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Is COVID-19 Vaccine Announcement a Coincidence?

For months, informed Americans predicted that as soon as the presidential election was over COVID-19 would no longer be the issue that dominated the mainstream media. In fact, many Americans believed that any good news about vaccines or therapeutics would be suppressed until after the election so that President Donald Trump wouldn’t benefit from good news about the coronavirus battle before the election. After all, it was Trump who created and funded Operation Warp Speed so that vaccines and therapeutics would be developed far faster – years faster – than ever done before in world history. So, if a successful vaccine was announced before the election it could result in Trump receiving even more votes than he did.

Of course, the election is not over. Ballots are still being counted. Allegations of voter fraud are rampant. Legal challenges are multiplying. And yet, the mainstream media and Democrat-controlled state legislatures along with Nancy Pelosi seem determined to push the election to Joe Biden before we know the true count of lawfully cast ballots.

Now, less than 48 hours after the mainstream media called the election for Biden, comes the announcement that Pfizer has successfully developed a vaccine that is far better at developing immunity against COVID-19 than anyone had hoped.

As the Reuters news agency reported: “Pfizer said on Monday its experimental COVID-19 vaccine was more than 90% effective, a major victory in the fight against a pandemic that has killed more than a million people, battered the world’s economy and upended daily life…Pfizer and German partner BioNTech are the first drugmakers to release successful data from a large-scale clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine. The companies said they have so far found no serious safety concerns and expect to seek U.S. authorization this month for emergency use of the vaccine. Health experts said Pfizer’s results were positive for all COVID-19 vaccines currently in development since they show the shots are going after the right target and are a proof of concept that the disease can be halted with vaccination. ‘Today is a great day for science and humanity,’ Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s chairman and chief executive, said.” [emphasis added]

So, this “great day for science and humanity” comes just 48 hours after Biden was announced as the winner by the mainstream media? Coincidence? You decide.

And, here’s what might be a key admission by Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York. Cuomo is concerned that the Pfizer announcement may be a little too soon and is “bad news” because Joe Biden is not yet sworn in as President. Yes, he covers his admission by talking about distribution issues. But, he doesn’t want any good news about COVID-19 while it might benefit Trump during a contested election battle.

Please watch this clip of Cuomo and share your thoughts about the timing of the announcement about the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in the Comment section.


  1. Shirley Rippel says:

    Yes this should be awarded to President Trump, yes we need to spread the word around. Twitter and facebook would just block out the sharing as they have with most of good that our President has done. God forbid if biden gets sworn in as president, They will destroy America.

  2. Lesly says:

    The way they treated Trump was a disgrace to this country. They will reap what they sow.

  3. Pegs says:

    We ALL KNOW the the Covid vaccine is PRESIDENT TRUMP & VICE PRESIDENT PENCE’S BABY. Of course they will try to take ALL THE CREDIT. THEY’RE DISGUSTING!!!

    • GI says:

      Yah the only credit Cuomo gets to take is he caused more death to NYers than the Bin Ladin 9/11 Attack !! And Now sounds to want to create more!!?

    • Mike says:

      pegs, does it matter who gets credit as long as it benefits The American People? So pegs, go back to mommy & daddy’s basement. Rumor has it that this vaccine was all set-up to be released after the election. That is why they did all the research & testing at Pfizer’s own expense. The deal was they would make all their money on the sale. Another back room deal done by criminal odumbo & other means such as sorass!!!

  4. Rick Marshall says:

    We all knew they would try to take credit for the “Trump Vaccine”.

  5. Gail Lynn Warren says:

    I would love to help with vaccinations.

    Gail L Warren 321-506`

  6. CV66_RoofRat says:

    Nothing new from the Democrats. They’ve always been lies and cheats. They’re just being more blatant and “in your face” in going about it.

    The last Democrat worth voting for was JFK. All since then have sold their soul to Lucifer, for political and personal power.

  7. Renee says:

    I cannot stand what the Democrats did and are doing its disgusting I can’t stand to look at Biden or Harris they’re are a disgrace to our country and all of the Democratic Party they’re lairs …Our President Trump has done a lot for our country…I feel the demos are so afraid of our President they are capable of anything to keep him from being president another 4 years … In all my years ( which is many many ) never saw anything like this ……and one one more thing which is important Obama is the one that started the extreme racism in this country NOT our President Trump

  8. Teresa Fish says:

    No,listening to him is an irritation! I turn him off even if I have to turn the TV off to get rid of his snarky face and voice.

  9. Beverly Hayes says:

    Democrats wanted revenge for Trump winning in 2016, didn’t care how or what they had too do to get it – as long as they won the WH! President Trump is a people’s President, – Biden is nothing but a yes man and a crooked politician. Democrats don’t give a —— about the American people or what’s best for this country! Welcome to a socialist government and loss of freedoms. Economy the best it ever has been, well kiss that goodbye along with everything else we have enjoyed the last four years. Oh – a coincidence – BREAKING NEWS – a vaccine has been found that is 90% effective against Covid19 – what a surprise!!! Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP for taking care of America and the American people these past 4 years! God help us now!

    • disgusted elder says:

      I am appalled at the blatant dishonesty of the democrat/communist party. The frightening thought is that we may need 2-A to save our country. Pray for the U.S.A.

  10. Jackie Karz says:

    Well if people voted against Trump because of the pandemic they are nothing but imbeciles, he did a better job with the virus than anyone else would have. It’s all a set up. what he did wrong was listening to those doctors, but didn’t know at the time. I would vote for him again if I could, he’s the people’s President!

    • Linda Cardin says:

      Thank you, Hope you are doing well. The Demo–RATS are sayibng that they will harm all those who voted for President Trump. I hope he wins this election. America will no longer be free if Trump is not our President.

  11. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    Yes. By design. Big Pharma is deep state controlled. They hate Trump because he’s exposed them for the money hungry filth they are.

    • Carol moorby says:

      You are absolutely right!, So we who know this latest news on a vaccine must reveal it to everyone we know. Facebook, Twitter, friends, neighbors, . Etc. it’s great to hear from someone who has a clue on the evils of the “ LEFT” Thank you

    • T Beach says:

      That will just be another failure for Obiden because you know he is gonna try and take the credit for all the work and effort that Pres Trump has done to get the vaccine ready. If they got it ready should start using it now even though we dont really need it. Havent hardly heard a word about covid this week. The Dumbocrats just used it to try steal the election so its magically dissappearing just like Trump said it would. Then if they decide Obiden cheated like we all know he did it will be coming back again

  12. Marilyn M.Gunn says:

    Definitely done by that SLEAZY BUNCH OF DEMOCRATS. Nothing too low for them to try Democrats have always been LOW and DIRTY. THEY WILL NEVER CHANGE, nor will the BUNCH that VOTE FOR THEM

  13. Jackie says:

    Pelosi didn’t care how many Americans died, they just wanted to finally find a way to possibly defeat Trump. Not a word about covid since Biden was declared UNOFFICIAL president. Why is that? Maybe because it is a fabricated “pandemic” and a last ditch effort to defeat Trump.

  14. Mark Porter says:


  15. ken says:

    This was all a set up for Trump loosing….Palosi and her sidekicks had a lot to do with this….Seeing people jumping up and down over Sleepy Biden’s election…Let’s see how much jumping they will do after they see what Biden and his sidekick will do to America….Those jumpers will by lying down…Trump accused of an attitude…..did everyone hear the dems…I put that in lower case because I don’t see them as “important”…I will NEVER listen to any of basement sleepy Biden’s messages….it’s all an amusement show….

    • Carol Moorby says:

      AMEN! Great post! Thank you.

    • Carol Moorby says:

      It’s been revealed that these people jumping up in the street have been l paid to party for 4 hours. Wonder who employers are. Could Soros be one of them? no social distancing and my without masks…… “ A double minded man is UNSTABLE in ALL his ways! Let’s get this message out……… tweeting, Facebook, word of mouth, emails, etc.

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