House GOP Opens NEW Investigation

( – In a crucial new episode in House Republicans’ push to hold the Biden administration accountable for any potential violations, three House committees have launched a new investigation involving the first family and scandalous First Son Hunter Biden in particular.

The new GOP-led congressional probe targets the US Justice Department to establish whether there had been any possible retaliatory measures from it against whistleblowers who testified that Hunter Biden practically enjoyed a shield from serious prosecution for several years.

The new House GOP probe is connected with the impeachment investigation of President Joe Biden.

It has been revealed by letters unveiled by The Daily Caller, which were sent to various high-ranking officials, including Attorney General Merrick Garland, Special Counsel David Wiess, and U.S. Commissioner of Internal Revenue Daniel Werfel.

The GOP committee chairmen – Jim Jordan of the Judiciary Committee, James Comer of the Oversight Committee, and Jason Smith of the Ways and Means Committee – expressed concerns in these letters.

They highlighted allegations that Hunter Biden, the president’s son and a central figure in the impeachment inquiry, along with his legal team, had initiated a campaign of intimidation against whistleblowers.

The representatives demanded that the DOJ disclose whether it was conducting investigations into these allegations.

“Retaliation against whistleblowers is unlawful and morally repugnant, and if the Biden administration is doing that to these whistleblowers, there will be hell to pay,” a GOP source told the news outlet.

The letters also requested that the DOJ supply the committees with documents and communications related to any investigations concerning the whistleblowers.

The intent behind this request is to verify that the DOJ is not engaging in retaliatory actions against these individuals.

The letter to Garland emphasized the importance of whistleblowers in uncovering and addressing inefficiencies, fraud, and corruption within federal agencies.

“The Committees will not tolerate any retaliatory conduct by the Department against these or any other whistleblowers,” the letter says.

In addition, the letter explicitly warned against any intimidation or retaliation towards IRS whistleblowers Garry Shapley and Joe Ziegler for their lawful disclosures to Congress.

“Any efforts, including those by the Department, to investigate whistleblowers for making lawful disclosures raise serious concerns about the continued weaponization of the federal government. Any and all attempts to intimidate or retaliate against Mr. Shapley and Mr. Ziegler for their protected disclosures to Congress must stop,” the GOP lawmakers stated.

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