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ICE Agents Ordered To Free All Illegal Aliens

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, tasked with enforcing federal immigration law, are being instructed to free all detainees in their custody, as President Joe Biden’s administration halts deportations,” according to Breitbart.

An internal January 21 ICE memo, independently reviewed by Breitbart News and first reported by Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, orders agents to “stop all removals,” including land and air deportations.

“In addition, the memo tells agents that “all cases” of detainees in ICE custody are now to be considered ‘no significant likelihood of removal in foreseeable future’ — suggesting all detainees will need to be released.

‘Release them all, immediately,’ the ICE official wrote to staff in the memo. Typically, if detainees do not have sponsors in the United States, agents can hold an individual in their custody. The memo, though, states that is no longer the case and that even detainees without sponsors must be released.” [emphasis added]

For more on this important story, please go to Breitbart.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you disagree with Joe Biden’s decision to free all illegal aliens currently in custody? Why or why not?


  1. KIRK D KOCH says:

    Release them in Southern California by Pelosi’s house and Washington DC. The people that think this is the right thing to do need’s to live with it.

  2. Jose Aluizo says:

    Bring Biden and Harris to Dallas Texas and we can replay November 22,1963!!!


  4. Rebecca says:

    Things are going to get worse long bfor it gets better. God help us all through the trials and tribulations the Democrats are going to put us through!! Those with weapons, keep them close and loaded!

  5. Michael L Reedy says:

    President Trump’s Executive orders, such as the so called :Travel Ban for countries that President Obama had identified as a threat to our national security, were stopped by the courts although the President’s actions were within his rights as The Chief Executive. Another example is Trump’s repeal of Obama’s DACA Program, which Barry created because Congress would not enact Immigration Laws. Why would Obama’s Executive Order be considered the law of the land, when he couldn’t get Congress to act. According to the existing laws enacted by Congress, Illegal Aliens are supposed to be processed a certain way. So President Biden is violating the law by ordering them to be released. Will anyone take him to court over this? I will believe it when I see it.

  6. John john says:

    one day this country will just blow up.

  7. Sherman Deardeuff says:

    I’ve read the comments and everyone is blaming Biden and Harris for the problems in the USA. I agree they are both not in our best interest but this all started with Hillary Clinton and Obama.
    At this time pelosi and the impeachment politicians both republican And democrats are a bigger danger to our country. The political parties have all been allowed to run over the will of the people for so long it has become the standard operational procedure.
    Replacing only one of the parties will not correct this problem. Term limits is the answer. 2 terms max and no lifetime benefits that are paid for by the people. Being a politician has become a very profitable career. The longer they serve and the more corrupt they become the more profitable they become.
    Trump tried to drain the swamp and was making progress but what did achieve ???
    It got him and his supporters branded as traitors and insurrectionist. Even after he was illegally voted out of office he is still on pelosi hit list as well as his supporters. Guess what we cannot or he cannot fix this problem short of removing all of the top politicians that have created this problem.
    You cannot vote these people out as proven by our last election so this takes away our only legal way of removing them. Our one way of removing the true problem in our country has been eliminated voting is how this has been done in the past. The democratic party has been allowed to take away our vote as a means to control our politicians.
    Personally I feel Trump the most effective president we have had in my lifetime. He was our last effort at remaining a true honest republic country.

    • Pat says:

      Totally agree. Well written.

    • Suzanne says:

      So well said and so true. Feeling so frustrated and hands tied. I live in a blue state and no one to go to make changes. I will say I am disappointed in our Republican senators, I think so much could have been accomplished in the beginning of Trumps tenor and wish he had wiped out the Obama holdovers but I digress and need to focus on moving forward. I and so many patriots want to dig in and do something constructive but no idea where to begin.

  8. Terry Adkins says:

    1990 Bosnia, The virgin mary has been appearing in Bosnia for over 30 years now to 6 children there, one of the times her son Jesus Christ himself appeared with his mother, Jesus told this The American people will have to take the country back from the crooked government, jesus also said a new government will be set up in a different state, In God We Trust

  9. vinnie says:

    It’s all about the Illegal Votes Screw the Citizens I hope the Donkey People will be able to get America out of the Mess they got it into !

    • norm demichele says:

      Pedofile Joe and the Ho are two of the stupidous MF in the world and need to be taken out along with the rest of illiterates,Piglosi ,scumbag Schumer, the almighty BUGEYED SCHITT ,the rest of the Biden Crime Cartel and put in prison for life

  10. Dave Darflinger says:

    How the hell does he get away with assisting lawbreakers? He’s begging for armed insurrection.

  11. Sandra Smith says:

    I think ICE should take all the illegals to DC. Put all the rapists in Pelosi’s & Kamala’s offices & see how they like being raped over & over. Then again Kamala may just like it. Put all the thieves in Biden’s office to steal all his illegally gotten money, then he’ll probably commit suicide. And put all the murderers in Congress to weed out the traitors. And one final thought, form a well armed citizen’s militia along the entire southern border to take out every illegal trying to enter our country.

  12. Patinga says:

    Turn them loose on the Mexican side of the wall! Pack buses, back up to border and open the Emergency door! It said release them, didn’t say where!

  13. Cherilyn Pearson says:


  14. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    This is not acceptable, somebody should drop off all the illegals in DC, like someone wrote. Joe Biden, should be done away with, and Harris. Pelosi is next. The American people have worked their whole life, and we can’t give Social Security receiptant more money.
    We will however give illegals everything. This is going to come to a Civil War.

  15. Garth Branch says:

    Place all them in buses and drop them off in Delaware and D.C.. That is what the Democrats and Joe Biden officials deserve! We the people need to join together to stop this return to the pass.

  16. Jaybo says:

    Our statue of liberty is crying!Our country’s eagle has taken our flag and constitution and flew up into the heavens to protect them!Uncle Sam is kneeling with head bowed praying! What are We doing?

    • Robert Miller says:

      Welcome to Chicom Joe’s new America!! Hang on tight, it’s going to get allot worst! All of the brain dead useful idiots who voted for him, will soon regret what they did?

      • Art says:

        Trump was good till the idiot started tweeting what a big mistake, Biden is an idiot releasing all the wetbacks hope they rape his wife and sons and daughters.They are locked up for a reason. The Republican and Demacratic parties need to pull their heads out of their asses and form one party and learn to run our country right before another greater force takes over before long that will happen after our news hit the world everybody know That the United States of America is not as great as it once was. China and Russia are looking at us with them them rubbing their hands together saying one dumbass leader gone now they have a sleeping pussy that doesnt know his ass from his wifes crotch. Barbara Walters and Opera Windfrey need to be running our country they would have our running right they would reduce all the idots in congress in half and and we would not have to pay so many taxes cuz we wouldnt have to pay for all of congresses familysaunts uncles their son and their sons

  17. Jaybo says:

    It is done! The ONLY laws now are what the demonrats say! FBI,CIA,and it looks like our military have demon rat corruption forced into everything!The demonrats want everyone of anybody who stands against them ” reprogrammed”! Read between the lines people! They are coming for all of us!Bible is dead on by telling us this IS happening now!I believe we have to protect ourselves and our families now! Get JESUS into your hearts now! And we have to fight these DEMONS to the death if that’s what it takes and I see NO other way!DON’T surrender your weapons no matter what the cost!HOW MANY of us voted for PRESIDENT TRUMP? Millions on top of millions so there’s our strength.Its war and there is NO other word for this.DOMESTIC tyranny from within! We vets swore an oath to do this! What we have to understand is the demons did also but they lied and broke theirs! So THEY are the enemy!!!!!

    • Robert Miller says:

      I’m with you brother, start organizing with like minded individuals, because that day is coming! Semper Fi!

  18. judith therrien says:

    Biden, IMPEACH him now. The Deomcrats all should IMPEACHED for the way they have done The National Guard. That they wanted in the Capital for protection and then Make them leave the Capital building and sleep in a cold garage. All The Democrats will get what they deserve for destoring America. Judgement day will come and they will be sentenced and sent straight to hell where the belong with Biden for what they are doing TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Those riots were The Antifa and the BLM Paid by the Democrats and blame it on President Trump. Because, they wanted him out the White House. President Trump was the Best President we have had in 30 years. I hope he comes in 2024

  19. Leslie says:

    What does the law say? When laws are broken by ANYONE, what does the law say? Who is responsible for enforcing the laws?
    Our biggest problem is NOT enforcing the laws that are in the Constitution, State, and local laws.

    Let’s see now, President Biden has been in office a whole 72 hours and has succeed to end thousands of (union) jobs, return us to days where the middle east controls our oil supply, stabbed our northern neighbor in the back, is allowing not only good/honest people into our country during a pandemic but drug pushers, murderers, rapists, and more.
    Well, let’s see how this all works out…and Congress hasn’t done a single thing yet…

  20. Roberta says:

    No I do. It agree. There should have been an investigation if they are working for the drug masters/cartel. If not , we need to set up a support system first.

  21. Beverly says:

    I want to get this straight.. we are letting people who brought drugs into this country and take people for human trafficking and we are freeing them??? And letting people into this country when we are at the height of corona virus? When other countries are deporting due to corona virus? And Trump was the bad guy??? Really???? And this is suppose to be a good thing??? For the United States? ??? Somebody better tell me how because this is definitely turning into the Twilight Zone! Well I think this adds to his impeachment charges …..

  22. Sam B. says:

    With all due respect…but aren’t these 11+ millions including 10s of thousands of repeat felons/offenders here in our country ILLEGALLY?!?! Again aren’t they here ILLEGALLY?!?! Why in the hell would Quid Pro Quo JOE do this…put so much effort in to finding a pathway to citizenship for all these people that r here ILLEGALLY(& tens of thousands more otw) that is also against our great constitution!! With all due respect to these people…but we have no vacancies! We have our own issues that need this much attention/effort like doing something about our homeless problem! Lets b honest..this is only done with the hopes these folks will all vote for the progressive socialist party (formerly known as the democrat party) when the time comes. This way they won’t have to do fraudulent things to win elections. Why the hell else would Beijing Biden do this?! What’s the benefit?! This is also a HUGE slap in the face to all those that entered our country the right way & followed the laws to citizenship. This is soooo wrong for the country as a whole. So What else is good ole Gaffe-Daddy gunna do? Stop the border wall construction that will tremendously help cut down “all the illegal activities?” Already done. Stop construction on the keystone pipeline?? Already done. Disturbing our energy independence & production? Already done…just like Trump warned everyone about.
    Why the hell all of this?? What benefits??
    These actions r a disgrace to our nation!

    • Lona says:

      Sam B. One reason why illegals are being released is to put them on Dumocrat rolls as new voters so socialists will have over pack the elections. If they all are released, we will never have another Republican President!

  23. Mike M. says:

    This is how Rome fell … FROM WITHIN ! We’re seeing the beginning of the end of America as we know it. It’s a damn shame.

    • Grace says:

      I read all these complaints but what are you as a citizen going to do about it? Why wasn’t attention paid before the electron when the democrats were crowding the courts to allow paper ballots? Why did we trust democrats to play by the rules when there was so much evidence out there to prove that democrats don’t play by the rules? Ronald Reagan said “Trust but verify.” Our leaders didn’t say that loud enough and too many of us didn’t listen.

  24. Rita says:


  25. Ken Barkdoll says:

    I have heard of someone being vindictive but this is beyond reason . I guess their next move will be to let the illegals out of the prisons . They have finally found the way to get back at Trump . They tried for four years and could not stop him from making America Great again . Now they are hell bent on destroying the Great USA . I hope the ones that voted this bunch into office are pleased with themselves now .

    • Grace says:

      Their goal is to destroy the middle class. The working class that is the backbone of America. There is no middle class in a socialist regime because they flee to better more free places. Our government is broke and yet this fool we elected is talking about a trillion dollar stimulus package that will give a stipend to citizens and billions to bail out and pay for the damage done to liberal cities that allowed riots to destroy businesses in their cities for months and because they are liberal states.

  26. Kevin Koebert says:

    He is out of his mind we are in the middle of a pandemic so I guess these people have already had the vaccine and pose no threT to any other people that have not had the shot. NOW WE NEED TO IMPEACH JOE BIDEN AT ONCE. THIS MAN IS EVIL AND DOES NOT CARE ONE PERZON IN THIS COUNTRY. THERE FOR HE IS A TRADER. JOE BIDEN SHOULD NOT ONLY BE IMPEACHED HE SHOULD BE IN PRISON. THIS IS A CRIME Nd should not be tolerated. He has done nothing in congress in the past 40 years and now he is committing an act of violence to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Joe Biden and Harris need to go i do not care about them they have no ethics and we do not need or want them running this country.

  27. T says:

    They aren’t gonna get jobs either the are gonna get welfare before anyone of us U.S. citizens will get help

  28. This is the most horrific thing the Biden Administration could do. Letting these people out, with some of them that will probably kill,rape,steal,kidnap our children for sex trafficking,and no telling what else.This administration has no heart or a brain, nor a conscience. What is it going to take to wake the people up that did vote for this crazy man and to realize that he only won by this fraudulent election we had? Now in just these few days of him being in office,can’t everyone see now how much better we all were with President Donald J Trump?

    • Bill R. says:

      Well said Katherine! Biden is a frail, senile old fool who apparently hates the American people more than he loves his corruption money. I am afraid of this evil man and his horrific allies in the Democrat/Socialist party. I fear for our conservative movement, for our children and grandchildren and our future as we have become an endangered species. What happened to the USA that used to be a Constitutional Republic? We may as well leave here and form our own nation. I fear the end is near. May God help us!

    • Grace says:

      Don’t say we weren’t warned. For months President Trump told us over and over again what would happen if Biden and the communists took over America. Our supreme Court had a role in this, and they are guilty. They sat on their hands and refused to hear mountains of evidence from Republicans that the voting machines were rigged and the ballots were illegal. They refused to honer the rules of the Constitution they swore to defend. Chief Justice Roberts was afraid if the 2020 election was ruled invalid would be demonstrations.
      Demonstrations !!!!! His cowardice in line of duty could cause a war.

  29. Bob Morgan says:

    Come on man,don’t you know the law or is it that you just don’t care.I chose to think you hate this country and want to destroy it.You are the one that needs to be impeached.You jerk.

  30. Pegs says:

    #IMPEACH biden NOW!! CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!! The REAL CROOK

  31. Pegs says:

    #IMPEACH biden NOW!! CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Efrain Morales says:

    Im happy the people will be free. Illigal ailian is a raceist term. We are all people of the earth. We should be free to live enywhere we want on this planet!

    • Andy says:

      Then try moving your sorry ass to Iran see how that plays out for you people of the Earth. Biden is one ignorant person
      He should be impeach for voter fraud, treason. He will go down as worst president in history.

    • Beverly says:

      Learn how to spell

      • grace says:

        Another product of the WOKE generation. Freedom is not free, it is earned by responsible citizens forming a union to protect law and order in peaceful community.

      • Robin Kerby says:

        No shit Beverly, guessing this is one of those illegal aliens who has been here but hasn’t learned proper English living off the welfare……….

    • Kathleen Bolyard says:

      That is your problem thinking you have the right to do anything you want. Sounds just like a little kid who have never lived life or accomplished a damn thing. I bet everything you have was giving to you free. You never had to work hard to have anything you just take. Here’s an idea for you go out and work HARD your entire life watch your children work HARD their entire lives and then give it all to someone who has NEVER done anything or contributed to society. That’s what you are telling all of us to do.

    • Tim Smith says:

      You should live with the unicorns. They like you.

  33. Nancy says:

    I think Biden is crazy. I’m against the release of these illegals. How do we know they aren’t thrives, rapist or murderers? Biden is acting irresponsibly, needs to be impeached. Now!

  34. Anthony Moreland says:

    Another inane action by a man who cheated his way into the office of President. Mark my words, some if not most of these released illegals will commit felony crimes & murder against real citizens of the U.S. because that’s all they know how to do. Biden should be impeached & the elected socialist left with him. This is just the beginning of the end for the Constitutional Republic. There won’t be another election if the socio-communist party remains in control.

  35. Beverly says:

    Does anyone else feels this way besides me that we are being run by spoiled brats who just want their way without thinking about how it affects anyone else besides their own wants and to do it out of spite?? I think we need an adult somewhere because right now there isn’t one

    • Connie says:

      I Totally Agree with You!!

    • Pegs says:

      I’ll second that as well. #BRATS #IDIOTS #CRIMINALS they WILL DESTROY OUR GREAT NATION!!! Don’t blame us when it ALL GOES TO HELL!!!

    • Linda says:

      Our police force has been degraded, we don’t have much legal protection anymore, too many listened to gossip and what someone made up, they never questioned or seemed the truth about the media, so much blatantly happened and people were deaf, blind and would not listen to the truth, did not research anything. Much that happened was so clear a child could see the wrong, like handling little girls, while he was behind women he would out his hand around her waist to the front, even with the husband there. He liked little girls. People go rampant about pedophiles but he know he can get by with it. He stutters because he needs notes for memory, that alone let us know someone was needing to lead him. It all come down to control everyone, eliminate anyone who doesn’t agree or think like them. The public has proven this. It is hate and dissention. It used to be our right to think differently. He and all his cronies are dangerous to all of us. If it can happen to 1 it can happen to his voters. Like Obama he did not salute the soldier when left Air Force One or did he not remember. I read he removed flags from the WH. I haven’t searched. Hang on the road is going to get rougher and more dangerous. Thank you for reading.

  36. Mary says:

    Time to impeach Biden, he is crazy and unfit to be President and impeach Harris with him, she is just as bad.

    • Kathleen Bolyard says:

      She ( Harris ) is worse. OMG she sucked and screwed her way to the top and lets not forget she is 1% black. NO WOMAN especially a “black” woman should ever hold the office of VP or POTUS she was the most radical of the Senators.No black nation has ever been anything other than a 3rd world nation anywhere at anytime through out history. There is a reason for that.

  37. Rev4God says:

    Truly insane Biden. You really are trying to destroy America. Some one call out the N. G. FOR the violence that’s coming.

  38. Greg Caudill says:

    Biden is only a puppet of the Demonrats he is controlled by the socialist communist to do what they say he is to far gone to do it on his own until they can deam him unfit from his dementia. He is only trying to read what they wrote for him poorly with his mental health declining. I hope our law enforcement across this country and our military do not follow unconstitutional orders and let them destroy this Great Nation with their B/S.

  39. Nancy M Gibson says:

    Does NO ONE know the definition of “illegal”??? How can he be president of our United States and NOT uphold our laws as they are written?

  40. Ray Wadinski says:

    Communist joe is killing Democracy. CJ and his thugs need to be exiled.

  41. Our borders will be flooded with illegals & all the criminal aliens will be let go. Biden is totally incompetent. All these illegals are probably full of the Covid virus overloading our country at a time when we are already fighting a terrible pandemic. Whoever is pulling Biden’s strings are wanting to destroy America & Americans. Just the 1st few days in office & he along with who is controlling him a have already cost almost irreparable harm to America.

    • Kathy says:

      Biden and his colleagues are destroying this country. If the government wants to start a war they are going about it the right way. Setting all the illegals free is a good way. Most of them a criminal anyway.

  42. This man is criminally insane. Impeach him NOW. He is putting every American at severe risk. He must be stopped before he destroys us all. And take the VP Marxist excuse with him.

  43. This man is criminally insane. Impeach him NOW. He is putting every American at severe risk. He must be stopped before he destroys us all. And take the VP Marxist excuse with him.

  44. Robert Shriver says:

    Texas Govener and all Texans should defend our great state.Our political representives democrats and republicans should start doing something now Don’t wait u till all he’ll breaks loose.If we give in we are whimp’s.Bus them all too Washington DC.We Don’t want them.It sounds like they will get better treatment than American people.(FREE.HA HA.)OUR NATIONAL GAURDS SURE GOT THE SHAFT.COOKIES,COVID19. READ AD HEADE WHATS NEXT.REAL AMERICAN PATIOT.

  45. RayH says:

    My flag is now flying half staff due to the death of the USA democracy, how about yours?

  46. Donna La France says:

    We can’t afford more people that have no idea what they are going to do. Who’s going to support them all? Seniors get poverty amounts on SSI and l started working as a volunteer before l was old enough to be paid. Trump had some good intentions and tried to make us safer.

  47. Frank Papp says:

    Impeach Biden now before he comits more crimes against the United States

  48. Bryan says:

    Biden needs to be impeached and to be incarcerated.

  49. Biden really is a sick demented man, not my president he is illigitiment. He has in 3 days time taken measures to ruduce our job and income, linked us back up to the controlling WHO, Made abortion law changes that will once again allow women to kill GOD’s creation and let our gutters run with their blood, their body parts be sold to make only GOD KNOWS WHAT, Now he
    has made laws to releasing all the illiegal alien into our AMERICA,
    most of whom are criminals. GOD WILL NOT ALLOW HIM TO CONTINUE THOSE ON CAPITOL HILL, Take notice We are not all Trump supporters but we all are CHRISTIANS, WE PRAY,
    and GOD ANSWERS, people are going to start dropping.

  50. Frank Papp says:

    What is wrong with you Biden are you plum mad you idiot ?

  51. Elihablu says:

    So will these people get stimulus checks, welfare, foodstamps, Medicaid,medicare and housing. Its bad enough 50,000 people lost jobs on wed and now rx’s will go back
    Up with the flourish of a pen

  52. Diane Santmyer says:

    Impeach Biden. Vote this week for Biden impeachment to begin. He is senile and not capable of running a country!

  53. rick says:

    Welcome to the Criminalocracy, with Jokin’ Joe as its leader! Lock & load!

  54. James says:

    Do you see a pattern? This is not the first time this has happened. So was it planned? I think so, if you do the research. The problem is once those children find out what happened, I don’t think they are going to be to happy. Hmm.

  55. Mary says:

    I absolutely do not agree with this move by President Biden. That’s all we need is more lazy ass people on welfare.

  56. Louis Brdar says:

    There are thousands of legal immigrant applications, people who can contribute to our country and we make them wait. Just cross the border illegally and joe will let you in even if you’re a criminal. Impeach this man NOW…

  57. Irene says:

    I have nothing against illegals, but that is not the correct way to get people in our country. The constitution has rules and we should use those to bring them in correctly. That’s way we have so much angr in this country there are no rules to follow. So people get upset. We need to have a good border. We also should make it so they will learn English.

  58. LB says:

    Totally agree with you Wes!! What in the heck is wrong with you Holly and Julie????? President Trump tried to protect this country! Obama’s, Clinton, Polosi and all the other idiots thinking lime Biden and Harris need to be locked up!!!

  59. Ricky says:

    I have heard a lot of dumb stunts, but this takes the cake of dumbest to let Killers, Rapest, Cartel leaders, MS13 gang members all allowed back on the streets of our Country so they can kill a lot of people or rob them or just hurt a lot of people. Makes no sense to me. But nothing has the last 3 days.

  60. JR says:

    Who is going to pay for these illegals?? Where are they going to live?? I’ll be damed if there come here and get free everything. I worked for over 45 years in this country and deserve my SS. They don’t get free handouts!!

    • Ed says:

      But they will get free handouts. And WE Are going to have to pay for it. The Biden voters have the blame on this one. He is not fit to be president.

  61. Wes says:

    What else? Are the Non-Democrats going to be sent to gas chambers? Sounds like Biden is uniting everyone. So, is anyone around here going to help? Big Tech No. CNN and other media outlets? No. Only God can deliver us from the evil. Pray in Jesus name. This life is temporary. These non believers are lost, corrupt, and money hungry. So, this is the answer.

  62. Bunky says:

    Don’t these morons realize they will be releasing some violent criminals along with the innocents. If they put Biden’s brain in a vulture, it would fly backwards!!!!

  63. Pres. Trump is cracking-up!! It appears that he can’t give up his powers to run our country. I don’t know weather to feel sorry for him or put him in a rehab center with Palosi!

  64. Bsum says:

    Releasing all illegal aliens is a very bad idea. Very reckless. This will cause much harm to the everyday average American citizen.

  65. Holly Rose says:

    Excellent move of President Biden. This will cut down if not stop the riots here in Portland directed as ICE. Hope President Biden disbands ICE. We don’t need that agency. Save us tax payers much money.

    • Elijablu says:

      You have no idea if there were gang members, murders or rapists in custody. We already gave over 11 million illegals running around this country, we dont need more. We are in debt to to our eyeballs, 4 million homeless Americans. Thousands out of work. How about caring for your fellow American for once

    • Billy says:

      You are and idiot

    • Sam B. says:

      Holly Rose…r u even an American? LOL. What radical socialist dictatorship government run country r u from? A sympathizer from Venezuela? Time to go back psycho…or take ur anti-psychotic meds quick! These people r here/crossed our borders ILLEGALLY! Esp the 10s of thousands of repeat offenders/convicted felons!! Maybe 1 of these wonderful people will come knocking on or busting down ur door some day to “visit u!”
      I know u constantly say the things u do to get a laugh/rise out of us 100s of millions of true matter of party(except the assclown socialist). However I gotta say ur adolescent comments/views r still ridiculously uneducated & sad.

    • Ernest Garcia says:

      Holly rose your just an idiot that dies not know nothing about country we cannot have these illegals running loose in our country with this virus going on ,trump is the best orez that has ever lived, your probably an Obama chaser good luck with you live you sick traitor

    • DAR says:

      So you think as a taxpayer, disbanding ICE will save you money? Ha! Their salaries are a mere pittance compared to the money that has been, and will be, spent on supporting these illegals!!

    • Amberdawn Richmond says:

      You deserve bidens sick communist bull shit . Please do us all a favor and use a dictionary( it’s a book with the meanings of words) look up the word ILLEGAL.
      That is the presidential joke and illegal vp. Also describes what Congress has been doing for the past 20 years.
      Time to face WE the PEOPLE, this government needs to all be in prison and real ppl in place. Some ppl with common sense.

    • Robert Miller says:

      Hey Hollie, are you some kind of brain dead retard? How did you ever get this far in life?

    • TA says:

      Holly Rose, you need to be reprogrammed. You’ve been duped by the far left. Most people are born with a brain that allows them to think for themselves and realize what’s best for our country. The path that you blindly follow will lead to the it’s destruction. If you’d prefer to live under socialism, you should’ve chosen a different country because America was built on the foundation of the constitution.

    • Judy Evans says:

      Rosy when M13 hacks your daughter to death remember who to blame. Yourself! When the drug cartels start shooting at each other and your child is caught in the cross fire, remember that you are in favor of them being here totally inverted. The riots in Portland and other cities is because BLM and ANtifa are mad at Biden because they supported him and now they want favors ! So far he has ignored them!

  66. Mary says:

    This man needs to impeached now before America is flooded with illegal aliens.

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