Is Civil War Brewing in America?

American Flag

( – A large share of American citizens believe that a new civil war will likely erupt in the United States within the next decade, the results from a new public opinion poll indicate.

More than 40% of adult Americans are convinced that a second civil war is coming – and that holds true for all three major voting groups – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike, as per the findings of a survey by The Economist and YouGov.

In posing the question, the poll told the participants to “[look] ahead to the next 10 years,” and consider the likely developments in the United States.

“[How likely] it is that there will be a civil war in this country?” the poll asked concerning that time period.

Nearly half of the respondents – or a total of 43% – responded that it is “very” or “somewhat” likely that a civil war may break out.

Most of the rest were divided, as 24% said such a development is “not very likely,” in their view, while 22% responded that they are not sure.

Worries about a looming civil were found to be the strongest among Republican voters – although neither the Democrats nor the Independents remained far behind.

54% of the voters categorized as “strong Republicans” said they think a civil war will happen in America over the next decade.

Among “not very strong Republicans,” the share of those sharing that forecast stood at 45%.

The Democratic Party’s figures are only slightly lower, with 40% of the “strong Democrats” and 39% of the “not very strong Democrats” predicting a civil war in the 10 years.

Independent voters showed roughly similar results, with 40% subscribing to the apocalyptic forecast.

In the same poll, 62% of the respondents declared that violence in the US would grow over the next decade, while 65% said political violence across the nation had gone up since 2021.

66% told the pollster that political divisions across the United States have deteriorated since the beginning of 2021.