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Impeached Again

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, President Donald Trump was impeached “for high crimes and misdemeanors” by the United States House of Representatives for his alleged role in the attack on the U.S. Capitol last week, during which rioters murdered a police officer.

Specifically, President Trump was impeached on one count – “Incitement of Insurrection.” To read the full Impeachment Resolution, click >>> HERE.

President Trump is the only president in U.S. history to be impeached twice.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as warranted…

Update #1: Ten Republican members of the House joined with all Democrats in voting for impeachment.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree with the impeachment of President Trump? Why or why not? Do you believe the Senate will convict him? Why or why not?


  1. Ron Reisler says:

    I am more disappointed and disgusted with some of the white supremecists, nativists, and angry traitors who compare to those who represented the south for 80 years prior to the civil war, loved the Jim Crow years, and now cannot stop letting their opinion get in the way of facts. Trump is a narcissist, a con man, a coward, a bully, and a serial liar. The cult that follows him just doesn’t care. When Giuliani said “trial by combat”, Czar Donny the cCeep said nothing. Wait until all of the facts come out – that low-down storming of the Capitol was planned and I bet that Fatboy knew it.

    Biden may not be the greatest president (time will tell) but he is not the traitor that Trump is. Just wait – when he is a private citizen his past will catch up to him. What good is all of his hatred? Since when did two wrongs = a right? One of these days that fat phony will get bitch-slapped!

  2. Joyce says:

    V-v-pee bbiden will be impeached his first day he sits in the basement of our whitehouse

    • Kay says:

      Ok Joyce, if you say so

    • Susanne says:

      Yes, Joyce, and for good reason!! His blatant disregard for honesty and his complete lack of integrity are one thing, but conspiring with China and the Ukraine borders on treason! And his sidekick (Kamela) is guilty by association! She knew about it all right from the beginning.. If anyone should be impeached for inciting violence it should be Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Alyssa Presley, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama,AOC,and Kamela!! Where were the Congressmen and women when these women were advocating for street gatherings and protests in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, Minneapolis and other cities? Anyone with a functioning frontal libe could easily see those protests WERE NOT peaceful! Why have they not been taken to task for the far more egregiouscomments they made?? Very curious!! Justice works both ways!!

  3. Verna L Hart says:

    Looks like Nasty Nancy got her way. I pray all who voted to impeach riots in HELL.Now all looks like asses. I pray one day all are in his shoes and facing being fired. Watch them plead beg and borrow. So what did the Democrats & Republicns accomplish? Will it bring peace & unity? Hell no!

  4. Jean says:

    Calling on Republicans to stop shopping at big companies and “hibernate.” It’s time for Trump supporters everywhere to show their muscle to big companies by REFUSING to spend money over the next few days. It will hurt big companies bottom line.

    Investigate Blackrock, John Kerry and the Reset.

  5. Jeanne Ballard says:

    The Democrats just insulted every American voter who voted for President Trump. I am truly offended by these unrelenting vipers and would never vote for a democrat again ….EVER

  6. Bindy says:

    Reading through preceding posts, I see the same problem that always raises its head when it comes to discussion about our country, and it just amazes me how few seem to actually get it.

    Our division on political standing and understanding is what makes retrieving our rights and freedoms a lost cause.

    DONT YOU PEOPLE GET IT?!? OUR WHOLE POLITICAL /Governmental system is corrupt and tainted. Even those that have been our “good” officials in high offices have skeletons in their closets. ITS A DIRTY GAME. ALL OF THEM have been involved in, and have something to hide. I don’t care what affiliation they stand behind.

    And those that are behind making sure that ALL political officials have those skeletons, have done so to make sure they have power over our government. Our “government” is a joke. ALL “elected” officials are nothing but puppets. Although over the years we have seen a few that have truly tried to help, and make a difference. However, their hands are generally tied, and they are limited in their efforts.

    DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT BY KEEPING US AS A PEOPLE, AND AS A COUNTRY, DIVIDED…. fighting amongst ourselves, being taken in by the “red flag” events, and believing all the brainwashing they have done to us, that they ARE keeping us divided?! Why? BECAUSE WE HAVE NO STRENGTH TO STOP THEM WHEN WE ARE TOO BUST EXPENDING OUR ENERGIES FIGHTING OVER THE SMALLER STUFF! Instead of getting the point, joining together AS A WHOLE, putting aside our differences ( for now), and fighting for what is the biggest imminent danger…, LOSING OUR FREEDOMS, OUR RIGHTS…, we are going to lose it all because all you bone heads out there can’t stop yourselves from listening to the bull, use your heads and stop falling into their traps that keep us divided. WAKE UP!’ Stop listening to the bullcrap and falling into the blame game of who’s right and who’s wrong. ALL “government” officials cannot be trusted. It is time for the USA to join together AS ONE, with our personal prejudice, and take back what is rightfully ours. The time is now. RIGHT NOW! Instead of fighting over who’s dog is better…, ( which is a moot point), it’s a fight that’s best left until AFTER we regain our country!

    Mark my words… if people don’t stop this blaming bullcrap, stop with the my dogs better than your dog mentality , and join together as ONE to fight for our country, our rights, and freedoms…, we are already well on our way to becoming the new “slave” race. ALL OF US! And WE WILL lose everything . You think things are bad now? This is just the beginning. WAKE UP! FOR GODS SAKE, PLEASE WAKE UP!

    • Bindy says:

      That is SUPPOSED to be WITHOUT PERSONAL PREJUDICE! Spell check changed it on me!! Ugh!

      • Jocelyn says:

        Well said I have been saying those same things and they tell me it is all lies and conspiracy theories. Well look around and see for your self everything that has transpired the incursions at the capital.the election fraud those are all real and not anything to do with trump or his supporters. Except to use the smoke screen to take away our constitution and our rights. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND SAVE US FROM THE DISASTER THAT IS COMING.

    • GEORGE MIKO says:

      TANK YOU

  7. Timothy Wheeler says:

    i guess they forget maxine the mouth waters was tryin’ to incite riots when she told a group of people to “create a crowd and tell the Trump supporters/staff they’re not welcome any where” and chase the Trump supporters/staff out of the business after some of President Trump’s staff was gathered to eat at a restaurant.

  8. Patti says:

    What a sad and embarrassing day for America. PELOSI,Shumer, Hilary Clinton and other Deep State politicians have been doing this same for almost 5 years and President Trump still did his job better than they could ever do theirs. I am not a youngster but my 67 year old earned wisdom knows there comes a time when are are just too old to make critical decisions concerning our country. I will spend the rest of my god given days on earth making sure that established term limits are law and rid this country of people like the ones named above. This just lunacy and I for one am sick and tired of the lies, fraud and hate filled antics of our government. No one man can be held responsible for a riot. I truly believe that this rally was used by the Dems to set Trump supporters as well as President Trump up for exactly what is going on now.

  9. Leslie Borgia says:

    I Think this whole thing is Bull SH_t is this impeachment even legal No Trial,No Hearing, No Evidence It’s a Joke I Listened to The President’s Speech I heard Nothing that should have lead to Violence I don’t Understand How The Democratic party can still be Getting away with Everything they’ve been doing WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO START DOING Something about it Their Impeaching Him so He can’t Run in the Future, why would He want to ? Can They Really deny President Trump the Right to Be in the Historic Records as One Of The Best Presidents This Country’s seen in a long time How Dare They

  10. Paul Wright says:

    I do not believe that these commie bastards realize the full impact of where they are trying to go with this b*******

    • Kay says:

      Where are all of you pussies going. Your ffucking mob mentality will be met with the appropriate force.Any and all of you mother fucking cowards are going to be hunted down and you better start praying because you aren’t going to be comfortable where you are going. You filthy trash

  11. Edna Shanok says:

    So disgusting what they have done to our wonderful president!
    I have faith that the truth will prevail….hopefully soon!
    I’m sure that Pelosi and Schumer are very pleased………
    I for one say “you should be ashamed of yourselves” and hope
    that someday you may experience the same thing!!!

  12. Maryann Allen says:

    Crooked politicians brought Trump down because he was exposing them for their crooked deeds! If anyone should be inmoeacef it should be Pelosi and her henchmen! Her disrespect by tearing his speech in front of Smerica etc! She’s wicked and the republicans who followed with the impeachment are traitors! Our government is not for the people but for their own power, money snd control! Trump didn’t incite violence at the breakin! I bet the democrats had BLM and ANTIFA the rioting dressed as Trump supporters! Then others joined in! They have tried to get rid of Trump since the elections in 2016! Socialist leading our country should be tried for treason against America! They all need investigated! And not by those they’ve bought off or part of deep state! What a farce our government has become!

  13. David Boivin says:

    I’m not going to say anything about the impeachment. We ALL know it shouldn’t have happened. I want the military to come in and arrest the all the corrupt politicians and hold a military tribunal and finally take some drastic Measures to cleanse this corrupt government. I’ve had enough of this crap in DC by all these damn children playing politics games every single day . 😡😡😡😡

  14. Marilyn says:

    You greedy, unbelievable idiots. I am sitting here in tears because what you did today to our beloved President Trump. He is the only President we have had in years who cares about us, the American people. My country is in serious trouble now with an idiot at the healm. My God what have you done? God be with Trump and his family, be with this country full of Christians who support Trump.
    He did not deserve to be impeached, you know for a fact that ANITFA was responsible for the violence taking place at the Capital NOT TRUMP. Any excuse to get rid of TRUMP since before he took office. I have never seen such hate in my life, you people are to pittied. Repulicans who turned on us, you have sold out your country, but your safe cause we can’t even vote you out, voting is useless now thanks to the corruption. God help us.

  15. Sam B. says:

    I’m a registered Democrat(barley left leaning) who personally knows dozens of others…however we r Patriots of our great nation first. I/We say “hell no to the impeachment of President Trump!” Yes 100s of thousands of patriotic supporters were there. Did President Trump say in his speech to the masses to march to the capital building & cause destruction & mayhem?! No. He clearly states in his speech that “those of u marching to the capital please do so in peace!” How the hell can Mr. Trump b impeached for incitement/insurrection when he clearly says in his speech to b peaceful!! Back on June 23rd 2018 lunatic quack radical socialist nutjob Maxine Waters called for people to: get in the face of politicians & cause a scene no matter where it is…in a restaurant, convenient store, mall, their homes etc etc. Now that’s incitement/insurrection of violence if I’ve ever seen it!! Unless u r in denial..& ur own pride has blinded u to the obvious facts/reality…u will think what President Trump said/did saying those that march to the capital to do so peacefully was impeachable….& what Maxine Waters said/did clearly advocating for violence & unrest is ok?!?!
    Folks…ALL this finger pointing BS must stop..esp from the socialist, big tech & most definitely the BS biased narrative Fake News Networks! We r America…not Venezuela. Jus-say’n!

    • Patti says:

      Thank you so much! You have restored my faith in mankind and hope there was actually Democrats who do not like what is happening in our country. Your statements gives some hope, too that this craziness is out of control and needs to stop. Our politicians are bored in by their constituents and can be voted out too! Thank you again.

      • Kay says:

        You really are stupid. So you think Sammy was ever a Democrat? It’s bullshit and he knows it. Sammy boy is only a wanna be.

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Totally agree Sam! This just in! The fbi has released their early findings that as it looks like so far the issues at the capital was preplanned by different groups..& NOT incited by President Trump! I too am a registered Democrat but want nothing to do with what has become the pathetic socialist party (formerly the democrat party). How can anyone in their right mind impeach a president for telling his supporters at that rally: those going to the capital to have your voices heard to do so peacefully & patriotically. Now how the hell can u impeach someone for that?! This is sedition?!?!?! Give me a break. And if so..u whackjobs don’t even allow a trial of any kind?! It’s soooo blatantly obvious these hacks want him gone at any & all costs. If all true honest Patriots of this country remember..impeachment started the day Mr. Trump was inaugurated! So the swamp & all other haters can take their impeachment bs & shove it.
      Ps: rep Cori Bush from Missouri called President Trump “white suprematist in chief” yesterday. Once again the race card by negative divisive people gets thrown around like a napkin blowing around in the wind. To these repulsive thinkers..u must b racist yourselves! Look in the mirror! ENOUGH with the race card bs.

  16. vernon ward says:

    Well being a ex deputy sheriff I believe thy have to have evidence to convict and the house investigation was skipped and i watch the riot on Jan 6 and where did the large group go that was escourted by 2 motor cycle cops into back of the white house,we know white supreeess groups where there ,and heard blm and anitfa was involved I beleive Mr trump loves our country to much to do that kind evil someone else involved here…dirty politics……

    • Leslie Borgia says:

      I so Agree smells Like a Big Smelly P for Pelosi If am not misstating one of the thugs was seen in the past in her office for a meeting with her so but I’m constantly being told I’m a conspiracy theorist but I don’t think so

    • Kay says:

      Well VERMIT ward, being an ex doesn’t mean you know shit, Sherlock. You are as paranoid as the rest of the repulsive repub trailer trash.

  17. Memory says:

    Kangaroo court by the Democrat party. A political stunt. ,Totally unlawful and should not be allowed to stand. Walking down the street does not incite insurrection. Our elected officials in the House of Representatives that voted for impeachment are a disgrace. Their oath of office meaningless.
    Supreme Court where are you?

    • I totally agree this is a set up by the Democrates and back stabbing Republings. President Trump did not say for them to cause all the problems. Everyone who signed the Impeachment should be charged with treason and arrested. Or worse things ma come in the future. I amalmost 81yearsold and never seen our Goverment so Bad. Leave President alone.

  18. Corruptionhater says:

    Democrats pushed the impeachment through so fast, didn’t allow Trump council or to defend himself and NOW videos from all over are coming out showing it was the Democrats causing the destruction at the Capitol. It has also been found that Nancy Pelosi herself was the one who called the head of ANIFA and paid them to come to the capitol to cause riots and destruction. PELOSI! Can you believe it? Yes, believe it. She thought she would cut Trump off so he couldn’t take her down for all of her treasons. She and about w4 others were online with China when they were quickly removed from the building and the computers were confiscated showing that Pelosi is guilty of violating the Logan Act doing secret business behind a siting president’s back. The videos coming out are proof ANTIFA was the destroyers not Trump and they all blamed TRUMP! Pass this information as far and wide as you can so it will eventually get to the authorities to put Pelosi under Military arrest as she deserves. No One is against the law even sh*thead Pelosi.

  19. Steve Leiber says:

    This is for all of the democrap A$$holes and their conservative lackeys!!! We have put up with your ignorant BS for 4 long years!! You did everything possible to Impeach President TRUMP and you kept failing until now, well now you I D 10 Ts just grabbed a pissed off great Big EAGLE by the tail feathers, and little boys and girls when he turns around and bites you, all HELL is bust loose, you morons may have just started CIVIL WAR II by your idiocy!!! We the patriots of this country will not let it be turned into a Communist/Socialist regime, we will fight to the death for what we have fought for soo long to keep!! Keep it up and you will find out what it like to grab the tail of a tiger!!!!

    • ck says:

      Hey stevie boy, the only civil war going on now is within the GOP. Btw, you might not want to use your full name when you make threats like that, cause if you think these right-winged websites aren’t being monitored, you’re as dumb as I think you are. If you’re a vet, you can also be charged militarily and have your benefits taken away. We’re done playing!!!!

      • Mike says:

        LOL you are a laughable liberal troll shill account and are one to talk there Skippy

      • Patti says:

        You totally missed the point there Demi! Unlike the rest of your flock, true Americans are not afraid to express their opinion the know to be true! They do not have to lie or disguise themselves to voice an opinion. Oh but wait, everyone who does not agree with you and yours needs to be censored, impeached, or “repgrammed”, right.

    • Kay says:

      Oh Stevie – you sound so rugged. What a moron

  20. Robin Ann Walentynowicz says:

    People who invested with bernie madoff didn’t know or understand how he stole from them all they knew in the end he did it AND they were broke. Poeple may not know or understand how the election was overturned all they know is that it was and they were ripped off.

  21. FrankAboutIt says:

    There are innumerable Democratic Communist Party Members, Deep State Members, ANTIFA, BLM, Heads of Corporations and the ANTIFA Members who were truly responsible for the incursion in the Capitol, who should be charged with Treason and face Tribunals. Instead America and Americans are subjected to another manufactured impeachment process for a President who has served with Honor, Integrity, Fairness and a Love for His Country unmatched by All the Criminals mentioned above; a President who has committed NO CRIME, but who the Corrupt Criminal Establishment fears so much that they stop at nothing to attempt to neutralize him. President Trump has suffered through four years, continuously under assault by the Deep State, the Communists, and their minions; working to deliver a better life for All Americans.
    75,000,000 + Americans know the truth, and are fully aware of who the corrupt, dishonest, criminal, liars in the United States are. They are no longer being elected by the People of the United States; they are being elected by machines.
    They will be standouts, because they are all pathological liars, and they will be stealing from ALL AMERICANS to line their own pockets. Something they are well practiced in; many for a number of decades.

  22. David V. Pachuco says:

    I hope that all of the people who responded to the news regading Pelosi’s BS will remember what their feelings are when the REVOLUTION starts!!! We will need every patriot and TRUE AMERICAN to join together and take out the swill that is claiming victory. I agree with every one of them and hope they don’t forget and then let the P’s and S’s do their destruction.

  23. Sandy says:

    How can these people live with being ASSHOLES and morons? They despicable human beings. President Trump did nothing wrong. He asked for peace and told the protesters to go home. How do you hold someone responsible for another adults actions?

  24. ck says:

    LOL!!! Just watched your fearful leader throw you all under the bus, just like he does everyone else!! Couldn’t have happened to a more disgraceful, despicable group of morons!

    • william robert davis says:

      I do not beleave in breaking the law in any way. question # 1–when the dem. party had all those marches this summer they said was peaceful and they broke into stores burned things stole things beat up on people and killed police and other people were they breaking the law? question #2 when the dem. people told other dem. to get into peoples face and confront them where ever they could be found . there were people beat up by dem. was this breaking the law and inciting people to do wrong? question #3 was all the lying done by the dem. for the last 4 years- yes I said 4 long years. all the lies told on the president when the dem. impeached him the first time. they would not let the rep. have witness’s , they would not let the dem. witness answer the rep. questions. they said you do not have to answer that question. They investigated the president for 2 years , spent millions of dollars for this investigation. they told the dem. that they could not find nothing. the dem. claimed there was something. claimed it for 4 years. was this wrong and against the law? the president claimed there was vote fraud for what a month or so. compare the same claims–dem. 4 years of lies– the president a month or so of what the dem. called lies. which is worse? compare –the dem. saying get in their face anytime anyplace and their people doing all the damage of destroying the property -attacking the federal buildings- tearing down the federal statues –beating up people and people being killed. .these things was going on all the summer. the dem. people set up a fund to pay to set these crooks free. the dem. did not say anything bad about what happened. compare with the president. he said go down and tell them. to go peaceful and no vilance. which was worse? which was punished? why was the dem. not punished? why was the president impeached when he said to go peaceful? to my way of thinking the dem. caused this all to happen. they way they have been conduction themselfs for the last 4 years made these people mad and they stormed the whitehouse. someone please answere these 3 questions for me.

  25. Patricia G Arnold says:

    No matter what, Our President is to be respected, honored, listened to! He should NOT have to apologize to us! Unless he has broken our Faith and Trust in him!! Which he has never done yet!!

    Even in the face of his First Impeachment, all the investigations and scrutiny he has been under, through most of his Presidence, and even before! His head has been held high!
    He did nothing wrong! The Democrats were out for blood then too!

    They are going out for impeachment now, because they are actually running scared!! They are afraid that someone will hear Trump about Fraud allegations relating to the two elections! And all their Plans will not ever happen!! So, people were planted, to plan an uprising at Capitol Hill, they can pin on Trump!! So they can attempt to impeach him for a second time!! What a bunch of Bull! I know they must see us as a mindless mess, but I assure them, we do have minds, we do think for ourselves, we can figure things out! The Democrats, the Far Left, all their Cronies, we don’t believe you!! You cannot make us believe you!! Just try to put us in camps to reprogram us!! See where that gets you!!

    We already see you for who you really are!! You will NEVER BE OUR PRESIDENT!! You WON by FRAUD!! We know that, nothing you say can convince us otherwise!! Dont count on us to believe anything from you!! Dont count on us to watch your taking office!! You stole it with FRAUD!! You should not take office!! Confess now, you may save YOURSELF FROM IPEACHMENT AND PRISON!! In the end, you know your wrongdoing Will come to Light!!

  26. Viola M Kunke says:

    They’ll all be together in one spot on inauguration day.

    • ck says:

      Go get em viola!! You will be shot, just like a whole bunch of you morons!

      • mike says:

        Oh the moron fake lib shill speaks forth again with more drivel, dumbass

      • Patti says:

        You are a truly despicable inhuman being. Trying to incite something there dip s…? Go away! We do not want to play with you anymore!

        • Kay says:

          Poor Patti – it doesn’t work that way. Surely you believe in the right to free speech? I’m keeping an eye out for terrorists. That’s my duty to my beautiful country – you know the wise words, “see something, say something”.

    • Kay says:

      Giddy up Viola – you go girl. You are too stupid to be allowed out in public. Keep threatening and your ass will be in jail or one of your trailer trash compadres might get overly excited and shoot you. The Pussy Grabber is not going to save your sorry ass cause he can’t even save his own.

  27. ck says:

    You mother fuckers woke the Sleeping Giant and filled him with unstoppable resolve. Darkness is coming for you!!!!

  28. Patricia G Arnold says:

    Trump should not be impeached!! Save our Democracy!! Save our Freedoms!! Save our Country!! Save Free Speech!! Our Deomcracy, as a whole, is going down the drain, as a whole, with far-left Democrats in Power!! We cannot allow what is happening before our eyes come to fruition!!

    We know that the Democrats stole the Election!! Please, President Trump, get a message to us! We are still on your side! The Democrats are worried about the next Election! They are still worried about This Election!! That SOMEONE WILL STOP THEM, THAT SOMEONE WILL FINALLY CATCH ON!! Before their PLANS are fully initiated!! They are still afraid that their FRAUD will stand in the way of their stolen 4 years!! Hopefully they won’t be in power for very long!! The TRUTH WILL BE HEARD, and Trump will be returned to his position as President of the United States!! The Swamp will be drained, those that turned on President Trump, abandoned him, will be replaced as well!! Our Country will be saved in the end! If not, we will be lost, our Country, Our People, may never recover from the Damage the Democrats will do, this time around!! :(:(

  29. Warren E Johnson says:

    Vote them all out!

  30. Becky says:

    Now since they are demanding justice so do the American people !!! We the people of the united States demand the arrest of all Democrat Groveners and Mayor’s in States and Cities that let and encouraged Terriost groups commit Arson Thief of personal property Assault of innocent citizens and capital murder numerous account’s and last but not least insurance fraud by means of Arson .Also a charge of home land security for not allowing proper protection at a political rally where this action was takeing place In no other place but DC capital of the united state.such protection was declined by no other than DC Mayor . American people demand justice and all involved be removed from office immediately and turned over to authorities for prosecution

    • Linda Wilson says:

      Amen🙏 totally agree with you! We the people need to file charges against Nancy Pelosi for TREASON! President Trump did nothing wrong🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Karen Favaron says:

      I agree with you. Impeachiing without a a trial. What crap. Pelosi, Schumer, McConnel all need to be inpeached. I am in shock. He did not incite what happened. The vote in November was nothing but fraud. Nancy Pelosi is a first class bitch. The Democrats paid people that burned down cities and buildings and Federal Courthouses and Democratic Governors would not let Trump send in National Guard i to help. Who does crap like that. I hope they pay and pay well. They are only doing this because they are scared of him and don’t want him to run again because they will know he will win. I am shocked of these Republicans voted against Trump. I am truly afraid for our Country with these communist in office. God please save us. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Karen Favaron says:

      I agree with you. Impeachiing without a a trial. What crap. Pelosi, Schumer, McConnel all need to be inpeached. I am in shock. He did not incite what happened. The vote in November was nothing but fraud. Nancy Pelosi is a first class bitch. The Democrats paid people that burned down cities and buildings and Federal Courthouses and Democratic Governors would not let Trump send in National Guard i to help. Who does crap like that. I hope they pay and pay well. They are only doing this because they are scared of him and don’t want him to run again because they will know he will win. I am shocked of these Republicans voted against Trump. I am truly afraid for our Country with these communist in office. God please save us. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 No I have not repeated this he just got impeached today. You are trying to take away my First Amendment Rights. Stop it.

    • Karen Favaron says:

      I agree with you. Impeachiing without a a trial. What crap. Pelosi, Schumer, McConnel all need to be inpeached. I am in shock. He did not incite what happened. The vote in November was nothing but fraud. Nancy Pelosi is a first class bitch. The Democrats paid people that burned down cities and buildings and Federal Courthouses and Democratic Governors would not let Trump send in National Guard i to help. Who does crap like that. I hope they pay and pay well. They are only doing this because they are scared of him and don’t want him to run again because they will know he will win. I am shocked of these Republicans voted against Trump. I am truly afraid for our Country with these communist in office. God please save us. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 No I have not repeated this he just got impeached today. You are trying to take away my First Amendment Rights. Stop it. Screw you

  31. Patricia Bailey says:

    How can you impeach anyone based on lies. All you have to do is listen to what Trump said to know that he did not incite a riot. Right now the Democrat party is a disgrace to America, its values, its beliefs andits founders. They may say they’re following the constitution but they definitely are not! This sickens me and I am not the only one. I have talked with no one that has been behind Biden and yet he supposedly Broutin won this race. That’s a lie also. God help us all!

    • Captain O says:

      You’re right. This will not work at all. They won’t be able to impeach him without reasonable cause. REELECT DONALD JOHN TRUMP IN 2024!

  32. Al says:

    This is going to divide this country more. The Democrats are to blame. They will be sorry. THIS DAY OF JANUARY 13, 2021 WILL GO DOWN IN EMPATHY, They started all this! So everything that happens from now on will be the responsibility of the Democrats and all the blame will go directly to them. Pelosi is a piece of crap and a stupid mother******. They want war, they’ll be sorry they did!!! Mark my word. I know I’m not the only person that feels this way. It makes me sick every time I hear any words of the Democrats mouth and some of the rhinos as they all need to go. Believe me they are all going to pay for everything rhey have done to our country civil War is coming. We must fight to protect what President Trump has done for us.

  33. Tommy Henderson says:

    I wish everyone could understand that the only answer is in the BIBLE.
    2 Chronicles 7:14 is the answer.

    • GT says:

      I understand and for that reason I have peace. Although I don’t like what they are doing, I know all will one day stand in front of Almighty God and be judged. They have no fear of God and for that reason they will burn in Hell forever.

  34. What is the constitutional route to impeach congressional representatives? There are a lot who need to go. And, where are the “Americans” that keep voting them into power?

  35. Lori says:

    No I do not agree with the impeachment! I think it is a waste of time and money. I have watched his speech and he never told the people to go and riot and kill people.

    • Coralee CosseyWELL I GUESS NAN says:

      Well I guess Pelosi schumer are dancing with the devil tonight. They just screwed themselves. And the traitor Republicans who voted against PRESIDENT TRUMP. I WILL NOT ACCEPT biden AS MY PRESIDENT. HE DID NOT INCITE VIOLENCE.KARMA IS A B….. #45IS#1 PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE BEST.

      • the_gnome says:

        Time for the president to utilize the insurrection act of 1807 and try these bastards for treason and sedition. That includes the JCS if the letter that was posted earlier today is true. In fact they should be shot at dawn for that letter.

  36. Joe says:

    The new radical,liberal,socialist,marxist,commie,dumbocrap party is disgrace, There pathetic, u do=nothing,jackasses are showing the world, your true colors,and laughing at u. Get off your stupid behinds, and work for the American people, get money to the people, that are losing everything, because of one,sick,evil,witch,the ripper,crazy,piglosi, she’s the one that should be impeached, and permanently removed for her arrogant,stupidity, and callousness.this woman doesn’t about anyone, but her self, and her $40.00 fkg icecream,choke on it,witch.

    • ck says:

      oooooooh, little joey sounds mad!!! LOSER!!!

      • mike says:

        Ck you are the loser I hope you love high fuel prices which have already started and high taxes and paying for all the illegals the demoRats will let in this country!

        • ck says:

          I can afford higher taxes and fuel, can you? I doubt it, you probably squandered away your money trying to keep up with the Jones, and now people like me have to support your sorry disgraceful ass!

      • Kimberly-True American says:

        Be careful what you wish for CK…
        You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything!!! Ooops, you did…you drank the commie kool-aid! Beware!!!

      • Patti says:

        Put your name out there ck!

  37. Donald R Mccarter says:

    The democrats may have impeached him again in the congress, but the senate trial will not be held until Trump is already out of office. A senate trial after he is out of office is both illegal and unconstitutional.

    • Don Butler says:

      Actually an impeachment trial can be held both during or after a Federal Official is in office. That is anyone a Representative, Senator, or the President.

  38. judith therrien says:

    Those were not Trumps people. Those were the Democrats people in Trump cloths that they paid to act like Trumps Supporters. They were BLM and Terrorist GROUP that they paid to disrupt Trumps speech. Democrats all should be arrested for causing all this trouble because they hate President Trump. BIDEN SHOULD BE PUT BEHIND BARS FOR LYING TO AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE. DEMOCRATS THAT VOTED FOR THIS MAN ARE GOING TO BE SORRY THEY EVEN VOTED FOR HIM. HE IS GOING TO TAKE EVERYTHING YOU PEOPLE HAVE AND GIVE IT TO THE TERRORIST PEOPLE THAT HE WILL LET IN THIS COUNTRY. THERE WILL BE NO MORE UNITED STATES WHEN HE OR SHE GETS IN.

    • Patricia G Arnold says:

      I totally agree!! I am appalled at what has been happening since before the election actually. Trump foretold of possible election fraud as well!! It happened!! Even the Supreme Court has not helped yet! The Democrats are digging their own grave though!! We already know the truth! What they have been doing since the election, further proves it happened, that they are scared of being exposed and their wins disappearing!! Which is what should happen!! If the Supreme Court DOES NOT HEAR THE COURT CASE ON MASSIVE FRAUD IN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, AND IN RUNOFFS, our DEMOCRACY is lost!! It will go down in History that they failed the Citizens of the United States, what we stand for. Elections may never be able to be trusted again!! Is that REALLY WHAT LEGACY THEY WANT TO BE REMEMBERED FOR!! YOU ARE ALLOWING TO A PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TO BE DISRESPECTED AS NEVER BEFORE!! WITH DEMOCRATS CALLING FOR VIOLENCE, BIGOTRY, FIRING, NOT HIRING, NOT ALLOWING ON FLIGHTS, ETC, ANY SUPPORTER OF TRUMP!! THEY COLLUDED WITH FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ETC TO REMOVE TRUMP FROM SPEAKING TO CITIZENS, SUPPORTERS!! THEY HAVE REMOVED A WAY FOR SUPPORTERS TO DONATE!! DEMOCRATS ARE NOW DISSOLVING CONTRACTS OF HIS BUSINESS IN NYC!! HE DID NOT INCITE VIOLENCE!! STEP IN AND SAVE TGE PRESIDENT!!SAVE THE ELECTION!! SAVE OUR COUNTRY!! ONLY YOU CAN AT THIS POINT!! WE ARE LOSING FAITH IN EVEN THE SUPREME COURT AT THIS POINT!! EVERY ONE HAS FAILED THE PRESIDENT, THE CITIZENS, THE COUNTRY!!


    Have said this before, from the day Pres. Trump became pres he was targeted and set up….for doing things his way….not the “good ole boys “club of the croud inside the beltway….agree not all things would ever please every one but he called a spade a spade and stood up for what was right in the US and in dealings with other countries…..impeachment will harm the American people, the country, and the future….especially since he did nothing to give verbal orders to have the mayhem at the Capitol that ensued.

    • James Reel says:

      He didn’t have to do anything to be impeached. They just make up lies as they have been doing for decades to get what they want.

  40. ck says:


  41. Bambi Durham says:

    After all the violence and murder. The Democratic Party BLM and antifa pushing the riots in the murder killing police officers destroying Federal Building killing innocent people because of the color of the democratic party Joe Biden Kamala Harris Nancy Pelosi need to impeach right along with President Trump they are no better than nobody else and you get ready to cause a really bad outcome if they are not you are going to reach have it on your country because your people are going to hit the street you worried about BLM and antifa you better be worried about 75 to 80 million Americans I think it’s wrong because he did nothing wrong said nothing wrong watch the videos

  42. Dan says:

    The first stone was thrown and then thrown again against my President. The evil doers know damn well he did not incite riot. Ask the Lord to both protect him and to punish those who attack him as He sees fit.

    • PAC says:

      Amen! 💯 %
      They’ll do anything to stop our freedoms!

    • James Reel says:

      The demonrats know he didn’t incite violence. They want everyone else to believe that he did. More fake news!!!
      It’s called propaganda.

  43. Paul says:

    Here we go again. OK you demonizing moron demorats. Your still on this nonstop merry-go-round and you can”t and never will get off till you pick up your gold ring Well you just got your prize. Because we the American people know who you are and we are keeping close tabs on you and never forget it because your evil days are numbered for the dirty deals you have done in the name of the good of the people and speaking for the American people but you definately aren”t speaking for me and my voice will be heard.

  44. Rev4God says:

    Sad times. The Church is in prayer. God have mercy on this poor wretched Godless USA

  45. Lucy says:

    This is despicable. Again the democrats wasting millions of dollars in an impeachment process to disallow President Trump for ever running for President, while businesses are going bankrupt and millions of families languish in the throes of Covid. If Trump is impeached, then we should follow suit while Harris egged Antifa and BLM on all summer saying, “they will not quit!”… Maxine Waters directing people to”get in the faces” of Trump supporters!” It goes on and on. Democrats, “aren’t you tired?” Doesn’t Congress understand that this is the most divisive action that could be taken? They are trying to silence the millions of Americans that recognize that President Trump did more for this country in the last four years than anyone in the last 20? I have a feeling that there will be more unrest and backlash from the impeachment, if it goes through, than they could ever anticipate. We are all discouraged by politicians growing rich at our taxpayers expense than Ianyone has ever seen. Our system is completely broken and corrupt. And Mr . Trump was “on” to it. He just got in their way and I pray that he continues. Democrats will take apart the Constitution starting soon, while vowing “to protect it”.
    Forever a Trump supporter and not afraid to say so.

    • Jeanine Gilson says:

      I Totally Agree with You Lucy. The Democrats are the wrong ones. Trying to hide all the bad of their own Party. The swamp needs to be drained NOW. God Bless Donald Trump for Making America Great.

      • Betty Jordan says:

        I agree with you Lucy. Kamala Harris is the instigator of the violence when she said in her speech that it was not going to stop and it should not. The Democrats are not for the people they are only for stirring up trouble. GOD BLESS THIS COUNTRY AND THE AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  46. Michael Schroeder says:

    Guilty until proven innocent….. I watched the entire proceedings…very very closely… the allegations of the democrats were totally unsubstantiated…assumptions of facts not in evidence and inciting continued frustration and anger …. the Democratic hate impeachment was full of racist implications… innuendoes…and out lies … all on National t v … they abandoned their oath of office deliberately…charging a President with out . truth… doesn’t appear anywhere in this proceeding where are the facts … investigations…. this is a real bad soap opera …. Democrats just opened up a civil war …only 7 more days until peaceful transition…. but no …. democrats fuel revolution…. Biden’s impeachment should start on his first day in office!!!!

  47. Beverlyk says:

    Don’t they know they are fueling the fire? He obviously won over Biden. This confirms it for me. He has done nothing wrong. What is the agenda? To stop him from running in 2024? Do you think that’s going to unite the United States? What’s the logic? He took us out of war zones. This is the start of the Biden’s presidency??? Lol. I forgot Trump is to blame for everything. This is such a crock of you know what. I hope they know other countries are viewing this too. This isn’t uniting the United States nor it uniting us with other countries. This is the dumbest thing I have heard thus far

  48. Beverly says:

    Don’t they know they are fueling the fire? He obviously won over Biden. This confirms it for me. He has done nothing wrong. What is the agenda? To stop him from running in 2024? Do you think that’s going to unite the United States? What’s the logic? He took us out of war zones. This is the start of the Biden’s presidency??? Lol. I forgot Trump is to blame for everything. This is such a crock of you know what. I hope they know other countries are viewing this too. This isn’t uniting the United States nor it uniting us with other countries. This is the dumbest thing I have heard thus far

  49. Crystal L Votaw says:

    In my opinion this is so unbelievable and Nancy P should check herself into a mental institution! This a witch-hunt just like the first time! IIPRAY there are a lot of Representatives from BOTH DEMOCRATIC and REPUBLICAN sides that are voted out in two years! If all of you would stop being so self centered you would see you are hurting our Country!
    ALL of this is your own dam FALT! President Trump if I had been a Democrat IStill would have voted for you!

  50. Michael Segaye says:

    Here is the problem both republican and democratic alike ignore intentionally.
    The one most prized possession beyond the rich of these both political groups—especially the Republican’—–INTEGRITY.

    Trump has no moral value. As such you never heard him in the 4 years he has been in office to every say: “I made a mistake or I shouldn’t have said or done this or that. Such lack of mindset is the heart of a Christian. Unfortunately he is not a Christian. As a result, I’m sorry, my conduct and/words are unpresidential. You never heard such virtue from him. Anyone who assent with such lack of character is equally guilt of insurrection.

    Any other way to describe it a song and dance that’s unacceptable by God. Who is acceptable by God? ‘A man who has contrite and humble spirit.” This is the test of of cherished and dedicated leader. We don’t see a president or political group right now. The ugliest personality trait is SELFISHNESS YOU SAW THAT TRAIT DISPLAYED IN THE LAST 4 YRS.

    People stop the song and dance with which you are fooling yourselves.

    • C Votaw says:

      Well your lucky…all jacks have a poop hole just like me! So your opinion can land on the ground with everyone else’s just please aim yours on the Democratic side of the fence so you don’t spoil our side please🤔

    • Patti says:

      I am not sure what kind of Christian you are but to say what you have said is a true abomination. To say I made a mistake is the mark of a man with integrity?? President Trump has done more positive and good things for this country which I find amazing in light of the FACT that he was able to this in spite of the likes of Pelosi. Maybe if you spent just a tiny bit of time researching his accomplishments, your opinion may be different. I am pretty sure you would at least not say ” he is not a Christian”. Shamd on you!

  51. Cain79 says:

    They WANT his base fired up. The angrier Trump supporters become, the easier it is to demonize them.

  52. Mary says:


  53. Jennie says:

    They are afraid he will run again. He has done nothing wrong. I think Pelosi needs to be impeached for tearing federal documents on national TV. Biden his son, Hillary and Obama should be in jail.

  54. Lisa says:

    The Nancy Pelosie, Chuck Schumer and Kamala Harris should all be impeached for their support ofd the riots, looting, threats and murders that occurred all year. These plus others have incited much more than President Trump even thought about. Besides IF you read the transcript of what he actually said, he didn’t incite anything. Our country is in trouble NOW with total Democrat control

  55. JW says:

    I realize that the demomaggots really, really despise Trump, but is this second lynching even necessary? He has done more for this country and the citizens in four years than any other president in the last fifty years.

    They lowlife swamp scum has risen again from the primordial ooze to stomp all over the Constitution. Welcome to the Fourth Reich, Amerikans.

  56. Margaret Dillman says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. Democrats spend all their time looking for ways to harm our great President Trump. How about trying to do what you morons were elected to do , help take care of our country and our people. SYOP with this uncalled for impeachment. Democrats are so jealous of President Trump because we the people know he is the BEST we’ve ever had. He certainly worked hard to MAGA. NOW THE WORST Group is in charge. Yuck

  57. Elizabeth L Morand says:

    Wow! All I have heard from Democrats is how they like to uphold the law. Evidently not. President Trump did not incite violence nor did he encourage his people to storm the capital. Democrats did that. They have been inciting violence with their rhetoric and lack of regard for the law for the last four years. They do not care what We the People want. Nancy Pelosi, you are ceremoniously self-righteous. People see you for who you are. Even your own party sees that. May all the bad and evil that you have dished out with no regard come back to haunt you.

    • Cathy Floyd says:

      They didn’t impeach him because he did anything wrong, they did it to prevent him from beating them again in the next election. They know that after 4 years of democrat rule he would win by a landslide, no matter how much they cheated.

  58. nancy dobczyk says:

    The first impeachment should not even stand. he did nothing wrong! Biden and his son and family are the most corrupt and should be thrown out!!!!!!

    • ck says:

      Can’t change history nancy dork. He is the ONLY president to be impeached twice!!

      • Patti says:

        OK dorker,impeachment does not mean guilty! It only means someone has brought this forward. Second, you need to put the impeaching twice on Nancy’s head. Interestingly enough. Now go away with you name calling and irritating self.

  59. CHARLES HICKS says:

    I believe that Donald Trump will again be found innocent of impeachment by the Senate. The reason is that if the GOP caves into letting the democrats win, they will never be able to hold their heads up again.
    However, there is a chance that he will be found guilty. My reasoning is that the GOP needs to secure funding from large corporations who have ceased to contribute to Republican coffers because of the Trump led occupation of the Capitol on January 6.

  60. JOHN says:


    • Constance Hartzell says:

      So true…President Trump did nothing wrong..You democrats and Republicans need to work for the people who put you in office..

  61. Yep Nancy will insist her next move is to get trump out as so she can undo everything trump has done to add more hatred to him ! Just a warning we the people of these USA can’t stand a in American like her and her cohorts ! The courts don’t listen half the Republican’s side with them !! The only thing I see coming down the tracks is the civil train with we the people on board to clean the dirty house up !!! People are tired of getting shit on !! And only $600.00 stimulus!!!

    • Norm says:

      Democrats need to be taken out and beaten,they sre pieces of shit,charge with treason and executed

      • Kay says:

        Oh Normmy, you sound so upset. Everything is going to be ok. Just calm down and stop talking about killing people. The Pussy Grabber is leaving and President Biden will take care of you. Loser!

    • Goyaathle says:

      I am a 100% disabled Vietnam vet I only received half of the stimulus check in April and now will have to file taxes to maybe get the $600.00. All my income is not taxed so every line will read 0. Doesn’t make much since to me as all my other disabled vets friends received theirs’ two weeks ago.

  62. Mike Mitchell says:

    Pelosi, Democrats, and the Squad have been the leading cause for the increase in hatred, racism, anger, violence, and riots in this country than any other entity or event.

    • Linda says:

      They spied on President Trump’s campaign in 2016.
      They put him through the phony Russia hoax from 2017-2019.
      They investigated his family and friends.
      They impeached him once. And today, they’re trying to do it again.
      Despite all that, he never stopped working for you.

      They ate the destructors of our great Nation and will go down in history as such!!! Damn disgusting filth, they are!!!

  63. Larry Yockey says:

    The Democratic Party incited the riots, they have committed High Treason against the USA and the American People. They should be brought in front of a Firing Squad immediately. They are truly a disgrace to to America. Also any Republicans who is with them including former President Bush they are all Traitors. I for one demand they are removed from office immediately. I would also Love to Press Charges against any and all Them. Charging them of treason, disregard to the Constitution, Amendments and Bill of Rights. Discrimination , Illegal use of power. The government is supposed to be for the people. They are truly and embarrassing to the Human race.

  64. Denny says:

    The woman is unhinged. Belongs in Gitmo sharing a cell with KSM. Who are the RINO’s that voted for impeachment? They are gone 2022. The republican party simply does not have the _ _ _ _ _ and spine to confront these whiners. Vote all these bastards out this time.

  65. Randy Watts says:

    This is the beginning of the “Get Pelosi” era because she endangers all of us!

    She will stop at nothing to get her way, and The President and his supporters are paying the price.

    PS The number of GOP members who “jump ship” to avoid Pelosi will give us an idea of the number of Republicans who must be replaced in 2022 & 2024!

  66. Geald says:

    Are they sure Antifa didn’t star the riots, planted by the Democrats?

    • Rita Clemmensen says:


    • Susan Wilson says:


      • Georgia Degitz says:

        President Trump is the best President this country has had in many years.
        It’s time to give the House and Senate term limits. They are taking advantage of we the citizens. The Founding Fathers did not mean for Congress to have lifetime jobs. Take a hint from Missouri. They can only have 2 terms 8 years.

    • Pat Freeland says:


    • al says:

      Your right, there are pictures of Antifa in the capital that day. President Trump was still giving his speech when all this transpired. Those people who stormed it where already there. Because there’s no way the supports of the “ stop the steel “ could walk from where Trump was to the capital. This is and was the work of the democratic Party. They paid the rioters this summer that destroyed federal property , they also bailed everyone out of jail and canceled any court appearances. The Democrats are the evil ones, they all need to be removed from office and replaced with regular people no more politicians to run the country they can’t do it we will. The start of the end is today. Stand up together and make our voices heard.

  67. Mark Silvestri says:

    I heard president Trumps speech to the protestors on Jan 6 there was no incitement to riot or sedition or insurrection, the swamp rats have done it again along with the rino rats

  68. Darlene Wheeler says:

    I cannot believe we are going to allow this impeachment. I am ashamed of the United States. . What is wrong with these people. President Trump has a lot of followers. I think we have a long 4 years ahead of us. I do not trust Joe Biden or Kamala Harris!!! I am totally disappointed in our justice system. I think we are making a huge mistake!!!

    • Rita Clemmensen says:

      Keep praying for President Trump and our country. With God, all things are possible!

  69. Frederick Diedrich says:

    The democrats are pushing the downfall of our country. Marxist and hate fill their ranks.

  70. S Compton says:

    My comment is Bull sh…! Our best President ever would never incite any kind of riot. He only has led everyone of his supporters to excitement knowing he would always be there for us!! Something the President Elect (by fraud) will never be able to do!
    The only way the senate will go through with this is if the republicans that have no guts take over! They should never be classified as “for the people.”
    Those gutless wonders probably was voted into office with the Democrats voting machines of fraud!

    • Rita Clemmensen says:

      Agree! Pray for our President Trump and our country!

    • Kay says:

      I am laughing my ass off. First you Pussy Grabber Bitch
      Republicans try to fuck all of us over, and then you fuck each other over. Gee, if they don’t agree with your fucked up theories, you threaten them with extortion. You are a lonely bunch of traitors.

  71. Karen says:

    The country knows President Trump did not incite violence. This was just another example of supreme leftists and professional protestors taking that opportunity to making another false case again our President. President Trump has spent four years defending our nation, our Constitution, our republic, our freedom, our law enforcement officers and every American in order to keep peace in our nation and terror and violence away. He is a builder as he has proven….the only thing he is out to destroy is corruption in order to protect the American people.

  72. maryann says:

    This is garbage. The violence was caused by ANTIFA and he did not call for violent protests. Instead, HARRIS condoned violence and said it should continue. Just another set up against the President. This country is failing.

  73. Karen says:

    The country knows President Trump did not incite violence. This was just another example of supreme leftists and professional protestors taking that opportunity to making another false case again our President. President Trump has spent four years defending our nation, our Constitution, our republic, our freedom, our law enforcement officers and every American in order to keep peace in our nation and terror and violence away. He is a builder as he has proven….the only thing he is out to destroy is corruption in order to protect the American people. I

  74. Bruce Wooden says:

    It’s not Trump that should be impeached, it’s the almost the entire house and Senate that needs impeached.

  75. Harold McMillion says:

    It is a shame Nancy Pelosi who has called President Trump unhinged,deranged,and unfit has the power to impeach him twice. The Democrats must really fear a possible political future for Donald Trump to impeach him one week before his term ends.

    Who is the unhinged,deranged,unfit person here?

  76. Michael Zgraggen says:

    This is politically motivated. Over the 250 years of this country’s history, Nancy Pelosi has been responsible for over 1/2 of the impeachment’s submitted to the Senate. The woman needs to retire & get out of the Congress.

    • Goyaathle says:

      Pilosi and mad max were demanding impeachment of President Trump even before he was sworn in. Now they have done it twice with no evidence of wrong doings.

  77. Marty says:

    The filthy whore and so-called Speaker of the House needs to be Impeached and Hung for Treason. President Trump has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG.
    But Pelosi most definitely has for decades over-stepped her bounds. She should be either in prison or in a bodybag. She has been undermining our nation and the American people ever since she was inappropriately put in office.

    • David Barnes says:

      Agree 100 percent.

    • Cathy says:

      Marty I agree one percent..this piece of crap and the whole damn democratic party ought to be put in alcatraze…they are destroying out great nation they are responsible for bringing in these thugs called antis that destroyed towns here in the I heard jackass biden cannot go to argentina there is warrant for his arrest our whole dam racist, radical, inhuman,crazy, nuts,bigots,traitors of america,belong at alcatraze…here is another thing yesterday I saw on the news on my phone biden they old man had his right hand on the breast of his grsndaughter who I say be about four years old and that rotten piece of shit old man Biden kept pinching yes pinching his grsndaughter a right breast how totally, totally disgusting if I could of reach through the phone I would of taken a pot to his hand and I saw this little girl push his hand away and I saw hurt in her face biden do something like this to his own grsndaughter that is sick and disgusting after all look at his own son hunter biden our democratics what to run america like communist china and take our freedoms away bunch of sick sick sick communist pigs hi hitler to all democratics they are destroying america and our freedom god have mercy on us ..

      • Ruthann Shanley says:

        Cathy and everyone:
        I am glad to see so many others PISSED @ Pelosi, Schumer and others.
        She/he r scumbags. Hateful non-human trash.
        Hope they both croak, along w/Biden and some other hatefuls.
        Some people who call themselves Rev. r NOT:White, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Warnock and more-AND they r all black.WEIRD??

      • Kay says:

        Why don’t you report this so called molestation? You are a fucking idiot – you might like Trump the Pussy Grabber going for yours, but the rest of us don’t. You are a fucking hypocrite. Report child abuse bitch. It’s your duty

    • Ruthann Shanley says:

      AGREE-get that lying, cheating, CONTROL FREAK out of there. She KNEW people were probably out to get her, so QUICKLY did what so always does, GET RID OF TRUMP<<not a real hearing, but HER forcing others to go along w/it.
      Hope she rots in hell

    • Kay says:

      Marty watch your words – they matter.

  78. Joyce says:

    This is just a plan they had for the last 4 years Should never have happened. I would vote for Trump again.

  79. Wanda Kennedy says:

    This is totally wrong. Mr Trump did not incite a riot. There were members from Antifa in the crowd and they were the ones who started the violence and killed the officer. The democrats nest be prepared for the same treatment they gave Mr. Trump the last 4 years. We can not depend on the media to accurately report the news. You must watch everything live

    • David Barnes says:

      Agree 100 percent.

    • Ruthann Shanley says:

      Appears US TRUMP REPUBLICANS agree-Trump is a great President/Pelosi is a lying, cheating, CONTROLLING BITCH-Pelosi and SCHUMER – win-EVIL OF THE YEAR(S) 5

      Anyone see M. Watters, Pressley and some others INCITE voilence>? I have, and Watters should have been in jail over 3 yrs. ago. THESE evil dems think cause they impeached Trump, it is over-I don’t think so,they just want to destroy this country and make it marxist (that is the BLM) and /or Antifa. No patrons

    • BJ says:

      I wish we could find hungry investigative reporters team up who believe in truthful reporting. If what you say can be proved; I would be grateful. I wish his address to the nation today given last week.
      God bless President Trump and God Bless America; may He watch over this nation.

  80. Jean says:

    This is so much B.S. in the House.
    Trump was not responsible for Capitol rioting!

  81. Yvonne Johnson says:

    I think it’s horrible to impeach President Trump he didn’t cause the problem at the capital.

  82. judy thiele, says:

    this is all wrong. president will always be my president. this as happen because of nancy pelsoi. she just didnt get her way from the beginning, her day will come. i think she is the devil child.

  83. Allen says:

    And, he will be elected again.

    • Jack Retter says:

      Why are these dumbocraps allowed to waste more time and money on another fake which hunt?? President Trump accomplished more in his 1st 100 days in office then 16 yrs of clinton and obama and would have done more of not having to fight with those idiots and main stream morons.Now we have to deal with a puppet that will fast track our country back down the drain that clinton and obama started..i have zero faith in anything the dumbocraps do

  84. Jean says:

    This is so much B.S. in the House. Wake up. Trump was not responsible for Capitol rioting!

  85. Brenda Davis says:

    The Dems are a bunch of stupid cowardly punks not fit to rule this great nation. Donald Trump DID NOT incite anyone. The Dems are just jealous because 90% of America supports Trump.

  86. RI says:

    This is a DISGRACE!!!

  87. jerrir says:

    Immediately charges should be filled against AOC, Pelosi and the others shown in videos insighting violence or encouraging groups like BLM and Antifa from 2016 to present!! They laid out the presidence and how this conduct should be handled!! Follow through!!!!

  88. Barney Urgelowich says:

    The Democrats need to leave Trump alone and stop wasting the tax Payers money for these Stupid Impeachment and Admit they were the ones who brought in Antifa to riot at the white house they need to be arrested for there part of killing innocent people once and for all Lock them up now.

  89. Honest says:

    WTF HowStupid these Dumb Ass Demos are~