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Illegals Being Released Without Court Dates

With each passing day of the Biden/Harris administration, the illegal immigration crisis in the United States is growing. Here’s another example.


Migrants are being released into the U.S. without court dates, instead being told to check in with local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices — as officials at the border struggle to cope with the massive influx of family units,” according to Fox News.

Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector last month told Fox News they had begun to process illegal border-crossers without Notices to Appear (NTAs), which typically take a few hours to complete. Because they needed to process faster — due to the flow of migrants combined with capacity issues — they were allowing them to leave and enter the U.S. without a court date.

“But Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has since confirmed that some migrants have been being released without NTAs since the middle of the last month due to overcrowding at facilities…

“While single adults are expelled in most cases, and unaccompanied children are transferred to Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) custody, migrant family units who cannot be expelled are eventually being released into the interior.”

For more, go to Fox News.

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  1. Take their picture, fingerprints, DNA, and give them a court date. If they fail to appear, issue a warrant DEAD OR ALIVE. Bringing in a few hundred over the hood of a pickup should slow the behavior for non compliance.

  2. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    El Salvador has a gang, MS13. Trump went after them, and had removed most of them from this country Their ruthless. He will do a lot more, if he returns to office in 2024. Send him an e-mailed @ You’ll get a reply.

  3. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    I can comment, but it would to lengthy. If you want to send Trump an e-mail, his website is Let him know how you feel.

  4. David says:

    LMAO I now read Bidumb wants to give the triangle of Honduras and two other countries 4 billion dollars to make their country better so Illegals will stop coming I must be brain dead Don’t we already send them aid ??? You smart people on the left who thing this President is great you all need mental help. He destroyed his brain cells by sniffing hair spray I get my stimulus check I hope on the 7th and will get my ticket and all the paperwork and vaccines and get the negative test and then become a Colombian I read soon you will have to show proof you were vaccinated to even go to the grocery store. And I read some states are going to pay Illegals LMAO I have to guess and say Californication Oregon and New York will e the first I hope this was all fake news LMAO Just keep believing in Biden Pelosi Harris and AOC Schumer and the other great People you have elected and don’t forget to sell your soul to the Devil

    • Biden needs to be impeached before he destroys this country! We all know that Biden is not running this country, the same person who told Obama what to do is now telling Biden what to do, that person is Susan Rice! She is really the President and that is illegal, Susan Rice Along with Biden should be arrested, she was not elected President!

  5. Jack Spring says:

    If Texas wants to finish the wall without the feds, I’ll gladly throw in $20 for the cause.

  6. Corri says:

    This is NOT a new occurrence specific to the Biden administration. If you check the records and news files during the four years of the Trump administration, the same thing was occurring. This topic always gets a reaction, so it is rehashed as the latest news again and again. Smart folks will be aware of this tactic that the press uses. It doesn’t matter if the current admin is democratic or republican, if a topic can raise hairs, it will continue to be put out there again. So if you curse Biden for this, then you also must curse Trump for it as well. That’s just the reality of the situation. Trump managed to divert attention from this horrid situation by changing the subject to the wall he was building, yet these same conditions with immigration existed throughout his admin. It’s not something that is happening because of party affiliation. It is an ongoing problem that was not solved during Trump’s term and may not be solved completely during Biden’s either. I’m not taking sides on this topic. It is something all of America needs to face head on.

    • borecrazy says:

      I question the validity of your statement! President Trump DECREASED the number of migrants significantly, we know that from Border records. So there was no crisis of the proportions now seen, there was no need toturn them loose without some means of tracking them or setting court dates.

    • Beg to differ with you. For one, Trump did not open the border to allow illegals to just walk in with a welcome and he also said to do it the right way by going through the process
      Biden illegally cancelled the pipeline where he had no authority to do this; is proposing inane policies that will destroy the middle class and small businesses where Trump was doing just the opposite so I have to disagree with your viewpoints.

    • Diane says:

      Boy you need to get informed! yes people always try to cross the boarder, but Trump was doing something about it, starting with the wall. Watch Newsmax, ONA, or Fox news, most all media is owned by Democrat Socialist. I use to be a Democrat, todays Democrats are socialist!!! I quit them before Clinton. These Democrats are trying to take all your rights away!! The right to bear arms, bad people will always get guns!! When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, after it was over they were asked why didn’t they invade, they said Americans have to many guns!!! Get educated, please!! These people in office are our worst nightmare!! Biden, Harris, Pelosi & Schumer need to go!!

    • You are very wrong! Illegals are going to destroy this country and Trump was stopping them, that was the reason for the wall that Biden put a stop to! Trump was paying Mexico to stop the illegals at their border! You are confused, I suggest you do some research on what Trump was doing at our border! Also I had four jobs taken from me and given to illegals! You had better hope that doesn’t happen to you! Because with crooked Biden in office I feel it will happen to all Americans, Biden and the Democrates want as many illegals in this country as they can get, because the illegals will vote Democrate!

  7. Louie says:

    The insan asylum has taken over running the United States of America. There is no more common sense. The Democrats running our country, took an oath to uphold the constitution & laws, protect the country & it’s people. When they don’t, what are our choices against them. Impeachment!!! Breaking our own laws. It is “illegal” to allow immigrants into our country by just crossing the boarder. We are a sovereign country!! We have a boarder for a reason. To protect all of us. We can’t afford to let all & any to cross the boarder & pay for them & award them for breaking the law!!! We are to have a balanced budget, just like we balance our own business or home budgets. Can survive , spending over our heads!! You leaders “work for us”””. We “do not work for you & want this stopped now!! Republicans, take them to Supreme Court for not foflliwing our laws, their oaths , not protecting our boarder, not protecting people of USA!!

    • Diane says:

      The Supreme Court don’t care anymore, maybe their bought and paid for, there was soo much proof of voter fraud and they wouldn’t even look at it. I believe they all should go and get people in that cares about we the people!! The Democrats always trying to make people stupid. they really think Black People can’t think on their own, so they have to guide them to go with the left!! Maybe they should look at some of these Democrats records. Biden have a few things to say about black people and not so nice,but he changes for the times.

  8. AJ says:

    Well I hope the border states and other places where these illegals spread to give hell. You better be ready to protect yourself, family and friends with deadly force. You will have no time to decide other choices if you intend to survive this illegal invasion. GOD BLESS AMERICA & PATRIOTS!!

    • Melly. says:

      It would be really nice if the remaining, non-border states would stand tall and strong against the evil with us. BTW,these illegals are being bused all over the country so we all get a taste of B’s — and his ds cronies — insanity.

    • Melly. says:

      I certainly hope the non-border states stand tall and strong with the 4 of us. These illegals are being bused all over the country.
      Please, God, show us the way.

  9. Sick and tired says:

    Biden and his cronies are not out for the American people thier out for power and money thier actions only prove it,but not everyone in congress can be behind them so why isn’t someone stepping up and saying enough already,the country is just starting to get back on its feet from the virus and now we have these people coming in with who knows what disease unchecked

    • Captain O says:

      Roger that. The virus among the illegals spreads like wildfire and neither Biden nor Harris could give two whoops in hell what happens to the American people.

      It’s all about self-interest, nothing more.

  10. Cg says:

    No one has control over the illegals!And the current president is the national problem!Wait until they kill some politicians or family members,then we’ll see how open arms you are!

    • Diane says:

      Why do you think they put a fence around the Capital, to protect their butts, but they don’t seem to care if were protected. But this is what their policies get them. I think they should fear for their lives every day!! I don’t hate anyone but I fear for them.

  11. Rob says:

    A very high % have covid…. They are bringing in cocaine and heroin to sell so thjey can buy food. Other diseases also. THEY MUST ALL BE SENT BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM….WHOEVER ALLOWS THEN IN IS COMMITTING A FELONY!!

  12. rick says:

    The World Turned Upside Down- Exactly what the commiecrats & new world disorder crowd have always wanted! What is to be done?

  13. David Sanchez says:

    This administration has to be better than just let anyone into the united states it’s bad enough as it is,All I got to say is that the americans that live,pay taxes,and own property to protect yourself and your loved ones from any body that means harm.God bless us all,God bless America.

  14. Adan JAIME says:

    The Mexican gangs are making all kind of money $8,000.perperson..thousands paying to cross no matter the risk. 3 and 5 years alone mom lives in New York this is crazy but millions going to try.

  15. Duane Bowen says:

    Now is everyone finally realizing that the Socialist/Marxist/Democrats are out to destroy the United States as we know it? What do you think the phrase “The Big Reset” really meant? To dissolve the United States of America letting Biden’s “Chinese Business Partners” take over as humanities “Sole Superpower!”

    • Michael Domnik says:

      Welcome to the New World Order

    • Diane says:

      This is why they want to change the voting system, they cheated once (anyone that don’t believe that is nuts) and they know they may not ever get that chance again. Does anyone believe Biden who did nothing in 50 Years got more votes then any President in history? If so contact me I want to sell you land in the Everglades!!

  16. Harold McMillion says:

    It appears the Biden/Harris administration wants this expedited influx of immigrants. Instead of fixing the immigration process, they ignore the law and the crisis. Just one more facet of “The Big Lie”.

  17. MAD BILL says:

    It:’s time to exterminate all Democrat politicians and leftist pukes while we still have a country worth living in. Bring back sanity to our nation.

    • laurie says:

      Its coming watch and see!

    • AJ says:

      That sounds like the only solution to stopping the destruction of OUR RIGHTS CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY.
      Here comes the CIVIL WAR!!!



  18. Pat Hamilton says:

    How could a president do this to his own country and all American people you allow illegals here to take our jobs away they get benefits that I struggled for and now with covid they can bring more disease you have let everyone down even our veterans who served to protect thus country you treat them like there trash but give illegals what they want that opens the door to crime as well as terrorists you have degraded America 🇺🇸 im a proud hard working American and I won’t sit back and have you democrats take it away

    • laurie says:

      The so called president and his demonrats are trying to cripple our America as we know it so we are completely reliant on the joke of a government and their agenda.

  19. Mikeyg819 says:

    All I’m going to say is that this entire situation is insane. It has to stop. These people have got to be turned away and sent back to wherever they came from. We have no idea what kind of sickness they may be bringing with them and we don’t know what kind of lunatics could be entering our country. It’s time to put an end to them entering this country. I think that the demonrats in the White House should start focusing their attention on the American People for a change. Help getting our lives back on track, this ones that the demonrats derailed and ruined.

  20. Sly Fox says:

    Opening the former Trump secured boarders to Covid, TB, STD’s, parasites, lice, drug addictions, and other infection diseases is one way to kill off the population and put a load on hospitals and the economy so the enemies of State can eventually take control. But, folks voted for Biden and his Leftist pals so they will have to live with the consequences.

  21. What a mess and poor excuse for leadership this administration is! It doesn’t look like they care a bit about US citizens and are deliberately letting in anyone who wants to come. No security for citizens who live here and pay taxes! Disgraceful!