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Is Biden Losing It Mentally?

He’s a different guy.”

It is a complete difference from what he was in 2017.”

He doesn’t have the energy, he doesn’t have the pace of his speaking.”

He’s lost a step and he doesn’t seem to have the same mental acuity as he did four years ago.”

He read that [Democratic National Committee speech] verbatim … it’s not Joe Biden anymore.”

Those on the record statements are just a portion of what Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s former White House stenographer told the Washington Free Beacon for the recently published, ‘Not The Same Joe Biden’: White House Stenographer Says Formed VPs ‘Mental Accuity’ Has Deteriorated.

According to the Beacon:

Joe Biden’s former White House stenographer said the vice president’s public speaking ability has deteriorated significantly since leaving office to the point where he’s “not the same Joe Biden.”

It is a complete difference from what he was in 2017,” Mike McCormick, who worked as a White House stenographer for 15 years and with Biden from 2011 to 2017, told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview. “He’s lost a step and he doesn’t seem to have the same mental acuity as he did four years ago.

He doesn’t have the energy, he doesn’t have the pace of his speaking,” McCormick said. “He’s a different guy.


Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Interestingly, those statements about Biden’s mental capacity came out just a day before a poll published by CNBC revealed that, “[m]ost voters in six 2020 swing states do not consider either President Donald Trump or Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden mentally fit to be president.”

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  1. George Valdez says:

    There are facts that the Democrats created this virus back in 2014 Dr falchi under the Obama Administration enhanced it with SARS and AIDS this was done to create this problem in America and throughout the world you can’t trust the Democrats all they do is lie they want to benefit just themselves they don’t care about the rest of America that’s why Trump is cleaning the swamp so we all can have a better life there are black white asian Hispanics we can all get along we all bleed the same we’re all brothers and sisters there’s no more separating us we’re all one big unit the Democrats don’t want that.
    I’m a contractor in Arizona Tucson I run around with Trump flag’s on my truck Thin Line blue flag on my truck in a big sticker on the back all lives matter.
    God Bless America and everyone here in this beautiful country we’re all brothers and sisters

  2. Kimberly says:

    Keep your pie hlole shut Nancy!! I hope you die!

  3. Robert Pratt says:

    I think this is just made up stuff. Biden is as sharp as he needs to be. He is old and not quite what he was but so is Trump. If we elect Trump, we deserve him and the country will go down the drawn with him.

    • Thanh says:

      Hey fucking dog, just see any Trump done for USA in last most 4 years compare to what fucking stupid Puppet Biden in 47 years included 8 years underdog Obama adm. then said who were capable do president job in next , don’t blind by your self no brain of judgement or just be kiss ass as fucking liberal DemaRATs stupid

    • Zareh Arzuman says:


  4. Lin Taylor says:

    Crazy folks on here. I don’t know why you are sending me emails. tRump is morally and mentally unfit to be president, and is a lying narcissistic authoritarian government/power hungry cretin. Biden/Harris for the restoration of sanity, dignity and the Constitution!

  5. Ian says:

    No need to comment! It has all been said so well!!! Trump YES! Biden NO!

  6. Jane says:

    He is gone mentally, physically & emotionally very sad to watch .Why is he blaming our President for COVID 19 deaths ? What about other countries,they are blaming nobody ,not their leaders ?Stupid Biden has nothing against the President except Blame and Accuse . How about Antifas destruction ? No mention of that and poor black kids who are victims of violence no mention of that. Also.Antifa & BLM are just using Police as scapegoat to damage this great country.

  7. Zareh Arzoumanian says:

    Stop Old Man Joe Biden before it is too late. Shame on Democratic Party Leadership for giving us such an IDIOT CANDIDATE JOE BIDEN FOR A SERIOUS PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE FOR OUR DYNAMIC UNITED STATES OF AMERICA MIGHTY NATION IN THIS 21ST CENTURY. Nancy Pelosi knows something about Dementia Suffering Old Man Joe Biden when she expressed Her opinion about the Presidential Debates. Namely, “do not tell Joe Biden that I, Nancy Pelosi, said that “there should be no presidential debate”. Thanks Nancy Pelosi for your sincere appreciation about “MENTALLY SICK AND INCOMPETENT JOE BIDEN FOR THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, OUR BELOVED COUNTRY”. Democrates are waiting our time, our resources, our energy and our financial means BY KEEPING SICK AND INCOMPETENT JOE BIDEN AS A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. We project a disaster is in the coming days for the DEMOCRATES. QUO VADIS DEMOCRATES. Cannot vote for a sick 78 years old retarded candidate Joe Biden. It is time to retire and enjoy your family and your grandchildren Joe. Good bye.

  8. Richard Miller says:

    The Chinese want to control the world wealth and dominance. The Communist Democratic Party want to ride China’s shirt tails to have a seat at their table . It’s funny how the Demoncrats try to sell the American people that they will implement Medicare for all, including the illegal immigrants. They will erase all college debt and give everyone free college. They will open our borders. They will give every Black Citizen
    Retribution even if they have no distant relatives that were slaves, much less black slave owners. Their idiotic scheme of the green deal and take away the production of fossil fuel domestic or Foriegn. They will reduce the police force to non or very little. The price tag is unobtainable with a price tag of over 14 trillion the first year. Not to mention the tax rate on the poor and middle class would be over 50%. The combination of all their malarkey are promises which will never happen. Here’s what really will happen if the communist Democrats win presidency and any majority house and senate seats: Every citizen will be taxed at a 50% tax rate, their will be open borders when the unemployment will be close to 20%. Yes there will be free health care. You will wait months for a MRI or x ray, you won’t be able to get cure for any cancers or organ transplant to stay alive. No one will receive unemployment or welfare. You will be forced to work no matter what. There will no social security, pensions or even CD etc for retirement.
    The same old promises by the same old communist party. It’s good the African Americans and Latinos are getting smart about these tactics and aren’t going to bite this time. However the white spoiled little millennials
    want what the rich or even what their parent’s have without working for it,
    the radical Anarchist and the falsehood of Black Lives Matter which are the same ones who are burning down the businesses of the people who worked hard to get to where they are at. Don’t believe what I’m saying.
    I read a secret memo over 15 years ago on the internet. Where apparently
    the Democratic Communist party sent out a to do list to take over this country once and for all: The memo stayed the steps they all need to take
    to do this: Ygey are as follows:
    1. Take control of all levels of schooling by putting teachers who will indoctrinate and brainwash kids from school levels K-1 through Doctorates degree. You see it happening still. Teachers don’t allow parents to see what they are teaching their students such as, No American History or false history, teaching Islam instead of Christianity, Not teaching Patriotism,
    confusing young kids that it’s ok and they should. be the opposite sex they were born with, that America is evil and is racist, yet we were one of the first countries to make slavery illegal and President Lincoln a Republican
    was assassinated for freeing the slaves. That the first president of America before it became independent 13 states from England was the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT! How racist?
    2. Take over the Media, , TV, Cable, Newspapers and use fake / lying news to brainwash the citizens . CNN, ETC ETC only give fake and lies.
    3. Elect only liberal communist judges so they can back them in need.
    4. Allow illegals to enter the USA and tilt the voting numbers and the amount of congressman / electoral votes they have. How many times have they automatically grated citizenship to them instead of a wall or even sending back to their country. Millions and around 10% of our population in the last 30 years.
    5. Control housing and banks : Fanny May and Freddie Mac ring a bell and bailing out the banks and Wall Street.
    6. Stop the notion that God is our. Supreme guide and being and replace him with the government can do it all for you.
    7. Reduce the police force to zero and replace it with a United Nations Force that will actual control the masses if need be.
    8. Take away all 2nd amendment / gun rights so when the Democrat Communist take over the citizens can’t revolt against them.
    9. Reduce all forms of Capitalism. Self explanatory!
    10. .Take over the FBI and use it as a political tool against Republicans or anyone who doesn’t conform
    11. In still anarchy, racism, cultural differences, monetary differences and sexual differences. Then get them to riot and start fighting one another so they can step right in and take over.. These are the brown shirts of Germany when Hitler took over.
    Look at Cuba, Russia, China just to name a few. Do they have freedom, guns to protect themselves, enough jobs or wage to pay for food and housing ? Not ! YOU WANT THAT THEN MOVE TO A COMMUNIST COUNTRY . YOU WOULDNT LAST A MONTH.

  9. Pegs says:

    William, I could not have said it better. GOD heap us all if they get in power. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Open your eyes everyone . this election is CRUCIAL !!!!!!! We NEED a Red Wave across this GREAT NATION!! #TRUMP #2020

  10. rosa says:


  11. Donna Razewski says:

    Joe biden was under Obama was under Obama armpit to long

  12. linda says:

    William Duncan
    YOU are spot on!!
    We need more free thinkers like you.
    Just hope and pray PRESIDENT TRUMP gets four more years or we are all doomed.

  13. Marie Spadaccino says:

    Joe stop with the pitty party

  14. Marie Spadaccino says:

    We see it on TV, they are trying to hide it and given Joe mendcation I am sure. But he has the start of Dementia. Joe doesn’t even walk right. Always. I have lots a 26 year old son to cancer on Xmas & if I hear joe use the pitty cards any more I will punch the TV other parents are taking about this on cancer sites & other sites. STOP THE PITTY PART WE SEE THROUGH IT

  15. Janet says:

    He is so incomepedent

  16. This biden idiot dont even know if hes in Delaware or vermont..if u vote for this nut job then u deserve what u get. Food lines..high taxes..everything free sounds good until they run out then its loot and shoot and were going to be socialist taken over by china
    I say vote trump and all red..u know if trump wins there will be antifa and BLM against true Americans..we will win red o tdd ur dead

  17. Jim says:

    President Trump is mentally aler

  18. A vote for Biden & Harris will represent the FALL OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE. Those who advocate dragging this country into the Socialists abyss are the ’30 something crowd’ who have grown up on a diet of spend, spend, spend, their student loan debt is now “$1.6 Trillion” and their credit card debt is “$1.1 Trillion” or an average of $5,700.00 each. As an independent for decades I did not vote for Hillary or Trump, but, a vote for Biden means an avalanche in government spending, welfare and Bernie Sanders Free crap. The Green New Deal, Open Borders, return to the Paris Climate agreement, Medicare for all, including illegal immigrants and destroying the economic dependence on oil along with Biden’s promise of “new taxes” is a promise to spend our way into prosperity…Keep in mind folks 42% of the American population pay NO TAXES so the middle class will be crushed…If you buy into this insanity YOU DESERVE TO BE ENSLAVED…

    That moronic Socialists nonsense crushed the people of Cuba, N. Korea, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, and Venezuela to name a few…If you take the time to read Biden’s proposals he and his ilk will promise you an increase in our debt by some $75 TRILLION, plus our existing $26 Trillion or a total of $100 Trillion—the interest on that debt each year will be greater than our ‘Gross National Product’….the result? Hideous taxes and the imprisonment of debt that our great, great grandchildren will never be able to repay. Biden’s promise to also give “amnesty to 11 million illegals” will be the kiss of death to this economy… I guess we are all doomed to think like Nancy Pelosi: “We have to destroy this country to find out what’s in it.”…VOTE EARLY…VOTE OFTEN?