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Is Biden Actually This Popular?

While supporters of Joe Biden like this poll, conservatives, Republicans, and supporters of Donald Trump are calling it fake news because the poll claims that “nearly one-third of GOP voters — 31 percent — said they approve of Biden’s handling of his job.”


President Biden is starting his tenure in White House with the approval of 61 percent of voters, according to a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey released exclusively to The Hill on Monday,”… according to The Hill.

There’s a relatively wide partisan divide in early perceptions of Biden’s presidency, with an overwhelming majority of Democrats approving of his job performance and most Republicans disapproving. Still, nearly one-third of GOP voters — 31 percent — said they approve of Biden’s handling of his job… [emphasis added]

“‘Unlike Trump, president Biden is having a honeymoon along with the Democrats,’ Mark Penn, the director of the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, said. ‘The country is turning to them and giving them the opportunity to get the country vaccinated and the economy moving. It’s not the biggest of honeymoons but it’s still a real opportunity for the party and presidency to grow.”

For more on this poll, go to The Hill.

Please share what you think in the comment section. Do you believe this poll or is it fake news? Do you believe 31% of GOP voters approve of Biden’s handling of his job?


  1. Milan says:

    I have been told all my life that the truth always comes out in the end. With the thousands of democrats that were in on this whole scam election, there will surely be a lot of them that have a conscience and will eventually have to speak up and tell the truth. If you watch Mike Lindells’ “absolute proof” documentary you see all the names of big stores that have dropped the “My Pillow” line completely. We should all stop doing any business with those stores. If they can only prove that the Dominion machines were hooked up to the internet, they will know that the votes could easily be switched like they were. All of the evidence of dead people voting and people voting more than once plus more voters than were registered needs to be totally publicized. Donald Trump can still be our President!

  2. donald stevens says:

    Wake up America it’s all fake news, you can’t believe the news media.Thay are getting paid off by China and the Democrats.Biden is mentally retarded along with his devil followers,thay wont power thay wont full control of America.The Democrates are trying to remove all are guns,thay will haft to kill me first The Democrates can kiss my royal ass and more we don’t need their bullshit

  3. Fredrick Jenne says:

    If you take a pole on line and vote against Biden they will not register your vote against him they register your vote FOR HIM!
    Other poles, when you vote, it is in the 90% against Biden and his dictatorial bills.
    Remember Communist rule by fear! Do and believe as I say or your dead! MAYBE THAT IS WHY THE DEMOCRATS IN DC ARE NOT STANDING UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE AND COUNTRY. It is hard for me to believe a TRUE AMERICAN would stand for their destruction of the US.
    The democrat/Commies are following the Communist play book. In China if you protest you are killed. Mao killed over 64 million. When I was there you saw no one over 30 years old. If they let your (one) baby live (being the right sex) they take the babies at 2 months and put them in day care/school and brainwash them to believe there Communist way of life is the best. They tell them lies about the rest of the world. I talked to some teenagers and the stories they tell about what they are told would curl your hair!!
    Why do you think the democrats want to be able to kill a baby at 9 months, calling it abortion????? depopulate. And open borders are a sure way to destroy this country, and these people will be the next slaves as they get rid of anyone against them. They are already trying to destroy conservatives.

  4. Daniel Stewart says:

    So Charles Larson thinks Joe Biden was the greatest Senator since Ted Kennedy? You mean drunk driving Ted Kennedy of Chapaquiddick fame who crashed his car into the water and left Mary Jo Kopecnick (sp?)trapped in the car where she drowned while he tried to figure out how to avoid bad publicity? That great Senator Ted Kennedy?

  5. Daniel Stewart says:

    I doubt that one percent of GOP voters approve of Biden as President, let alone 31 percent. Biden is Worse than Obama and you would have to work really hard at sucking to suck more than Obama. So far I haven’t heard of one instance where Biden has consulted Congress about anything he plans to do. A president acting without Congressional approval is a Dictator. That makes Biden a Dictator AND a Moron. Sorry, I meant no offense to Morons.

  6. Pegs says:

    biden popular? HELL to the NO!! Get SERIOUS people!! #FAKE NEWS #LIES

  7. Ron says:

    Fake news strikes again,there is no way Biden is that popular.This poll is a joke the guy doesnt know where he is half of the time. These numbers are highly inflated. His policies are ripping this country apart. Unfortunately they can’t see the forest for the trees.

  8. Kathleen W. says:

    More fake news. It’s getting really old. The Dumbocracks just NEVER stop. REAL Americans don’t want to live in communism. Anyone who does, should scram to China! Good riddance!

  9. Kathleen says:

    More fake news. It’s getting really old. The Dumbocracks just NEVER stop. REAL Americans don’t want to live in communism. Anyone who does, should scram to China! Good riddance!

  10. maxibaby says:

    61% Approval
    31% Republican approval
    What sane, reasonable, thinking person would entertain those FAKE/DISTORTED poll results? The Dems are waging a full on attack to sell their BS! “Look at these ratings, Dems proclaim, and you MUST agree also or else!” The Dems are so dug in and so relentlessly attacking on all fronts with their vendetta it is hard to keep up! They try to make each one of us, conservatives, feel isolated as if we are the only one who feels this way so, we must be alone in our thinking. If this doesn’t work, they will gradually turn up the heat with nastiness and threats. The Democrat Party “intends” for America to become a one party government! Republicans in Congress have “allowed” this travesty by being civil to the uncivil, by caving/giving in, by being lazy, not doing their jobs, letting the Dems out maneuver and outsmart them! AND, there isn’t “a frog hair” difference between some Repubs and the Dems, these must be fired at the ballot box! Until Republicans change…..this trend will continue, one day it will suddenly dawn on the people…..America is a communist nation with a strong one party system! Republicans have a monumental task…are we up to it?

  11. Brenda says:

    Biden’s not running the country… someone else is. I’m guessing it’s Obama.
    Biden’s health is so bad he can’t do a State of the Union Speech.

    • Adrianne J. Bere says:

      I totally agree. Joe Biden was chosen to be obama’s running mate so that Obama would appear to look smart! No one with even average intelligence believes that biden chose harris. Chicoms made that decision for him. I wonder how long it will take before Americans get tired of hearing dr. Jill and Harris cover for the big guy’s lies and blunders.

  12. Cdcp says:

    Surely, sire, thou dost jest!! Your story is a complete antithesis of the facts.

    • Corri says:

      What facts can you present that you can back up from first-hand with no dilution by the grapevine?

  13. Could it be that according to the Harvard poll, 61 percent of voters approve of Biden’s work? – Really? – Ha, ha, ha …

    • Blanca Holland says:

      They probably took the polls in the dominion machines and it twisted the numbers around. No true conservative group be it democrat or Republican would give dementia Joe at his best those numbers : or maybe they did the poll in China,France, Germany Iran and Russia: or all the ones coming across the border are given a poll question so they can be released.

    • STEWART CAPLE says:


  14. Sam B. says:

    I’ve said numerous times..: are we really to believe Biden is that much more popular than Obama or even Hillary? Or is it that his policies (open borders/closed schools/anti energy..already cost tens of 1000s of jobs with no immediate help/gas prices get’n higher & higher/defunding law enforcement etc etc) r that much better than theirs?? LOL. Biden really got 20 million more votes than Obama or Hillary did when they ran for president?!?! Yeah….NOT!
    How many people were polled? The usual 500-1000 biased people? With the current direction of the country..there’s not a snowballs chance in hell this poll is remotely accurate. Most polls aren’t because they don’t poll tens of thousands across the country…usually a small # of people in 1 place.
    Yeah…FAKE NEWS!!

    • Corri says:

      Not sure what you’re talking about. During Trump’s term the schools were closed for almost a year. Biden is getting them open in just a little more than a month in office. Many of ours are already open and the rest by end of March. That’s awesome.

      • Janis Richie says:

        how brain dead can anyone be to believe that fake president has a 61% approval rating. you must be an ostrich with you head buried in the sand with you butt pointing up. we are getting screwed by the demoncrats. so sad that this great America is being ruined by a few like pelosi, schumer, aoc and bernie sanders. and please tell me WHO is running the show. the curtain should drop and drop hard and soon. God bless America and God bless Donald J.Trump…he’s still my president

        • Biden is the just a shill for the Socialist Traitors seeking to destroy free America and make it A Socialist state. Hello like the Nazi Socialist State. I took an oath to defend America, it’s legal citizens and Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic which I believe The Socialist Democrat Party fits as an enemy of America under all three. They in my opinion are traitors and should be viewed as. Fight back vote against The Socialist Democrat Party by voting them out of every office from Catcher to President. This war fight with your votes on city, county, state and federal!! Write letters to All offices use freedom of speech to make your voice heard. As Maxine Waters said tell them LOUDLY anywhere you encounter them at lunch, on the street, in their office, at political events, never surrender we are Americans and damn proud of it!! Let Freedom Ring.

          • Charles Larson says:

            Wayne, STFU! BIDEN has long proved he’s an American Patriot for decades. He was the youngest elected Senator for Delaware in 1972, at about age 28. He’s been respected by his peers in Congress by Democrats and Republicans throughout the decades. Only Ted Kennedy had a longer tenure and arguably more influence in the Democratic party during most of his tenure.

      • Farmer says:

        What are you talking about? Most Red state schools have been open since last August (the entire school year, five days a week, with extracurricular activities).

        Biden’s plan to open schools is one day per week??? At best That’s no plan, that’s nonsense.

      • STEWART CAPLE says:


        • Mike says:

          their is no virus, it was all planned from the start by the chinese and the idiot democrats. Get real

      • Cheryl Marshall says:

        You have got to be KIDDING! You believe this? I feel sorry for you!

  15. Charles Larson says:

    Biden got 80 million + votes, why would he not be popular? I’m not thrilled with him yet, he must not let the gas prices keep going up or I will have a cow. I’M a delivery driver and gas prices are going to kill us all. I know he’s pushing for electric-powered cars and to create a million jobs for the industry, but does he have a real feasible plan? Are we sure we should not push for hydrogen- powered cars, instead? I’m just saying, how much faith and confidence does he have in the science and technology that it’s best in the near future? Honestly, I just wish scientists would step forward and lead the way toward building better powered cars that don’t polute our air and atmosphere, but until then, which could be several more years, we need to drill for and produce our own oil and gas to keep up supply for demand and hold the gas prices at least stable or down more. I’m pIssed off that all of our politicians are not fighting Biden for the PA pipeline and to keep up the oil and gas industry. HOW DO THEY NOT GIVE IT TOP PRIORITY FOR OUR ECONOMY? IF THEY WERE DRIVERS ON A JOB FULL-TIME LIKE ME AND MILLIONS OF AMERICANS ARE, IT WOULD BE TOP PRIORITY. ONLY THE COVID-19 VACCINES CAN BE HIGHER ON THEIR LIST AND THEY’RE MOVING ALONG.IM READY TO COME TO BIDEN AND CHALLENGE HIM TO A FIGHT AT THE WHITE HOUSE, LIKE HE HAD THE AUDACITY TO CHALLENGE THAT YOUNG MAN during his campaign , WHO SAID BIDEN WANTED TO TAKE AWAY HIS GUNS. BIDEN SAID “Don’t try me man! Do you want to take me on?” Ha Ha. Like he was ready to fight him. I don’t dislike Biden , though, but he’s a cocky talking guy. He needs to act more diplomatically at his age. He needs to act presidential and responsible for the economy, though, before it’s too late.

    • Mike mier says:


      • Charles Larson says:

        Mike, you go to hell first, lunatic. I never said I am Pro Choice or for abortion, nutcase. I’m also no liberal regarding the economy. I just believe in fairness, as in fair pay for a respective job. I’m against grossly overpaying “celebrities” and Pro Athletes for their overrated value as entertainers. No one can deny that their salaries are grossly out of control and are raping our country’s economy.

        • Charles Larson says:

          Oh yeah, Mike. You kill your credibility in knocking me for my English, since it’s much better than your gibberish, nitwit.

        • Walrus says:

          You believe in fair market I think they are over paid and over rated they a just another citizen with one vote in world glamour, fame has replaced logical thinking. However it is a free enterprise system and price is decided by market value, They get what the market will bear. That price is set by people like you and me, If you do not think it is a good value do not purchase it don’t buy their records, movies, web sites, books, products, vote for any politician. Power is in the vote, job performance is the measure. How much is BS and how much 0f the action the agreed to do by their agenda are they doing., I belie3ve Socialism is a threat to the American people, out government and freedoms. That is my belief you have the right to disagree but not censor which applies to even The President. The price you are willing to pay to support the athlete, their organization or club is their market value.
          The price you are willing to pay for a free America is in your and every other citizens vote. have a right to free speech use it. Do not let Twitter, Facebook censor it, do not let any public official block it. Be vocal. confront them with your belieh everywhere you encounter them. As for athletes and actors the same but with gold your dollars.

          Me I am just another pissed off American who still believes in America and puts it first always.

          • Charles Larson says:

            Walrus, you fail to understand that regarding Pro Athlete’s skyrocketing pay it’s decided by crooked NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, ETC. OWNERS and their COMMISSIONERS, Roger Goodell is now being paid $50 million per year. A few years ago it was $35 million per year , but he got a new outrageous deal a year or so ago. He’s the worst Pro Commissioner, too. It’s NOT the fans who decide their pay. It’s mostly the TV NETWORKS that are raping the fans/public via CABLE and satellite TV that shell out $BILLIONS every year, all they do is keep raping us fans and tax payers at the stadiums by raising prices. We have no control how they use that HUGE TV MONEY but that’s what they use to decide each teams’ salary caps , and they get around the caps easily with “signing bonuses” that are prorated over several years in big deals. These CROOKS WASTE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ALL ON PLAYERS, COACHES AND G.M.’S HUMONGOUS SALARIES. THEY DON’T USE A PENNY OF IT FOR MAINTAINING THEIR EXPENSIVE OLD AND NEW STADIUMS, INSTEAD THEY HAVE CITIES JUST RAPE THE TAXPAYERS MORE TO FINANCE ALL OF THAT. WE THE PEOPLE ARE BEING DOUBLY AND ROYALLY SCREWED MORE EVERY YEAR. THAT’S NOT “MARKET VALUE” THAT’S FLAT-OUT RAPING OUR COUNTRY’S ECONOMY AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. OUR ONLY RECOURSE IS TO DROP CABLE AND SATELLITE TV AND TO STOP SUPPORTING THEIR SPONSORS AND NOT ATTEND THEIR GAMES. SADLY, I THINK WE’LL HAVE TO REACH THAT POINT AND WHEN A DEPRESSION COMES WE SHOULD TAKE THOSE ACTIONS AND TELL THESE ENTERTAINERS WE DON’T NEED THEM AND WE’LL NOT TAKE ANYMORE OF THEIR GREED AND FINANCIAL RAPE. THEY’RE NOT ACTING RESPONSIBLY, THEY’RE ACTING OUTRAGEOUSLY AND WILL KEEP DOING SO UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE STAND UP TO THEM.

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        anything is better than worshipping the golden calf there must be retribution in the pubs future.

    • AJ says:

      This is not the truth. I talk to lots of people and each time President Trump is mentioned there is always goods things said about him and their support for him. Polls are used to impress and influence the lazy who fail to do their research. President Trump is as popular now as he was in office. And us building a better party. And he has extremely loyal supporters. Just another failed attempt to attack President Trump.

    • Corri says:

      Unfortunately, no president can stop the middle East from escalating the price of gas this year. Not a future pipeline nor a threat by our governmment to the middle East can stop the collapse that is happening abroad in regard to gas/oil. Longer term, the rollout of new hybrid and e-cars/trucks will kick in by 2023. Plus, the US gas/oil industry is starting to see the light – oops the solar power and e-power way out of dependence on other countries for energy supply. Plus, it will create so many new jobs here in US – more than the amount of jobs that will need to transfer out of the gas/oil industry into the new energy industries. And we’ll not have to deal with Russia and China threats to have the oil industry move to payment in gold-backed currency instead of US dollars – which would devalue the dollar instantly. Hold on and be patient for a little while for all this to coordinate – and you’ll find out you’ll be happy with this forward movement.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Corri, most Americans have at least one if not 2 cars that are gas powered. Now is not the time to let the gas prices be decided by the Middle Eastern countries and for the next couple years. We’ll be in a Great Depression by then and how the hell would we be in position to buy new expensive e- cars or trade them in. Who would want them if gas is 20 dollars per gallon and gas stations stop supplying gas? Can’t you see the pain our country is in for if our politicians fail to Control gas prices? We can’t transition overnight or even over a couple years.

      • Farmer says:

        With President Trump in office we didn’t care how much the middle east wanted for their oil. We were energy independent and actually selling oil to them.

        Biden wants his friends in the middle east to make money off of us. Why else would he shutdown the Keystone XL pipeline?

  16. Robert Feldman says:

    TOTAL FAKE NEWS! Biden and his henchmen seek to destroy anything and everything accomplished by Trump’s administration, regardless of how good it was for our country. He is opening borders with no controls, closing schools at any expense, passing covid packages that bail out his buddies and have nothing to do with covid, making deals with foreign enemies,and getting ready to raise taxes through the roof to give the bill to you and me. No card carrying Conservative would say thats a good job!

    • Kris Lussen says:

      Biden popular? With whom, besides his wife and his son hunter who makes millions at a job he has no experience in, and the swamp who are just using him. Please.
      Biden just eliminated thousands if jobs by stopping the pipeline. Way to go stunade. Biden like the rest of the swamp care NOTHING about anyone except themselves and the almighty dollar. If the swamp hasn’t proven they care NOTHING about anyone, INCLUDING the poor little children they CLAIM to care about. If y’all can’t see the lefts agenda. It’s to have complete and TOTAL control over ALL of us and our money. These people are poison and need to be gone. It’s not just because of the virus or even taxes( which Biden promised to raise. Gee we’re not even surprised). I don’t know most of you, but i can guess you would not want to be in Roger Stone’s position or Gen Mike Flynn’s unique position to be accused of a crime and found guilty before even questions asked. Remember Alan Dershowitz book” guilty by association”? If none of you belive it can happen to you, you’re a fool. This is the presedent they are trying to enforce? Is that correct how i said it? Anyway, in no way is Biden more popular than Donald Trump. Like him or hate him. Donald J actually kept the promises he made. Politicians don’t. They don’t help the working class. I’m not against millionaires or billionaires. If not for them we wouldn’t have jobs. Get real.

  17. Ren says:

    This is all fake news , Bain dead people voted in the poll

  18. Robert says:

    I’m a Democrat and I am totally ashamed and repulsed by the way he is handling the country he is total moron doesn’t even know what he’s doing destroying the whole country up while scrolling over the whole all the people great job s*******

  19. Victor Lozoya says:

    Poll must have been in china

  20. David says:

    Holly my funny friend we saw what BLM did to Portland and now we see what Obambiden is doing to America LOL Maybe you should move to a new place where common sense still thrives LOL I thought I would never come back on here but I needed a few laughs

  21. roy says:

    Typical Bull Shit from the Dumbacrats !

  22. Laura says:


  23. Curly Q says:

    The Nazi regime of the 1930s and 1940s would be proud of the latest poles. If people buy into this propaganda they are more stupid than I ever imagined.

  24. Holly Rose says:

    I can attest to the fact that President Biden was extremely popular here in Oregon. In my neighborhood there was not one trump sign but many Biden and BLM signs on people’s lawns. Doesn’t that tell you something?

    • James Kottke says:

      You must live among a group of fools

      • JMart says:

        When I was driving down and across PA last year, that state had 100 Trump signs for every Biden one. I thought ‘that’s a brave soul for having a Biden sign on their property’.

    • Old Fogey says:

      The only reason there are a lot of Biden/Harris signs is to keel Antifa/BLM from tearing your house apart and you getting jailed for trying to protect your property.

  25. Shanna Jenne says:

    What a crock of S——!!!!!! Another Communist lying propaganda!!!

  26. David says:

    LOL Why do you think Obama had Biden as his VP so a black man could look superior to a senile old pervert white man with a drug addicted pedophile son LOL

  27. Laura E Shifrin says:

    It is not possible that anyone who listens to him speak is approving of him as the President of the greatest nation in the world. However the media has lied to the American people ever since Nov 2016 They made such asses of themselves the night of the election results….they just can’t live it down. So they have been relentless to all the good that has been accomplished and in less than 30 days after Biden was sworn in gas prices when thru the roof and we are bombing Iran. Who is their right mind thinks this is ok???

    • Charles Larson says:

      Laura, we’re not bombing IRAN. Our military only bombed some evil Iranian militants in Syria, as in terrorists. Also, don’t say “We” or “We’re”, since I had no part in it, even if I might’ve okayed it IF I were consulted by Biden.I probably would’ve advised him to use nonviolent means to force the Iranians to leave, like tell them to hurry home because the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Prize Patrol is looking for them.

  28. rick says:

    Like everything else the commiecrats touch, this is just more propaganda out of the Joseph Goebbels School of Misinformation & Propaganda. These people have been lying for so long, they expect everyone else to believe this BS. What’s the difference between the Democratic Party & the Nazi Party? The spelling!

  29. CINDY says:


    • Charles Larson says:

      Cindy, you’re a disgusting excuse for a person. Someone as mean and evil as you should drop dead, honey. Go die! If you’re married, tell your husband to do you right to drive out the evil demons in you. Crazy lady! How do you justify your childish evil attack on a man you don’t even know? How can you act like you have any credibility in calling him a cheater when he could not possibly have manufactured millions of “fake votes”? Did your husband conspire with election officials in the battleground states that Biden won? Or was it your sister?

      • Charles Larson says:

        Oh, and Cindy, my point is when you attack a stranger publicly with baseless criminal accusations, character assassination, delusional fantasy, nonsense and spew hate, you should expect some back at you, honey. I don’t really want you to die soon, just get my point. You reap what you sow and you have no humble heart here.

  30. Heinrich says:

    Yes it is a BIG LIE. They stole the vote. Adolf Hitler he take over the newspaper and Wochenchau. Same what the Demorats doing.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Heinrich, now I know why they call it the Heinrich Maneuver. When you choke on the truth you must forcefully regurgitate a BIG LIE.

    • Krisl says:

      G mornin Heinric
      You’re absolutely correct. My apologies for mispelling your name. It’s a scary thing but I gave it to God because I can’t handle it. They are so evil.
      My guess is you’re very close to people who have personally had the miss fortune of the Nazi regime. Sad times then. And we obviously have a sympathizer in our midst. On This platform.

  31. Bi says:

    Obviously,, this came out the day after CPAC. No Democrats wants to believe their country has gone from first to last! They would need to take responsibility! That is not in their wheelhouse! They like to shame and blame. There is not one single chance in hell that this dementia demonic Democrat even came close to winning any poll or election! The reason they are still under barb wire is because they actually know they do not belong in the White House. They are contaminating it’s very history. I will bet not another President will never reside there ever again ! This is a stain on America. Just like President Kennedy’s assassination! The deep state is a group of very evil , greedy people that I hope I live long enough to see them all publicly humiliated! I ask God to come to our aid and cast out this evil that is tearing families apart. Destroying everything we hold dear.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Bi, can you sink any lower than comparing the JFK assassination to an alleged fraudulent election? You must be Bipolar or Bidexual, whatever, get help dude. Go back to the asylum you escaped from.

  32. Donna Wickings says:

    I will vote for trump again and eny of the people he picks he did a great job with every thing he did for America I have already written down all of the wines that have be trayed the American people over and over again and I will not vote for them ever again

  33. Mike says:

    Will never believe anything me ch pa has to say bidens an ass not my president
    Never will b wont obey anything of Jo’s eos or az nothing else from the demoncrapparty.,need to try all the top people in dems party for reasons they ate supporting our enemies!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Mike, Gaaa Gaaa Gooo Gooo. You’re dumber than my poop. Go back to elementary school and learn how to speak English.

      • Kris says:

        Hahaha. I guess you haven’t heard that our teachers aren’t teaching our children reading writing and arythmatic. Or English for that matter. They are being taught socialisim and sharia law. A little screwed up I’d say. Go back to the old country and practice sharia law if that’s what y’all prefer. If y’all want to live as the Chinese. Go live in China. Natives for America. Natives for President Trump.

  34. Joan Squitieri says:

    Joe Biden doesn’t have the mental acuity to run a company much less this Country & the Democraps know it. He is a puppet without strings for the Democraps to use to bring about their Socialist agenda while bringing America to her knees. His mental deterioration is such that he doesn’t have a clue to what he’s signing while behind the desk in the OVAL OFFICE. It’s sad to see anyone in that state, but it shows us that the Dems will stoop to anything & everything to get what they want. They’re a GODLESS, despicable & deplorable bunch of political hacks all of whom are bad for America with the exception of Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia

  35. carl says:


  36. Donna Wickings says:

    He only got votes from the alegals that they listed to to get there votes but when they get here and have been for a while even they are going to see the truth that every other american can see and I think there should be videos placed at all the borders for the elegals to see what they are really doing

    • Charles Larson says:

      Donna , uh, no no no, Donna, my sister is one registered republican who voted for Biden because she said Trump is not mentally stable. She said Biden seems more presidential. She said Trump screwed up with how he handled the Covid-19 news. I agreed with her but I stayed out of the election.

  37. Lynnett says:

    NOT JUST NO BUT HELL NO!! Absolutely fake news! Ridiculous!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Lynett, why is it that you and all these other republican nitwits can’t speak simple English? You all are so jaded and brain-washed by your hero Trump you all speak Trumpisms like “fake news” ? You’re all so dumb and illiterate. Did you all go to the David Koresh school or the Jim Jones school for CULT HEADS?

      • Not fooled by Democrats says:

        Coming from someone who cannot even spell the persons name that you are bashing when it is spelled out right in front of you. Kind of reminds me of Biden, just saying.

  38. Timothy Cordova says:

    My opinion is this is a total bunch of BS…..just saying.

  39. Anthony says:

    What has he done for even the Democrats thus far? Even members in his own party, are starting to question his anti-American agenda. Everything that the media posts about politics is a lie. They just pose as a cover for pedo Biden and camellick Harris.

  40. James Hutchins says:

    Fake News Fake Poll.

  41. Sheila Fiffy says:

    There is no way it is FAKE NEWS

  42. Momma says:

    Considering the poll after CPAC gave Trump 97% rating, I would say Biden and the democrats are in denial. Thinking we are all too stupid to believe anything good about them. Close the borders, quit giving money to China and the wHO, as well as Iran . Use that money for Americans out of work, displaced, homeless, hungry, sick. And for our veterans in much need! Stop stealing from our Social Security. Do not allow any illegals to enter without being immediately deported. Do not give them our Social Security and stimulus money. We are being run over by them. Get our country straightened out before bringing anyone else. If the democrats and WH want them here, they can house, feed, give medical treatment and support them with there own money. They can take responsibility for them. Let them deal with the disease, murderers, rapists, traffickers, drug dealers…etc. Put police back to work and let them do their job using any means necessary to put back the criminals they turned loose on us. Make America the America it was meant to be. A country where we are free to be free to earn a living for our families, to make decisions for the lives of our family. Especially for our children’s lives. The government has no right to take over gender choice for toddlers and young children. No right to give them meds or surgery to change them. This is sick. Same as allowing and promoting sexual abuse of OUR children.

    • Patricia Hiett says:

      We are sick and tired of being forced to “support” these “Illegals”!!!!
      We Americans have our own “nut to crack!!! We cannot afford to support “the Worlds Population!!!! Their own Governments need to “step up” and provide for their own People! It is not American’s responsibility to take care of the “World’s Population”!!! We have needy “Americans” who are “doing without” because this “Administration” does not provide for “Americans needs” FIRST & FOREMOST”!! What part of THAT does this Administration NOT UNDERSTAND????!!!

      • Charles Larson says:

        Patricia, Biden only opened the Mexico border for families that were separated and displaced , for children to reunite with their parents. Trump’s policy caused those family breakups.

      • Kris says:

        Ma’am. Make no mistake. President Trump did not make these policies. Osama Obama did. His administration did. These kids are coming here by cyotes and if they even survive the trip it’s incredible. They still should not be granted citizenship. Sorry but rules are rules. Stop listening to ignorant people. Bless you. Have a great day

  43. Brenda Silas says:

    All lies!!! Nobody in their right mind could think he’s doing a good job!!! He’s just a puppet!!!!

  44. bruce says:

    Who in their right mind believes this? Total BS.

  45. Bill says:

    Looks like the lamestream media are burning the midnight oil to fabricate any ludicrous lies they can, in a pitiously poor attempt to legitimize the leftist regime that occupies the presidency. If the facts get in your way, just make up statistics.

  46. Susan says:

    HAHAHAHAH! That’s a good one!

  47. Lillie says:

    They LIKE the person who can’t remember that he actually had the shot of the Pfizer vaccine a MONTH BEFORE he took office? He actually said on tv that “there was no vaccine before he took office.” Either he’s nuts, can’t remember, or he thinks the American people really are that dumb.

  48. Jack says:

    Famous old quote. ” You can fool 1/2 the people all the time, All the people 1/2 half of the time, BUT YOU CAN’T FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. Don’t you ANTI-AMERICANS realize that by now the People who count are on to you and your Whiz Bang Super smelly stuff is getting very annoying to those of us THAT HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL YOUR SOCIALIST GAMES ?? The Anti Grinch.

  49. Shelley says:

    I don’t know who runs these polls, but I don’t think this is real!! For the most part the country is already paying $1.00 more per gal for gas. Thd economy is not doing great and the unemployment is high!! This administration is a total joke and anyone that believes this poll needs their head examined!

  50. Susan Hartman says:

    I don’t believe it. I have a lot of Demo friends and every one of them are very sorry that they voted for Biden. They see what he is doing and they are so disappointed. The only reason they voted for him was they hated Trump. Now they say I was right. Just because you don’t like the man as a person, he loves this country and he had built up things so well that everyone had their jobs that are gone now. Our country was gaining in every area. Built the military up and just did a good job for us economically. I give credit where credit is due. Try to let your hate slide some and let Trump come back and build us up again. Biden is tearing the country to shreds and we will soon be living under the Chinese rule. IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?

  51. Michael J Korger says:

    What a total joke!!! With signing 50 presidential orders he has totally bypassed the democratic process. He has cancelled thousands of well paid jobs with the stroke of his pen. He also authorized sending U.S. tax dollars to abort babies in foreign countries. He has already caused a crises on our southern border. There is already a record number of UNACCOMPANIED minors at the border, besides caravans ramping up significantly. He is pushing the $1.9 trillion COVID Relief Bill which is total fiscal irresponsible. Only 9% of the Bill is for covid relief and the rest is PORK. Insanity is ramping up!!! Biden is out of his mind, what is left of it!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Michael, it was good of Trump to send $1200 stimulus checks to us USA CITIZENS and we got $600 more in early January. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and businesses and unemployment benefits ran out and jobs are too scarce. Why do you have a problem with another stimulus now that it’s from Biden? Most republicans surely support it, they just oppose tying it to a Minimum wage increase. Hopefully, it’ll be passed this week.

  52. Deplorable Bob says:

    They must believe we deplorables are idiots. Who but Dumbocrats would support purposely running the US into the ground? BS fake news ! Get the whole lot of them rats out! Traitors!

  53. Brian Cuthbert says:

    you have to be kidding
    if it is true the american people have become retarded
    it has to be fake news

    • Oh yes the pandemic is declining, but the epidemic of stupidity is flourishing. Hasn’t sleepy won the Noble Peace Prize, an Oscar, an Emmy and the most valuable player for all sports? Of course Biden is popular with the lame stream media, because the hatred for Trump and his supporters is alive and well. I think the honeymoon will be over when gun control becomes his next failed project.

  54. Frank says:

    Since the poll relies on a sample of 2,000 registered voters, I would trust this poll (within a reasonable margin of error). Further detail is required and additional polling to completely accept the accuracy of this assertion.

  55. Jimbo says:

    no [email protected]#King way all I can say read my T-shirt Forbidden Biden LOL.J

  56. I do suppose that a lot has woken up after the evidence plainly in front of their faces and the Senate did not convict Trump. I have seen a lot of Trump lags disappear and a lot of MAGA hats in trash cans and people removing Trump bumper stickers and signs off of their vehicles, I am sure that 6 January and the Senate Republican acquittal was the icing on the cake for many, who are interested in the facts of anything, and that is exactly why Trump is trying to blame it on the Democrats, he knows the majority of Americans do not support such actions.

  57. Cheryl Marshall says:

    They are kidding, right? Not true.
    They have to be put out of office the next election, if not, I do not know what is wrong with our beautiful country.

  58. Linda says:

    The president lost election He won by cheating. Alot of people were in on the fixed election. He is the worst president we ever had. He is sick in the head for all he has done when he got in office. He and the vice president have every intention of ruining everything that was good by President Trump. Many people will realize what they have done by getting him office. As far as i am concerned he is NOT my president

  59. Jkimisley says:

    I believe it to absolutely be true. Anybody who is a Republican by following the tRump, inherits undeniable abilities to do nothing that is the truth but must continually tell lies because their leader Mr. tRump says so. What bothers me the most is the good people that used to be my friends have fallen into the cheating, non-truth lies, and do whatever it takes to put money into the pockets of thieves! No I’m not a Democrat, I am an open minded registered Republican. Hey other Republicans, open your eyes and your mind. Start making your own decisions. Quit thinking and or doing what idiots say to do, make up your own mind and act accordingly.

    • Commonsense says:

      You’re the idiot! Go join the Dumocrats! With over 700,000 Americans out of work,the idiot in the White House canceling jobs, letting all the illegals in without testing , I can’t believe you think true Republicans would approve. BIDEN = Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nomibated.

    • Don'tBeAtool says:

      If you’re a republican then the party is surely in trouble.

      • Commonsense says:

        I’m dangerous! I’m not only a Republican I’m also highly educated! I know howto do my research. I suggest you learn how. RINO describes you perfectly!

    • TheElectionWasStolen says:

      You sound like a mind-numbed democrat.

    • Not fooled by the Democrats says:

      Obviously you don’t drive to work and pay 50 cents a gallon more for gas already. Also blind not to see so many suffer with no job. Probably don’t own a firearm or know how to use it when they come knocking, and believe in all this virus BBBBBBBBSSSSSSSSS. Probably even a mask wearer.

  60. Jfredswartz says:

    I believe it to absolutely be true. Anybody who is a Republican by following the tRump, inherits undeniable abilities to do nothing that is the truth but must continually tell lies because their leader Mr. tRump says so. What bothers me the most is the good people that used to be my friends have fallen into the cheating, non-truth lies, and do whatever it takes to put money into the pockets of thieves! No I’m not a Democrat, I am an open minded registered Republican. Hey other Republicans, open your eyes and your mind. Start making your own decisions. Quit thinking and or doing what idiots say to do, make up your own mind and act accordingly.

    • Melinda says:

      Like or dislike the person it doesn’t matter, what matters is if the policy of the president helps or hurts the country. President Trump’s policies were great for the country. Open your eyes and admit the truth that Bidon’s policies (or whoever is making the decisions) are a disaster.

    • Bill says:

      Okay. If you are so open minded, go find and watch “Absolute Proof” by Mike Lindell, and get back to us.
      You may not like President Trump, but I overcame my initial personality prejudice when I saw what good he did for America. Like him or hate him, he was Making America Great. The propaganda machine can make hollow claims otherwise, but we had more jobs, paid less taxes, controlled the influx of ILLEGAL aliens, low inflation, lead peace in the mideast, stayed out of wars, made better trade relations for America, improved our military and veteran’s care, accepted no pay, and lost a sacrificed portion of his personal fortune because he gave his attention to the country and ideals he loves.
      And the media only shows him playing golf….

      • Commonsense says:

        Amen Bill! When the truth comes out the Democrats will be in jail. I saw Absolute Truth. I 100% support President Trump. He did what he told us he was going to do. All sleepy Joe did was LIE! There’s nothing moderate about him.

  61. Harriett Lindsey says:

    Fake news. I don’t think Americans are happy with the loss of jobs and being sold to China global cabal. The fake news makes him sound amazing but he is NOT running the office of President. He is a talking head and an tired of seeing him sitting a fake desk. Propaganda fake news is still trying to sell slow Joe to Americans

  62. Dan says:

    Poles are in nothing more than more Socialist Propaganda of the left. Make everyone around you aware of the truth and see what happens. Biden’s alarming EOs on Equity, transgender Section IX, open borders, the ridiculous 1.9 trillion Democrats pork spending bill in which only 9% goes to Covid. Our job as Republicans is to be smart, stay informed and share the truth. Righteousness will prevail if we cast our nets to the right side of the boat.

  63. Arnild Tobias says:

    Even some Demacrats have buyers remorse

  64. Sic&Tired says:

    There is … and I Quote – “NO WAY” – BIDEN is actually Popular.!!! Any Popularity that Biden even Thinks he has is from the Dumb Americans, who voted that Clown into Office.!!! Those that voted that Idiot into Office…Aren’t Even Americans…Or they just think they have that Title as a Person. Those that Voted for Biden are Disgraceful Human Beings – IF, You can even call them Humans….Pathetic Individuals.!!! Our Country is Hurting Thanks to Those Morons.!!!

  65. Robert says:


  66. Bob says:

    And I bet AOC is chosen for VP when Joe steps down and Kam takes over.

  67. Robert6391 says:

    Is the same thing true about the election when we know from records that about 20% of registered Republicans voted for Biden. I am a Republican and I know lots more who voted for Trump in 2016 but refused to vote for Trump in 2020 and now think they made the right choice and also some of the persons i know who voted Trump who now think they made the wrong choice, since January 6 invasion.

  68. tj says:

    B.S. just like the fake news. I would bet 31% might be the % of Democrats that
    like what Joe has done. If in fact there are 31% of Democrats that have a brain?
    What Joe is doing is going to cause a lot of pain in this Country.

  69. Jeffrey says:

    This report is total fake news, Mr. Potato is nothing but a lier from day one. Just about everything he campaigned on he lied about. You can’t fix stupid.

  70. Purple Olive says:


  71. Pete says:

    Completely FAKE NEWS and TOTAL BS. NO WAY AND NO HOW!!!

  72. Butch says:

    IF TRUE?, How many of those 31% (23 million)so called GOP voters actually voted for Biden, while pretending to support Trump.Give me a break!

  73. Melanie says:

    Got to be fake news!

  74. robert shaffer says:

    this is a joke i believe he is the most hated president ever

    • Melinda says:

      I feel sorry for all the people who still believe the propaganda, fake news, and plain lies that have been peddled to the easily mislead for the past five years.

  75. Joanne MORTENSEN says:

    no way can that be possible he did not even win the presidency .. he was put in place by corrupt persons

  76. linda droz says:

    lies lies & more lies!!!

  77. Kam says:

    There is no way republicans feel that way. Even the Romney party isn’t that big. That rating is a joke!

  78. Kentdorp says:

    Has delusional thinking been canceled?

  79. Marlene says:

    It is all fake
    They are ALL lies