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Hillary Wants Joe To Pack The Court

Can there be any doubt that when Joe Biden says that if he’s elected he’ll create a panel to study the U.S. court system, what he really means is he’ll do everything he can to pack the Supreme Court with liberals?


Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden has found at least one supporter for his idea to create a blue-ribbon panel to study the U.S. court system: Hillary Clinton,” according to The Washington Times.

“‘I agree with Biden creating a commission to look at this, which I think was exactly the right position to take in the middle of a campaign,’ Mrs. Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, said in an interview that aired Wednesday on SiriusXM radio.

Further, if Biden wins, Clinton wants him to quickly reverse everything President Donald Trump has done during his term in office.

Mrs. Clinton said she’s communicated to Mr. Biden’s team that they’re going to have to move quickly on a host of issues assuming that Democrats control the House, Senate and White House next year.

“‘And one of the areas we’ll have to move quickly on is the courts,’ she said. ‘We’re [going to] have to move quickly on everything — election reform, climate change, COVID relief, expanding health care, everything that we care about.'” [emphasis added]

See more at The Washington Times.


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  1. Meddy says:

    This wicked woman has surely done gazillion times damage, not only to this country, and so with the American people. So many lives had perished under her wings. Was not surprised at all, as she’s a 6th Level Illuminati-Dame of Witchcraft/Sadistic Monarch Slave Handler for the NWO!! Don’t take my word for it, and do your own thorough and intense research — and you will come up with the same facts and knowledge that I have. I have researched this satanic organization since 2003, whose god is Baphomet/Moloch; aka: Satan

  2. T Beach says:

    Yes. Its called Guitanamo Bay Cuba. Thats where they used to house political prisnors. Heard that it was remodeled and told to expect visitors. We can only hope

  3. T Beach says:

    Cant we use Seal Team 6 here in the US to take out a bunch of trash that wont go away??? I can provide them a list. At least one of them will be getting revenge for your fallen brothers in Benghazi. Maybe more than one.

  4. Sic&Tired says:

    Why Can’t that Woman…..Alias – Moronic Hillary Clinton…..Just Go Get LOST.
    Preferably – Go Do the American People a Favor and Jump Off a Cliff. She has been just a total Disgrace to Our Country. Both Her and Bill – evil, wicked, distrustful, conniving, dishonest….Human Beings.!!!! So, Sick and Tired of seeing their pictures or reading about them….. They make any normal person want to Throw-Up with Disgust.!!!!

  5. James Hutchins says:

    Hitlery clinton is a Moron Lowlife crook.

  6. Darlene Balli says:

    Wicked witch

  7. patrioted says:

    Looks like Biden will be Hillary’s puppet. Wonder how he will like her arm up his ass?

  8. J Patko tv says:

    When is this brain dead bimbo going to realize she. is irrelevent nobody gives a shit what she wants thinks or feels get on your broom and get lost

  9. Amy says:

    Hilary needs to bow out and be a grandmother and stay out of government. She has done enough damage already!

  10. David Smith says:

    nothing in New York, California, Oregon shocks me they had cartoons on Saturday mornings that reminds me of these people called Looney toons Beavis and Butthead or smarter than they are LOL

  11. James Nelson says:

    The only place Hillary should be is in prison. BTW, have you heard that Hillary is now a member of the electoral college in NY?

  12. Charles H says:

    What’s really scary is that Hillary believes she’s doing the right thing to save this country. That scares me to death – the Left wing liberals can take over the USA and do what they want if Biden is victorious. Pray that the Republicans win this battle.

    • Jim Noord says:

      Never been true. Doing what it takes to be the Emperor of America. Bubba stole her thunder, and Ted Kennedy endorsed Obama.

  13. Mark Porter says:

    Why would any fair/honest reporter even interview this Corrupt Witch is beyond belief! I pray to the Lord and get relief knowing that one day she and her scummy husband will get their due!! Rest eternally in the Fires of HELL!!

  14. David Smith says:

    If they are going to get Biden and son for being Pedophiles then why not go after Clinton too??? Did Hillary know he was seeing little girls was she part of the children for adult entertainment industry People involved in exploiting children should be put in front of the public and executed. I will be the first to pull the trigger. Then let God judge me for getting rid of evil. I understand it is a woman’s body but I feel abortion is murder too that baby did not ask to be made and should not pay for a persons mistake or crime of rape with it’s life there are too many couples who would love to have a baby but aren’t that lucky to be able to have a miracle Just my stupid opinion.

  15. Franklin Steele says:

    Hillary is an obsessed, crazy woman. She’s also the biggest sore loser in the world. I can’t believe that anyone gives her any camera time at all.

    • Robert says:

      The Clintons were slick dishonest humans when they were our governor. She was having affairs with men and women when he was gov. Must have been a mutual understanding.
      I think the DC swamp covers for themselves and probably more like them on both sides. Really a shame, but they are very clever. Shame the Clinton Foundation dried up when she lost. Poor Chelsea getting a huge salary after graduating was no less than money laundering. Now Hillary wants a say in the maybe Biden administration. If I were Joe, I would watch my back.

      • Jim Noord says:

        Drain the swamp

        fill it with cement, and pave it over.

        Close every other building, and call it a day.

        Pay the congress minimum wage and provide Obamacare as an experiment.

  16. Sam B. says:

    Hillary! Lol..why r u still sticking ur nose in anything? I would think you would want to stay under the radar…ur lucky ur not in prison. Ur last name kept u out. The rest of us would’ve gotten the electric chair. Who knows..maybe some day you’ll share a jail cell with hunter & the “Big Guy”. This is yet ANOTHER reason I & dozens of other people I know who r all moderate Democrats have already voted or r gunna vote for TrumpPence & several others on the right. The left has become waaay to unhinged/radical/socialist pansy-ass cancel culture quacks that no normal minded American will follow. NO WAY IN HELL.
    Hey Hillary..”BYE FELICIA”.
    People Get out to the poles & vote! Talk it up to ur people!
    #DrainThe Swamp!
    #DemsForTrumpPence/TheRight!! ????

  17. Oh brother, Biden has two ears. One with which to listen to Bernie Sanders, the other to listen to Hillary Clinton. Please spare America the anguish of another year of political nonesense. Americans now know where we are going to go with the virus if they don’t respect one another’s safety by wearing a face mask. If they don’t practice social distances. It is not a personal mandate which denies freedom. It is a social mandate which gives us the freedom to be well and not sick. Be smart and save yourself sick time as well as expensive medical care. Personal ego trips save none of us.

  18. Q2 says:

    why did the top investigative lawyer for sex trafficking for the FBI subpoena Hunter Biden flat top information pertaining to the videos could it be there is a tie between him and Jeffrey Epstein as well as Joe Biden and why is that information being sat on things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  19. David Smith says:

    Sic & Tired you are so right All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men and women to do nothing and evil has tied the hands of good men and women behind their backs for years Can’t spank your kid LOL My Dad would have beat the fool who said that LOL The reason they said was to stop child abuse well guess what child abuse has got worse. Because kid’s have gotten more evil. Now instead of being spanked they get shot by cops for pulling guns on them or do drive by shootings and join gangs You are right I am moving as soon as the virus is under control I will watch this country fall. All empires have. Now they want to give Illegals a part of the stimulus package LOL Didn’t Pelosi come from California That would explain her insanity. Well I pray you all stay safe and I will pray the virus let’s me leave this fine country

  20. Q2 says:

    Trump vs. Chump who do you want
    Donald Trump Jr / Ben Shaperio ticket for 2024………………………….

  21. Maryann Allen says:

    Red Alert news is lying saying I posted negative comment on Hillary a Already and not sending my posts

  22. Joanne Mortensen says:

    Can’t believe hillary has any clot left
    She should be in jail !

  23. Maryann Allen says:

    Trump 2020! Hillary lost 2016! She needs to fade away

  24. Roger Larsen says:

    throw shiftless in the same cell

  25. Maryann Allen says:

    Hillary is poison for our country! She needs to butt out! She still hasn’t got the message that we don’t want her or her leadership! What a witch! She looks crazy as a loon

  26. Gladys Truoccolo says:

    The DUMOCRATS ARE going to destroy this country if they get in,crooked Hillary should be in jail with Joe Biden and the rest of them. Schumer, Schiff and especially Pelosi omg, that one there is a true fruit cake. Please people go VOTE RED STRAIGHT DOWN THE LINE, MAKE EVERYTHING REPUBLICAN, RE-ELECT OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP, KEEP OUR COUNTRY SAFE AND FREE. GOD BLESS AMERICA ??

    • Denise Fernandez says:

      Hillary blocked that SOB, fat, ugly, lesbian pig! No wonder Bill ran after any woman he saw. (see why I was blocked). I just read and Democrat Governor signed ok to abort up to Nine months…ad baby killers to the list of crap these idiots do. I cannot wait until the Marshalls come and get them all, they all deserve jail. Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Schiff and Schumer. AntiAmericans blood thirsty Nasty ass freaks….baby killers, pedofiles, hair sniffing anti Christ people….I feel sorry for them. if they riot we are waiting, we are standing up!!!

  27. Al says:

    So Benghazi Hillary making demands from sleepy joe to pack the court? The self entitlement and ambition from this washed out politician has no limits, Hillary go into into the sunset and get lost, you will be doing a great favor to humanity.

  28. Peggy says:

    People voting for Biden do not realize what will happen. After it is done it is too late to cry. Some people do not like Trump, but he has done a lot. Can you see Biden tearing down the wall Trump is building? Think of the money to build this. As for Hillary, that is useless.

  29. David Murphree says:

    HILLERY has rocks in her head.

  30. Jim says:

    You know where Hasbeen Horrible Hillary can go! She is just a normal citizen now, with no more power than any of us!

  31. Helen Dorothy Quinlan says:

    Did Hillary let Kamala Harris know about all of her demands. I’m sure that two woman in the whitehouse is not going to work. I almost feel bad for Joe actually 3 woman including his wife.

  32. MICHAEL says:

    Hillary just needs to take a walk into the woods and let Law Enforcement find her face down with a bear humping her.

  33. Sic&Tired says:

    OH….Let’s Not Forget the Media……..Now, there is a Total Shambles.!!!! Reporters, Editors, Managers in the News World are ALL Pathetic.!! Can’t Believe Anything …Anymore.!!!

  34. Howard pavlat says:

    Hilliary needs to be prosecuted and be put in jail.

  35. Hilliard doesn’t have any power to make these things happen. She’s still mad that she got beat by President Trump so she’s hoping Biden wins so she can tell him what to do. Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Obama’s, the Bidens, the directors of the FBI and CIA are all crooks and need to be in prison.They should be in general population too! It’s time to drain the ENTIRE SWAMP!

    • GC says:

      Hillary and all involved in her lying Russian hoax and the false impeachment issue should be required to pay back all the money that was wasted on the false investigation and trial. After all if a citizen filed a false report the police would sue the person to recover money for expenses and wages wasted for a false crime report. Start holding people accountable for their actions they are not above the law. Seems like we heard that quite often from those that were trying to blame stuff on Trump.

  36. Sic&Tired says:

    I Can’t Believe….That Hillary Clinton even is trying to do something in the Political World……She is a LOSER, a WASTE of SPACE, They can’t even idict her on ALL the CRAP that she has done….So, One Can See – that our Great Judicial System is really Worth Anything.!!!! IF, this Country and the Law Enforcing Agencies don’t start taking care of things…..ALL is going to be a Waste. There is No True Justice – IF, there was Hillary would be behind bars along with a lot of other political idiots, but again…..that isn’t going to happen – BECAUSE, NO ONE WANTS TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND CORRECT.!!! The Crap just keeps on flowing and probably will do so…for ever. Such a Sad State of AFFAIRS.!! They wonder why no one trusts the Government, the Judicial System, heck – even the Medical World and Pharmaceutical Worlds are out of Control and costing Americans…Way too much money for Everything. It is like why go on…… Our Country is in a Mess in most All Arenas and WHO is going to Straighten it Out.??????????????????

  37. Tink says:

    Yeah, did you hear killery say they would have to work quick on the things SHE wanted???? What a sick letch!!! She should be in PRISON not giving political advice!!!! WHAT A LOSER!!!

  38. Dar says:

    All the Democratic corupts working together. I there a cell big enough to hold them all together????

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