Hunter Now Facing Jail for THIS!

( – Hunter Biden could end up in prison immediately if he uses any drugs or drinks alcohol, per the conditions of his release ordered by a Delaware US judge.

US District Judge Maryellen Noreika’s order came after Wednesday’s court hearing in Wilmington, Delaware, for Hunter Biden’s federal indictment.

The hearing was expected to “rubber-stamp” an outrageously lenient plea deal over tax and gun charges, under which the president’s son would have completely avoided jail time.

However, the plea agreement collapsed after the judge first forced federal prosecutors to reveal that Hunter would remain under DOJ investigation and then rejected the deal altogether. As a result, the first son pleaded not guilty.

As per the judge’s order for his release, he could face contempt of court charges and jail time if he consumes any drugs or alcohol, Breitbart News reports.

The report stresses that the first son, who has been open about his past addiction to crack cocaine, came to court with Kevin Morris, one of his lawyers recently snapped smoking from a bong on his balcony in LA.

Under the conditions for his release, Hunter Biden might have to undergo random alcohol and drug tests.

He is also obliged to “continue or actively seek employment” and notify the court “in writing” about “all international travel plans.”

“Testing may be used with random frequency and may include urine testing, the wearing of a sweat patch, a remote alcohol testing system, and/or any form of prohibited substance screening or testing,” state the release conditions ordered by Judge Noreika and signed by President Joe Biden’s son.

“The defendant must not obstruct, attempt to obstruct, or tamper with the efficiency and accuracy of prohibited substance screening or testing,” the document says further.

It clarifies that Hunter Biden might be obliged to “participate in a program of inpatient or outpatient substance abuse therapy and counseling.”

“Violating any of the foregoing conditions of release may result in the immediate issuance of a warrant for your arrest, a revocation of your release, an order of detention, a forfeiture of any bond, and a prosecution for contempt of court and could result in imprisonment, a fine, or both,” the conditions of release say.