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Illegal Immigrants Gain Ground in House

Yesterday, millions of illegal immigrants in the United States gained legislative ground in their quest to be legalized. To the surprise of some conservatives, dozens of Republicans joined with Democrats on one of the House of Representatives bills.

The House approved two bills Thursday that could grant citizenship rights to about half of the 11 million immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally, with Democrats saying the current surge of migrants at the border shouldn’t stand in the way of rewarding those who’ve already been here for years,” according to The Washington Times.

One bill would legalize farmworkers who are here without permission, while the other would do the same for young adult “Dreamers,” as well as migrants here under special protections such as deferred deportation or Temporary Protected Status.

“The farm-worker measure passed 247-174, drawing 30 Republicans’ support. The Dreamer bill passed 228-197, with nine Republicans in favor… [emphasis added]

“‘We say to the world we are making a very big difference in how we value the diversity of America,’ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, said ahead of the votes.

“Bill supporters repeatedly rejected the term “amnesty” for the legislation, though that’s exactly what opponents said both bills would be.”

For more, go to The Washington Times.

Please share your opinion. Do you believe the bills passed by the House do represent a grant of “amnesty” to illegal immigrants even though Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats reject that term?


  1. David Smith says:

    Too bad the VP Porn queen wasn’t home that good ole boy could have given us a good start Maybe he could have arrested her and they could have given her a fair and speedy trail and the introduced her to electricityLMAO

  2. David Smith says:

    I also read the media was told to stay away from the border and do not film it. That came from the white house and again I did not see that on the clown stations CNN MSN or the other wonderful news outlets Why would they want the press to stay away from the border if it is all going along just fine LMAO DJMO

  3. David Smith says:

    I read that DHS wants to fly Illegals to the northern states on the Canadian border to help process them as they are being run over at the border I watched a border sheriff on an interview say they are barely hanging on but that a lot more people are coming and he does not belief they can keep them out And they caught 4 people on the border that were on the terrorist list Jihadist And saw pictures of those “Children” LMAO I saw two children out of 40 adults half with their caps on backwards So I guess when they fly them to the northern border we will pay for that and the usual food medical and a place to stay I wonder if I can say I am an Illegal and they can fly me to Colombia would save me a few hundred dollars I didn’t get that information from CNN LMAO Carol I don’t think you would have to worry in the convicts were chained together and had cops with shot guns on horses with orders to shoot to, kill if they tried to escape. They pick up trash along the highways with very little people watching them. LMAO Just another stupid Idea that they did a long time ago

  4. Charles Larson says:

    CNN REPORTED TODAY that 15000+ children are in U.S. CUSTODY who crossed the border thus far illegally. HSS IS CONFINING THEM AND CARING FOR THEM TEMPORARILY. Many of them already have families/parents or guardians they are trying to unite with. CNN reports that the Biden administration claims that many of these kids and teenagers are sent here by smugglers and human trafficers in Mexico and that’s why they were hit with a higher number of illegals crossing in our southwestern states than they expected and anticipated THE PAST TWO MONTHS. They’re still trying to open up facillities to accomodate them UNTIL they can be sorted out to unite with family and get situated in permanent homes. Most single adults and some families have been sent back to Mexico since the surge/crisis grew.

  5. Rhina says:

    Wow glad the criminals got a free pass. They ain’t ever going to help our country this will just give them the green light to murder more of us. Besides no one ever appreciates something when it’s given to them they didn’t earn it. This ain’t going to end well less then a year most will be arrested cause as illegals they think they are all that what are they going to be doing to us now they been given our country. Communist allowed to help democrats disgusting! Why we want to help the trash is quiet concerning. God help us we got traitors adding people who hate us to our house.

  6. Awakening Democrat says:

    We need TERM LIMITS and we need a RECALL VOTE
    FOR ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS. If elected officials are sanctioned by the people in their state, then that ELECTED OFFICIAL SHOULD HAVE THEIR WAGES TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY just like “we the people” have our wages terminated if we do not follow and comply with our employer’s requirements for employment.
    Not only do Democrats & Republicans need this but more importantly AMERICA & IT’S CITIZENS need this. The only ones who oppose this are Politicians, Intimidators, Power Hungry, Blackmailers, Anti-American Foreign Powers, Elitist using their wealth, influence, position, etc to effect the will of the people, etc.

  7. 9mm says:

    This to is the upcoming Death of the Repub party thank God. They have the FOR SALE sign out at each time to vote for the Soros Devilrat buy out.

  8. Pedro says:

    Illegal remains illegal, even if Pelosi calls it otherwise. Pardon a crime and expect a new crime.

    • Concerned says:

      Well said. I have always had an issue with the word “illegal”. What part of that word don’t they understand. We have laws in this country and we the people are subject to consequences for breaking them, but the Illegals get away with it. Maybe we the People should refuse to follow the laws, because obviously the illegals don’t have to so why should we. I am not against immigration, however I believe it has to be done LEGALLY.

  9. Kevin A Murphy says:

    I will not vote for. Donate to their campaigns nor work to support any Republicans who support illegal immigrants. All this does is encourage more illegal immigrants flooding into the country. The people most hurt by this will be low income and people of color who will find more competition for jobs and housing. Wake up people the Democratic Party is destroying wage growth and is increasing rents on housing for political gain . And don’t forget the criminal element moving within the people coming here.

  10. Kevin Murphy says:

    I will not vote for. Donate to their campaigns nor work to support any Republicans who support illegal immigrants. All this does is encourage more illegal immigrants flooding into the country. The people most hurt by this will be low income and people of color who will find more competition for jobs and housing. Wake up people the Democratic Party is destroying wage growth and is increasing rents on housing for political gain . And don’t forget the criminal element moving within the people coming here.

  11. Why wait for years to have a new democrat voter. Next they will just send all people below the border a democrat voting card and they can stay where they are and we the people can pay for the lifelong needs. Don’t forget the freebees too. If you turn to america and be our new democrat we will get you houses, cars, vacations,cash, debit card with zero limit. All good.

    • Carol says:

      Don’t forget free medical care, school through 2 years of college, and a free gobernment paid cell phone. I know a Mexican woman, though legal- she has her green card resides in Mexico full time. When she needs medical care, she comes here. She has Medi-Ca;/ MediCaid. She works in Mexico, but does not declare that income to the US govt., so she qualifies for free medical care here in the US. When her medical care is completed, she returns to Mexico. She was very pleased that her doctor here speaks Spanish.

  12. TroopAbn says:

    Send them back across the border with Biden family, after we confiscate all their wealth. Those of you that want these illegals in this country don’t realize your social security will be cut to feed and clothe them! Many of your families will be robbed by these non-working illegals, many will be maimed, raped and murdered. Look what happened in Europe when they opened the gates. Pelosi, Shumer, Nadler, Shiff, Swallowell and many others should be imprisoned for what they are doing to this country, after they stole this election.

    • Debra Cassiero says:


    • Aida MT says:

      The illegals has no right to be citizen , I am A legal immigrant who ,worked very hard to process all the steps necessary to be where I am ,now a NATURALIZED USA CITIZEN. Be humanitarian in a proper , rightful means or path,not by stealing.

      • Carol says:

        AMEN!!!! You go girl!

      • Concerned says:

        Good for you. I agree in that you came here legally and it wasn’t just handed to you either, I am sure. The people Pelosi and her gang of criminals is handing it to them free of charge and the ONLY reason why she is doing it, is to ensure they vote Democrat for the rest of their lives.

  13. Cathy says:

    start calling, emailing and mail to all members of congress that we need to start impeachment processes against Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and others, for mutiple counts of dereliction of duty. Acting against the constitution. Voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, (i don’t believe you can do a recall). Deliberately allowing mass illegal immigration, smuggling etc across the border. Deliberately allowing criminals who were caught to be released back into the public. Condoning and aiding violent acts against government and private property and persons in multiple occassions of riots, etc…
    For redistributing tax payer money, by executive action, to payoff their personal investors and interests that are not
    in the best interest of the U.S.citizens (that paid those taxes) and the money is not distributed fairly amongst the States etc. The FAKE COVID relief bill only 9% actually provides COVID relief. The $1400 people that qualify get is pennies to the dollars (billions) that go to the Pelosi and Biden etc. Porkulus payoffs. That bill will cost each US citizen over $7000 to pay off. Hmm maybe they think that by legalizing the illegals that they can start taxing them.
    You can add to the list of reasons, we need a tally sheet to keep up with them.

  14. Inez Bowman says:

    This country was born in war. Our forefathers fought an empire and kicked King George’s ass. I guess now it is our turn to kick ass, Pelosi, Biden, Harris and all the rotten greedy lying democrats need to be removed from this earth. Back in the 50’s is was a death sentence for treason, I think we need to bring that back. I’ll even pay the electric bill for the chair, the electric chair that is. All the damn democrats need to be removed. We have a traitor in the house.
    We need to clean house. By the way how is the fellow from Texas doing that was parked outside Pelosi’s house doing, well I hope.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Inez, you clearly are a Trumpee Cult Head, with all your hate for democrats and Joe Biden. You sound like you’re over 70 years old, but I think the FBI should have you on their watch list for domestic terrorists. Biden just completed the stimulus plan that Trump was trying to put through, but there’s a lot more to his “Rescue America” $1.9 Trillion plan than republicans wanted to do. It was badly needed. There’s still a lot more work needed to get our economy going again in the right direction, though.

  15. David says:

    Corri you are right to a certain level we do not need illegal to work on our farms and such we have prison loaded with people to do that work we support them let them earn the slop they eat. Put a few cops on horses like they used to do and let them try to escape. as for us being Immigrants yes we all were but we also killed and stole land from the Indians and the immigrants that came later were held on Ellis Island under very bad conditions and others were made into slaves for companies and made to be tenant farmers indentured servants and share croppers not a nice life some like the Chinese worked in mines like the polish and others All while killing and stealing land from the Indians They were not treated like the Illegals now who bring in drugs rape and murder and a few diseases and a few other things. I am all for Legal immigration Lord knows I am going thru it right now. And Holly you are right and wrong Right hat the children should not be here because two wrings don’t make a right but wrong because I feel I can’t look into a babies eye’s and separate it from it’s parents or throw it out into the wolfs den. It is a two edged sword

    • Debra Cassiero says:

      Great plan!
      The same for other duties court assigned as payment for fones,crimes!
      They use prisoners for forest ,fire mgmnt already.

      • Carol says:

        My family owns a farm. No thank you. I would not wish to have convicts helping my son and husband with the farm work, or hanging out around my home. We have American citizens and legal Mexicans with green cards who help. No need for illegals; especially now during the covid pandemic. That could put my family in grave danger.

  16. R-Tater says:

    I can’t disagree with most of your feelings and comments. The harsh realization is that President Trump offered to work with Congress to set up a Dreamers’ way to become legal citizens, if Congress approved the funds for the border wall to stop further illegal immigrants and the Drug Cartels. Of course, the Democrats and their Press buddies would not allow the bipartisan legislation to take place.

  17. Holly Dutton says:

    The anchor baby scam must be ended. Once an illegal alien births an anchor baby, they exploit their child’s bogus cit izenship to cash in on our benefits. Anchor babies can NOT be properly defined as citizens because their parents are ILLEGAL aliens, and illegal aliens do NOT deserve for their anchor babies to be citizens of the host country. Anchor babies are children of LAWLESSNESS, since two illegal aliens can NOT produce a citizen. Illegal can NOT beget legal.

  18. Candyce Clanton says:

    All I know is I want to know what Republicans voted for this so I can make sure I never give them another dime! I was a big donator for the last election & I already have a few RINOS who I will make sure never get any of my money again – now I need a bigger list. I assume these people are not for the American public so should never be re-elected! They can be sure Trump will make sure they are voted against – this is not the American Dream. I mean allowing some to get citizenship is okay but mass citizenship is NOT okay! First we need to straighten out the border!

  19. David says:

    Corri I believe the difference is we came here legally ever here of the island immigrants stayed on?? And the numbers of immigrants who were sent back home??? I believe the place was called Ellis Island and those people did not smuggle drugs kill rape murder at least not like now and did not get free handouts

  20. Maylynn says:

    Pelosi and the RINOS struck again! They will only continue to abuse us as long as we allow them to. It’s to get physical and remove each and every one of them from the office they hold, at the end of a gun if necessary. They can step down or die, whichever comes first. They are traitors, every one of them. They are also pedifiles and criminals, and have been robbing us blind for years. Once again, I reiterate, they will only abuse us as long as we allow them to.

  21. Corri says:

    Every one of us came to the US as immigrants. That’s the reality. so what’s the big deal here? All of our families were allowed entry as long as intentions were good. Most recent immigrants and farmworkers/laborers that I know are kind and hard workers. We need more people like that who contribute to our country without anger and retribution in mind. There are bad people parading around under the guise of both parties in our country at this time. But if you claim to deny that you came here through your family as an immigrant, then you don’t belong here. Period. I am opposed to illegal entry, yet every person has the right to apply for legal immigration. Those whom this bill supports, are in that category. So let’s get facts and legal constitutional processes straight when calmly and thoroughly thinking through all that is going on.

    • Candyce Clanton says:

      Of course our families came here and worked and saved for 7 years in order to become an American but they waited their turn to get into the country – coming in legally is not what’s happening here. These people are being paid to come – they are given free housing, free food, free medical, free whatever & we’re paying for it! You have a lot of money – you can pay my share! What about the people who wait for their number to come up to come here from Europe? There won’t be any room for them!

    • Michael J Korger says:

      We have many “legal” immigrants who follow the law. When it was easier for immigrants to come here like my grandfather, there was no welfare of any kind. You were on your own. Now the Liberals want to give them free stuff: Medicare, Social Security, food stamps, rent, utilities, etc. Who is going to pay? But that doesn’t matter to the Socialists who have now taken control. They just passed the $1.9 TRILLION Covid Bill which is stuffed with Liberal PORK, they have more bills coming for $2 TRILLION for infrastructure, and $2 TRILLION for climate control. Why not give a trillion to every illegal alien? The insanity is ballooning! A country with open borders and no control is no longer a country. LEGAL IMMIGRATION ONLY!!!

  22. Elizabeth W Shores says:

    How can these immigrants be given a free pass to citizenship when they have not done the work of learning English, studying for the citizen exam 100 questions, taking the citizenship exam and fulfilling the requirements that other immigrants have done so faithfully to become citizens. I have taught English as a volunteer for a few years to immigrants as a first step to becoming citizens and these people work amazingly hard to acquire the privilege. After working so hard to get there, they truly regard the rewards of their efforts (including Citizenship) as an amazing privilege not a sneak across the border prize. I am ashamed of a government that would allow this travesty.

    • Sandra Ferry says:

      I agree with every word you have written. While in high school, i took a citizenship test as an American citizen and won. My reward was to be named an honorary member of THE DAUGHTERSOF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. i worked harder for this honor thsn any illegal has worked for American citizenship. A lucky trip over the border should never allow citizenship. That is why we already have laws governing this. I know i was lucky to have been born here. And i should protect this Country from Politicians.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Elizabeth, I agree with you completely 100%. I’m shocked that Nancy Pelosi and our Congress, Republicans and Democrats, authorized this NEW RIDICULOUS AND OUTRAGEOUS BILL to legalize millions of illegals just because it’s easier than doing their job in requiring them to take the legal path to USA citizenship. I’m shocked that Biden agrees with it, too. Biden has been a more moderate Democrat as a Senator, not so liberal like others. Also, this new liberal policy will encourage more Cubans and Central Americans to try to come here. When we’re talking about millions of these foreigners being given free asylum and a free reward system toward citizenship and for illegally crossing our borders, it’s sickening and these kids should ALL BE SENT BACK TO MEXICO or other country they came from. Worse is they’re rewarding their parents for neglecting, abandoning and dumping them on the USA WHICH IS OUTRAGEOUS. FAMILIES SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO STAY TOGETHER EVEN AS ILLEGALS CROSSING THE BORDER. IF THEY DON’T HAVE THE MORALS TO DO THAT MUCH, WHY SHOULD WE EXPECT THEM TO HAVE THE CHARACTER AND MORALS TO FOLLOW OUR LAWS? WE’RE NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF TAKING CARE OF FOREIGN FAMILIES OR REFUGEES WHO COME HERE ILLEGALLY AND WE SHOULD NOT SPEND OUR TAX DOLLARS TOWARD HELPING THEM TO BUILD THEIR FUTURE HERE WHILE THEY TAKE American- born citizens’ jobs. WTF? I AM GLAD THAT STATES ARE FIGHTING BIDEN TO KEEP THE PENNSYLVANIA PIPELINE THAT I CALLED FOR ON OTHER BOARDS HERE. I THINK BIDEN COULD WELL AND SHOULD LOSE THAT FIGHT. MOST AMERICANS LIKE AND WANT IT AND IT’LL HELP LOWER GAS PRICES SOON AND IN THE MEANTIME WE’RE GETTING KILLED THERE. BIDEN AND HARRIS CAN’T BE DUMB ENOUGH TO THINK THEY’LL WIN REELECTION IN 2024 IF THEY LEAD OUR COUNTRY INTO A WORSE RECESSION AND A GREAT DEPRESSION.

  23. David says:

    Charlie Daniels The trouble with the world is people have put their bibles away they are living by the law of the jungle not the law od the land What this world needs is a little respect for the Lord and the law and the working man. R>I>P> Mr. Daniels a real America patriot and hero and Mt’ Lincoln Hank Williams HR another true song

  24. David says:

    Ground control to Major Halie it’s time to leave the capsule if you dare LMAO

  25. Randy says:

    Need all names of republicans and when they are up for re-election

  26. David D'Anna says:

    NAME the RINOS that Voted with the RAT PIGLOSI and her TRaitors!! NO,I don’T care ! those that have been here ILLEGALLY are as Bad as the ONES coming!! Looks like it’s time to put on the ARMOR of GOD and STOP the fools that are SUPPOSEDLY Representing us!!

  27. Clifford Howell says:

    Like I’ve been saying. It’s the “Good cop, Bad cop” routine. Neither party is for us, they play against each other to make us THINK something is getting handled, when in reality, it’s just another distraction from the real issues. The treason that is happening can be stopped, but by who, republican politicians,,,, right. They are in it TOGETHER folks!

    • Sandra Ferry says:

      Feel your pain. Been seeing it like you do for a while now. Weve become lazy and the younger generation want to be ruled i think. My father served as a fighter pilot (P38s) in WWII and Vietnam in a C119 boxcar known as the SHADOW.
      Defined Wars to end. Now we are all over the World risking all our young men for a war that will never end. Time to bring our boys home and rethink what our Country means anymore.

  28. F F Tramutola Jr. says:


  29. Frank says:

    How do we get our country back? This is disgusting. All the dems do is tear our country apart. They point fingers and say everything is racist. We are not a racist nation anymore. These people are trying to rewrite our constitution. They need to go. If we go back about 50 years ago, they would be tried for treason. I don’t know how they get away with this. We will never be able to vote them out. They are fixing this with no voter registration and no checking of ballots. They know how to steal an election. They have control over all our government including the supreme court and our military. We are so screwed and will be bowing to China soon. Our country will be taken over, and socialism and communism will rule. Trump was our hope, but one promise he could not keep was to drain the swamp. They are too powerful for him. We are screwed unless we find a way to fight. Even some Republicans side with the democratic demons. We are truly in a battle of good vrs evil. Free speech is almost gone and disarming Americans is next. This is how socialism and communism starts.

    • Dorothy says:

      Very well stated and true! Regardless what Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat friends say, the House passing these two proposals is definitely amnesty. Joe Biden and all the Democrats plus the RINOS do not care about the legal American citizens; they are only concerned about diversity and the illegal aliens and themselves. Americans are suffering thanks to them. All these Democrats and RINOS need to be removed from office. It is sad that there are so many Americans who do not realize what is going on in the world.

    • Sandra Ferry says:

      The only reason they want the illegal to be legalized is for the vote for the Democrats. They dont truly care about these people.



  31. Susie Clark says:

    She keeps doing this…. what about OUR unemployed? what about OUR homeless that cant find jobs? What about OUR children that cant afford college? Im all for LEGAL immigration but all those that came here illegally need to go home already UGH!!!!!

  32. Sgt York says:

    30 of the most stupid in the Republican Party have come forward showing the people they are willing to see America become a One Party System the Socialist party or in more true words communist. Now your starting to see and understand why Trump is trying to rebuild it and make its leaders come clean to its members that this so called party is a branch of the Devilrat party in its hidden agendas. calling themselves Conservatives. Two things now must happen one is this so called Party must either be cleaned out of the semi socialist trash or no.2 it must be done away with 100%. Today’s clowns have been indoctrinated from the ground up that socialism will now reign as the leader in this Country by becoming communist to fall into the worlds Globalism controlled by both the UN and China along with Russia. We can either surrender to this or stand tall in refusing to see our freedoms dissolve into a country of nothings but slaves to a Government of Haters and dictators to the people. A new Party is a huge necessity now go save our Free Land known A the United States of America Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. It’s our decision make it the latter as without that we’re just one of the dolts on the slave line of communism.

  33. Sam says:


    • Sandra Ferry says:

      Agree woth every word you wrote. Thank you for spelling it out so clearly. Just hope a few that can make a difference will read your words and things will get back on track. Praying.

  34. Concerned says:

    What this is saying is “come to America, you don’t need to follow the laws and apply, hell you don’t even have to pledge that you will follow any laws”. Basically you have more rights than the current citizens”.
    That is wonderful!!!
    One thing you all need to realize the Dems and now dome of the Republicans change their minds as often ad they change their underwear. If there isn’t something they will gain on they aren’t for it. Your freedom will have stipulations. We are no longer a free country, so if your running from communism, you just came to the wrong country

  35. Dang,all you racist ruid mean evil 😈 Republicans who think migrants are just Aliens and not real humans but are human and also do come from are lord Republicans need to really grow up and realize that the Democrats are actually the ones making this country better for everyone, and none of the illegal white congress members Trump hired when he use to be are crappy president have done nothing to make this country better, but they only cridisous the good honest truthful congress people who are trying to get this pandemic under control. And all you racist Republicans only think Republicans are suppose to only run the government wrong. The only people who should run are government and congress people who know how to run a honest truthful government and help all the American people, not just think there powerful because they are in congress. So all you unkind racist Republicans if you can not start being helpful and kind towards everyone then enjoy hell when you pass on because are lord does not accept people like you and your spirit in heaven. Are lord accepts everyone 🙏 in this world we are all his children, are lord doesn’t take sides learn from it. You people need to.

    • tom ford says:

      You are out of touch with reality

    • Rude Republicans ??immigrants are humane but instead of sneaking in the back door with Bidin shirts ,and cell phone, and motherless children ,and criminals let them be vetted the legal way . Trump was a good President and Bidin is a murderous stooge that can’t even Spell and will end up getting us into a war .

    • Sam says:


    • Susie Clark says:

      She keeps doing this…. what about OUR unemployed? what about OUR homeless that cant find jobs? What about OUR children that cant afford college? Im all for LEGAL immigration but all those that came here illegally need to go home already UGH!!!!!

    • Henry Morgan says:

      Are you for real? From your crap writing I would surmise you are an uneducated, easily influenced religious crackpot.

    • Ray Wadinski says:

      Fact check: your a idiot!

    • Timmel says:

      Hallie; You are Truly Lost in the fake media narratives, and your own bubble of ignorance. Sadly, its all of your kind in America who have lapsed into the lies, deceit, and theft of our constitutional rights. We can’t fix you, I’m pretty certain.

    • Awakening Democrat says:

      You talk about illegal white people and oppressive white people. Are you referring to BIDEN, PELOSI, SCHUMER, SCHIFF, SWALLWELL, ROMNEY, CHENEY, MURKOWSKI, etc.? They need to be voted out but not because of the color of their skin but because of what they have done to the Legal American Citizen.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Halie, I think your point about republicans being more hateful than most democrats is accurate, at least for the radical right- wing Trump supporters. I know some GOOD REPUBLICAN PEOPLE, THOUGH. I TRY TO KEEP PARTISAN POLITICS OUT OF THE IMPORTANT ISSUES. REPUBLICANS FOR A LARGE PART CONSTANTLY PAINT “DEMS” AS BLEEDING- HEART LIBERALS whenever they ask for a minimum wage increase, etc., and raising taxes on the wealthy, so they’re very fast to call them “Communists”….. HA HA HO HO, HOW DARE THE LITTLE PEOPLE CRY FOR A LIVABLE AND FAIR WAGE ? NO, THEY ‘D RATHER KEEP OPPRESSING THE MIDDLE-CLASS AND POOR SO THEY CAN KEEP GETTING RICHER OFF OF THEIR WORK.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Oh, I meant to add you should not use voice auto- correct to post , because smart-phones often mispell your intended words. Use a dictionary and take your time to print your posts like I do, even though I make an occasional minor misspelling.

  36. G says:

    How much longer before FEMA and the military put an end to what we are seeing and reading that angers real legal Americans? Computer graphic imaging of Biden and probably other politicians to show the biased actions and expose others that hid their allegiance to the cabol. Clearly people are pissed to see or hear the reports of illegal immigrants at the border, some with COVID entering the USA, stimulus checks passed out like candy, bills to make voter fraud easier not tougher, courts not doing there duty, law agencies fabrication of information for nefarious reasons, media in collusion, violations of the constitution, etc. This needs to come to a conclusion sooner rather than later and anything passed since January 20th reversed until a new government can be fairly elected.

    • Charles Larson says:


      • Charles Larson says:

        Oh, and Fema and our military are under President Biden’s command as COMMANDER IN CHIEF, GREAT IDIOT.

  37. Keith says:

    Why are GOP representatives the biggest set of idiots in the world? Because some how they think if they support a bill like this, they will get some credit and votes? LOL. They will get nothing, Nancy will take all the credit and mention it as bipartisan support! I am not sure why the GOP us not saying we need to fix legal immigration before we give amnesty to people that broke our laws to come here. But we have the worst government money can buy, that is the liberal companies, like Apple and Google, think some how getting more uneducated workers is going to help their business? They do not care about America and the laws and people that allowed them to be successful, they now prefer to be in China’s pocket, apparently. So they are now trying to destroy the strongest democracy to put an end to Capitalism and enjoy their wealth in the new elite caste system of the coming socialist America! It is all part of the plan to defeat the American spirit and lower the value of hard work and limit success to those that bow to the elites. I say the Dems and the tech giants can go to hell! And the illegals can and should be sent back to where they came from and come here through legal means.

  38. Don says:

    Well, you folks who think you elected Republicans are going to pay the price for electing your RINOs. Hope you’re happy when you go down.

  39. Pete LaCombe says:

    They stole the race and now their burning and pissing on the trophy,because they know the majority of the country voted for Trump!

    • Charles Larson says:

      What trophy ? You think there is a trophy, that’s hysterical. No, there’s only a Presidential Seal flag and emblem on his podium when he gives speeches.

  40. Terry says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach, these people are Traitors, but will they be charged, no they won’t. And AMERICA is gone in a flash!

  41. Patricia j Nash says:

    This is dicusting. Take care of Amerians first. Our vets and homeless.

  42. Tom says:

    This all comes down to one thing votes for the Democrats !!!!!
    Since they cannot win elections fairly !!!!
    The Democrats call themselves humanitarian.
    The real truth, is they do not give a rats ass about these people,
    All they mean to the dem are votes!!!
    Disgusting totally 🤮

  43. What do you call 30 House Republican traitors + 217 House Democrat traitors + Millions of angry Americans? … “A Nation in Decline !!!

  44. Daniel A Bartko says:

    They are weak,pussified nonleaders,
    worried more about what pelosi and the
    nwo cabal enemedia might do to them
    instead of taking a stand with the few
    true leaders in opposing the sewer that
    those on the Left are creating for us.

  45. Lulu says:

    We have plenty of homeless that need help…
    Our Veterans that fought for this country also need help!!!
    Why have they forgotten them? I tell you why.
    DemocRats WANT THEIR VOTE!
    They too are being used, they are just a number to them.
    Them we ALL WILL SUFFER…….

  46. Sic&Tired says:

    PELOSI….The Walking – Talking – “B _ _ CH.!!!! A True Witch.!!! Pathetic Woman, who should have been taken out of the Political World…LONG AGO.!!! She has Hurt this Country….SO – MUCH.!!! AND – The People for some reason don’t even understand or know it.!!!! Those People Are Just as Brainless and Pelosi.
    Unbelievable How the House Can Stand or Take Anymore of This Miserable Woman.!!!

    • Sam says:

      Isn’t it strange that this shrew pelosi and her crew never caught the china virus? Maybe china supplied them with a vaccination before they unleashed the virus on the world. I still think fauci was paid to work with the Wuhan lab on obama’s germ warfare plan to destroy America so communist china could take over. They’ll be in for a rude awakening when they realize that CCP is not their friend after all and all that money they were paid isn’t worth anything when they are in labor camps too!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Sic And Tired. I think it’s because for an 80 year old lady, Nancy has a nice rack, ha ha. Her boobs, while not as perky in her youth, are above average. Not DOLLY- LIKE, MIND YOU. BUT THAT’S MY THEORY. I’m not high on her mental faculties.

  47. Sic&Tired says:


    • sad says:

      It’s so sad what’s happening today. Will never be able to climb out. It’s a very sad day.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Sic & Tired, it was 30 republicans who sided with Pelosi and that’s a high number of republicans to support any bill.

  48. Glen Broadway says:

    It is all about the democrats vote

    • We need Biden , Harris , Pelosi, Schumer, out of congress in the Whitehouse, they are driven by Satan to change the USA into Communism. The government needs to be shut down and have Americans vote the right people into Congress . This country was started on freedom for Americans to have opportunity to grow and Make America Great Again , we don’t want Satan running our country. Immigration is welcome as long as it is done legally under our Constitution. God be with all that are close to our Savior and know this is wrong and Evil !!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Glen, that’s a silly conclusion for a few reasons. 1. As adults everyone is free to register as a democrat, republican or independent voter. 2. I’m a longtime independent who has voted both democrat and republican in the presidential race. I know republicans who voted for Biden in 2020 and there were democrats who voted for Trump in 2016 and even 2020, too. 3. Any President running for reelection is vulnerable and beatable when the economy is bad and/or our country is at war or is being rioted AND ATTACKED by A- HOLE RACISTS, ETC. DON’T THINK THAT WHEN OUR COUNTRY GOES TO HELL DEMOCRATS WILL AUTOMATICALLY VOTE THEIR PARTY. BESIDES THE FACT THE CANDIDATES HAVE TO EARN THEIR Party’s nomination AND Win. Most people put our country above their party when things are bad.

  49. Franklin Steele says:

    I’m almost seventy-five years old. I don’t welcome death, but at least I won’t live to see America crumble and hall. Sad days are ahead. Sorry to be such a downer.

  50. virginia says:

    they should not be here, dem are only using them. dems out nazism. etc for themselfs and evil, socialsm, come here legal way.

  51. TJ says:

    This sick woman will go down in the History of this Country as the worst ever
    SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. She has done more harm to this Country than any foreign
    adversary could only dream of.

  52. victoria Bankus says:

    Biden, Harris, Pelosi are not fit to be in charge. They cannot even take care of our own American people, this move has driven us farther apart. We will never be united again! They all need to go back to there home, United States is falling, sad sad!

  53. Kath says:

    We need to take of our citizens first! We need folks to come in legally. Why should our hard earned money go to illegal immigrants?

  54. Laura says:

    Right now I am so PISSED OFF, IAM SPEECHLESS

  55. Betty Strauss says:

    They are ILLEGAL ALIENS and need to be deported.

    • Sam says:


  56. rick says:

    More proof that We, the People, have no representation in Congress! Boot the RINOS OUT in ’22!

  57. Paul Limpach says:

    I want to know which Republican Congressmen voted in favor of the amnesty bill and if any of them are of my district

  58. SDOfAZ says:

    We fought these amnesties for some years and the reps and senators are not listening to us. It is time to get the list of the rinos who went along with this amnesty. I am betting the rinos are doing the bidding of the farming, factory and ranching owners and not the people they service. This is an old story and it is not benefiting anyone but the businesses who want the cheap labor, the rest is pandering to the new voting platform of the plantation. And you can bet the politicians are being paid well for stabbing their constituents in the back.

    I don’t care how long these illegals have been here in this country illegally. And this bunch in congress is only going to do this every year they are in power. Next it will be the 35 that are here hiding as well.

  59. Rev4God says:

    See what happens to a nation that leaves God out, chaos. and this is just the beginning.

  60. Leslie Naumann says:

    I don’t care how they came here, if your illegal your illegal. No pathway to citizenship. Enough is enough.

  61. DeeJay says:

    Please people take care of your own people first! You have starving, homeless, jobless Americans. They should come first!

    • Charles Larson says:

      DeeJay, I’m with you completely. The problems for many homeless and jobless Americans are numerous and not so simple to fix. Some of them are from broken families/relationships. Too many young people/women have been jumping into living with boyfriends, instead of getting committed first to marriage and more of those relationships are ending partly because the girl or guy did not get to know their partner well enough and the divorce rate is still high at 50% itself. Not many single Americans can support themselves and thus need a roommate to live with, etc. As for the vets, they might have a mental disorder but most of them should know what help their eligible for from our government. As for the unemployed and homeless, they got to find a warm shelter to sleep at until they get a job, some of them should try to live in storage units UNTIL they can afford an apartment and of course these people need to find places they can clean up at and use bathrooms regularly. A membership at the YMCA or a gymn can help there. I certainly don’t have all the answers. I’d to hate think what I’d do if I were homeless and jobless , but I’ve got family who have helped me at my time of need.