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Hillary Wants Joe To Pack The Court

Can there be any doubt that when Joe Biden says that if he’s elected he’ll create a panel to study the U.S. court system, what he really means is he’ll do everything he can to pack the Supreme Court with liberals?


Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden has found at least one supporter for his idea to create a blue-ribbon panel to study the U.S. court system: Hillary Clinton,” according to The Washington Times.

“‘I agree with Biden creating a commission to look at this, which I think was exactly the right position to take in the middle of a campaign,’ Mrs. Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, said in an interview that aired Wednesday on SiriusXM radio.

Further, if Biden wins, Clinton wants him to quickly reverse everything President Donald Trump has done during his term in office.

Mrs. Clinton said she’s communicated to Mr. Biden’s team that they’re going to have to move quickly on a host of issues assuming that Democrats control the House, Senate and White House next year.

“‘And one of the areas we’ll have to move quickly on is the courts,’ she said. ‘We’re [going to] have to move quickly on everything — election reform, climate change, COVID relief, expanding health care, everything that we care about.'” [emphasis added]

See more at The Washington Times.


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