy, hardcore leftists are plotting to violently attack conservatives and those who voted for Trump.


The FBI arrested a man in Florida who was allegedly planning to recruit people to violently attack pro-Trump protesters who might show up at the Florida State Capitol to continue the effort to overthrow the election,” according to Blaze Media.

Daniel Alan Baker referred to himself as a “hardcore leftist” in an article cited by the FBI in the criminal charges filed on Friday.

“Federal prosecutors accused Baker of making a “call to arms for like-minded individuals to violently confront” any pro-Trump supporters at the Tallahassee Capitol.

“On Sunday, the FBI alerted state and local officials that there might be more protests leading to violence at state capitals in line with the lethal rioting that transpired at the U.S. Capitol.

“Prosecutors allege that Baker wanted others to join him in encircling protesters and confine them with firearms.

“Baker had fought with the Kurdish YPG militia and was showcased in a documentary by VICE. He also was a former U.S. Army Airborne infantryman who was kicked out after going AWOL, according to prosecutors.

For more on this story, go to Blaze Media.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe there are a significant number of hardcore leftists determined to violently attack pro-Trump supporters?


  1. Rosemarie A Hoyt says:

    I will be quoting a prior response from Keith Cristy
    PLEASE! pull your head out of your ass!! the capital was only one case & it was led by a leftist wanting to stir shit!! what about the months of rioting & looting that took place in 2020 around the country caused by Antifa & BLM ??? I guess that’s OK with you idiots! SAD!
    From Orange Peel As long as democrats let blm and antifa riot and kill people it won’t stop. Our court system is letting blm and antifa out of jail with no bail. But Trump supporters are held and fine thousands of dollars. If you think these groups are only going after Trump supporters your wrong. They will demand you to bow down to them or die that’s includes democrats. Good luck
    It is not so simple-the leftists have invaded all facets of our lives. Congress,judges,attorneys,schools, universities etc- we have to start to undo all the brainwashing hypnotic, repetitive speeches to our children. History,religion is out of our schools. They are teaching our children to hate america,that as white people we should be humbled. I will quote somethig that Winston Churchill noted Socialism is the philosphy of failure,the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Education is a surest way to defeat it. The democrats,marxist, commies whatever you call them-AntiAmerican – they took this note from Churchill and turned it around to teach our children socialism. It will take years to undo, we have to start now, I don’t know if its too late. ( I hope not, America is the best place to live in the world) We have to rid all the politicians that have an interest in other countries for monetary reasons. These politicians in the democratic party and the republican party cannot lead without prejudice for their own gain. The entire congress and senate need to be cleaned up and thrown out. I believe Donald Trump was being transparent and it scared people on both sides. What all these people fail to see is that they are supposed to work for us, not the other way around. These people have become milionaires and billionaries on our dime -this is what the public needs to know-it is not democrats and republicans it has become a class of haves and have nots. We the people need to come together and clean out there party, then move on.
    We are not a socialist country. Every American should want socialism gone from our lives. We are better then that-even the illegals don’t want socialism,why do you think they r coming over.

  2. Troy Johnstone says:

    I never would have thought that this country would turn communist and that the military would just Roll over and not even blink an eye. I was asked is the armed forces full of Cowerds and I was to embarsed to comment I have no idea what to think anymore.

    We need to Pray that GOD intervenes.

  3. Kenneth Burkhalter says:

    The banning of conservatives and allow nothing to be posted about the best president ever shows how Democrats are buying the media off. I honestly get nauseous when I read this crap. Keep it up dems you are getting closer every day to another civil war. We Patriots will not take your lies and cheating on elections. I’m old but if I have to I will fight you commies to the end. Donald Trump is President of the United States!?

    • Jaybo says:

      Amen! I too am old and have health problems but just like you, if the military presence in all of our state’s and DC are allowing this communist takeover and Biden gets the presidency, we MUST fight to the death for our children’s future as well as our constitution. GOD be with us!

    • Cal J. MacKnight says:

      Here, Here. I am right with you. I am older too, but I will pledge my treasure,my, sacred honor and my life to fight this post-modernist, uneducated, wretched leftist woke Marxist, Leninist, Stalinst, Maoist communism sprouting up in our back Forties’ like so many invasive weeds.
      If these dangerous ideas cannot be eradicated, and the communists persist with this violence, we shall not just consider the violence aberrant behaviour of a civilised society–to be handled by law enforcement, we shall and must consider it war. We shall then be forced to defend our lives, our families, rural tracts, towns and cities, country and nation from the evil that seeks to destroy us.
      GOD shall be with us, we pray, and may we never as a nation allow others to have HIM abandoned by Anybody for Any reason.
      Unfortunately, the die has cast the fate of our near future. We have a society composed of two peoples with diametrically opposed views on all matters, drastically divergent beliefs, wholly distinct concepts of reality-truth-science-evidence-fact. We are a people who have grown completely incompatible, unilaterally intolerant of the other’s very “criminal, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic” deplorable existence. The notion of compromise and tolerance of differences has become lost to the so-called ‘hyper tolerant’ left.

      We advance daily closer to the point to which we must sever, not just the political bonds, but any bonds and physical proximity between us–those considered Center to Right, Classical Liberal to Right Wing, traditional, true conservative, Judeo-Christian, Liberty-Seeking-Individualist–VERSUS the leftist, post-modernist, neo-marxist, Collectivist, totalitarian.

      There is no other option at this point. People speaking of unity seek either falsehood or idealism; or they currently are not able to accept the awful reality that the left has brought, and nobody opposed. The cconditioning which the left cannot tolerate even the existence of anybody who may slightly disagree with them. Emotionally many who cannot see that unity is an impossibility shall and will be in denial of the situation.
      However, we cannot allow these people to deny us solutions to this Crisis by interfering with their emotional response.

      My hope is that we can partition the land properly to avoid a protracted civil war, which will no doubt bring foreign direct military interference, bit to mention, deaths in figure unimaginable, disease, hunger, a collapse of society and social services, etc.
      However, partitioning would require a level of maturity and level-headedness remaining in short supply lately.
      So fight we will, if and only if, fight we must. Nobody should be in any great favour of the potentiality of what may become this necessary evil.
      –Cal J. MacKnight

    • Sharon says:


  4. AJ says:

    Always ignorance, lies, accusations and denials from the communist democrats. Soon only truth will prevail. This will come from the new birth of the 1776 flame for freedom.

    • Patrica Ann Carney says:

      I hope, have hope, your words are truth…I am in a wait and see mode. Also daily I face, accept and pray our American culture is not totally in the sewer…God bless you thanks.

  5. Linda Jenkins says:

    There is a Senator Margaret Greene of Georgia, Republican, whom is trying to impeach Biden of abuse of power about China and Russia and communism. I hope, she will convince them. Jesus Christ, when comes back will send them to hell.

  6. A true American says:

    I don’t see anywhere where it says he was planning to “slaughter” anyone. He wanted to get a group together to protect the Florida Capital building from an attack like the one on the Capital building in Washington. Yes he wanted to be armed, which is his Constitutional right. How is his call to arms any different than what Trump did? O because he’s not “one of you” is the problem, I see.

    • Charles Larson says:

      They said he wanted to violently confront Trump protesters and confine them with guns/arms. That at least would be kidnapping and/or assault and battery if they used physical violence with weapons or force. If, as you claim, they just want to defend the Capitol, they need to join the police and/or the local National Guard. They need to be in law enforcement, not vigilantes. There just are too many radicals who want to start a Civil War. As in idiots!

    • Rosemarie says:

      President Trump did not call people to arms. So you’re wrong there. Also, Biden is not one who will protect those rights anyway. Get your info correct before you speak your opinion. I thought we all people. I love your distinction…it’s people like you that cause the division.

    • Marlina Shaw says:

      President Trump did not tell anyone to bring guns or set fires or riot and kill. If you listen to his speech he specifically said they would march down the street PEACEFULLY to the Capitol. That’s the difference.

      • Rosemarie says:

        People like them don’t listen. They have their agenda and push it. Truth is not a left wing value.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Marlina, you’re wrong. Trump told them they “have to fight like hell” for the election results to be overturned and ruled in his favor, with no evidence to support his lying claim that it was stolen from him. He told them to go to the Capitol and “fight like hell”, he did not say bring guns and weapons, but that’s beside the point. He never said “Don’t bring guns and bombs”, either.

        • Susie Snowflake says:

          “Fight like hell” does not mean use force. While in the course of a ‘Peaceful Protest”,and Trump actually used those words,one fights by being present and in the moment to agree with the decertifying of the Electoral votes. This is the fight not guns and violence and detaining innocent victims who happen to disagree with YOU!
          MOST of those who incited the violence on Jan.6, 2021 were now known to be LEFT wing anarchists. FBI said so, do a FACT check.

          • Robert Henderson says:

            That is so very true

          • Charles Larson says:

            The expression “fight like hell” clearly implies using physical force if necessary. You’re all a bunch of lying low-life losers to defend Trump’s words that in fact “incited” the protesters who crossed the line in breaking in to the Capitol illegally, all of whom were wearing garb and indicated they were Trump supporters. So, you Liars need to stop posting outrageous lies that they were “leftists” and Biden supporters pretending to be Trump supporters since that argument is insane Crap. Even Trump NEVER argued that any one of them were Biden supporters, MORONS! He in fact told them that night while they were attacking the Capitol,”We love you. You’re very special.” So, you all lie here with nonsense and insanity, but Trump told us they’re his supporters, IDIOTS! Furthermore, Trump never condemned the attack on the Capitol that night, He waited until he was under heavy threats by Congress, including republicans, the next day to do so.

          • Charles Larson says:

            Susie Snowflake, drop dead, crazy lady. I’ll call you and others racists as I see it. If you’re going to be part of the problem then go die. Become part of the solution OR DIE! We don’t need racist white Bees like you Trumpee ladies anymore than we need racist blacks rioting and looting.

        • Richard says:

          He never said to fight like he’ll with weapons, don’t make up stories.

          • Charles Larson says:

            Trump never said “do not use weapons”, either, nitwit. You have no point. What he did not say can matter as much as what he did say. That’s why he’s guilty of inciting the violence that resulted in 5 people’s deaths.

        • Lin says:

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0BKdRywTcg&feature=emb_rel_end. These are the voices that have stirred division & violence

      • Sharon says:


    • Richard says:

      He is not law enforcement, get it.

    • PLEASE! pull your head out of your ass!! the capital was only one case & it was led by a leftist wanting to stir shit!! what about the months of rioting & looting that took place in 2020 around the country caused by Antifa & BLM ??? I guess that’s OK with you idiots! SAD!

      • cherykie says:

        Now I realize what the Bible meant about the evil of winking the eye… one eye open and one eye closed. That suits the left completely… One eye open to accuse the right of anything they conceive as bad, even if they have to make it up, and one eye closed so they can’t see out of it to observe just what has occurred under the leftist regime- rioting on Trump’s inauguration day, perjuring themselves out the wahzoo, by concocting lies and stories about him and his appointments ( Russian collusion, which was fed by a piece of fiction called the Steele dossier, which Hillary ” Killary ” Clinton
        invented, Cavanaugh’s accusation’s of sexual misconduct, the impeachment of Trump, which held no merit, as does the second , but remember these leftists are very democratic- the majority RULES, whether they can entice enough culturally deficient media sources, rotten -to-the-core political elitists , and ordinary people who believe their empty promises year after year who will cheat for the party any which way they can, just to “win”… TOO many times the majority rules, but it doesn’t make them right. They’re the ones running down the wide highway on the way to destruction, while the ones in the minority are travelling up the narrow path to victory not of this world…

    • Merrill says:

      The DC police have said that Trump DID NOT INCITE the protesters to get into the Capital .. And the few arrested did NOT have weapons .. And the films show the bus loads of Antifa. Which Democrats support. Were let in by a security cop opening the gate and letting them in to incite the protesters To come over the fence. Approximately 100 out of the hundred thousand that were there went over .. There were some crazies there that didn’t belong to either party !! Just trouble makers The police said. The riot was planned ahead and they are sure Anyifa was paid by the DEMOCRAT party !!! You butt wipes Let BLM DESTROY billions of dollars of property That the owners had worked for many years..ANTIFA. were gave AR 15s by. Soros, Obama and Tom Steyer in Oregon ..If he kills some one. There will be payback ..You Democrats under 26 are just bums … Grow up …

    • CJ MacKnight says:

      Moronic response as usual that is half baked from watching Rachel Madcow and not going to original sources to see what actually happened in DC.

      I am not sure anybody knows what was entirely in the mind of this individual. Suffice it to say, perhaps testing allegations in criminal court may render us closer to his motives, opportunities, plans, and abilities.

      Flinging allegations is what you and then I did to you. It doesn’t do much does it? It certainly is not productive. However, and this is not directed at you per se, but the left does not occupy themselves with productive solutions I find.

      You should look at this situation critically. (That phrase has nothing to do with critical theory of Marx or Critical Race Theory.)
      It is a methodology of evaluating a situation without injecting your own personal or even cultural or confirmation bias into your analysis.
      I find I could read this 10 times and still not have enough info to determine what this dude was entirely up to.
      However, he is high on the suspicious list, and LE has plenty of probable cause for an arrest, ni bail app., interview, and investigation.

      You all on the left always Condemn the Right for saying any miniscule comment that could be misconstrued as threatening; however, when anybody from the left openly threatens severe and widespread violence and instigates more, it is crickets.
      Why is that?
      And dare not answer with a counter accusation. Just answer for your tribe please, if you dare or can.

  7. Robert says:

    Probably Recruited them on Twitter,Facebook, and the like! Social media does not take down liberals no matter how violent they are!

    • There is no Democrate party any longer, it is now a communist party! The Democrats have been changing into Communism slowly for a number of years! Too bad the Americans who call themselves Democrates don’t know that! Because that is what will destroy this country! When half of the country just follow Democrat party into Communism without question! Hopefully they will wake up before we have a civil war!

      • Dave Skibinski says:

        You are ABSOLUTLY correct!
        I think the democratic party should be forced to rename, American communists….

        • Mark Silvestri says:

          Many democrats don’t know what socialist communist are. That’s their party now. Ispent 30 months in the Vietnam War fighting for the freedom of South Vietnam. I followed the war til the end. April 30 1975, Saigon fell. The communist from the north began rounding up citizens of the south theydeemed dangerous and began a systematic execution of 0ne million citizens. Another 2.3 million were sent to re education camps,where they were never heard from again. Businessman,Doctors politicians, educators military men religious people of faith killed. Read history, Lenin,Stalin,Mao,Hitler, now the democratic party same program do what we say or disappear. Built on power hungry globalist set on dividing our country and destroying our foundations.

    • Sam B. says:

      Totally agree Elizabeth. I’m a registered Democrat(barley left leaning) that knows dozens of others. I/We r honest patriots of our country FIRST. Because of the unhinged radical views consuming the now “socialist party” (formerly known as the democrat party)..every 1 of us gladly bailed off that titanic. This nonsense has been brewing up a few years now. When several of the SOMEHOW elected officials like: Cori Bush, Aoc, Ayanna Pressley, Ilan Omar, Rashida Talib to name a few who constantly use the race card & spew out more divisive rhetoric that gets further promoted by the corrupt narrative news networks is a HUGE reason why we r where we r. Until these folks & the shit-stirring media knocks this crap off & grows up..I’m afraid this nonsense could linger for a while.
      I pray our citizens will start seeing things in a positive way & come together without all this divisiveness. However this starts with our elected officials & the media(god help us).

      • A true American says:

        O please. There are radicals on BOTH sides! MOST of the Country, whether registered Democrat or registered Republican, want the same things. They want a strong Country, strong economy, peace, unity, the “American dream” for EVERYONE. There will always be radicals on both sides and there will always be some people who want division and chaos

        • Kathleen Bolyard says:

          You think the communist party wants a strong America? You obviously haven’t been paying attention. Communists want a weak American people that’s what they do that’s how they control. Authoritarianism does not make a Free country strong.

        • Don says:

          Stop..it should be clear by now the democrate party is communism they dont give a damn about America they are foolish children with no common sense ,like children they want everything free and they want to give everything away you will see America is doomed to be a 3rd world country I see no future for the working class

          • Charles Larson says:

            Don and Kathleen, you both are “Trumplicans”, as Chris Cuomo would say. Just because you want the rich to keep stealing the wealth and get richer, and you want to hold down the wages like at the poverty level, which is the modern system of slavery, keeping the wages stagnant for many decades like they’ve been, just because the working-folks who are not in management want to be paid fair and good wages, you call and classify these mostly democrats “communists”. No, they’re just average hard- working Americans.

      • Susy Snowflake says:

        God Bless You for sharing that with we conservatives.
        We have been earmarked for our beliefs, glad to know you are no longer one of them. MAGA GO 2024

      • Anna says:

        God bless you!

  8. Well let’s hope the FBI is doing the job we are paying them to do, and they round up these anti American fascists! Maybe they should start with the Democrats and Republicans in both chambers of the house???

    • Nadya Wall-Rossi says:

      I have no faith in the FBI, because as Comey proved, they’re in the hip pocket of the DNC.

    • A true American says:

      How is it “Anti-American” to want to protect the State Capital? To allow the unfettered transition of power to the person that the American citizens voted into office? He might have been “crazy” and “violent” but isn’t that what the people who attacked the Capital were? Btw I’m not saying what he was doing was right. I also don’t see ANYWHERE in this article where it said he was planning violence. He wanted to have a group to oppose the Trump supporters that might try to attack the Florida Capital building like they did in Washington. He also wanted them to be armed which is our Constitutional right

      • Kathleen Bolyard says:

        You are a loony tune bud. We watched cities burn while the leaders of those states did nothing but condoned those pieces of garbage burning, looting, raping, and killing and you call out POTUS crazy. You are so sad, pathetic, and brainwashed but hey that’s what they do. Praying on the ignorants of the weak

      • Anna says:

        That makes no sense at all!

  9. Maddog says:

    Let demon rats dig their grave ! Then will push them in

  10. judith therrien says:

    The Democrats have been trying to take over America for decades. Now they are hiring Terrorists, to do they dirty work. They need to stop this crap before they start a Civil War. Biden and his coup are all behind this, Because President Trump won the Election and everyone knows it. Biden will never be my president and Harris slept her way in to becoming vice president, They all should be arrest for for going against THE Constitution and The United States. The people are all getting tired of all your Bull Shit. We are paying you stupid DEMOCRATS to protect and Serve America, BUT instead you are destroying it. It is time to get rid of the WHOLE DEMOCRATIC Party.

    • Inez Bowman says:

      Judith, I couldn’t agree more. When we the people go to the Capitol to protest peacefully we are called criminals, but when Biden’s idiots tear up city after city, threaten law abiding citizens they are called heroes by the stupid press and the Democrats. Daniel Alan Baker was in the news, he wants kill all people who don’t agree with the traitor Democrats. Bet the Democrats give him a medal.
      I am 82, female, white, I have never broken the law (except twice I was stopped for speeding, no ticket) I love this country with all my being, I will gladly die for it, if it got rid of all the traitors in DC and in our courts (damn Judges who refuse to allow Mr. Trumps evidence on the election). I wonder if Biden, Harris or Nancy would be willing to die for the USA.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Inez, you and Judith are full of crap. You obviously are a racist against blacks, and you refer to the BLM rioters as “Biden’s people”, and Biden no doubt condemned the rioting, violence, looting, etc. There’s a huge difference between peacefully protesting and rioting and attacking buildings illegally and violently and threatening people’s lives. Trump encouraged and enticed his followers to attack the Capitol while Congress was in session there, which is an insurrection that resulted in 5 peoples’ deaths. Speak out against the police abuses against blacks and their inexcusable use of excessive force that resulted in George Floyd’s death and Brionna Taylor’s death, among others. Don’t be a hypocritical lying racist. Defend these good people who did not deserve to die and be killed by the police. If you won’t do that much then STFU! HYPPOCRITE!

        • Susy Snowflake says:

          How dare you speak to an 82 yo patriot that way. It does not all boil down to ‘black and white’, we had our share of that in the 1960’s which you probably were not around for,right? WE grieve when black lives, asian lives, white lives, and ALL lives are lost, and condemn those who think violence is their answer. Will that bring any of them back to life. I’m certain your momma did not teach you to hate that way nor would she be proud of you now. And I’ll bet she was a Christian woman, who believed in the Lord Jesus and HIS redemptive power. You probably went to Sunday school, and sang to the Lord. What changed you son….HE didn’t change so neither should you. Neither God or dear Martin Luther King Jr. advocated for violence, God said evil will always be with us, but we don’t have to let it invade our hearts and minds. Be at peace and KNOW that He is your God too. God Bless You!

          • Charles Larson says:

            Susie, yeah, my mom was a Christian and I was raised a Catholic, 9.5 years of Catholic school,2.5 years of public school,and an altar boy. That’s beside the point. My parents raised me to NOT be like you, a racist against blacks, my dad’s best friend was black.I am a white Christian male in my 50’s. Martin Luther King Jr. Always advocated peaceful protests and love, never hate or violence. How dare you lie about him and his legacy. My parents considered him one of their heroes and they were the same age.

          • Charles Larson says:

            Susie, you lie in saying We all had enough of MLK , “BLACK AND WHITE” , BALONEY. it was not all confined to the 1960’s like you say and speak of MLK and his dream , his legacy as having died in the 1960’s. No. We as a nation have made great progress, but it’s you racists who keep the division in our country.You lie in saying I have hate toward Inez. No, I have hate for racism , which is EVIL.

        • A friend of AMERICA. says:

          I’m glad I dont know you because if I did, I would now be in jail! Once a commie, always a commie.

  11. Judy says:

    This has to stop
    The only way to stop them from killing us is for this election to be overturned. Scotus
    and Doj do your job.

    • CintiCB says:

      Trump did a lot for this country, including giving the black inner city youth a way out of the ghetto and out of poverty. Lefties are, just, too stupid to realize this or they do (realize) and don’t like it because these blacks will get off of the Democrat plantation. They might lose a vote.
      With how much good he did (now to be reversed by the new lib/dem/commie president), it ‘s very surprising at how much of a failure both of his Attorney Generals who he assigned. Neither of them seemed to do ANYTGHING!!!! Not even the Clinton/obama adm. crimes. With this, everything, was RIGHT THERE(!!!)-didn’t, even, have to work to ‘find proof’.
      How can such a smart man mess this up, so badly-TWICE!?
      What the heck were the A.G.s doing, anyway? Were they, simply, there to sit in the space and it didn’t matter if they could do the job or not? Puzzling.

  12. Honest says:

    Joe < Joe< JOE!!!! You talk like a piss poor man with a paper Ass

  13. Danny Gunter says:

    Get all this trash and put them in jail or put to death for high treason.

    • Me says:

      If You Know any of these America Hating Leftist whacko’s who believe that they are doing the world a favor by destroying the United States do ALL of U.S. a favor and WHACKO these Insane bastards before they get the chance !

  14. Bernard Scanlon says:

    The bulls..t is just going to go on unpunished as usual. As long as the truth of it that, it’s an attack on America, goes on being covered up by the media it’ll keep happening.

  15. Pegs says:

    So very sad for people to have such a VERY high level of hate. #PRAY

    • Olive says:

      I’d like to add this question: “When is Biden going to put a stop to the violence coming from the Left? He didn’t condemn it all summer —– is this going to be his idea of “Law and Order”???

      • Honest says:

        JOE “STINKY FINGER” is The Far Left as Well As His Entire Crime Family~

      • Charles Larson says:

        Olive, have you read and heard everything Biden has said the past year? How do you know he never condemned the rioting? I’m pretty sure some reporter must’ve asked him his opinion about it at some point. He’s always supported law enforcement and the military. His son Beau was Delaware’s A.G.,the top prosecutor, when he passed on from cancer. Biden has a stronger record in supporting the police and military then Donald Trump ever had. Biden has always been big on law and order, bigger than “neo nazi- KKK” right-wing Trump. Trump has never condemned those supporters of his for being nazi’s and racists, that’s why some critics accuse him of being sympathetic to nazism and racists against blacks.

  16. Frank Steele says:

    All of this hate from the leftist idiots will come back to hit them hard. People are fed up.

  17. Stephanie Heimbaugh says:

    Biden is not my President and Harris is nothing but a joke all I ever seeing her doing is laughing at any question she is asked and never does answer any. This country is upside down

    • Kelly Weinrauch says:

      Trump will still be my President for the next 4yrs. Biden wouldn’t make to be a war of gun on the bottom of President Trump’s shoe.

  18. Rhina says:

    California here there is not a day we aren’t being terrorized their hate is real. If your an American citizen they hate you. Illegal aliens is who they protect and give jobs too while us the citizens pay for all of it. God Bless America

  19. Orange peel says:

    As long as democrats let blm and antifa riot and kill people it won’t stop. Our court system is letting blm and antifa out of jail with no bail. But Trump supporters are held and fine thousands of dollars. If you think these groups are only going after Trump supporters your wrong. They will demand you to bow down to them or die that’s includes democrats. Good luck. America is dead.

  20. Lindy says:

    These domestic terrorists should be shot on sight. We can thank the democrats for supporting and funding these parasites. This violence will continue until we eliminate all fraudulently elected dems and their media.

    • Chris Brewer says:

      It will end on inauguration day! The declassified are out! You people need to quit torturing yourselves! The MILITARY IS THERE BECAUSE THEY ARE ON A MUCH BIGGER MISSION THAN PROTECTING THE CAPITAL! TRUMP SUPPORTERS NEED NOT BE THERE! ARRESST SUBPOENA’S ARE IN PLACE!

      • Tom says:


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