Homeland Security Chief Admits Disinformation Board Already a Failure

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – President Joe Biden’s administration is attempting to create a new governance bureau. A week ago, Americans learned that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was developing a new panel.

The Disinformation Governance Board, as it is named, is tasked with stopping the spread of misinformation and disinformation. The Board is quick to state that it deals with issues specific to “foreign policy.”

Robby Soave of Reason wrote, “…it is not the U.S. government’s responsibility to decide what is and is not misinformation: People decide that for themselves.” In making his point, Soave reminded Americans that the government was not notably good at knowing what is or is not misinformation.

The Hunter Biden laptop and COVID-19 lab creation theories are prime examples.

In an interview with CNN this past weekend, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that the board was simply a small group to handle the spread of wrong information. Mayorkas also indicated that the Board is viewed as a failure so far.

When pressed about the group being called a modern-day reminder of Orwellian Big Brother, Mayorkas quickly called it the total opposite of that comparison. He further said, “I think we probably could have done a better job in communicating what it does and does not do.”

Soave noted that Mayorkas failed to inform the public about the board’s function.

Nina Jankowicz will head up the new governance department. Her credentials include being a former fellow at the Wilson Center and working at the Ukrainian foreign ministry.

Jankowicz also wrote a book entitled How to be a Woman online: Surviving Abuse and Harassment and How to Fight Back.

Cathy Young from Reason calls into question Jankowisc’s assertions in the book of women being harassed more often than men on the internet. Soave concludes by suggesting Jankowicz may not be the best candidate to lead the Disinformation Board based on her progressive-leaning views and history.