House GOP Will Investigate ‘Weaponization of the Federal Government’ by Biden

Jim Jordan

( – The new Republican majority in the US House of Representatives will move this week to establish a special body to investigate the “weaponization of the federal government” by President Joe Biden’s administration and the Democrats.

This coming week, the House will vote on a resolution that will set up a special judiciary subcommittee on the US government’s “weaponization,” The New York Times reported, as cited by Newsmax.

The report noted the Republican Party has made it clear the probe could involve reviewing federal investigations into the affairs of former President Donald Trump.

Before the 2022 midterm elections, the GOP promised its supporters extensive efforts to investigate the federal national security and law enforcement agencies.

The new subcommittee on the “weaponization of the federal government” will be chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio. Jordan, a Trump ally, is also expected to be the new chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Republican US Rep. Chip Roy of Texas has hinted that establishing the “government weaponization subcommittee” was one of the concessions the House Freedom Caucus exacted from the new Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, to support his election.

McCarthy was elected Speaker of the House only on the 15th ballot when some 20 GOP dissenters finally agreed to support his candidacy. Rep. Chip Roy was one of the principal negotiators on behalf of the rebel minority.

According to the report, once the Republican majority passes the necessary resolution, the new GOP-led subcommittee would have “virtually open-ended jurisdiction” to investigate civil liberty issues or any federal agency.

It would be able to probe “ongoing criminal investigations” by the FBI and other agencies and check how federal bodies have collected and handled information about American citizens.

The New York Times noted that subcommittee chair Jim Jordan would “apparently” be entitled to subpoena the US Department of Justice over the special counsel inquiry into the alleged efforts of former President Donald Trump to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election over fraud claims.

Jordan would also have the power to subpoena the DOJ on the probe into Trump’s handling of classified government papers or the tax investigation into President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

The report further pointed out that the Republican-sponsored resolution to set up the new subcommittee will give its chairman powers to get “the same highly classified information” that intelligence agencies provide to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which oversees their work.

The information in question “usually includes some of the most sensitive secrets in the government.”