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Here’s What Republicans Think About Capitol Siege

A majority of Republican voters surveyed in a new YouGov Direct poll believe that President-elect Joe Biden is to blame for the group of President Trump’s supporters who stormed the Capitol Wednesday,” according to The Hill.

The poll, which surveyed nearly 1,450 registered voters on the events at the Capitol, found that among Republicans, 52 percent identified Biden as the biggest culprit, rather than Trump himself. 

“Comparatively, just 26 percent of Republican voters blamed the president for inciting the violence, while another 26 percent pointed fingers at congressional Republicans who vowed to block the official tally of Biden’s presidential win…

“Republicans were also divided in their support for Wednesday’s events, with 45 percent of registered GOP voters saying they actively supported the actions of the demonstrators, with 43 percent opposing.

“Among all voters, nearly two-thirds, or 63 percent, said they “strongly” opposed the actions of those who stormed the Capitol, and 62 percent said they viewed the events as a threat to democracy.

“While 59 percent of voters who were aware of Wednesday’s events at the Capitol said they viewed them as more violent than peaceful, 58 percent of Republicans said the opposite, believing the actions of protesters were largely peaceful.”

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  1. A true American says:

    Every time I read these comments I’m blown away. I beg of you people STOP getting your “facts” from social media, conspiracy sites, youtube, sites like THIS and right-wing pundits. You all have been LIED to! You have been taken in by a con man! He wasnt “draining the swamp” He WAS the swamp and he was adding his unqualified family and friends to the swamp.
    The actions at the Captial were HORRIBLE! It WAS Trump Supporters, people like lyin Liz from Knoxville holding an ONION to her face claiming to have been maced! Trump and all you need to accept that the American people have spoken, we VOTED Trump OUT! We don’t want to live under his tyranny anymore. We don’t want to see him lie and turn out friends/family into hateful cult members anymore! Those saying you “heard” it was Antifa that caused the violence answer me 1 question… Why is it when BLM said their peaceful protests were infiltrated by Antifa you DIDN’T believe them? Ask yourself why you didn’t believe it. Was it because they didn’t look like you? And the people at the Capital did? It WAS NOT Antifa at the Capital it WAS Trump supporters egged on by Trump and thr blood is squarely on Trump’s hands!

    • Leilani Wemheuer says:

      So hateful. It’s bad information like this that’s causing the country so much unrest. If you would stop and fact find the information regarding this matter you would find the TRUTH.

    • Dee Dee says:

      Maybe if you would read a HISTORY BOOK or the BIBLE you will see what is happening in the world, for the Democrats Party was started by the Roman Empire Ceaser, & the DEMONCRAT’s have never changed.
      Trump was speaking to the rally of supporters at the White House not the Capital.
      Due to the rally DC roads were blocked, so everyone had to walk. The attack took place according to the DC Police @ 1:00 President Trump did not finish his speech to his supporters till 1:13…It takes 47 minutes to walk from the White House to the Capital. Trump supporters didn’t reach the Capital ti almost 2:00. THEY DID NOT ATTACK THE Capital. Plus why did the DC mayor place a call to the DC police (documented) & toled them to stand down?????

    • Dee Dee says:

      Maybe if you would read a HISTORY BOOK or the BIBLE you will see what is happening in the world, for the Democrats Party was started by the Roman Empire Ceaser, & the DEMONCRAT’s have never changed.
      Trump was speaking to the rally of supporters at the White House not the Capital.
      Due to the rally DC roads were blocked, so everyone had to walk. The attack took place according to the DC Police @ 1:00 President Trump did not finish his speech to his supporters till 1:13…It takes 47 minutes to walk from the White House to the Capital. Trump supporters didn’t reach the Capital ti almost 2:00. THEY DID NOT ATTACK THE Capital. Plus why did the DC mayor place a call to the DC police (documented) & told them to stand down?????
      The corrupt Congress ,Pelosi & Bide sent 5,000- Natl. Guard to sleep in a cold as Hell garage, with 2 porta potties, & Bide gave them some cookies. That’s u called for, a slap in the face to our Military Soldiers who put their life on the line for our safety & freedom Yours who support these a**holes. Here is a link you may want to know the other side of the story they are hiding from we the people.

  2. ck says:

    You terrorist are so ignorant. Not one person arrested was Antifa, they stayed out of it. Even they are smarter than you terrorist. Course it’s pretty easy to arrest people who actually posts their crimes!! The arrests will continue till they are all behind bars, caged like the animals they are!! I do believe there were decent people participating who had no intentions of hurting anyone or causing an insurrection, however it sounds like very few are in this thread. You people are sick and I suggest you seek help. Until then you will all remain sick and angry. For those of you who seek help, I wish you a speedy recovery. For those of you who don’t, may your anger penetrate every aspect of your life and eat you alive,

  3. For gods sake I was more upset that Kanosha was burned down And a bunch of animals took over Portland . Some one opened the door for those people it is on video. And the people they arrested were Antifa and BLM . they were bragging about how they would they wer going to te dress like trump people and they were the ones that got caught . Cause they are as dumb as mud . that guy dressed up thike a viking ? we have pictures of him in july when they were beating up an innocent truck driver ,. None of those democraps said anything about the woman that was killed on her porch in portland in front of her kids by blm cause she said ALL LIVES MATTER , and they shot her in the face . nobody said anything about that . As far as I am concerned its time to tell the BUG GOVERNMENT they are so currupt . its time to take a few states and secede from this country that no longer uses the constitution as their law . no they change the law to suit them . I am going to push for secedtion of the currupt government . SECEDE NOW OR FOREVER BOW .

  4. FF says:

    All demonacrats and Republican demonacrats are pieces of sh__!!!

    • Rita Christensen says:

      Did Everyone forget the Biggest culprit behind this! I’ll give you a hint “she knows, she’s been against him since Day 1”. If you dont go back to President Trump inauguration speech and watch it

      • Robert Davison says:

        I agree! NP has been stirring up false allegations against President Trump since day one and she continues to do so with CNN and the rest energizing her hateful intentions. If there were a person to be blamed for any of the damaging riots in this country including the latest it would be Nancy Peloci

        • Leilani Wemheuer says:

          NP has been a nasty nut case for more than thirty years. She’s said she kept support for Americans back because she didn’t want the President to get the credit . She’s evil and un american.

      • Desiree DeSpain says:

        Clinton’s bitch wife, and pelosi

  5. Dorothy O'Callaghan says:

    Dems were behind the chaos n Trump supporters were set up!

    • mtman2 says:

      The real survey says the entire DC DeepState swamp parasites are all bought having taken dirty money or this whole setup fiasco for 2 months never would happen because a massive Election + voter fraud Trump doesn’t need money nor ran for office to get any but the parasite lifers + career criminals feed off the American people like predators and have no shame…!

      • Altha says:

        I agree with you. Also look at all of the dirt the Dems have gotten away with and nothing has been done about it. They have harassed President Trump for 4 years because he is a threat to their money making crookedness.

        • MaryEllen Gibbs says:

          This is a complete mess! Those present said a bus pulled up right before it happened! So sad that they blame Conservatives! I am frightened for our future. I have no doubt that this was planned by the Liberals to get rid of our President. The way the capital police opened the gate and urged them to come in and some of the police were told to go home??? Sad part is the people who were killed or hurt. I am afraid more is coming. God will prevail and the truth will be out! One nation under God!

      • Teresa Kahler says:

        These statements reflect the thoughts of so many of my friends and family. The left kept the rioting and disruption going for months! The media refused to show or comment on the real violence?! Portland is still under siege and the media is yet to talk about it. The mayor was accosted just this week, threatened and harassed. Trump’s rallies have had thousands of people with not one problem. His speech when several people were attacked in the streets on their way back to their hotels, Rand Paul and his wife, elderly people and the young woman with her boyfriend was terrified! Sturges Harley event was also visited by rebels, they were put in the middle of the street protected by police. If anyone didn’t believe that antifa’a wasn’t going to make an appearance at the Capital, doesn’t have a clue!

      • Desiree DeSpain says:

        I agree

  6. DAvid Stanion says:

    I think President Trump was set up for a fall by the partial support of the GOP whose hierarchy could have avoided all this fuss by ensuring a safe, legal voting situation Nov 3 and before. Instead, they appear to have worked with Democrats to end President Trump’s political career. Envy, jealousy, innuendo all twisted and distorted by the media to destroy one man, a great man who came close to saving America from a communist bloodbath. As for the media, four years ago the Republican Party could have purchased news stations and been a beacon of light in the fog of fraudulent first rate media lies. Enough said.

    • Robert says:

      According to the Facial Recognition Technology some of those rioters with the MAGA hats were actually members of Antifa. I guess their faces were put in the system before Kamala Harris got to bail them out assuming these were the Antifa arrested on previous occasions!

    • Diana M Talmadge says:

      Well said.

    • Desiree DeSpain says:

      I agree

  7. gary says:

    Antifa = democrat = traitors
    Republican’s in power not backing Trump = no backbone=cowards= traitors

  8. Paul says:

    How many people showed at this peaceful rally and how many people exercised the use of open doors at the capitol?
    I suggest that if the intents of most of the people at this peaceful rally were nefarious then we would have seen an entirely different result.
    This whole thing was a setup by Democrats and their Anti American friends.
    Look long and look hard at how much time that cop took to aim before he shot, indicating that he was not under any kind of threat. I wonder if the guard people were directly behind his line of fire. When will he be convicted for use of deadly force when no weapons were present?He in effect murdered a lawful citizen .

  9. Carol Whitaker says:

    I watched the whole speech from the President. I heard nothing that would incite the crowd to violence. He did not do this. In the group of idiots that started the mess were a group that contained people I recognized from summer riots and interrupted March’s who were antifa/BLM agitators.

    If the Democraps truely want to reunite the country they need to address election issues and cease and desist with the Impeachment BULLCRAP!

    OTHERWISE all those that involve themselves in it will never be elected to another position not even Dog catcher.

    What happened was disgusting and never should have gone down but don’t you all dare blame Trump supporters because they are not the ones that caused damage and hurt people. Those were from the agitators that snuck into the crowd.

    • Ernest Adams says:

      If they keep the dominion voting machines and software and they now have control of election laws we may never see another conservative elected. The mail in ballots need to go except for people who cannot make it to the polls. Dead people need to quit voting

    • Donna Marie Smith says:

      Agree. Trump supporters would know better than to storm the capitol. This action, they knew, would only hurt their cause. Those who did this have now been proven to be professional agitators previously participating in other riots for leftest or other causes. To blame Trump for the capital rioters is foolish. He did encourage, more than he intended,I believe,supporters to behave aggressively. But nearly a million of them showed up to express their support for him, not to commit violent acts. The move by Democrats to remove him from office is ridiculous. It will serve no purpose but to strengthen the cause
      of loyal, peaceful, democracy loving conservatives.

    • Desiree DeSpain says:

      Excellent reply

  10. davidPaul says:

    Trump is what EVERY POTUS MUST BE LIKE. USA#1. For & buy the people! DC R’s & D’s are CORRUPT! The only sane honest one is Trump himself. Transparent to a fault. A witty sense of humor too ;-)… I DO NOT TRUST THE SYSTEM nor any part of DC’s BULLSHIT. THE USA D FUCK UPS ARE COWARDS, LIARS, MANIPULATORS, AND THEIVES! Ivanka in 2024 or her dad again in 2024. The TRUMPICAN PARTY WILL RISE AGAIN!

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      How can you say he is sane he needs to be immediately be removed from office there were three deaths that occurred and much terror resulting from this insurrection also there were two pipe bombs found that if went off which they had the potential to explode would have resulted in a terrible calamity. This cannot be allowed to stand.

      • Dennette L. Carter says:

        My response to YOU is…you ARE part of the problem!! In fact, you’re probably one (1) of the ‘Agitators, aka BLM/ANTIFA Students/Member(s), BOTH of which were undercover, disguised as PRO-TRUMPERS’ that was there CAUSING this ruckus!! They’ve already started identifying those ‘human(s)’!! So, before you start spewing your trash, DO YOUR RESEARCH!! There’s NOTHING that disgusts me MORE than someone who speaks w/o knowing the FACTS!!! Oh, silly me!! You’re probably just another DUMBocrat. FACT-✔ THAT!!!

        • mtman2 says:

          They wingnut Left throws “insurrection”around quite loosely.
          Had WE went to di insurrection the million+ there could’ve taken the entire DC capitol.
          They went there to show open respect to “The Donald” whom was cheated from well earned victory for us all as in “God + country” MAGA…!

    • Desiree DeSpain says:

      Amen…..pray for trump

  11. FRANK says:

    Trump’s presidency was doomed from the day he was elected. He certainly made me aware of just how corrupt the politicians in Washington are. They are not interested in representing us but lining their own pockets. I do believe that the election was fixed to be in favor of Biden. The news media and the Dems demonstrated dishonest behaviors from day one of trumps administration. I believe that if Trump was a true politician he would have responded to situations differently but he is just like many of us a citizen who cares about the USA.
    The professional politician is just that they will do and say what they need to keep lining their pockets. I am all for term limits.
    I now look at voting like this: All Washington politicians are crooks, which crook will the USA benefit the most from while they line their pockets. That will determine my vote

    • Mari Jo Oneill says:

      We the people, who voted for Trump know that there were agitators in the crowd that started the violent push. Trump has had rallies all over the Country, no violence. These are probably Antifa or others paid for by the DEMORATS or Rino Republicans. As an American I cannot in true conscience vote for any of the people in either party. My first vote was for JFK and look what they did to him. WAKE THE HELL UP FOLKS. We are DOOMED to become another VENEZUELA.

  12. karl kleinberg says:

    The pres election was clearly stolen by the crooked dems.Everyone knows it & the Dems think that they can hide that fact from the American people!They think that the American voter is as stupid as they are.And now you get the results!

    • Mari Jo Oneill says:

      The problem wuth that us there are too many “sheeple” in this Country and many that simply do not understand what real “socialism” is abf when they hear “free” they think thats great, but somebody has to pay for these “freebies”.

  13. G says:

    You have a coup that started on day one of Trump’s Presidency and grew over 4 years. What happened on Jan 6th was a group of the coup creating the chaos as part of there plan to continue to blame Trump for America’s divide. It’s an orchestrated takeover to keep corrupt people in politics, law enforcement, businesses, judicial branches from prosecution. I don’t think it’s over and hopefully the last card in the hand will be played before Jan. 20 th.

  14. Margaret Goodison says:

    I believe that establishment Republicans as well as numerous parts of the Democratic party are tone deaf to the American middle class. I think they underestimate the deep frustration of the average American with their representation by political parties as well as their portrayal by most media outlets. I feel if this continues in this manner that we are headed for a divide so deep it may be irreparable. If the Republican party refuses to accept the change in their bases beliefs about bigger government and opposition to socialism they may lose a huge part of their voting, contributing members forever. The answer to the question, who is to blame for the siege on the capitol? Politicians who only listen long enough to ask for more money and then continue with business as usual and are shocked when their constituents become unhinged.

  15. Daniel Carnahan says:

    The fact that the vast majority of Americans suspect fraud and manipulation in the 2020 Presidential election require Republicans and Democrats together rch the voting ballots together to ensure that each swing state followed that state’s voting laws to the letter, verified the signatures on the ballots to verify legally registered voters with one vote each, and investigate the thousands of sworn affidavits of those vote processing witnesses to ensure every vote was proper, accurate and verified as legitimate was required to ensure voter confidence in our voting system. Without such verification, the American people can have no confidence in our current voting system and if fraud was present it wouldn’t be corrected to prevent future violation. Democrats refused this only means of restoring voter confidence and any fraud present was not identified and corrected placing future election results lacking voter confidence. There is no democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, nor freedom of religion if the peoples accurate and correct votes are not reflected as controlling the government which democracy demands. The absence of such a ballot audit verified by both sides together ensures the public lack of confidence in our voting system as being accurate and free of fraud.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      The votes were contested in court and were found to be valid they were certified by the states counted and recounted. Therefore DJT must be immediately removed from office preferably by article 26 for the protection of our country’s democracy .

      • Tom Leavitt says:

        Typical Dem….does even know that it is not the 26th Amendment, but the 25th. Read the Constitution before showing your ignorance.

      • Tom Leavitt says:

        Typical Dem….doesn’t even know that it is not the 26th Amendment, but the 25th. Read the Constitution before showing your ignorance.

    • Mari Jo Oneill says:

      The DEMORATS wanted mail in voting to cheat and manipulate voting. It had nothing to do with the virus. They knew they couldn’t beat Trump especially with CREEPY OLD DEMENTED JOE, with 47 years of corruption lining his pockets. He will be their “wind up doll ” and ge will never know it. We will then get the lying, phony Harris and we are DOOMED.

  16. Diesel Girl says:

    Im sorry that someone was killed in the mix of all that.
    A scary new reality & a preventable & unnecessary death.
    I think security was supposed to falter & that the break in was another planned scheme.
    I think it was prolly antifa/blm that broke thru & in the heat of the moment some Trumpers followed inside.
    Passion, Fear, Anger, Desperation, Not Knowing What To Do & Not Liking Whats Coming Next, Betrayal & of course – the stolen election.

    I think things couldve been much worse. Much worse. Should it happen again im sure it will be & rightfully so.

    Antifa & blm did so much more damage. So many more people were killed. & beaten. How many lives were ruined by them?
    Peoples businesses & livelihoods destroyed, never to be rebuilt.
    & that disorderly chaos orchestrated mayhem went unchecked, unpunished & accepted – dare i say, by most politicians, although not all.
    Pointless destruction.

    I dont want to hear anymore about a small handful of my fellow patriots that went inside of a building that was – get this – paid for by the american people.

    No it ought not have happened.
    But it did.
    Its ridiculous the way people are going on & on about it.
    Youre lucky thats all.

  17. Electoral fraudsters led by the criminals Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Clintons are guilty of stealing our votes. The criminal media and social networks have silenced us so that we cannot speak the TRUTH. They plugged our ears so that we could not hear each other. But we stood up against the tyrants for our votes, for our Freedom, for our America. And we will win!

  18. Sam B. says:

    I personally know 9 of my Democrat/barely left leaning friends…who like me jumped off the titanic radical unhinged socialist pathetic left party ship formerly known as the democrat party…that went to the big rally. It was estimated that well over 300+ thousand people were there. They say everyone was issues..great speech by President Trump. They also went to the capital/no issues at all. They then say that small groups of people in the masses were the ones that caused/stirred up everything that happened. They also said that a massive # of fights happened with the shit-stirring anarchists vs the peaceful protesters. Problem with the assclown un-American anarchists is that they were out numbered 1000 to 1 LOL. They said 1 of the rioters they saw that was in a fight had been wearing 1 of those Halloween look’n antifa gas masks that was caved in on the idiots face LOL. Guess the guys nose was broken & some teeth were knocked out while almost “eating his Halloween mask” LOL. “Hate doesn’t pay & will never succeed in the United States of America!!” Our first & second amendments…OUR ENTIRE CONSTITUTION WILL ALWAYS & FOREVER STAND STRONG..& must b RESPECTED. if anyone in our country who claims to b a citizen can’t/won’t respect our constitution…Venezuela would love to have u. You’ll fit right in with that pathetic corrupt socialist dictatorship government run country.

    • Dana Bybee says:

      I absolutely think that the Fascist Dems or Neo Nazis as I prefer to call them are the ones who came by bus, people actually saw the buses and them get off, are the ones that started the riots. I prefer to think that the Biden group is the one who instigated the whole thing.

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        You prefer to think but you can not think this through the facts are what count and the results were 4 or 5 deaths threats by explosives being set in place. These actions are totally unacceptable and need addressed.

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Well said. Totally agree Sam! Now because of the issues at the capital yesterday the mayor of DC is pressing again to make DC a state so it will stand alone, have proper security etc etc among “other things” she has on her radical socialist agenda wish list. Newsflash mayor bowser..: Washington DC is considered FEDERAL GROUNDS. It was intended to stand alone so it doesn’t get sucked in to any of the political rage & garbage of other states. Guess u can’t let a tragedy go to waste uh?

  19. Holly Rose says:

    The Wednesday riot proves that republicans are not so law abiding after all. trump instigated this after all he invited all to come to DC to protest and protest they did. They tore the Capital apart and killed a young innocent woman. Not all but the rebellious republicans should be executed. Just wait til the CCP come in. All of this disorder and so called 1st and 2nd amendment will come to a complete halt and I hope it is soon. Hate this disruption.

    • Rodny says:

      The woman killed was shot by a police officer not being a threat just standing peacefully.
      As far as the chaos an destruction the blame lays in Congress an Bidens lap.If they would have assisted Trump in stopping Antifa an BLM in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona etc. earlier this year instead of supplying them with funds (Kamala Harris broadcasted a go to fund she set up for them) along with egging them on, giving them sanctuary of safety and not prosecuting them. Yes it all came to bite Pelosi, Schummer,Biden an Maxine Waters in the ass, along with rest of Congress.

    • P B says:

      It was not Trump supporters it was the Bua full of lunatics no party affiliation!

    • Dana Bybee says:

      You are not altogether, it was the Dems who started the whole think with their group like the ones that burned Portland and other cities.

    • Sam B. says:

      Poor Holly. Ask ur split-personally “Caracas-KAY” to share some of her anti delusional meds! I think u accidentally skipped a dosage AGAIN.

    • Lucy J. says:

      Trump did not invite over 300,000 people to come to DC to riot, but to hear his rally and to support the ‘bozos’ who would not even give Trump a fair hearing on ‘decertifying’ the electoral college. You heard others just on this sight attest to the troublemakers being bused in and begin agitating the crowd

      • William Wilson says:

        People had a right to attend the event but those who broke into the building causing mayhem and chaos will be prosecuted including DJT. Hopefully he will be removed from office expediently.

        • harvey Cohen, MD, Retired Colonel, US Army says:

          I agree. I consider myself fairly liberal and a registered Democrat but the e-mails/web posts lure me into wasting my time looking at this stuff. I suspect I am not alone. I look forward to peace after Jan 20 and hope the news media can keep their jobs.

  20. FrankAboutIt says:

    Anyone who thinks those were Trump Supporters who stormed the Capitol need their heads examined. The action was staged by Antifa @$$h*/e$ to bring negative sentiments on President Trump. There was absolutely NOTHING in the actions taken by Antifa that would have benefitted Trump Supporters in any way.. An indication that this was a staged event was the early departure of the wicked witch of the west, Pelosi, well ahead of everyone else from the chambers. She knew it was coming, and she beat the crowd out. Besides, witnesses saw the @$$h*/e$ arrive in their buses. The world must be laughing their asses off at America. The simple minded Democrat supporters who appear to believe Biden is going to benefit them. COMMUNISM benefits NO ONE except the Uber wealthy elites. In Communist Red China the elites are in Shang Hai and Beijing. The rest of China is eating dirt and living in squalor.

    • Dana Bybee says:

      You are so right, they are nothing but a bunch of thugs and I believe just like you that the people that are at fault are the Antifa and other thugs hired by the Neo Nazi fascist communists that some idiots in this country voted for.

  21. Billa says:

    You know at some time we will all face the all seeing God, and no matter what the Dems say to God, He knows all! No more lying, cheating, and or stealing, and with that, it will be quick ride to Hell. However, all is not lost, as they will finally all get a chance to meet George Soros.

  22. Charles Moeller says:

    Trump supporters are law and order adherents, as opposed to Antifa and BLM.
    It is more probable that Antifa or Democrat thugs worked their way
    to the front of the crowd, led the advance on the Capitol, and did the
    breaking and entering and destruction.
    While election opposition going on in congress, who had the most to gain from the disruption? Not Trump, it was the Democrats.

  23. DV says:

    Biden got pointers from Obama on how to steal an election! I believe Obama will be the one really running the show like he wants!

  24. SHARON says:

    The news stations I watched showed the “rioters” milling around the Capital
    building, doing nothing.Police cars were driving around unmolested. It didn’t look like any riot I’ve ever seen before. Nobody was throwing rocks or Molotof cocktails or attacking police officers. It all seemed rather mild. I didn’t see them, but I am inclined to agree that some other groups ( possibly antifa ) were involved in storming the building and doing damage.

    • Mark says:

      You see when the republicans are in the spotlight it’s an all out riot,
      When it’s antifa , b l m or some other left wing groups it’s just a barbecue!

  25. Dorothy Roller says:

    I believe the peaceful March was infiltrated by Antifa as a few Fox people who covered past protests had seen faces of Antifa from other marches. The ones with helmets and knee and arm pads and all decked out for doing something bad. These were reporters either Fox or other reporters that saw them and followed them. These were the ones that started the way into the capital and did the damage. I think the peaceful protesters were just going to see the capital but weren’t going to interfere with the proceedings.
    So the peaceful marchers were peaceful law abiding citizens. So the trouble was Antifa. The rest that went into the capital were just following the others and should not have done that must most stayed outside. Trump supporters/ republicans would not do that. This was instigated by Shummers phone call as someone else said or George Soros who fund Antifa.

  26. Mark Chausse says:

    Big media. Facebook Google Democratic party. Totally worked against the American people. Letting riots occur in their cities burning down businesses all Summer Long big media praising antiva black lives matter. Well sending them in to destroy peaceful protesting. They sent in antiva the destroy the Capitol building. the Democrats prove they are totally above the law can even steal the president election. By having big media Twitter Facebook backing them up. There is no more freedom left in the United States of America it’s gone now. And Obama said it. And with their destructions they got it. God bless me cuz it probably coming after me now. Amen God help us all especially the United States of America.

    • rm says:

      Auschwitz Zuckerberg, Damned Dorsey, and other censoring media execs belong in JAIL. The internet censoring has been going on too long. 50 years ago, there was a Fairness Doctring for radio and TV. An all-inclusive Fairness Doctrine is immediately needed for all US internet traffic, with some “teeth” that could land Auschwitz Zuckerberg and his censoring buddies in jail. Mr. Trump’s mistake was he didn’t exec order Sec. 230 of the Communications Act repeal when he first took office.

  27. bruce says:

    Well Biden is illegitimate. The election was stolen so it upsets people. I don’t think Trump had anything to do with it. Its pretty clear Antifa saw a chance to create havoc and have it blamed on Americans who support the president. The media is playing right into their hands or they are complicit in it.

    • Don says:

      What is really amazing to me when Black Lives Matter and antifa were tearing down our country in all the states burning looting damaging people homes it was OK by the Democrats and now antifa infiltrates a Trump rally that’s peaceful creates all this havoc and they blame Trump welcome to communism.

    • Don says:

      Democrat liars are at it again. They can have black lives matters and antifa destroying cities homes cars stores and that’s a peaceful march to the Democrats

    • Bronson says:

      I fully agree.

    • Bill says:

      I agree, and there battle gear are exactly like what they wore all summer. Also the cooler with the pipe bombs and gas filled jars is there style also. Unfortunately Trumps supports followed the asses in. That was the only crime they made, and the death’s that resulted was part of the price. I still, and will support President Trump if he runs again, but something needs to be done so Democrats can never steal the votes ever again if we survive the next four years. I’ll be praying for America. Its all we have.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      DJT left Mar-a largo on New Years Eve for a reason and I do not believe he had good intentions. He had made statement to incite actions he and those who took actions need to face the repercussions of their actions.

  28. David shannon says:

    We need stop the the fraud it is antifa goons I remember people jumping the gate on they were was on him in second with machine guns. This was a pure set up. By antifa goons and democracps it’s plain to see this. Am old but I can still shoot a gun I will glad to die for my country and president trump what the hell did dead soldiers of our wars for freedom on veterans who lost limbs. This is bullshit our loyal young men it time the treason stop. There is good and bad in every race of and we no the bad here.

  29. Dorene says:

    I firmly believe there were outsiders sent in like before. PENCE I SEE AS A TRAITOT TO DEMOCRACY. GOD IS SHAKING THIS NATION & the Christians. What is not fruitful will tumble. This is a grievous time that wimpy supporters of our constitution abound. Yet God says where sin abounds grace much more abounds God isn’t finished.

    • William Wilson says:

      Justice is not finished for those who involved themselves in illegal actions must now face the consequences of their actions.

  30. robin says:

    If the dems would have abidded by the fed voting laws, Trump would have won on Nov 3 and there would not have been any need for a ralley. The dems clearly stole the election and are responsible for everything that happened. It
    s like Biden said “there are dark nights ahead” Rather be Trump right now and not Biden. Big shoes to fill

  31. Larry says:

    Soros has done this same thing in other countries with our tax dollars as practice for this past weds check it out!

  32. Bill A says:

    Let’s get this straight, as first you need to talk to the people who were at the rally as what really took place, and not the lying media. Second, some of the facts even today are getting swept under the rug. Facts like footage of bus loads of Antifa garbage being escorted to the Capital by policemen, to a designated entry point to the capital building. What? People who worked at the Capital said , the security for the Capital is like Fort Knox and it is almost impossible to penetrate. So then how do ordinary people have the ability to just walk in.??? This happened right after Chuck Schumar was on his private phone in the Senate chamber hearing testimony of voter fraud., which was on TV. This was probably by chance, right! Then you have to ask yourself who had the most to gain if this peaceful protest turned ugly? It wouldn’t be Trump, and he even told people to go him once the level of protesting escalated. The Left is the Left and their never right!!

  33. Juan Diego says:

    so much wrong with the way our country is going. IMHO we have severl issues that people keep harping on and seem definitive, at least to the teller, that if you do this next day its fixed! mentality. None of these solutions are viable.
    THere is the past:4 years)
    -we settle these with interminable investigations that make good explosive headlines and then dissapear.
    the present:
    seems to be keep bashing trump no matter what. in between we have the virus!
    – haven’t heard about yhe virus, economy, jobs, etc., that prevail and no end of viable fix on the horizon
    then there is the future (read that to be short term 2 years, and medium term

    All in due time. unfortumately we worry about ONE night and forget about the mowas along partu lines in its condemnation and dismissal. camala said they are rioting, as they should. So lets see if the riots stop. well the dc police is there to attend emergencies, oh wait dc mayor also asked to defund the police. and now they criticize because there was not enough police around? i guess the riots for this lady babbitt will start soon for her “murder” oh wait she kinda looks white to me wonder if any blacks got hit. because the there would be dueling riots. who wil the police quelch?

    well I guess you get my drift.

  34. sherry says:

    I don’t ever support destruction of property but Americans have to do something. Our America I believe is going to be destroyed with people like Biden crime family, Pelosi and the squad in charge so we have to do something. The government is suppose to work for the people but I’m feeling kind of lost and they don’t care what happens to America’s people. Trump was the best thing that happened to America, he cared about the people. MAGA!!!!!!!

    • Dolores Brei says:

      It is such a double standard! When the riots broke out all over the Demoratic cities, the Mayors & Governors did nothing about it & let businesses who were down because of the pandemic, lose even more! President Trump didn’t tell the protestors to riot! He told them if they wanted to protest, they could go to the Capitol! B, FOR BURN, L, for LOOT, & M, for MURDER, was allowed to do anything they wanted to do! DOUBLE STANDARD!

    • Bronson says:

      History will not be kind for the Democrat party. It will be written and remembered for ages how the Dems behaved the past four years, what they’ve done to this Country, how they spit in the faces of our forefathers, Veterans, our Constitution and our GOD! Their true colors are showing and smears with shame on everyone complicit with them.

  35. adam novaky says:

    No I didn’t like it. How people can go in and I

  36. Marianne says:

    The amount of outrage generated by the media for the capitol break in is the level of outrage all Americans should show every day until we have election complete reform. Letting this kind of treason be sweep under the rug is agreeing to the end of the USA as we know it and the founders indented. the Capitol break in is nothing compared to the voter fraud that happened. We must keep fighting for that to end and for reform.

  37. John says:

    Yes I believe Biden and Pelosi were both involved in getting a veteran and Trump supporter shot, from what I know the shooter was and ANTIFA PERSON. Which are a product of the NAZI George Soros. The shooting was set up as another way of Biden and Harris to further their agenda of gun control and destroying our Second amendment and the constitution

    • Linda says:

      I agree with you. I think it was a plan.

    • Jacqueline says:

      I believe it was planned for sure will the media expose the truth no they will report lies to benefit the Democratic Party of whom I believe was behind this antifa buses were seen being escorted to the capital that has not been on the news the only thing is I wish President Trump would have called a stop to it faster than he did would I vote for him again yes I would I do not believe he is agreement with what happened yesterday

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      Why were some of the people who broke into the buildings wearing shirts that expressed that the number of Jews killed in the concentration camps should have far exceeded the amount that actually occurred. Insanity for sure.

  38. Hal Lemoyne says:

    To hell all politicians that seriously rebel against our US President TRUMP

    and their just reward must be death death death

    and that’s that
    Amen & Amen!!!

  39. The evidence is there that these are paid to do this ripoff. It is wrong, doesn’t matter who. They should be held accountable. They were not President Trump Supporters. And what about the security? What wrong with this picture.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      They tried to get more security to the event and DJT would not sign off on allowing states to send security to aid in issues that were occurring at the event. Imagine another president taking the actions taken by DJT and his cronies who say they were acting in the best interest of our country and our republic.

  40. David Smith says:

    All I ask of all of you is to say a prayer for the veteran who gave her life for what she believed Thank you all And for the other three who lost their lives also

  41. tho,m rachford says:

    Just a thought.
    In Germany before WWII, the Nazis burned the Reichstag (“Germany “Congress”) so they could blame the Jews and turn public opinion against Jews. This also helped divert public attention from other questionable Nazi activities.
    Those who do not learn from History are bound to repeat it.

    • Lucy says:

      So true and what else did the Germans do to weaken the Jewish people? They took their guns, destroyed their businesses, starved them,closed the schools, locked them into ghettos, and demoralized, beat them, and deprived them of their religious services. Also they used propaganda, and the media to smear them & blame them for trouble in Germany, Poland etc. Does any of this sound familiar? History will repeat itself, and America, the US was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, but we turned our backs on God, rebelled against Him, abortions, corrupt government,and so many egregious acts against HIM. Now unless we repent, HE will turn His back on us. What did He do to the Egyptians when they disobeyed and would not let His people go? He brought many ‘plagues’ upon their land and death to their first born sons. God is watching us now and how we treat the land He promised to our forefathers. Selah!

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      DJT doesn’t know history and does not care what the history of our country is.

  42. James Reel says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Biden were behind it. One thing I am sure of Trump had nothing to do with it. !!

    • JIm says:

      I totally agree.

    • Donna says:

      I believe with my whole heart Biden had something to do with it . Biden & Hunter are evil & crooks. I strongly believe Democrats had everything to do with it. I also think if they take Trump out of office before January 20th it’s going to get ugly again. This election was stolen from the American people.

      • William Wlison says:

        That is DJT speaking and you all repeating his statements as fact which is a disservice to all true Americans.

    • A true American says:

      Yeah because Trump hasn’t been inciting, lying, pushing for this since he LOST the election! You people defending him and the actions at the capital are sad little cult members

  43. Kathy says:

    Yesterday was no worse than Black Lives Matter and Antive protest. It’s only because they are not desecrates that everyone is upset.

    • James Reel says:


    • Marianne says:

      IT`s fine if the rioters are from the left. IF the right does the same, it`s treason

    • A true American says:

      Are you insane? No, no one is “fine” with violence. Yes Democrats and liberals are “fine” with protests and demonstations as those are protected under our Constitution but violence is NEVER ok. You are so severely brainwashed you have no clue

  44. Stephen Westman says:

    Our country is in great danger . The majority of our elected officials are corrupt. They only think of their personal self interest. Chased after and supported by lobbyist. They would turn on their own blood if it served their personal success. They have forgot about US the average American. Trump has no other concerns but America and it’s success.
    God Bless Trump.

    • Daniel Billings says:

      They would throw there own offspring into a fire to save there own Ass !! A bunch of no good lieing,Cheating Dirtbag, scum sucking,pieces of Dog Dung,Traiders in the 1800s they would have been Hung by the neck until DEAD

    • Lucy says:

      I find it hard to believe that Ted Cruz and others (though not all) were not out to just feather their own ‘caps’ on Weds. in pretending to want to de-certify the electoral votes. And then the riot? And pompous, turn-coat Lindsay Graham and others stood up, blamed and denounced Trump in a huge ‘grand-standing moment!! ALL B.S. from my perspective, almost orchestrated, as if a bunch of ‘mostly peaceful’ rioters could scare them away. What a bunch of pansies who could use a bit of testosterone…all of them used Trump to help them win their elections, even traitor Mitch? Now he is no longer the head Republican in the Senate and must bow to Schumer! LOL And Kelly Loeffler who took back her vote after all Trump did for her & Perdue in GA. These folks and their ‘cushy’ jobs. and as for Shumer, Pelosi, AOC and the MOB, well you get what you vote for, except we were deprived of our President, Donald J. Trump, who definitely won by a landslide. God Bless the USA and God Bless Donald J. Trump. In 1776 our forefathers fought for this Republic and against tyranny by the British. yet now, so many years later we find ourselves locked down under ‘tyranny’ from inside our own Republic…by the Democrats, big money, big Tech, Soros, the former Bilderbergers, the Bushes, Obama,Hollywood, Cuomo,Newsom,and other governors and mayors in the US. Murder and riots are never right, yet preserving this Union is worth fighting for,’smartly’and untraceable Freedom from Tyranny! We need to ask God for forgiveness and to help us take back our land peacefully, with liberty and justice for ALL>

  45. ValerieDunn says:

    No. Not happy at all. Faith this country long time ago. Hateful men and women. Also white men too deaf man got killed by no good police. They were twin brothers. One died young what male. Stop traffic light . Few drinks got scared and ran shop in the l have is God.

  46. I don’t believe that he have done enough! We should have our weapons locked and loaded right now!!
    If we wait much longer then it will be too late unless we are going to have another civil war!!!!

  47. Ray G says:

    The storming of the Capital Building reminded me of the Boston Tea Party. Patriots were not going to pay the taxes that the king wanted and the British reply was what caused the revolution. Listen to what the career politicians are saying and it is similar. Not everyone was for the tea party but the revolution did start. This election SHAM may be the start of a GET RID OF THE CAREER POLITICIANS. I would rather vote for a man that as a private citizen became rich and then became a politician than vote for a politician that gets rich in office. Now will we ever find out how much the BIG GUY collected from foreign countries?

    • A true American says:

      You can not compare the men at the Boston tea party to the animals at the Capitol building. Those men and women are trying to overthrow one of the cores of our Democracy, our right to vote. America voted, the DON’T want to continue under Trump’s tyranny so they voted him OUT! We are tired of being divided, tired of seeing our friends and family brainwashed by a cult leader, a con man, a liar, a rich spoiled brat having a temper tantrum. We want our great Country BACK! O and whose this “private citizen that became rich on their own” certainly not Trump as he’s rich off his daddies money. Nothing more than a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Part of the swamp

  48. William says:

    I felt betrayed by Pence. He ran as a Republican in support of Trump and when it can to wanting to please his friends in the political arena he folded, stabbed not only Trump but in reality he stabbed the Americans who desperately needed someone to call a spade a spade, recognize that in numerous States there were contending electoral voices and they were thrown under the bus by Pence. To top it off, he now tries to lead us to believe he did the honorable thing, even wanting to stand beside God while caving into the devil. How anyone in their right mind can call what we’ve been put through an honest voting process has to be and want Socialism to prevail. Pence, I’m sorry but you are a traitor to the Constitution you swore to defend…you caved.

  49. Deborah Denise Frost says:

    I read 3 busloads of Antifa were observed being dropped off. Parler has multiple pics of people recognized & posted from other protests, so they are employed to protest. I think these people went to the head of the line as they went to the Capitol and MAGA folks followed them in; I don’t think MAGA intended violence, just to observe proceedings in the upper gallery of the Chamber. Since they were undercover-Antifa, it was a set up to either delay the votes (it did) to hide the Constitutional objections being raised, or to frame Trump just as it is being done. Puppetmaster? Probably Soros, but also others

    • A true American says:

      “I read” that’s your first problem also the “I heard” because your sources are WRONG and grasping at straws to excuse the violence that happened. That was caused by Trump supporters, that Trump incited. They need to take responsibility for their actions! They were so brazen on social media, taking pictures, making posts but now that they are in trouble it’s time to try and blame someone else, pathetic. You people didn’t want to believe BLM when they said their peaceful protests were infiltrated by Antifa so why believe this? O because it fits your narrative

  50. Beverly Frizzell says:

    I believe this was a planned event by the Democratic Party. Actors, whether it be antifa, BLM or whoever, were hired to storm the capital and cause massive chaos. I believe security was told or paid to stand down until the building was fully breached. No one will make me believe that Security of a government building, occupied by that many government officials could have been that easily breached without a plan in place to let it happen. Agreed that some Peaceful protesters may have entered the building after or in the midst of it all but, democrat planned, as just another way to try and ruin PRESIDENT TRUMP’S name once again because they have failed at all other attempts. God does not sleep!! The truth will eventually be revealed. God Bless President Trump and May God continue to Bless America.

    • Leilani Peterson says:

      I agree it was all planned. Pelosi was working on using the 25th amendment back in October and she made reference to President being impeached twice.

    • Lucy says:

      And don’t forget Nancy is in charge of the Capitol Police. Did she ‘deliberately’ sabotage their numbers to make Trump look bad? Oh and i bet she ran to the bunkers scared she might be held accountable for being the ‘evil witch’, changing all the rules to stifle the free speech of the House of Reps.God knows and will act on those who swore an oath to uphold our constitution!

  51. President TRUMP, (the greatest President in my history of 8 decades, said months ago that he was an obstacle that had to be removed to get to us, the Conservatives throughout America. We defend the Constitution, 1st & 2nd Amendment, owe over 450 million weapons and are Christians. The Biden Family, Kamala Harris, and the Deep State(Social Media, Big Pharma, and Big Tech sold us Conservatives out years ago and if they can rid white supremacy with open borders and giving away America they will do it. Get Ready.

  52. Raymond ES Patterson says:

    The Aftermath! Americans need to ask only one question. Was there a fraudulent election for the president of the United States of America? If so, it doesn’t matter if Congress, the Supreme Court, the Justice Department, the fifty states and a majority of citizens try to defend and excuse that action. It was wrong and nothing on God’s green earth will ever make it right. It is and will simply be a festering cancer that cannot be treated and cured with band-aids. If it is not surgically removed the patient(this nation) will die a violent and un-honorable death.

  53. Dave says:

    This was planned all along. 3 ANTIFA members sitting in chairs with their feet up taking selfies… So they get paid. Notice Pelosi had no fear facing the man sitting in her chair. Like the Capital police allowed a few in and shot at ones following. One paid with her life for following a player. I guess she was not on their list. In a real invasion that building would be vacated for days before police and dogs cleared every room. But they rushed back in because they knew exactly what was going to happen. ” Perfect Storm”, created to blame Trump and his followers and push the election through.
    PS… The acting sucked guys. It was like watching a really bad movie. Sad really

  54. wayne says:

    I believe a reckoning is coming from God, he will not allow this country to fall, he will strike everyone of these people down, but in his own time. I hope they can read this and it strikes fear into their own being, it will happen. He and his soldiers will respond, we are the only land that is helping Israel, he will not let Israel fall, it is in the Bible.

  55. Th c says:

    Tbough u believe the election was fixed, violence only makes things worse. The Democrats with really take their revenge on the GOP!

  56. Patricia Shaefer says:

    Antifa and BLM were traced back to Obama. Biden election was made possible by Obama, Soros and China. Biden is their puppet. China sent over 275 thousand ballots. Obama owns a ballot printing company and happened to print a few truck loads extra. Illegal voting and counting by computer programs did happen.
    I tolerated (Obama) for 8 years and kept quiet. Here is my issue with the whole, “let us all be a United States again” that we heard from Joe Biden. For the last 4+ years, the Democrats have gone and scorched earth. You have salted the fields and now you want to grow crops. The problem is 75 + million of us have memories longer than a hamster.
    We remember the women’s march (vagina hats and all) the day after inauguration.
    We remember the 4 years of attacks and impeachments
    We remember “not our president” and the “Resistance…”
    We remember Maxie Walters telling followers to harass us in restaurants.
    We remember the Presidents spokesperson being kicked out a restaurant.
    We remember hundreds of Trump supporters physically attacked.
    We remember Trump supporters getting Doxed, and fired from jobs.
    We remember riots, and looting.
    We remember “a comedian” holding up the President’s severed head.
    We remember a play in Central park paid with public funding, showing the killing of President Trump.
    We remember Robert de Niro yelling “F” Trump” at the Tony’s and getting a standing ovation.
    We remember Nancy Pelosi tearing up the State of the Union Address.
    We remember the total in the tank move on the mainstream media.
    We remember the non-stop and live fact checking on our President and his supporters.
    We remember non-stop in your face lies and open cover-ups from the media.
    We remember the President and his staff being spied on.
    We remember five Senators shot on a ballfield.
    We remember every so-called comedy show turn into nothing but Trump hate fest.
    We remember 95% negative coverage in the news.
    We remember the state governors asking and getting everything they ask for and then blaming Trump for their problems.
    We remember a Trump top aid verbally assaulted in two DC restaurants.
    We remember people banging on the Supreme Court doors.
    We remember that we were called every name in the book for supporting President Trump.
    We remember that Hollywood said they would leave after Trump was elected but they stayed.
    This list is endless, but you get the idea. My friends will be my friends, but a party that has been on the attack for 4 long years does not get a free pass with me.
    Copy and pasted from a friend because it is the truth, …especially when this election is exposing the integrity of not only this election, 🇺🇸 but also future elections to come.

    • Wolfgang Struchtrup says:

      Also many of us believe it was mainly Antifa storming the White House yesterday..

    • Deborah Denise Frost says:

      I remember all that as well. But there is also an additional player. Go go and look up the video named “Maria Zach Italy did it – Arturo D’Elia Admits to stealing election”. The hashtag #Italydidit is also trending

    • sherry says:

      Very good post! Thank you for this!

    • Mary Duffy says:

      I’m almost concerned about sending this email . I believe that Trump supporters will be targeted by the dems . I’m 76 years old and never thought I would see a mess like this. Most of the media is giving us false news . Where can you go to get the truth? Only God can save us and our liberty. Please pray for our country and honest representatives .

      • A true American says:

        Mary the truth is out there but it’s NOT on sites like this, it’s not on mainstream news stations that are biased right or left, it’s not on YouTube and certainly NOT on Twitter. You have to read a bit from both sides and you’ll find the truth in the middle.

    • A true American says:

      Big old COPY PASTE from social media! And most of it is LIES, half truths and bs! Trump was not “harrassed” he was held to the standards of the office he held. You can’t stand there and spew LIES like he did without being fact checked. It seemed like a lot cause he lied a lot and was caught a lot! Pathetic. Stop getting your (false) information from social media

  57. Ronald Damon says:

    The Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill along with the Main Stream Media and Social Media are the ones responsible for yesterday. The American people are sick and tired of being lied to and taken advantage of at every turn. The Democrats, main stream media outlets and social media have badgered beyond criminal a President that was doing exactly what he said he would do and that was to rid the country of corruption in DC, along with getting rid of the Deep State, and bring down the central bank who supports all of the above with the exception of the President.

  58. Charles Schreiter says:

    The whole thing was a democrats show by antifa thugs you i belive biden was behind the it ,trying to make patriots look bad and blame Trump.

  59. J paul says:

    This was set up by Soros and company. It was definitely Antifa

  60. Patricia Shaefer says:

    The most ridiculous situation I have ever seen!! Security opening up the Capital to people to enter when they don’t belong inside with thousands outside!! They don’t belong in there during a humongous rally!! So sad to see people hanging from the walls etc.. Funny how Biden has so much to say now AND NOTHING TO SAY WHEN CITIES ARE BEING BURNED DOWN!!

  61. Walter Itin says:

    The violent demonstrators were mostly if not all Antifa. They do not support Trump. They may fear him for being prolaw and order. They may have carried Trump banners and flags as a cover. They thrive on strife and are anti government.

  62. Terry Van Matre says:

    Conquer! or be conquered.
    I Am ready to take a bullet for our God and country and my President Mr. Trump

  63. peg zang says:


  64. Kristal Engelmeier says:

    If the Supreme Court would have done their duty for all of the voting fraud…yesterday’s violence would not have happened. Most politicians have forgotten why they are in their positions. The future is looking very bleak. Used to be a Democrat won’t ever be a part if them again

    • Dara A. Chavoen says:

      The leaders of the democratic party certainly lack the patriotism, i tegrity, and common sense of many past democrats..meaning 40 pkus years ago. It has steadily gone down, acting as if tearing apart this country is their goal. They can and hopefully will be stopped. They are helping no one except tbeir own picketbooks. Very sad…disgusting.

    • Dara A. Chavoen says:

      The democratic party has lost its soul. No patriotism, no integrity, no common sense. Seems all the leaders want is to destroy this country, take away the American Dream”, pad their pocketbooks. Their plan really helps no one…just greed and power. Many past members are rolling in their graves. This group can and hopefully will be stopped. God bless America.

    • Rolando says:

      John Roberts was paid off! And he might have a few “skeletons in the closet” that he wants to keep there!!!

  65. william oller sr says:


    • Barbara says:

      I agree that this was a setup to make the Republicans not to object Biden win. And to make it look like Trump put them up to entering the Capital.

  66. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    It wasn’t Trump supporters and patriots. It was ANTIFA all set up by dems and Pence. They were out the door before breech.

  67. Chelle says:


  68. Rolando says:

    I feel the whole act of rioting was staged by the deep state, mainly the democrats to upstage President Trump’s peaceful protest. There is not anything the Left won’t do to get rid of our president. I’m just glad he won’t be leaving in a pine box!! God bless our president, President Trump.

  69. Slufoot says:

    Biden and Pelosi are the ones to blame! Pelosi for 4 years has been nothing but an instigator! Biden even after could not keep his mouth shut and further infuriated millions! Does he want a civil war? Shculmur also had a part! We all know that they were peace full and Antifa was bused in with an escort! We saw the video! Why did the police bring them? And why did the police open the gate and wave them in? We all saw this live! Trump had not a thing to do with it!

    • Dara A. Chavoen says:

      Sounds very believable .. it is the way such radical thinkers act. Bus them in and pay them to act out. Has gone on for years.

    • Holly Gonzalez says:

      This is the Demonrats fault…they lie, cheat, manipulate and intimidate in order to destroy our country.

  70. dennis Ogalsbee says:

    alot of evidence pointing to democrats setting this up to throw things into a mixed up mess to take attension off what they were doing

    • Mary Adams says:

      Everything that Happened was arraigned by Schumer and Pelosi Pop and the Blm And Antifa Riots were MUcH WORSE Just Ask the Mayor of Origon The Democrats are Dirty and will do Everything Negitive to line their Pockets and Not give A SHIT about America 🇺🇸 and the American People it’s Still in Gods Hands and I Can’t wait for Democratic KARMA

  71. Junius says:

    The Democrats are sooo holy than though, they claimed the Antifa, and BLM were so peaceful when they destroyed whole sections of cities and killed many people!Communism at its best, they are. Republicans who condemned President Trump, could not wait to stab him in the back first chance they thought it would be praised! We now know who all the RINOS are.

    • Robert says:

      Antifa infiltrated the peaceful demonstration, and they are the ones that broke into the Capital, and you will NOT convince me other wise!
      That Demonstration would never have taken place if the Dems. had not stolen the election, and the Rino’s hadn’t been complicit in it!

  72. Linda Burns says:

    It was Antifa who blended with the Trump supporters who caused the trouble. It was really pitiful what the Republicans and Devicrats said about the incident. I am so ashamed of Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell. Mike Pence is no more a Christian than Lucifer. I still believe in MY PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP. He is the only one who really loves this country and its people. We will overcome! We will get back our country!

  73. Connie Verdick says:

    I believe it started out as a peaceful support of our President. I truly believe it was another jab at our President from Joe Biden to destroy just one more thing our President has done. I truly believe the peaceful march was infiltrated by antifa, paid for by Biden. It was not the Presidents fault, just another one of their attacks to take him down. I personally will never vote again, our Government is just to corrupt. If anyone was smart, they would demand Joe Biden’s medical report before it is to late.

    • Matthew Smith says:

      I feel the same as you I’m having my name taken off the voting because we think this election was rigged the rest from now on will be even worse. Now that they have there party in there is nothing anyone can do except wait for the war to break out after everyone is so poor and cant find a job. That is what its gonna take to fix this country

  74. Always 5150 says:

    The United States of America IS NOT FOR SALE AND WILL BE DEFENDED 1776 FAFO

  75. Robert Begin says:

    I tend to think that it may have been a few bad seeds in the group, but I believe that there were infiltrators involved with the sole goal of taking down Trump even more. The Demoncrat will do anything to destroy him. As for what occurred, no I don’t really agree with the actions.

  76. Donna mcneill says:

    The democrats did this to make trump look bad. What democrats have to hide they didn t seem to mind when the riots were going ok n all summer. But now closer to home story changes. Revenge hurts

  77. Richard James says:

    A lot of the people that broke into the Capital Building were funded by Antifa, and any and all should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

  78. jon says:

    United States of Chinaca
    Patriots find the Media and big tech (tools of the socialist left) the enemy of freedom and liberty.
    How about the 4 white busses of Antifa escorted by police to the Rally?
    How about the sworn affidavits of thousands of whistle-blowers?
    How about the dead voters, fake ballots… where were the courts to listen to the evidence?

    When a Long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, Pursuing Invariably the Same Object, Evinces a Design to Reduce Them [I.E. the People] Under Absolute Despotism, It Is Their Right, It Is Their Duty, to Throw off Such Government, and to Provide New Guards for Their Future Security.” – Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776
    Will this be the only constitutional remedy to keeping America free from the deep corruption infested in self serving politicians, globalist, media and big tech?

  79. I think this was prepland to ruin the ruin the only chance that Trump had of staying in office
    Was pence part of this charade I have no idea but I see no way out fr Trump now except for an all out war
    How in the he’ll will we survive communism. I have no idea I wore my uniform to live free … Not die a slave

  80. Barbie Perkins-Cooper says:

    My concern with the entire situation is this: If the U. S. Capitol was serviced by law enforcement trained for situations such as this, HOW were the rioters allowed to overtake the Capitol??? I suspect there had to be someone inside helping these rioters. Democrats have done almost everything within their power to remove him. Perhaps this was their last chance!

    • Robert says:

      They didn’t expect Trump Supporters to do this,that is why they weren’t prepared, but since antifa showed up, everything went to hell!

  81. Lisa says:

    A few bad apples yes but the media as well as the Washington swamp brought this on and now they act like it’s all Trumps fault. Republicans jumping ship shame shame shame on you . You all are the Weenies the Democrats are the meanies . The Republicans are a bunch of weak freaks . You let the rats win .Shame on Mitt Romney a fake Christian . He is a fake creep. What’s Washington or the Media gonna do when they don’t have Trump to blame. The 2020 Elections were a total fraud . Shameful.


    I honestly think the aggressive protesters were paid by the left to stir the shit up and make it appear like that the Trump supporters started it. This is far from over,there was fraud committed.

    • Ernest Garcia says:

      You are darn right they were paid by the left those were Antigua in filtration in the bunch of peacefully protester. The media and some weak demos and Republicans are blaming trump with no prood

  83. Betty says:

    I saw on the news that a busload of Antifa gang infiltrated the TRUMP supporters , and they were the ones rioting causing damages at the Capitol, so check that out before putting blame at the peaceful Trump supporters!!!!!!

    • Robert W says:

      And there lies the truth to the violence that happened 6 Jan, that I also think the complicity of the Capitol Police, DC PD and Mayor!!!

  84. Frances says:

    The Trump protesters were peaceful and lawful but the others brought in by the Dem to disrupt the Trump movement created the violence and destructive and left a bad image on Trumps supporters.

  85. Cg says:

    Some bad apples ruined the protest.However the left has accepted BLM and the antifa hoods.So blame the demoncraps for just bashing everyone else for wanting to be themselves!Peloosy will get hers soon.karma remember

    • william oller sr says:

      right on! im sick of Fing Dems! as far as im confirmed they can meet God every SOON!!!