House GOP Moves to Defund Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board

Nina Jankowicz

( – The United States Department of Homeland Security, within the presidential administration of Joe Biden, has created a Disinformation Governance Board. Nina Jankowicz will head the new board. However, congressional Republicans are looking to make it a short-lived program.

In legislation introduced by United States Representative Mike Johnson (R-LA), the board would be defunded. Johnson has stated that the bill is designed to do what President Biden needs to make happen. The Daily Caller learned that the new legislation has 50 cosponsors ready to move it forward.

The Louisiana congressman told the Daily Caller, “The Biden Administration’s decision to stand up a ‘Ministry of Truth,’ is dystopian in design, almost certainly unconstitutional, and doomed from the start.” Johnson went on to say that Biden needs to immediately put an end to a board whose purpose is to decide what is true or not regarding information.

The GOP is determined one way or another to put an end to the DHS board.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas received a letter from United States Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) singling out Jankowicz as unfit to lead the planned board.

Jankowicz has a history of trying to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story.

In various tweets, Jankowicz maintained that the laptop revelation was merely a “false media narrative.” Jankowicz sought to discredit the story by calling it Russian influence.

Yet, even the New York Times reported in March of 2020 that the Hunter Biden laptop story was genuine, as did the Washington Post. The Daily Caller also verified the laptop was true.

In 2017, Jankowicz tweeted that the GOP paid for the Christopher Steele dossier. It was eventually found to have no Republican funding and discredited. But the Washington Post reported in October of that same year that a Clinton-supported law firm did investigate Donald Trump.