Hillary Attacks GOP Over THIS? Is She a Hypocrite?

Hillary Clinton

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – Twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton compared the GOP to a “cult” while attacking Republicans for defending former President Donald Trump over his recent indictment.

Clinton’s comments came after last week Trump was indicted on 37 charges connected with his alleged mishandling of classified government documents.

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In an interview on the Pod Save America podcast, the former first lady slammed Republicans for seeing double standards in how the Justice Department treated Trump and President Joe Biden’s handling of classified records.

“I do think it’s odd, to the point of being absurd, how that is their only response,” said Clinton, who lost the 2016 election to Trump, as cited by Newsmax.

“They refuse to read the indictment. They refuse to engage with the facts. There’s nothing new about that. And what they refuse to admit is: This is on a track about him, not about anybody else, no matter how much they try to confuse people and how much they try to raise extraneous issues,” she elaborated.

“And it’s going to be fascinating, I guess, in a bizarre and sad way to watch them spin themselves,” the former US Secretary of State added.

She suggested the Republicans’ resolve to stick by former President Trump was irrational and surprisingly resilient.

“[The GOP] efforts to defend this man are truly beyond anything that I ever thought possible in our country. … It is so profoundly disturbing how this could have been the break. This could have been the opportunity to say, ‘Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us. We really appreciate it, but this is kind of serious, and so we’re not going to continue to defend you,’” Clinton elaborated.

She declared she couldn’t fathom the rationale behind Republicans’ support for the former president.

“But no, they’re all in, again. The psychology of this is so hard for me to fully grasp… [The GOP is] more like a cult than a political party at this point. They’re going to stick with their leader,” she added.

Regarding renewed Republican calls to “lock her up,” she commented that GOP supporters always resort to those “when in doubt.”