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Iran: Biden Will ‘Bow and Be Broken’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday that he has “no doubt” the incoming U.S. administration will rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal and remove punishing sanctions on Iran’s economy,” according to the Washington Post.

His remarks came a day after Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei also appeared to endorse the swift resumption of Iran’s commitments under the deal if it would herald the end of harsh U.S. sanctions.

‘I have no doubt that the heroic national resistance of Iran is going to compel the future U.S. government to bow … and the sanctions will be broken,’ Rouhani said Thursday at the inauguration of several infrastructure projects, where he spoke via videoconference… [emphasis added]

President Trump ended U.S. participation in the agreement in 2018 and reimposed sweeping sanctions on everything from Iran’s oil sales to financial transactions and construction imports. The administration said it wanted Iran to renegotiate the deal and give up its missile program and support for militias in the region.” [emphasis added]

For more on this story, go to the Washington Post.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you favor the hardline approach President Trump took with Iran, or do you favor the softer approach Joe Biden will take, which will include the removal of sanctions imposed by Trump?


  1. Franklin Steele says:

    He’s right. Biden will cave and suck up to Iran right out of the box. It’s going to be a rough four years.

  2. Terry Williams says:

    Joe Biden is a “Coward” and he is and never be a president! Biden has always been a Brides-Maid and never will be the Bride!

  3. Pierre says:

    Biden will not bend under external pressure, Rather, he might break (on his own) and the cause will be his own blind greed. Before that, he will be pushed around like a wet noodle because of his greed and desire for more and greater power.

  4. Barb Baker says:

    Obama is the last person I would want to see back in the White house. He did enough damage the first time he was there. He doesnt need another chance to sell out America. I dont think Bidden shows a strong enough image to deal with
    our foes.

  5. RAYMOND says:


    • kit1 says:

      I agree. BUT, if they have to live with it—so do we & I for one do NOT want to see America turn into some socialist country with a bunch of backstabbing, lying DemocRats & neither do millions of other Americans either!

    • Parley says:

      What to many Americans don’t realize is that IF Biden and the demoncRATS are allowed to win this FRAUDULENT election, WE WILL NEVER AGAIN be able to determine our leaders by the voting system!
      This is the danger to our future if WE THE PEOPLE want to keep our FREEDOM! ONCE the demoncRATS get away with STEALING an election by their use of fraud, illegal votes, changing votes, NO oversight, lying, using voting machines built and programed by our enemies, then WE THE PEOPLE no longer have ANY SAY in who is elected!
      This past election is proof of their efforts to REMOVE the CHOICE of the American people and put THEIR TRAITOROUS spies and crooks into political office! There is ample evidence that this past election was RIGGED by the demoncRATIC party, George Soros, the FAKE news media, the Tech giants ie FACE BOOK, Twitter, Google and the rest.
      NO one in the Biden campaign is innocent of this crime against the United States, they all need to be investigated, tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison terms or the firing squad (I volunteer to be on that firing squad). The damage that the Biden’s, the Obama’s, the Clinton’s, and their filthy, deceitful, lying, crooked, associates ALL need to be included in the investigation and prosecution for their attempt at INSURRECTION!

      A Vietnam era veteran

      • Gregory Kalla says:

        No one cared as they were perfecting this style of voting theft in California for years. This is how they keep their super majority. Same tech went national and no one paid attention when Obama used it. Now people are paying attention. If this isn’t resolved administratively, and we should allow a few more weeks for that to happen; then we will have to take them down by force. There is no other way. Just as the British found out, these usurpers will also find out…the will of the US is stronger than they believe. From time to time this is required. What will happen once we have pulled it all down remains to be seen, but this is unacceptable and cannot be allowed to stand.

  6. Sam B. says:

    Will Iran make the “Quid Pro Quo Joe BEIJING Biden” administration bow down & “kiss the ring” AGAIN just like the Obama-Biden administration did.?? Sure they will! This administration like the last has no SPINE. Does anyone really think quid pro quo JOE will stand up to Iran or any other country/world leader like he did when he was VP? LOL. Oh wait…he did stand up to the Ukrainians & told them to “fire the investigators investigating my son or u won’t get the billion dollars in aid…son of a bitch they did.”
    Let’s b honest…the America first agenda will b gone. Trump has a SPINE & stood up to those countries out there taking advantage of us & put a stop to it. IF that upsets any world leaders or anyone else then oh well. NUMEROUS TIMES Trump said “we only want a level/even playing field & for us NOT to take advantage of anyone..nor other countries take advantage of us.” Past administrations have allowed other countries to wipe their feet on us like a doormat…esp Obama-Biden..: horrible trade Iran BILLIONS etc etc. That ALL ended with Trump! America First! Now we will b America second..& back to “kissing the ring!”

    • Shirley says:

      Biden is just a front for Asshole Obama to get back in the Oval Office and yes they will suck up to Iran. They are LOWLIFE RETARDS

  7. KEN S says:

    For all the commenters, pay attention in January to the joint session of Congress. You will be witnessing history when VP Pence asks if there are any objections to the Electoral College vote. The result will be the end of President Elect Biden. The Democrats will learn that Liars, Cheats and Thieves will never win.

  8. floyd lane says:

    Icant believe the supreme court or judges dont have the guts
    . to hear the lawsuits and save our country if bidens is president our country will be destroyed. dont the judges have children and grandchildren that will have to live ina a country like socialist or communist countries.

  9. Big Boy says:

    Holly Rose piece of doodle you must be wealthy or you gonna be begging for Trump n Not Biden Harris. Laugh out loud. You are an idiot. Oh U ask for input then screen Us. I have never made any comments on this site. Screw yourselves.

  10. Big Boy says:

    Holly Rose piece of doodle you must be wealthy or you gonna be begging for Trump n Not Biden Harris. Laugh out loud. You are an idiot.

  11. TOM says:

    biden is obama 2.0 & obama supports Iran. Iran will flap their jaws like they usually do knowing nothing will happen to them. Going to be 4 long years for America. Never biden!!

  12. Jeffrey Shumate says:

    Bidens name is Kamala Harris

  13. Corruptionhater says:

    Iran is another country that needs a damn good spanking. We should just go in and bomb them out to teach a well deserved lesson.

  14. Holly Rose says:

    I am so glad that President Biden will restore good relations with the rest of the world as Obama did. President Biden will restore the good economy that Obama had before the idiot trump took office. I can’t wait for trump to leave. trump is a man without a state to call his own now as Mar a Lago residents don’t want him around when he is kicked out of office. trump is very well hated! Look at links below.

    • David Smith says:

      Holly I knew you would make me laugh again your great maybe you could send me some of what you are smoking I could make some money from it LOL Please by all means put up a list of things our newly elected man did all these years for this country Please enlighten me because I can’t think of a dam thing he has done or a dam thing that was good that Oblackma did for us. At least trump gave me a check to help me survive

    • Irene Ortiz says:

      Holly Rose,
      Are you kidding or just stupid?
      Trump is a Leader not a follower like Biden.
      Biden is a cheat and liar and his son is a disgusting creep.
      The truth will all be exposed and I hope that you get to see it.

      • Jan says:

        Cannot believe some trash talk about the greatest president ever! He has accomplished more than any president! The only one fighting for our freedom and rights, controlled by the people not the communists government that BidenHarrisObama (SWAMPRATS) are knee deep in! Can’t believe the dirt that’s out there and the media silencing and sensory everything that’s done in darkness and I have to believe that God is going to blow the lid off all the corruption dirty dealing crooks and I pray that they all get their JUST REWARD! Drain their money and distribute it all to the poor people trying to survive!

    • Elizabeth beers says:

      Are you for real??You are dreaming.You just had 4 of your best years thanks to President Trump

  15. Melvin Haynez says:

    The Democrats have really put the country into a major quagmire. Biden’s supposedly the President elect with Harris as V.P. Biden has swooned to unite the country, but he, according to his campaign rhetoric, his first one hundred days will be spent destroying President Trump’s legacy. Should something happen to Biden, Harris steps in with no international experience, a military that will probably doubt her every decision. How would you like to trust your child’s life to a prosecutor? If Biden continue to show signs of forgetfulness, then we will need more than a prosecutor.

  16. Carl Larsen says:

    Going back to the failed Obama Era policies will be a death blow to the United States! The Democrats seem “hellbent” on kissing the tookus’s of any Enemy of the American People abroad and at home! Then what will happen to the Elite that think they’re gaining so much for themselves! They’ll be the GREATEST losers! They’ve been teaching the common person how to struggle and survive, to bad they’re not learning the same lesson! It’s clear that Biden is unfit to lead the Nation, isn’t that why Harris is being lauded into the Executive Office? Or will it be Pelosi or Obama returning? Either way, they DON’T want the United States to survive as a Nation!

  17. Jaybo says:

    Well then we gotta take the demonrats to he’ll with us!

  18. James says:

    Another 4 years of Obama, only worse. No balls biden

  19. James says:

    Another 4 years of Obama, only worse.

  20. Duane says:

    Joe Biden is already broken by all of his criminal activities. He has been bought by foriegn foreign governments, they own him. He will open the southern boarder and this country will be flooded with illegal immigrants. Watch the real news (OANN) you’ll see the caravans are on the way again. Joe Biden and the Democrats will send us all to HELL! Watch and see.

  21. Larry Olson says:

    Iran can go to hell, they are truly evil, they take China’s plate ..The U.S. needs to deal with them now or take the back seat in the bus and shut up

  22. Jaybo says:

    Biden will bow and be broken? The way those perverted Iranians work is they will BEND him over and off in his ass!

  23. A friend of AMERICA. says:

    If Iran is going to make sleepy Joe bow, then bend sleepy all the way over and drive an Iranian dingydong up his ass and maybe he’ll wake the fuck up!

  24. Rhina says:

    There is no way we the people let president Trump leave office so that Biden finishes the destruction of America no way. God Knows and will do what must be done to save America and the world.

    • Phyllis Poole says:

      RIGHT GOD GAVE US A GOOD LEADER IN Trump and will not let anyone destroy his work.
      Don’t think that evil can win in an illegal voting system. God is at the helm. Wait and see what he does
      He may just give us 3 days darkness and send all evil people and the devil back to where they belong

  25. renato hernandez says:

    president trump was right on iran and iran want to be the power broker in the region of middle east just like china but china forget on thing,india is another powerful country in the region just like japan but the big power is actually the
    U.S. because the U.S.has allies in the region like japan/korea/philippines/aussie so iran has a big problem( isreal )has a special weapons design for iran just in case of emergency isreal will used to equalized

    • Robert says:

      Trump’s message on his Campaign ads was spot on—“Biden is to weak to lead the Nation”! We can only pray, that someone high in the Judicial System, has Balls enough to right the wrong that was done in the election!

  26. Warrior Israeli one says:

    Iranian urine there leader . Jerk kiss 💋my ass .you worth piece of sh t ! Rug head ! Bombing starts at midnight . How I wish! It were true taking a few thousand rug heads out would give me so much joy and happiness!! Rug head ! LONG LIvE ISRAEL and there military. The military that will crush you and your fake in his grave God! Just another urine head !!

  27. Ken says:

    Basement Joey will never survive the pressures of the Office of the President…Opps…..Forgot, He’s got Harris and The Wicked Witch of the east to cast a spell over Iran…Opps again….she is the spell……

  28. vinnie says:

    You heard it here first ! So What did you expect ? Who will joe the Groper turn to for a retaliatory remark ? Pelosi?Schumer?Schiff? Nadler? Harris? Warren? Buttgig ? Somewhere within his tightly wound advisors group there must be some kind of answer to this Character damaging statement, or will joey just throw more Money at Iran ? We all know Iran has the “Goods”on Joey and Barry Hussein, it was just a matter of time ! Iran is calling in their “markers” get the “Popcorn”

  29. David Smith says:

    He is right Biden will be another Obama and Jimmy Carter combined He will kiss the butt of the towel head He will probably invite a few thousand terrorist into our country America you are in deep trouble. This is the worse I have ever seen this country and it looks like it will get worse I fear a mass civil war Blacks against white with the illegals and Hispanic and Latino’s joining the blacks.

    • Ben says:

      Must say, you’re right, and our militia groups are preparing for it. The largest concern is a method to get rid of all the enemy’s car carcasses.

      • A friend of AMERICA. says:

        Let em’ rot in plain sight so demonrats can see they’re going to pay BIGTIME. They want to fuck with us about everything and they think their shit don’t stink. Big wake up call is coming!

    • Manuel Salazar says:

      I agree with on everything, except the race part, I am of spanish descent back to the 1600’s when the Spaniards came into what is now New Mexico, The majority of citizens of Northern New Mexico are of Spanish descent, Personally I don’t care what color the enemy will be, i will be shoulder to shoulder with you dropping as many of them as i can for love of God, country, and freedom. I would hope you would feel the same about me.

      • David Smith says:

        Manuel you must be older Spanish the younger generation in all races are trash whites and Hispanics trying to be black or in a Latino gang I live in Corpus and I see it all the time My neighbor is Hispanic and he is a Iraq war veteran so he says his is a former Marine and now of course he has PTSD they all do but it does not stop him from dealing drugs And right up the street is the Mexican drug cartel The cops are scared to come down here America is in trouble bad trouble Manuel I would stand by you side we could bet on how many dirt bags we can kill LOL Take care my friend but as soon as the virus lets me I will be going to Russia and be with my fiancé and her daughter for about a year then to a warmer climate Good luck you will need it

    • Jaybo says:

      Hoping for Patriots of all colors against demonrats of all colors!

  30. Linda Frick says:

    Yeah our future so called basement president is scared he does not have the courage that Trump had… Not even 1/4 of the courage…