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Has Attorney General Barr Abandoned Trump?

President Trump refused to say on Thursday whether he still has confidence in Attorney General William P. Barr, saying Mr. Barr has ignored evidence of election fraud,” according to The Washington Times.

“‘Ask me that in a number of weeks from now,’ the president told reporters during an event in the Oval Office. ‘He hasn’t done anything. They haven’t looked very hard, which is a disappointment. They should be looking at all of this fraud. This is very bad criminal stuff.’

“Mr. Barr said earlier this week he hasn’t seen evidence of widespread election fraud, undercutting the president’s argument that Democrats stole the election from him.

“‘They’re finding tremendous volumes… It’s massive fraud,’ Mr. Trump said of his legal team, ‘whether you go to Wisconsin, Michigan… All over the country, they know it was a fixed election. It was a rigged election.

For more on this developing story, go to The Washington Times.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe Attorney General Barr should be doing more to investigate the election? Do you believe President Trump should fire Attorney General Barr?


  1. gary nichols says:

    For any true American, we know that Mr. Barr has abandoned our President. Not only that, he has abandoned all of the Americans that make this country great. He is a WISC, a ‘Wolf in sheep’s clothing’ At least the Democrats no longer try to hide their hatred for the Americans who believe in our constitution, honor our flag and worship the God of our founders. It is easy to recognize them for the enemies of our nation that they are. On the other hand, the WISCs infiltrate the true American population and try to destroy it from within. Between the WISCs and the Democrats, our nation is at war to determine America’s future. The time has come for all of us to stand up, step up and get the job done so we can receive the Lord’s blessings once more.

    • Barbara says:

      A wonderful statement. Yes ,President Trump should let Barr go ,he is not doing his job. Another back staber.

    • Carl morin says:

      Well said Gary, could not say it better. There is no doubt that this election was “ stolen “, .. not only the ballots themselves, but the massive amounts of outsider,Sorros, money and mail in ballots from dead people, non residents, etc.

      The socialist Democrats have betrayed American Democracy!,…they have
      sold their black hearts to the Devil !,..no doubt !

      God save our Country !🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • craig says:

      If you want to know the real Barr go to Kelleigh Nelson’s website. Barr is an old deep state Bush Bot and much worse. Please go read and share. You will be shocked

  2. Gordon SAUNDERS says:

    It might be wishful thinking but Barr and Durham may have a plan in mind which could not only drain the swamp but also haul in a long list of swamp creatures.

    In the meantime the SCOTUS could order a new election based upon all paper ballots.

  3. mary says:

    Trump MIGHT HAVE POWER but its losing its effect now if he was aware of voting fraud why did he not send him his Hench men to rectify this before he knew he lost its to late to cast doubt on folk like Barr I think the country has had enough now Move on Biden is president get over it

    • Reeper says:

      Mary you really are a dumb bitching, FUCK YOU and that fagit Biden he’s not my President.

    • Reeper says:

      Mary you really are a dumb bitch, FUCK YOU and that fagit Biden he’s not my President.

    • Fe Morrison says:

      The Democrats hated him from day 1, because of their jealousies, 24/7 attacking him and VP and their family’s you have eyes and you did see and ears that you hear dont be ignorant, and my concern about AG he’s not a man and it shows he’s true color, weak and loser and mine opinion if President Trump lose this second term shame on me. and I been praying for him and Mike Pence day and night🙏🙏🙏

    • Carl Morin says:

      Get over,.. “ Fraud “ in a National election for the President of the United States !,.. Mary you are “ delusional “ , to say the least!
      The whole World is laughing at us as hypocrites
      because of this “ coup détat “ Only the unfortunates of the Third World
      want to come to this country now!

    • Carl Morin says:

      Get over,.. “ Fraud “ in a National election for the President of the United States !,.. Mary you are “ delusional “ , to say the least!
      The whole World is laughing at us as hypocrites
      because of this “ coup détat “ Only the unfortunates of the Third World
      want to come to this country now!

      No I didn’t !

  4. Sheila says:

    Barr does not say there is no fraud. He says that even after correcting the fraudulent count, Biden would still be the winner. How he could know that is a mystery to me! But assuming he is right, there is still fraud and the fraud seems to be massive. Fraudulent votes replace and negate legal votes. On a personal level that means that my vote or your vote is gone. Barr should realize that the American people have lost their faith in our current system. Trump is not to blame for that. That guilt is laid at the feet of the Democrats. And only a reform of the system will restore their faith.

  5. BETTY WIND says:

    Our Country no longer has ‘Government Officials who care about “We, the People”! They’re all about their OWN INTERESTS – the days of “UNBIASED” Politicians or Government Officials have ended. In the past the Dems and Repubs were willing to “take turns” being in power with ‘handshake’ deals that allowed them to remain in office (with the exception of the President) for 20, 30, 40 or 50 years – THIS MY FELLOW AMERICANS IS WHERE THE CORRUPTION IS!. They’re encased in THE SWAMP and ingratiate themselves to Other Countries for MONEY. Like Joe Biden, they come into Office to prostitute themselves (as Joe Biden is on tape in his early years in Government stating exactly that saying “USE ME” – does anyone actually believe he is Presidential Material?) for their own personal gain. DONALD J. TRUMP – BY SURPRISE (they were all, Dems and Repubs, caught relying on the status quo and too lazy and unprepared in 2016) – BECAME PRESIDENT AND SOUGHT TO RUN OUR GOVERNMENT FOR THE BENEFIT OF WE, THE PEOPLE (but their laziness ended and they spent 4 years trying to keep him from EVERYTHING he was trying to do . .investigations . . impeachments . . lies . . and intense HATRED because he was succeeding in many, many great things for America and Americans). The Dems and many of the Repubs have been busy planning, scheming and setting the gears in place for a FRAUDULENT 2020 ELECTION USING THE PANDEMIC AS THE CRISIS THAT SHOULD NOT BE WASTED – even if it mean putting a 48 year ingrained Politician, who is suffering from Alzheimers . . and perhaps Joe was exactly who they wanted as a puppet to, AS CHUCKY SCHUMER SAID > > > “CHANGE AMERICA”. ALL AMERICANS SHOULD BE ASKING CHUCKY . . CHANGE AMERICA TO WHAT . . . VERY OMINOUS. I WANT THE AMERICA WE HAVE ALWAYS HAD . . “LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE”! WE’RE AT A POINT THAT “WE, THE PEOPLE” NEED TO *BE THE BRAVE*!

    • Mike says:

      barr is a COWARD & will go down in history as such!!! Would love to see him face-to-face to tell him this. When he passes by people & gets all the dirty looks, all the whispers I hope he will know that he is thought of as a POS/COWARD!!!

  6. robert says:

    No one likes to be pushed and Trump pushes politicians because they have 1 speed Slow. They should take a pay cut of 50% Barr has been pushed and he warned Trump. Go look at old tapes Barr didn’t like him bothering him!

  7. john Clark says:

    It is a sad time in America . When elected officials blatantly lie to the public. You have to know the reason behind the lies . That is because many of them have sold this Country out. They should all be arrested and jailed. Trump didn’t know Bar is part of the Deep State.

  8. Richard A. DeFabrizio says:

    What little faith that I had left in the honesty and integrity of the people in our government is gone. Our government, the media, and so-called academia is totally corrupt favoring censorship, totalitarianism, and anti-American ideas, rules, controls, and encouraging hatred and violence towards fellow Americans. I and many m9illions of fellow American patriots will never let these feckless and traitorous insurgents steal our country turning freedom into slavery. We will never let that happen. Obama and all the rest of his communistic traitors who have always been the fifth column, he the Manchurian Candidate never vetted by the traitorous and cowardly media. I have always said he hates America and is working for its undoing and has all along. I stand for the principles and the Constitution of the United States of America and most importantly the Bill of Rights. My rage at this treason is boundless.

    • SEMPER fi says:

      1776. The only way is for patriots to take back our country and destroy the tyranny. That’s right. We gotta KILL them all just like cockroaches. If you miss one cockroach, you will have to do it all over again .

  9. Deborah Klingenberg says:

    President Trump should “not” concede and he should turn every mail-in ballet, up-side-down, till he gets the real voters, choice!!! It’s “YOUR” victory, President Trump!!! If you have to, then have a new, election…But, don’t give in!

    • FLOYD BOIVIN says:


  10. Veronica says:

    All of this stuff that is going on is really bad. It shouldn’t matter which side the people are on rather it is the left or the right we need to stick together and get rid of all the corrupted people that are suppose to be taking care of our country not trying to let be taken over by china or any one else. Don’t believe the news people They are not going to tell the truth. Find out for yourself. With out us they can’t do nothing, We are the people we tell them what we want not them telling us. That is what makes this country great because we stand as one, lets don’t lose that.

  11. Sherry Varnell says:

    It is sad that people can be bought off. Morals and Principals, Oath of Office, and doing the right thing no longer matters. I don’t know how they sleep at night unless they also dont’ have a conscious much less a soul.I just can’t comprehend such selfishness and cowardice.

  12. Lloyd says:

    Barr should be fired and Chris Wray. Wray sould have never been conformed in the first place, I said that from The beginng.

  13. Joyousone says:

    I too had some respect for Barr when he stood WITH President Trump. Now he’s just a back-stabber and covering his big butt and career. Sorry you traitor as now you’ve shown your true colors and they ain’t purty. Go ahead Mr President, say it and we’re behind you on this one, “You’re Fired!”

  14. Will Harden says:

    Barr is out of it !
    Anybody who could see all that has happened and say that nothing was bad has to be put into a padded cell.
    Trump has to take the matter to the SUPREME COURT.
    Those guys would clean house !

  15. Daniel Ropp says:

    Barr is a masquerader. He doesn’t know how to get the job done and that is why we see him as doing nothing. He just doesn’t seem to have what it takes to stand up to injustice. He needs to be fired!!

  16. Nancy says:

    Disappointing with surprise & a bit of shock; what has happened to you A.G.Barr? My respect has softened; is there something going on behind the scenes that the public is unaware of? To say you should be fired I cannot do until you answer, but, if you delay in answering, well, that will be the answer and I will know how to respond.

  17. I guess I would fire himm I don’t think you can trust him anymore . He would have to be Def and blind to say that It’s getting plum comical. Whoever was over rigging our Election was dumb.

  18. Stuart Warner says:

    Barr is just like all the rest of the swamp inside the beltway. Trump has to stand all by himself.

  19. Debbie says:

    #1, I believe in Trump because he has done everything he said he was going to do for the America people. #2,I believe in God who says He puts rulers and kings where He wants them. I believe God put Trump where He wanted him for a reason and only God will remove Trump. Not the liberals. So, if God wants someone else in the Whitehouse, God will put someone else there, until then, Trump is our President. Simple as that. Until then we protect and defend this President and this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic, period.

  20. Mark miller says:

    There’s a lot going on,neither you or I know what sit’s on the president’s desk,Barr must have a good reason for his action or trump would have let him go.he says wait so let’s .

  21. Rheta Cloutier says:

    In my opinion, Barr is as good as a statue. Stone cold, NOTHING! I know he’s a smart man so my guess is he’s been bought out like so many! Drain the whole damn institution and start over. President Trump has never, from day one, had the support or people doing their jobs he should have. He amazed me with his accomplishments! Keep him and a few I’d name. I wouldn’t give the rest of that pit of snakes air in a jug.

  22. G says:

    It suggests to me given the evidence and signed affidavits shared with the general public he is probably compromised along with other people in taxpayer funded agencies. Remember Trump said ask me that question several weeks from now because he will probably be addressing the general public on corruption and arrests.

  23. Lynn A Hutzel-Visel says:

    I trust Trump. He does what he says he will do. He loves America. We couldn’t be blessed with a more competent, diligent President. Bill Barr seems very competent as well, but I don’t trust the media to honestly report any disagreement they may or may not have had.

    The media works for the radical element in our Society. Don’t trust anything they say at face value. Do your own research.

  24. Pegs says:

    Just one more in the VERY LONG LIST of SWAMP CREATURES!! I’ll tell you what, I’m beginning to feel that DC is NOTHING BUT CORRUPT!!! Just about ALL OF THEM ARE! It’s SICKENING!! barr & durham have been dragging their DAMN FEET on this investigation since day 1. I’m not referring to not only the election fraud but all the other BULLSHIT as well. FIRE their asses!!!

    • A. Brackett says:

      I totally agree with all of you. The situation concerning all the people he was investigating they all should be in jail or on their way there. It’s a disgrace what is happening in our country. God Bless our president Donald J Trump and God Bless America

    • john little says:

      I agree with you 200%

  25. Vann says:

    By draining the swamp, Trump has created so many enemies right and left.
    The swamp has flooded the US government system for so many years with their interests and privileges, now Trump and only Trump dared to take
    them away, no wonder so many politicians hated Trump and against him.

    • James says:

      By draining the swamp; Pres. Trump has put fear in the NWO elitists, and they are very well funded. They have been firmly behind almost every major war in the past 2000 years. That is where they have made their money and gain influence in high places. D. Trump knows this because as a successful businessman, he has surely been approached by them. All one needs do is look at the evil being perpetuated in the movie industry; in music; even in sports. Who are the culprits behind all the child trafficking? What genre of people are those who visited “Epstein Island”?
      They care not for anyone or anything but themselves and their perverted pleasures. They push the environmental agenda to control us ‘little’ people while they waste and ruin the environment with no qualms!
      People need to ‘wise up’ and look at who is really controlling society!

  26. Gini says:

    What I would like to know is: Barr hired Durham several months ago. Where is Durham’s report from that hiring? I haven’t seen it. Has anyone else seen it. I believe that it was to investigate the eggreious act against Trump.

    On December 2,2020 Barr once again hired Durham to investigate Trump. Why would we believe anything these two employees of the President of the United States say?

  27. Mary Davis says:

    Barr needs to be fired; he is part of the Swamp.

  28. Mary russell says:

    What will you people believe when Donnie is the only one spouting about the election. The real republicans are saying the election was legitimate and legal and Joe won.

    • Pegs says:

      Who the hell are you calling “You People”?!

      • Jaybo says:

        Right on pegs. Have the demon rats culture canceled “WE THE PEOPLE” as well as everything else? Poor Santa Claus will probably be next I’m afraid!

      • Jaybo says:

        Right on pegs. Have the demon rats culture canceled “WE THE PEOPLE” as well as everything else? Poor Santa Claus will probably be next I’m afraid! I think BARR took the money.

        • AKJohnIII says:

          Barr and Durham don’t have balls, not even marbles. They are trying to save their necks, just in case Biden will become president. the only way President Trump can save this country and drain the swamp completely, is by declaring Martial law. Watch the liberals leave this country by the droves. Everybody, including the Clinton’s and Obama would be on the hook. A sure way of cleaning up the mess Democrats have created.

          • Jaybo says:

            Yeah. With all that has been going on this year I no longer trust anyone. Not even my shadow! So I ain’t gonna take the “mark of the beast” vaccine and no one is taking my 12 gauge pump away from me either. Wake up,LOCK n’ load, get ready. Shit’s coming right around the corner!

    • john little says:

      Go back to your can programs and leave us real Americans be

    • Cheryl says:

      I’ve never said no such thing you must be a lying ass Democrat. Trump is our President not that criminal ass Joe Biden who should be in prison along with Obama, Clinton’s and rest of the swamp. Get off the koolaid!!

    • Reeper says:

      Mary you people are the idiots you and your pick Joe Blow Biden, Piss on you and your people.

  29. darrell crawford says:

    the foundation of our country will never abandon a president who fights for his country and its patriots ,welchers and fair weather patriot’s are in the same class as lost souls as they who wander the dusty plains between high road and the low road

  30. ROBERT POWELL says:

    I am afraid that barr has been corrupted by the one-world socialists. his good buddy Bush has influenced him to the point of uselessness. the evidence is un-disputable that the election was fixed by the democrats. his foot-dragging has not given him a look of diligent work for the Trump open-government look.. the republicant method of ignoring the problems, then rolling over and sulking WILL NOT WORK IN THIS CASE. EITHER STAND AND FIGHT FOR TRUMP OR GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY.

    • Steve Abram says:

      Has mr. bar been corrupted, or threatened. Take nothing for granted. Look at the last four years or more and tell me that the Democratic Party is not willing to use power and money to get what they want. It is obvious threats
      And murder are not outside of their realm. If our people in this country don’t
      Fight for truth and come together now, the next fight will be with guns . Then god help us all. Wake up and fight for right.

    • john little says:

      You are probably correct bush has probably corrupted barr he never seemed to have much energy to me just a puppet on a string is barr

  31. Dave says:

    Barr may be right that there was no voter fraud, but there was fraud among the people who counted the votes

    • T Beach says:

      There was voting fraud too How does PA send out 1.8 million mail ballots and get back 2.6 million without fraud. Thats the tip of the iceberg. From what im hearing Trump has everything under control. He knew they were going to cheat but he has to let all this crap play out just to flush out everybody involved. Crooked judges dismissing cases and witness testimony and everybody else involved. If everything ive heard is true we wont even have to worry about House Majority either. There will be many openings for new Congress members to fill seats. Keep popcorn on hand. Its gonna get interesting.

  32. Frank Liso Jr says:

    Just because BARR hasn’t seen election fraud doesn’t mean there isn’t any.
    Ever stop to think he only sees what him team is showing him or worse telling him?

  33. Kim Billings says:

    Get rid of Barr!!! He’s been bought off and/or has lost his cojones!!!

  34. Penny Coberly says:

    I agree, Barr should be fired! Not only that but should be also arrested for treason for not doing his job for the President and our country.

  35. Wanda Woodruff says:

    I think he has had enough time to bring these people to justice. When the President tells Barr to start packing, He can tell Wrey to do the same.

  36. Daniel Koziol says:

    All those involved in the conspiracy should be fine hundreds of billions of dollars

  37. Olga Saltiban says:

    I believe Barr is not telling the truth and has probably been persuaded to lie, too bad I had high hopes of Barr. So sad to see this happening in our Nation. if this doesn’t get investigated our Nation will never see another honest election again.

  38. Obviously Barr is NOT doing what he swore an oath to do – his job. Why isn’t Biden behind bars?! (and everyone else involved with that scandal) ! And where is the DOC?

  39. Larry says:

    He didn’t even do anything against the evidence on his son laptop that showed everything that they were both in on

  40. Holly Rose says:

    What I have been saying all along that Biden won and there is no fraud, no deceit or chicanery. It is so obvious. Why can’t people see this? Barr has spoken and I trust Barr.

    • Penny Coberly says:

      You couldn’t be more wrong and misinformed. Stop listening to the main stream media liars!! They and all the Far left Dems have been feeding you lies for years. Wake the hell up!

    • Cheryl says:

      Wake up, are you for real?? No fraud? Come on get with the program!! Quit listening to mainstream media lying about everything. They all need to be put in jail also. If we fined all the people in the swamp we could probably pay off our country’s debt!!!

  41. D T says:


  42. Thom Whitacre says:

    BARR is nothing but another SWAMP MONSTER that has done NOTHING since being appointed to AG! He needs to be FIRED! HRC and COMEY and all the others should have investigations going. But he appointed Durham which was nothing but a FLUNKY! And NOTHING was done. Fire up the pit y’all and lets have a HOG ROAST named BILLY BARR!

  43. juan robledo says:

    Barr needs to grow a PAIR, he needs to get to the TRUTH, it seems he’s scared, he’s the ATTORNEY GENERAL, he has the CLOUT to get things done, not shy away or be scared

  44. Judy says:

    Barr is blind in one eye and can’t see out the other one! Voter fraud and illegal ballots and millions of ballots showing up late are all signs of voter fraud and illegal wrong doings!

  45. Rhonda Norton says:

    I believe that Barr is afraid of his after life as a regular citizen. I guess he doesn’t have any ghost writers to help him with a book. Right now he seems like he has joined the Biden team and does not want to rock the boat. No back bone Barr.

  46. Heather Ayers says: