Hillary Set To Take Biden’s Place?!?

Hillary Rodham Clinton

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – The Democrat Party will dump President Joe Biden and give its 2024 presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton, according to a former top adviser to President Bill Clinton.

73-year-old Dick Morris, a long-time former aide to Bill Clinton who also managed his 1996 reelection campaign, believes Biden would end up pulling out of the 2024 nomination race.

Arguing that the Democrats “are planning to dump Biden,” Morris forecast that Hillary Clinton would clinch the nomination if there are no other viable centrist candidates.

He believes the Democratic Party would resort to her candidacy out of fear that some leftist radical could win the nomination.

“Once Biden pulls out, the polling will show that the Democrats are leaning toward some crazy radical like Gavin Newson, Bernie Sanders. Maybe even AOC herself,” Morris said, referring to New York US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“That’s going to drive the Democratic Party leaders to go to Hillary and say, ‘Hey, look. Please run again. We need you to save us from the crazy left. Otherwise, we’ll have Sanders as our candidate. We’ll lose Congress by a ton. And we’ll get wiped out in the presidential race,’” Bill Clinton’s ex-aide said on the WABC radio show “Cats Roundtable.”

Morris noted that Hillary Clinton had recently begun to position herself towards the center. She commented that Americans want secure borders and criticized Joe Biden for claiming that the Republicans have embraced “semi-fascism.”

Regardless of the political consultant’s predictions, however, in comments she made last Friday, Clinton compared former President Donald Trump’s latest campaign rally in Ohio to a “Nazi” rally.

Earlier this month, the twice-failed former Democrat presidential candidate also reiterated she would never run for president again.

“She’s absolutely trying to pretend she’s… a centrist just like her husband was. And she’s going to get the nomination like her husband did in ’92 and lead the party to the center and to victory,” Morris predicted in his interview.

He argued that Hillary was “waiting for the wipeout” of Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections so that she could “justify her candidacy and say, ‘Only I can save you from this happening again.’”

However, Marris, the author of the book “The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback,” forecast that Donald Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton again in a 2016 repeat due to the latter’s moral “integrity problems.”

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