He’s No Longer Awake Every Day

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – Former US President Jimmy Carter is no longer awake every day and the condition he will be in during visits from his four children is unpredictable, his grandson Jason Carter has announced.

Sixteen months after the former president entered hospice care, his grandson also revealed that there has been “really been no change” in his health recently, The Express reports.

Jason Carter shared insights into the family’s experience in caring for the 99-year-old and discussed the reasons behind his grandfather’s choice to spend his final days in Plains, Georgia.

Rosalynn Carter, Jimmy’s wife of 77 years and lifelong companion, passed away last November at age 96, leaving a profound absence in the family.

“After 77 years of marriage…I just think none of us really understand what it’s like for him right now. We have to embrace that fact, that there’s things about the spirit that you just can’t understand,” Jason Carter, aged 48, expressed in an interview with Southern Living.

“[He’s] experiencing the world as best he can as he continues through this process,” the grandson said.

The 39th President of the United States initiated hospice care in February 2023 at the home in Plains that he and Rosalynn constructed in 1961.

Throughout his hospice care, Jimmy Carter has maintained a low public profile, only appearing at events memorializing Rosalynn at the church where he taught Sunday school until 2020.

Jason, who resides in Atlanta, emphasized the significance of Plains as a support system and the exclusive setting for this chapter of his grandfather’s life.

“[Plains] is the place that has given him the greatest support and it is the only place where he would go through this part of his life. That’s his home in every way, and he really cherished that time and that support,” he noted.

Rosalynn Carter was laid to rest near their home in Plains, where Jimmy will also be buried.

Jason reflected on the deep connection his grandparents had with their hometown, a small village of about 600 residents, far removed from major highways and deeply rural.

“I think the fact that he and my grandmother both came from that small town – it’s a 600 person village, really – and it’s not near any interstate and it is truly out in the country and it is a fundamental part of who he is and who he has been for his whole life. There is no other place in the world that he would be at peace other than Plains,” the grandson said.

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