Illegal Aliens’ Ghastly Protest Method

Border Wall

( – The following report is so ghastly, so gruesome that we double and triple-checked to be sure it’s true and not a hoax.

But, horrifically, it’s true.

Central and South American migrants attempting to illegally reach the United States of America by means of crossing the southern border of Mexico from Central and South American countries south of Mexico are sewing their lips together as a form of protest for not being allowed into Mexico.

As the New York Post reports in “Migrants trying to reach US border sew mouths shut in gruesome protest“:

“A dozen undocumented migrants trying to reach the US border sewed their mouths shut on Tuesday in a gruesome protest over the Mexican government’s refusal to allow them in.

“Shocking photos taken by Reuters (click HERE for pictures) show the migrants, mostly Central and South Americans, using needles and plastic threads to seal their mouths shut in Mexico’s southern border city of Tapachula…

“‘The migrants are sewing their lips together as a sign of protest,’ said Irineo Mujica, an activist at the protest.”

For more photos of what the migrants are doing, click HERE.

What is your reaction to what the migrants are doing? Please share your opinion and thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Do you think this bizarre form of protest will have any impact? Why or why not?