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Herschel Walker Defends Trump and Sidney Powell

Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker has been a steadfast supporter of President Donald Trump. Today, in a tweet that ricocheted across the political and sports worlds as he defended Trump and endorsed Sidney Powell’s election-fraud investigation, Walker blasted “any person that certified Votes for their state” and said, “they need to go to jail.”

Do you agree or disagree with Herschel Walker? Please share your thoughts about his tweet (see below) in the comment section on this page.


  1. Robert (Jamie) Nelson says:

    I’m with Herschel Walker 100%. I hope the Democrats burn in Hell!!!

  2. James Southern says:

    Look. I do not suppor trumos attitude, some of his policies, or his obvious reasoning behind a few of his ideas b ut this being said. I knew before the campaign ever started that the Democrats would find a way to cehat and get the election rigged, The made it obvious, Throught the campaign they were blatant and obvious, and during the count it was obvious that the fix was in. I have no doubt that Biden lost by huge margin. There was no good reason in anyones thought process to vote for a senile fondling and bumbling fool. Sorry, Hating a candidate is not a reason when the other is not fot for office. Trump is arrogant, Bombastic, and a liitle touched but still actually got a few good things done even though the Democrats never stopped acting like complete fools the whole time he was in office. Now you have a rigged election and a so called president elect who is doing exactly what Myself and many have expected. He is already talking about stepping down for health reasons which puts a very far left, Marxist in charge that has already shown as a district attourney and congressionla representative that the law means nothing to her and that doing the right thing is against her nature. She prosecuted the man who exposed Planned Parenthood LEGALLY for doing an illegal sting and for non-disclosure. He asked each person on the video if they minded him recording the video because he was doing a documentary on Planned Parenthood. Evem told almost everyone of them that it was to find out what illegal activities they were doing. That is disclosure and they gave him verbal permission each time so this was completely legal but since she is an abortion fanatic she used lies to prosecute and imprison him and did not do her sworn duty since this was a legally filmed documentary and prosecute the Planned a Parenthood people who admitted to skirting health care standards, selling dead babies on the black market, selling fetal tissues on the black market, and even to basically tossing girls or women who they botched the abortion on out in the streets left to die sometimes. Sounds like a great bunch of people.
    SHe has set up funds to pay for the release of criminals who loot, commit arson, destroy public, private, and government property, assaulting people for no reason attacking and injuring anyone that is white for no reason, Attacking and attemting to murder the police for no viable reason, Raping, kidnapping, and murdering women and childre, for no reason. and even criminals who were on a crime spree when they were shot in the back. That’s right Jacob Blake. After getting the facts instead of reacting becasue he was black, Jacob Blake got poetic justice. He had a history of assault include at least six sexual assaults reported by the ex-girlfriend he assaulted that morning. He had many drug related charges, ressisting arrest charges, other assault charges and weapons violations. That morning he broke into his ex-girlfriends house, (Whom had a restraining order against him) Went to her bedroom where he woke her up by reaching between her legs, penetrating her, then sniffing his fingers and saying with a mebacing look, “You’ve been doin’ other guys. ok so far that’s Breaking and entering, sexual assault, and defying a restraining order. Then he stole the keys to her SUV, and her bank card. Hummm two more felonies. He went to a gas station and used her bank card to get a snack and fill the tank. Two more misdemeanors. He then returned and began waking his children, (Whom he had lost his parental rights to and was also not allowedf to see without a legal representative present) and began to put them int the stolen SUV. Ok legally th. Which is Kidnapping defying a court order and gives him two more crimes.
    The police showed up during the time he was doing that because the ex-girlfriend called them, They came to pick him up for the violation of the restraining order and the other issues already disclosed, along with another warrant for assault thar was outstanding he refused to surrender which is ressisting arrest, He was weilding a small black knife in the photos once thet were blown up, That is now a convicted felon with a deadly weapon. Another crime. He began to get physical so he was tasered twice. the tasers had no effect on him suggesting he was on some psychotropic drug in possibly the cocaine family which deadens the nerves to pain and shock. If so that was another crime. He then tried to flee to the vehicle and reached for soemthing. At this point like it or not firing on him was the correct action. Yes they possibly use excessive force but if he was on cocaine or a psychotropic then maybe not. They also give you superstrength and it may have been necessary to fire that many times to get the man to stop. I do not have that information becasue I have not gone back to check in a few months, but she is aetting up funds around the country to get these criminals rioting and destroying the country released instead of doing her sworn duty and prosecutiong or upholding the laws. SHe is not fit for office and neither is Biden. Between the twoso called candidates there was only one half choice and Trump was it if you actually care about the country and your livelyhood and ot how much you hate the jerk running. It ain’t about what you like it’s about doing what’sright and neither Biden or Harris are trustworthy in any way nor do they care about hte people or the country they only care about what ANTIFA, BLM, BAMN, the DSA and other marxist, communist, fascist, socialist, or totalitarian groups want, Power to overthrow and screw up what was once angreat nation making leaps and bounds in science, finance, social issues, and every other part of the system. It only started to crumble when the career politicians who are marxists, communists, fascists, socialists, globalists, or totalitarian started to strip the leagal languages, constitutional rights, and instituting the other theologies into the system. CCapitolism runs great and is beneficial to all if it is not poisoned by those other theologies becasue it’s like baking a banana cream pie the same way for almost 200 years then deciding to take fresh bananas out and only use fake banana flavouring, then adding more sugar, then when the only people buying your pie are those who want a sugar high instead of going back to the original recipe that worked yo begin adding manure. Then to go all out you add arsenic. The more you poison the recipe the worst the pie becomes until it is murderous. If you allow capitolism to run and work on fixing social issues then you get waht we as a nation started to buiold in the early to mid seventies. People fighting prejudice the right way. Most politicians shutting up and trying to help for a short time until it destroys their paln as happened so the left amped up their social engineering in schools and universtities, and partenred with their ultra left psycho fried in media to begin to make everything racial and create a war that was going away by reinventing the way the war is fought. That is why over 95% of what is taught in the universitites is not fact or history anymore most is propoganda just like what happened in Russia just before the Bulchavik’s took over and forced them inot communism, taking away everyones right and enslaving the whole country.

  3. Ollie says:

    Yeah Democrats always cheated.Walker is right lock them up.The people that voted for Biden are going to get screw as always but they keep voting for them.
    Wake up America !🗽🗽

  4. ee says:

    Thank you Hershel for speaking the truth. More people need to speak up and spread the real truth.

  5. Kathy says:

    Kathy H. Patriot
    Herschel Walker is right…put them in jail…!!!! Throw out the November 2020 election …….!!!!! The presidential election needs to be held again in January 2021….. NO MAIL-IN BALLOTS ALLOWED….. ONLY VALID ABSENTEE BALLOTS ALLOWED….MOSTLY MILITARY ABSENTEE BALLOTS….. All the choice names for DEMOCRAPS are better than they deserve…… Yes, I agree that the CROOKED, A…HOLE DEMORATS SHOULD BE TRIED FOR TREASON…..ALONG WITH THE SWAMP CREATURES…..like MITCHY BOY PLAYING GOD…!IN THE SENATE..!!!

  6. Gloria O'Rourke says:

    I agree with Mr. Walker, and I hope all of you current football players out there take notice. Shame on all of you not standing for our flag! This country has afforded you a very very nice paycheck and this is how you thank this great country? You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves!!!! God bless Herschel Walker! You nailed it!

  7. Nancy says:

    If they can’t do their job they should not get any pay. As far as the supreme justices, they can’t up hold the laws then they should not get anything until the people of the United States, get justice

  8. Tom Wagner says:


    • Colleen says:

      Let’s face it. nobody goes to jail1 Have we seen Hillary in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs! They get away with it!

  9. Marcy says:

    Pres. Trump has requested millions’ to come to Wa. Jan. 4,5,6.
    Sign’s needed: SCOTUS & CONGRESS/ ON NOTICE…
    We The People are great people and we deserve the ‘Best’…we know the one’s who are ‘obstructing’.
    This ‘Charade’ must end.

  10. Don says:

    100% agree! Pray that VP Pence will use wisdom and have the boldness to do the right thing! The overwhelming fraudulent claims/evidence must be addressed! The left and the Rino’s will surely attempt to persuade him otherwise!

  11. Linda Burns says:

    I agree with Hershel Walker! Ruby Freeman and her daughter should be the first through the jail doors and stay for a for a long time. then pick up the rest of those who took my vote away. But don’t forget all the others dwelling in the swamp. Especially Mitch McConnell! We have to take back control of our country.

  12. Anne Gillenwater says:

    I agree with Mr Walker!

    • Coco says:

      I agree with Herschel Walker on both President Trump and Sydney Powell.
      I have great respect for Mr.Walker for speaking the truth!

      There is an abundance of evidence and facts .

      The SCOTUS should do there jobs and take this case.
      They are wrong to pick and choose cases based on their legacy and Politics. Otherwise why do we have a SCOTUS.

  13. Cindy says:

    I agree that they should go to jail. Shame on them for being dishonest. This is not how our country was built. President Trump has done better than any other President in many years and he is a true Patriot as I am. I love my country and have been ashamed how so many of the past presidents have handled our nation. Especially Obama. What a fraud. So disgusted he was elected. Let us set an example of these people who did not really do their jobs.

  14. Russell Harsch says:

    Herschel Walker 100% right they all should be in jail this whole election was a setup they used the Coronavirus set it up

  15. Sam B. says:

    Totall agree with Herschel. The 100s of sworn affidavits were given proving this across the country..& over 70% of these folks r registered Democrats or have no party affiliations!!
    This BS is soooo obvious!
    -Tens of THOUSANDS of deceased people voted. WHAT?!
    -Hundreds of THOUSANDS of ballots across the country were scanned several times!!
    -A semi loaded with 28 pallets stacked high with ballots were shipped quietly from New York to Pennsylvania to sway the vote there. If it weren’t for the postal service workers & the truck driver himself stepping forward & reporting this with a signed sworn affidavit..we may not of found out about this!
    -The dominion voting machines were caught switching tens of thousands of votes from Trump to Quid Pro Quo Joe Beijing Biden!
    BTW…the at&t building that was bombed Christmas morning in Nashville was housing these corrupt dominion voting machines. AT&T was contracted to do a forensic audit on all these machines. There’s more! A William Kennard used to own that building..& is currently a high ranking board member of at&t as well as a board member of a company called Cerberus Capital Management. Dominion is owned by Cerberus..”&” Cerberus is run by a company called Staple Street Executives. The cofounders of Staple Street r William Kennard(named above..& also worked in the Obama-Biden administration) & a Steven Ownes who is Joe Biden’s brother in law!!!!! Say what?!?! Now this situation REALLY STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN! Folks plz look in to this yourselves!
    There is corruption & voter fraud EVERYWHERE. SO OBVIOUS!
    Only the morons in denial will ignore ALL of this. I completely agree with Herschel Walker. Any of these folks that certified the election results in states that this BS happened in & turned a blind eye to it should arrested/face corruption charges…something.

    Ps: Georgia get out & please vote Loeffler & Perdue!! Talk it up to all ur people!! Our immediate future is in ur hands!!!

  16. Richard Froom says:

    TOTALLY AGREE with Jail for the the Workers; other Punitive Actions NLT for legislatives – Removal from their position and no expungement from their record.
    Judges deciding against voter fraud that place their party (or appointer’s party) above the law, should also be punished.
    And Primarlily, SCOTUS (Supreme Court) Chief Justice ROBERTS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED for his Actions wrt the Massive Lawsuit initiated by Texas.
    COWARDICE is cause of their Hidden Unspoken FEAR. Our FREEDOM is ALL Base on COURAGE, which is lost if Trump does not Remain President.

  17. ee says:

    I fully agree with Herschel……..and am so sick of hearing the idiots say ‘there is no proof of fraud’, ‘the courts threw it out’…….. the courts are afraid of the evidence because they refused to listen to the case. If you have nothing to fear from the evidence then you can afford to listen to the case & make a ruling…But this is not what happened………the courts were afraid to hear……….they know it is fraud………

  18. Cheryl says:

    I completely agree with Walker. They should all be put in jail on treason charges. No less than life.. in prison. what can the American people who agree that this was a fraudulent ,rigged election do ? Should we destroy every democrat who was involved in this but how ?

  19. Mary T. Ellenbogen says:


  20. ck says:

    Herschel took too many hits to the head! He has a good excuse for not knowing right from wrong. What are the rest of you deplorables excuse?

    • Ellen Roddy says:

      I believe there is ample proof of fraud. You evidently believe the lame stream media. I think you need brain repair!

    • Bill says:

      Agent Provocateur.
      Deny the obvious evidence of voter fraud and instill doubt of the truth.
      Enemy agent at work.

      • ck says:

        You morons are outnumbered. See that’s the way it works in America. Move if you don’t like it, cause 1-20-2021 that stupid POS is outta here!!!!

    • Gene says:

      Sounds like ck had too many hits to the head

    • Sam B. says:

      Idk Ck….maybe just NOT BEING IN DENIAL?!?! LOL. And I’m a registered Democrat!! I’m barely left leaning but a dem…who knows dozens of others..& btw all of us refused to vote for anyone in the corrupt radical progressive SOCIALIST whack job party formerly known as the democrat party. No thank u! Ck…like u the unhinged radical socialist r blinded by their own pride on so many issues…& now refuse to acknowledge the OBVIOUS VOTER FRAUD! Lol so pathetic.
      Ck & others drinking the “in denial kool-aid”…do u folks really think Quid Pro Quo Joe Beijing Biden got 16-18 million more votes than Obama & Hillary got?!?! LOL. C’mon man! This is a guy..Quid Pro Quo JOE..who still mite think he’s running for the U.S. SENATE!!! U know the the thing.
      God help us all..(even those in denial).

      • David Cheney says:

        So funny they,like mo mo ck don’t get that the democrats never do anything that they say and if called on it they just avoid the question all together or start speaking in circular logic to the point that they are out of time the point is moot or the convoluted answer is so confused that anyone with intelligence is insulted

  21. Michael Stanley Hayes says:

    The truth of the matter is that our government agencies don’t tell our presidents everything. There is evidence of other life out there in space, but the President isn’t suppose to know that. That’s clear proof that Barr had known about the Biden’s all alone. Barr is a cop and other cops aren’t gonna put other cops away or prosecute one another. Ihat’s their code. The shield. Barr is apart of the swamp.That’s why he quit, because he didn’t want to set up a special counsel against something he’s been a part of for decades. All of them are crooks. Two term limits should be all. That’s it. They all live in their big expensive houses and got their pockets lined. I know how to get bills passed. When Americans can’t get their benefits or when the government shuts down, then they shouldn’t get a check either. This would stop all the madness.Obama had Eric Holder as his AG. Two black men, and they did nothing to help black people or prison reform. I’m a black man, so I’m speaking from evidence.Go TRUMP! Also, during election night on live tv, you can see Trump election tallies declining on live tv, while Biden’s increase. Clear evidence that the machines were fixed. I don’t understand why any judge, on any level of a U.S. court couldn’t see this. Even Mr. Magoo,Ray Charles, and Stevie Wonder could see that. Tney just don’t like TRUMP!

  22. Rheta Cloutier says:

    I agree with Herschel Walker. We cannot move forward until this screaming obvious corruption is taken care of, including prison!

  23. ROCKY THORNTON says:

    Hershel,you are a smart man and I respect you for that and for a long time our country was built on law and order but over the last 60 years the cons have been writing the laws for their own benefit and the benefit of a few fellow cons. Look at how many of them came to congress with nothing and all of them are multi-millionaires now, both republican and democrat. these theives are no longer looting our treasury but that of our children and grandchildren. I would not stand up for or bear arms for Trump or any other politician but I would gladly take part in removing all of them from office and striping them of there wealth and all there families wealth as well.

  24. Edward says:

    I agree with Hershel they should all be held accountable and sent to jail it is a crime to do what they did to this election

  25. David Smith says:

    I wonder if we could get Mr. walker and Trump and Pence to be Presidents and get A few other people to be vice president and get ride of the house senate and congress they don’t do anything for us anyway Then when they drain the swamp we can go back to having a congress and senate and the house. but with honest people and take away all those unreal benefits they get and treat it like a normal American job but with term limits and they would not be above the law. Also stop immigration and foreign aid and stop teaching foreign people how to attack us on computers and other ways. Any people who riot and burn and attack women children the elderly and animals do some serious jail time. just my ignorant thoughts for a senile old veteran

  26. Hazel Peats says:

    Absolutely agree with Mr. Walker!

  27. Kevin Koebert says:

    With out a doubt the left stole the elections fro Trump

  28. Bryan says:

    I fully agree with Herschel and if we let them get away with this fraudulent election America as we know will be done. The sleeping giant needs to wake up and hold the swamp full of crooks accountable. Trump is our president

  29. Don says:

    it’s about time these crooked politicians are held by the same laws that we citizens of this great country are in committing crimes. There is not enough room to list all the ones that laugh and say they will never convict me. So many heads??? of our states commit crimes by not obeying the constitution and laws of our great nation and we citizens pay for it. Just ask the many business owners in so many states that have lost everything,the relatives of those that died in care facilities and no one prosecutes them.good job Hershel Walker.

  30. Willie Ramsey says:

    Herschel Walker is absolutely right.

    We need more public figures like him and more everyday citizens like most of us to speak up and defend our true President and country at this most crucial moment in American and world History since World War Two.

    Everyday folks can call the state offices of Senators and Representatives to leave their comments to their staff members who sometimes answer or on their message line. Asking and demanding that they support President Trump and oppose what has been a stolen election so far. Demand that on January 6th they oppose the electoral votes and do what it legally takes to keep President Trump in office for his 2nd term he truly won.

    And all Christians should be praying frequently and fervently (James 5:16b) that God will be willing to bless this desired outcome to occur.

    My deep appreciation and thanks to Herschel Walker and all of you who try to save our true President and country at this crucial moment.

    Willie Ramsey, preacher
    Stop, Kentucky

    • Pat says:

      I 100% agree with Herschell Walker!!! All Americans that know or feel this was a fraudulent election need to be calling the state offices of their Senators and Representatives demanding they support President Trump in his fight to bring the evidence of this illegal election to light. Also contact the Supreme Court and demand to know why they aren’t lifting a finger to listen to all the evidence to ensure this was a so called free and transparent election. We all need to stay in prayer that the evidence is brought to light and justice will be done for President Trump, our country and all the American people who want to continue living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  31. Lois Holland says:

    I agree with Herschel Walker 100%

  32. Matt says:

    Good 4 u Herschel, glad u spoke up,that doesn’t make u a hero, it makes you someone better, an American. There are very few Americans in Congress, 2 of which I believe are Tulsi Gabbard and Ben Crenshaw most of the rest are corrupt sorry excuses for a human being.

    • grace says:

      If the Democrats think for one moment this rigged election with the head of the Biden Crime family playing president is going to fly easy they are very mistaken. More than half the country will never accept Biden as the legitimate president nor the rigged election as valid. The Democrats have cheated before but this time there is so much proof out there of crimes deserving jail time the Republicans aren’t going to just walk away. . Even 17% of Democrats have said if they had known Biden’s involvement with China and Ukraine they never would have voted for him. If the election is let stand next year will be a tough four years.You can’t disenfranchise more than seven million people and expect them to sit back and shut up.

  33. Dale says:

    I agree with Herschel W. Those people are enemies of this country or they are completely stupid!!!!!

  34. Josh says:

    Absolutely agree with the President of the United States, and our true American awesome football player, Mr Walker! I truly hope that truth springs forward here in these difficult times, and that justice is oetformed for any and ALL parties connected to this cowardly treasonous acts that goes against everything American was built on, loyalty, freedom, honor integrity.

  35. Jaybo says:

    Help! How do I get the chink commie tic tok adds off my phone?

    • Bob says:

      Off load your operating system and reload. You’ll loose everything that’s not backed up. Hopefully you can scan the backed data before resending to other,if any,devices. If you don’t know how to do that then get a licensed tech or someone who actually knows how, to do it for you. A good virus/Spyware remover software may work as well.

    • Bob says:

      Jaybo: Off load your operating system and reload. You’ll loose everything that’s not backed up. Hopefully you can scan the backed data before resending to other,if any,devices. If you don’t know how to do that then get a licensed tech or someone who actually knows how, to do it for you. A good virus/Spyware remover software may work as well.

  36. Thomas H Evans says:

    Herschel is a great patriot. If he and Trump were on the ticket in 2024 then even the media,tech companies and the cheating democrats would still lose by a landslide. It is sad how the courts and state legislators purposely overlook the massive fraud in our election. Many states with more votes cast the registered voters. A disgrace to our country. Most of our government is in Chi a’s side ,no MAGA attitude coming from them.

  37. W says:

    Welcome to the Fourth Reich where those that oppose the democommies and their propaganda puppets will become “enemies of the state”.

    Groper Joe Bribedem and the Frisco Ho are calling for “unity” which really means SHUT UP AND COMPLY OR WE WILL COME FOR YOU!!


  38. ken says:

    I am 200% in agreeance with Walker. I read all these fabulous replies. I would hope that somehow Biden and his Stingers would get a copy of these to see how people feel about his damaging crew…. Thanks and Kudos to Walker!!!!!!!! Rent a U-Haul, fill it with Biden’s crew and deliver them to Jail….without pay….

  39. Joe says:

    Amen to him for supporting. Our President and God Bless America and all that love our country and President!!!!

  40. J.D.Y. says:

    He is 100% 0n target. Some need not only jailed but setting on death row.

  41. Betty Molloy says:

    Totally agree with Herschel Walker

  42. Neyito says:

    The Democrats along with their crooked cronies the Secretaries of State and Governors prepared and put in place the greatest fraud in our history to steal the re-election of President Trump and the citizens who legally voted for him. That is a coup against the USGovernmet and should be punishable as treason; of course our FBI and DOJ are not going to do anything about it and our hope in the Supreme Court have been shattered

  43. Brian Coler says:

    Amen Herschel , I’m with you 100% on this . The demonrats all thought this would be swept under the rug and never looked into so I think when it’s proven there was voter fraud then the guilty ones should be jailed . Maybe if people go to prison for 10 years or so these assholes would think twice about ever doing it again .

    • Hang the traitors. says:

      If you don’t get ALL of the cockroaches,you’ll wind up with twice as many as before. LIFE in prison for treasonous crimes against America!

  44. Duane says:

    I agree, everyone who participated in voter fraud needs to be jailed. However our government is so criminally infested, I am sure that not one single person will be charged. It is a sad thing to think that our country is becoming more worthless by the day. All I can say is if Biden becomes the president (not mine by the way) R.I.P. USA

  45. Greg says:

    I to read the report and couple that with the state hearings, signed affidavits, whistleblower information, videos of ballot scanning without watchers, ballot harvesting, illegal changing in state voter rules, drop off boxes, etc. who can’t come to the conclusion massive voter fraud didn’t occur? People need to be exposed who orchestrated and those paid involved in this corruption both foreign and domestic, politicians or non political, businesses and media.

    • Willard says:

      Right on! Here’s my question. Why is the highest court in the land unwilling to even hear and review the claims of fraud and the evidence being brought forward? Why! Are they afraid they might have to disclaim this election and rule it null and void? Not enough evidence? What more do they need? Several thousand lawsuits, visible eye witness accounts, poll workers’ testimony, and experts claiming voting machines were manipulated, are not enough to cast doubt on a fair election. Why do we even have a Supreme Court, if they refuse to do the job they were appointed to do?

      • Pat says:

        That’s the question we’re all wanting answered…why has the highest court in this land refused to listen to the evidence gathered? What are they afraid of?

  46. Dale Forbus says:

    All the people that are involved in this fraudulent election need to be hung for treason this is a bunch of crap and I’m not swallowing any of it I hope Trump gets down to the bottom of this and gets these people out of here and prosecuted and the thing about it everywhere you look that there’s any kind of corruption guess who is always involved the Clintons

  47. Joe Salcedo says:

    The Democrats … not all electoral vote are fraud some of them are fraud. I need to fight for this one.

  48. I absolutely agree with Herschel. He’s one of a very few who has taken the time to investigate and not go along with the status quo! He’s a honest man who loves this country and will fight for what’s right! God bless him!

    • Jan says:

      Hershal Walker is absolutely right. Those people responsible for all of the fake votes need to be in prison and sooner, not later!

  49. Nancy Andree says:

    I totally agree! This whole election has been rigged by the Democrats! God will hold them accountable!

  50. Orange peel says:

    He’s right. But democrats are so corrupt its disgusting. Come to Michigan were your threaten and your AG does nothing with the governor backing a rigged election. All should be in jail. From Nancy Pelosi and down the line. Please don’t move to Michigan we have enough socialist people who have destroyed our state. With a dictator for a governor. Your state sucks then recall the people you voted in you fools.

  51. Rhoda says:

    Hooray for Herschel Walker. Glad he has the guts to speak out and tell the truth! I hope the Republicans will support our great President! He won the election by a landslide. Anyone that knows about the election fraud and does not speak up, as Herschel says needs to go to jail. We won’t even have enough jail space for all the crooks! Keep praying for a miracle!


  53. You are so right. Throw them in jail.
    Make them vote again. Why are people
    Just sitting on their bottoms doing nothing? Do they want to be in a socialistic country. With China in
    Charge? We need to pray in Jesus name that this cloud of confusion leave and put Trump back in office.

  54. Wanda Key says:

    I completely believe the Dems cheated and stole the election from Trump.

    • Sylvia Howell says:

      Trump won by a landslide. This election needs to be overturned now. It was a Fraud and everyone knows it 😈

  55. Gary says:

    I 100% agree with Walker on sending all of these people that committed Voter Fraud to be charged and sent to Jail. This would include the Biden Crime Family.