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Jeb Bush: ‘The Election Is Over’

It’s been quite some time since former Florida Governor and failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush has been in the news. That changed when he decided to criticize the case Texas has filed with the United States Supreme Court seeking to overturn the election. A case that President Donald Trump has joined along with more than one hundred Republican members of Congress.

According to Bush, “The election is over.”

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page about Jeb Bush’s tweet attacking President Trump and those who are asking the Supreme Court to review the election.


  1. Veronica says:

    No Bush the election is not over until the people say it is, you forget there is more of people then politician. It wouldn’t surprise me if the demo had something to do with this virus, with Joe biden and his son in with the china’s, why is china giving so much money to his son? May-be a Christmas present. But joe doesn’t no anything about his son dealings what a lie. Biden in case you haven’t heard your son is being investigated, and has been for a year, But the fake news didn’t want it to get out before the election I wonder why. All you family is corrupted and that includes your wife. But your day will come and I HOPE I AM AROUND TO HEAR ABOUT IT

    • gls says:

      Wow I totally agree with you and also about the dems and the virus. Ask around and see if someone can answer this question, “what democrat has gotten covid?” Not one! Why and How? The Bush’s was evil and GWB will have to live the rest of his life with what he did to our soldiers male and female. We know.

  2. AJ says:

    Another paid loser. WE the People need to support exposing this treasonist election fraud, exposing the bias of the courts, all those criminals that conspired and we’re complicit in the election frau, and those that failed to investigate. Slavery for WE THE PEOPLE is scheduled to begin on January 20, 2021. I will not comply. Unite together to show resistance to this imposed communist slavery. It is apparent that the courts, doj, prosecutors, failed the American People. I don’t intend to be a slave. WE the PEOPLE must act now to take control of OUR COUNTRY before we are disarmed. Rallies are where we meet to make are move. Come securely prepared to defend yourself.

  3. SDOfAZ says:

    Baby Boy Bush of the Bush clan of Rinos. What a remarkable stance, NOT!

    • DSteiny says:

      The Bush family & the Clinton’s are the useful idiots of the NWO. Daddy Bush went to several “secret” meetings ( a few held in Georgia, USA) of the Bilderberg Group (NWO) as did Kissinger, C. Rice, generals, bankers, CEO’s, heads of media outlets, journalist, presidents, & plenty more. The Rockefeller family is big in the NWO, the NWO has been operating in countries all over the world, interfering in their elections, bankrupting countries. David Rockefeller asked Bill Clinton what he thought of world trade, Bill didn’t know much about it, so good old Dave filled him in, Bill said ‘I can do that!” So good old Dave made sure Bill became president. Odumbo wants to become the NWO secretary. HilLiary was to be the ending of the take over, voting in Trump screwed with plans. Their plan is to take over the world by 2030, they will call in the UN to be the world police, No constitution, no bill of rights, open boarders, and more. We will be slaves to the super elite, die at their hands. If Bidenmytime gets in we can say goodbye to OUR America.

  4. Tony says:

    In my opinion jeb bush and his dad are and where a piece of crap. I know Texans are smarter than bush. I know as i was a Texan. Lived in Whitney , Texas. Plus let me say another person I would never vote for is Mitt Romney he is screwed in the head also. I used to be a Democrat since they started screwing the American people and trying to take our rights away I switched over. Then don’t get me started on Biden, Harris and, Pelosi three of a kind that won’t work for the American people.

  5. Thomas Tilden says:

    jeb bush showed he is a communist lover as well. It is time for the right to. say over turn the election or violence will erupt in the country. Just like the left does. Or we red states can leave the union . An form a more perfect union. Joe biden is a pervert,crook and cheater . His v.p. is the whore of Washington d.c . An admitted it already. His son is a criminal Crack smoker . His cabinet has perverts and crooks on it . Lets make all these Chinese communist bastard lovers pay for there distruction of the greatest country world ever saw . A republic by the people for the people . Letting biden become pres. We are no longer a free society. We are a society where the evil big ugly state rules us with out our choice. I say f all these unanerican communist ass sniffers . The only way this can end I hate to say it is civil war. Or leave the union . All freedom loving Americans have no other choice now !

  6. Neal says:

    I think Jeb needs to join the Biden movement (the Bowel movement) so we can flush he and Bidens agenda down the *hitter!!!

  7. Kari says:

    Jeb Who? He’s the one who has been over for a long time now!

    • Jeb Bush is nothing more than a piss-ant little MOMMY’S boy! H couldn’t even secure himself a nomination to run for President! Loser with a capital”L” go home Jebby your mommy’s calling you! And your political career is long over!

  8. I saw a role of toilet paper with hillary’s face on it. Now we need a complete set with the faces of Jeb’s, Georgie,nancy, barry, schumer, comey, brennan, schiffless?, maxine waters, numbskull nadler and let us not forget joe!!!!!

    • Oh forgive me, how could I forget that gum flapping hypocritical loser like AOC who claims that capitolism is unsustainable as she makes $174,000 thousand a year. Her face would be perfect for anal ribbon. Yes my statement may be rude, crude and crass but I believe there are others who would agree!!!!! We can add ilhan’s name to the collection.

  9. mary shofi volpe says:

    This could very well be the end of the world. Our beautiful country will be in the gutter as soon as Biden and his gang of scumbugs take over. We will never again recognize what made our country unique. It will soon resemble a 3rd world country in every way, since socialism and fascism will now be the norm. Biden and Harris are the worst people for such an important job and it scares me to death how the USA will go into a major decline and the Dems. will destroy us and take credit for the wonderful vaccines that will soon be available thank to President Trump and the medical community. I WISH THAT I HAD THE ABILITY TO LEAVE OUR COUNTRY FOR 4 YEARS TO AVOID ALL THE HORRIFIC THINGS THAT WE WILL BE SURELY FACING. GOD HELP US.

    • BIG JOHN says:

      I agree with you. The bad part of the past thirty years is that neither of the two previous Republican Presidents supported Trump which in my opinion really hurt him. I have to hand it to the Democrats in that if you don’t play their way then they drop you. Unlike the majority of the Senator’s and the Representatives Trump had his money before he became politician.

      • Dorothy says:

        President Trump is a businessman, never a politician. That explains his expertise and intelligence.

  10. Wes says:

    Jeb your words just provided insight as to why Americans didn’t elect you as President. Americans sensed that you didn’t have what it took to fight for America and its citizens. I think you are a good man but you did not have what America needed in a leader who was willing to fight for the rights and freedom of all Americans regardless of the insurmountable odds. That is the reason that Trump has such a loyal following. He transcended party lines and rose to the level of an American who had the welfare of American Citizens first and foremost in his actions and thoughts. Actions speak louder than words! Promises made. Promises kept.

  11. 1-Eddie-1 says:

    Democrats can’t win fairly and lie,cheat and steal. It is obvious that this is a takeover of our country by communists within. They are not interested in being fair, they just want power. They have called for unity after attacking us for 4 years during Donald Trump’s Presidency. They attacked us during the 8 years of Barack Obamas Presidency. The truth is that they don’t want unity, they want to silence all opposition and crush us. They unleashed violent mobs in major cities. They have attacked everything that is good. Girls sports are now unisex. They have attacked the bedrock of civilization, the family. You know, one man, one woman, together they create a family. They’ve attacked our places of worship. They’ve called us bigots and homophobes because we follow God’s laws. The liberal news media has suppressed news stories about their favored candidates and produced hatchet jobs on us. They have arrested righteous people and released violent offenders out into the streets. They have destroyed businesses through tyrannical lockdowns.

    How much more are we to endure? I do not recognize my country anymore. It is with a heavy heart that I say this, however it must be said. It is time to separate the country. If we wish to be free and unencumbered, we must disolve and secede from the swamp in Washington DC.

  12. Kim says:

    I wouldn’t have a problem if Biden won fair and square but the dems cheated any one can see that unless your deaf dumb and blind, stop insulting the American people’s intelligence.

  13. Democrats are above the law they stole the election I seen it on a video they surely do everything and anything to win big liars cheaters traitors of the American people they need to be locked up
    Trump been working hard for American people sense day one the democrats Been trying to bring Americans down to their knees if Trump our choosen president Trump don’t win I believe their will be world war3. GODBLESS America and our president DONALD J TRUMP 2020 @Donald J Trump

  14. Holly Rose says:

    trump needs to be hanged. He has caused a great rift among the states. Paxton needs to be arrested. How come the bar has not revoked his license to practice. trump has divided our country 17 states for him and 25 against him. Doesn’t that tell it? TRUMP HAS JUST STARTED THE SECOND AMERICAN CIVIL WAR!!! May he burn in hell permanently!

    • Franklin Steele says:

      Spoken like a true, liberal idiot!

    • Mark says:

      It’s ignorant choices of words from people like you who are so ignorant to the facts. You should be shot before firing squad

    • You are smart enough to realize that the Democrats have been against Trump since before he was elected.. The Media and Democrats have done everything from impeachment to saying he collaborated with Russia and after two investigations even the FBI admitted they should never do this to Trump. They admitted that if they had it to do over they would never have done it… The media is responsible for a lot of what happened to Trump.. Not sure why I am talking to you I am sure you probably not listen to anything any Republican says.. So going to go before I have too much invested.

    • Larry says:

      If you believe President Trump should be hanged for what you claim is dividing the country then you better damn well scream bloody murder for the hanging of the ultimate snake and master of dividing a nation Mr. Barack Hussein Obama! He and Mr. Eric Holder did more to divide our nation than anyone else could even dream of.

      • Thank you Larry!!! Remember when that tyrannical cretan barry made a disparaging comment to the American public “you Christains need to get off your high horses”. That creep illuminates intolerance of epic proportion.

    • Michael says:

      You are so full of!!!!

    • Diane says:

      May you burn in he’ll you liberal pos. Trump is the best President we have ever had. If libtards would stop trying to control people, quit breaking the law, stop violating people’s civil rights, and act like American citizens there wouldn’t be a civil war. Take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming people for your own bad choices. Make no mistake the 2nd civil war was already started when democrats started their lying, cheating, rioting, and stealing.

    • James says:

      Holly you are one sick puppy’ and one of the biggest liars on EARTH. And you might want to remember President Trump is still President and it’s against FEDERAL LAW to threaten the President,ight want to remember that before your next rant!

    • James says:

      You poor sensitive MORON.

  15. Lesly says:

    Trump won the election in 2016 fair & square. Demos hated jom from day 1. Demos BOUGHT this election.

  16. Ike says:

    Poor Jeb . He can’t help it . He was just born with Bull Shit in his mouth . W wasn’t much better . The Republican Party doesn’t need those sell-outs .

    • Mark says:

      Rinos like the Bushes are bigger dirtbags than Demonrats. You expect Dumbocraps to be aholes but Rinios are traitors to their party. Bush Sr was CFR member which are one world govt supporters Enemies of our Republic. Britain pulled out of European Union when they reallized they had given their sovereignty to unelected Bureacrats in Brussels. Scumbama was doing same with Paris accord. Trump was right to pull out! Bush family are all center left America last POS!!! Tell loser low energy Jeb to sit down and shut up with turncoat Romney and both to GFY!!

  17. Larry says:

    Once President Trump started work on putting an end to the gravy train for these career political families the fake smiles went away and the claws came out showing the true denizens they are. The Bush’s were bitter that poor Jebby just couldn’t carry the water for their legacy so, now it’s time to put things in motion to try to stop any chance to derail that train or drain the swamp.

  18. Pat GINGERICH says:

    I think Jeb Bush and his family are all traitors to America for not voting for Trump! Trump has been the best president since Reagan! It is his constitutional right to appeal the fraud of an election we just experienced. The Democrats will do anything to prevent Trump from his rights! There has been so much fraud in this election. I think the swing states should all vote again under strict guide lines. I was not asked for photo ID and no poll watchers were present in my polls. People were found standing and put in Biden ballots again and again and suitcases were also pulled out with Biden votes. This country ig going to be a disgrace if Biden did win. I can’t believe these people get away with what they do, it is un American and we still live in the United States of America, home of the free because of the brave!!!!

  19. Arlene Magierka says:


    • James Reel says:

      You are absolutely right
      If Jeb were a true American at heart he would not be saying stupid things like that and would realize that we can’t give in and just hand our country over to those who are truly enemies of our constitution and country,like the ones we used to fight on foreign soil. Sad they are running MUCH of the country already. His true colors, just another demonrat in Republican clothing.

      • James says:

        the Bushes worry about the Price per Barrel of oil, nothing else, then you through in Cheney with Halliburton, You figure out why we went into Iraq. $$$$$

    • Mike says:

      What have The COWARDLY REPULICANS done about any of this??? DEMONCRAPS have won, I will never vote Republican again!!! I will not vote DEMONCRAP, I just won’t vote!!! It is so sad this is what our great country has come to. This set-up pandemic which I believe odumbo created is destroying this country. There is something coming & I hope we service. Sure would hate to be odumbo, sorASS & other politicians, because these will be the first people rounded up!!!

  20. Mary says:

    Who cares what jeb says
    ..he is so incidental and should slither back into the crowded hole with Obama’s, Clintons and his big brother…this is no longer about Trump, it’s about the freedom of our nation..

  21. David Smith says:

    Let me tell you a story about a man named Jeb Poor mountain man barely kept his family fed LOL Maybe old Jeb should take a swim in the cement pond LOL People can say what they want for now it is a free country but Trump was the only president to give me a check to help me no other jerk has done that The bush blew up an oil rig in the gulf right after him and Cheney bought the only company that could put out that kind of fire and I have no doubt he helped bring down the towers

  22. Ron Nuce says:

    One word, and one word only describes the Bush family: “TRAITORS” to the BEST
    Nation on the face of the earth! They “drank the Kool-Aid, and I hope you Choke on it !! “

    • Dave Demel says:

      You are spot on!

    • Edmund says:

      Well Prescott Bush made the family fortune selling insurance thru Italy to jews b4 the holocaust & didnt have to payout when they gad no proof after nazis burned records!!!

      & Remem Jeb fixed election with Fla chad nonsense- classy family!!!!

    • Michael Louis says:

      When the bitches,oops I mean bushes drank the kool-aid, shouldn’t they be dead already,just ask jim jones!

  23. David A says:

    Any comments from a bush family member is about as valuable as used shit paper check the family history for hundreds of years they’ve been stealing and cheating America they supported the nazis the commies they are true demons of Satan this fight for the election is more about the fight for freedom that Americans have given the lives of so many for over 300 years to stop tyranny and total control of a government over people we must never give up we as Americans will not support such bullshit they are stealing America from our children I say kick all the radicals and the cities counties and states out of America they can have Seattle Portland San Francisco Los Angeles and every shithole city on the east coast they can become China west we don’t trade with them we put tariffs on them don’t allow them airspace or waterways put travel ban on them they can get everything from the commies see how soon they’ll be forgotten and abandoned GOD BLESS AMERICA

  24. William H. Wilson Jr. says:

    I agree with Mr. Jeb Bush as the election for Biden as people are tired of the entire GOP approving everything that Mr. Trump says or does. Just by that reasoning Mr. Trump is not that good not to have made one mistake for the entire time he’s bee in office!

    • James says:

      The one thing he hasn’t done is sell out his country. The Great Mr. Carter gave away the Panama Canal. you know who has the lease on it now? CHINA !!! Check it out!

  25. Phyllis Poole says:

    Trump interfered with this Bush comment When it was Bush’s turn to be interviewed during pre election interviews. and came down on his brother about getting into the Iraq war. Trump brings these things on himself sometimes. It’s like when he said Mc Cain wasn’t a hero!
    He’s the best president weve had since Reagan but should watch his open comments many times. He beings these things on himself!!

  26. alan vervalin says:

    Poor Jeb! He hasn’t figured out that the only things that are over is him and the Bush dynasty! What a maroon!

  27. AKJohnIII says:

    Jeb, are you forgetting that the only reason your brother became President, the Supreme court decided for him. Trump deserves the same
    court hearing.

    • Corri says:

      But there is no evidence that would uphold in a court hearing. Trump would make even further a fool of himself. He’s just trying to stay alive. Poor thing, gathering money to live on from other Republicans. This has gone way to far for me. Trump needs to give it up and let the Republican party get itself together again with dignity.

      • Mike says:

        The republican POS COWARDS have no dignity!!! The REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE know what happened. These republican COWARDS have lost the respect & confidence of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!

  28. Cg says:

    Jen bush is the loser or should I say the black sheep of the family! Always lost !

  29. Anne says:

    I voted for your father and your brother and Romney and I feel betrayed by your brother and Mitt. I can’t understand how your parents were so kind to Bill Clinton after they horrid things he said about your father. To support Biden after all he has said about African Americsns and his actions with the lies he has been caught telling makes me wonder if you are all part of the Deep swamp. I am very sad. We finally have a Republican who talked back to the Democrats and even though I was not thrilled with some of his verbiage he did not take the abuse like your brother allowed without commenting God help us all. And God is watching . Everyone had better be fearful because He does not condone killing babies plus all the planned horrors we have in store.

  30. Gary says:

    How can anyone in their right mind listen to Jeb Bush (loser)? Bush is not only an idiot, he is jealous of President Trump’s Record. Trump is the best president in my lifetime. Trump supports all 74 million plus are true Americans. Go stick you head back in the sand Bush!

  31. 3 simple words: BUSH CRIME FAMILY.
    I trust the “Manson family” more than these multigenerational thugs.
    They fooled me once…… never again

  32. harvey Cohen, MD, Retired Colonel, US Army says:

    I am a Democrat and respect Republicans and understand the need for a 2 party system. I am disappointed that his Jeb Bush’s brother has not been more involved. Trump et al is stress testing our system and I am confident that thee system will survive. In the interim, Trump is making a mockery of the US and it all it has stood for.

    Harvey Cohen, MD, COL, US Army (retired)

    • Lori Gutenberg says:

      Please enlighten all of us as to how President Trump has made a mockery of the USA! By bringing us back from the brink of economic disaster? By making our military strong and feared again, which they MUST be? By letting China know who’s boss? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service! I respectfully request an answer to my questions

    • Joyce says:

      Thank you for your service…..and my Veteran husband 220% disabled and homebound, almost lost his life under bush 2 and obama, under TRUMP he has received the care he needs using the hotline TRUMP promised us (855) 948-2311,24/7 medicines and treatment never before offered under others.

      Best president we have ever had in my lifetime!
      time ran out before TRUMP, but still owed back pay Mar.03 to Oct 08…my leaking roof needs it, thank you TRUMP, Vietnam era caregivers will receive
      caregiver pay, after 37 years, I will get pay, it would be a blessing.

      GOD bless TRUMP and family!

    • Thank you for your service. Do you have any specific items you refer to about the president?

    • James says:

      Col. you got your College free and found a place to practice. they darn near closed Walter Reed Hospital because of the deplorable condition it was allowed to get in. And if Your a combat Vet ( like me who is disabled ) you would know what President Trump has done for this country! But believe what you need to make you feel better.

  33. D. Baxrer says:

    Jeb Bush is a “zero” wanta be!! If he were smart, he’d “just fade away”!!

  34. Gerry Cappucci says:

    Frank Luntz and Jeb Bush are 2 of a kind. Do they not see that this is a presidential election and that how important it is that it has integrity?? Apparently not…..they just are Never Trumpers who can’t get over the fact that a non politician can get into the presidency with such ease as Trump did….oh he worked hard…. but was real and owed no one anything …thats the kicker…..

  35. John says:

    You said it Bush shut the fuck up.

  36. Mary says:

    So much of the courts are in the Democrats hands no wonder they say no evidence and wont look at all the evidence. President Trumps fight is for honesty. We have seen what a mess this country goti it but it wasnt nto with past presidents. He brought back pride for America . If it had been a fair elction we would all except it. Its been proven that the lies told to try to empeach him when he first got in office were just lies. So you have already seen what their lies do so dont forget it.

  37. Nadine Jezek says:

    If roles were reversed Jeb would be screaming foal play and much more. The people have a right to fight for a fair,legal and transparent election. That’s what it means to be true patriot. We won’t get over it until we get to the truth.

    • Bill Ingram says:

      Sour grapes…too bad he isn’t big enough to support the REAL President. Just like Hilery, he got beat early on and can’t admit that he isn’t what as good as he thought he was. It’s a real shame.

  38. GREG Allen WERVEY says:

    Jeb is way too soft to understand. Soft folks quit. Soft folks are in denial because it’s more comfortable than the truth.

  39. Jan says:

    Jeb Bush is still sore that he didn’t win the nomination for the Republican Party! He thought he ‘had it in the bag’ because of all the money backing him, so he didn’t even try…the same way Joe Biden THOUGHT this time. Joe knew the ‘fix was in’ with the Democrat CHEATING SCHEME!!!!!!!!!
    Hey Jeb…You BUSHES didn’t think it was over when the election was checked out later between your brother, George and Al Gore, huh? It’s always different when the shoe is on the other foot, ain’t it???????????????????

  40. Harry Scarlett says:

    Screw Jeb Bush and his Brother.They are no better than the Commie Dems.

    • Sapphira says:

      Put George P. Bush in that pile of cow dung. He is trying to weasel his way to a national run for something, and is trying to destroy Texas in the bargain. He is the son of Jeb and his mexican wife, and GPB wanted to turn the “reimagining” of the Alamo over to a group of Mexicans. Guess how that turned out!

  41. Don says:

    When I want advice from a punk I’ll give you a call, Jeb.

  42. Beverly says:

    Does anyone care about what this man says??? I know I don’t I thank God for Texas. Hopefully they will reign supreme! God bless Texas!!

  43. Paul Keery says:

    There is a reason Jeb’s not president. The American people selected the person we feel needs to be our leader. As part of the New World Order that Trump has dismantled, he has a lot of reasons to push for Biden. It only shows the battle that Trump is fighting to keep the USA free from the Democratic-Socialism that has raised it’s ugly head in the country. They can’t win fairly so they will cheat any way they can to gain power back.

  44. Romaine Gregg says:

    I don’t know who Jeb bush thinks he is.. but he nothing more then a shirt tail rider on the bush name.. for what that’s worth.. he needs to go back to his cave in Florida.. cook and eat some gator tail and shut his pie hole.. ,, never to be seen again..

  45. Wayne Lyle says:

    Ask him what happened to the $2B his bother and Bill collected for Haiti.

  46. Diane G Schwalm says:

    Obviously Jeb Bush hasn’t been quiet long enough!

  47. Karen Hutchinson says:

    Jeb Bush and the rest of the Bush family are part of the problem. He is such a cry baby. They are as bad as Obama, sniffy and maybe hohoho.

  48. david nelson says:


  49. Ms. Sheryl has been in the basement with Joe and has not heard any of the evidence of voter fraud!

  50. Stephanie says:

    Jebby, Isn’t time to get over your loss for presidential nominee of 2016. The best man was nominated and won. President Trump is the best President and always will be the best President to serve the United States and the American people. God help the USA and all red, white and blue true Americans. Amen.

    • Lori J GUTENBERG says:

      Right on!!

    • Basil Miles says:

      Amen, President Trump has been the Most Truthful and the Most Active for the American people and of Israel then anyone else in American Histrory. God-Bless him and his family.

  51. Rob & Katie Alber says:

    Pres. Trump has every right to fight for the election being fraudulent. If it were on the other shoe….dems would be fighting only it would be nastier.

  52. This is so sad to see Jeb Bush fells the need to ridicule this lawsuit. It is amazing to me that some people feel the need to express belief in what the media and liberals are pandering that we have a Presidet-Elect. I do not know who the other pea brain is who also tweeted, but the last I checked, voter fraud needs to be challenged at every level.

  53. smarker says:

    Hey Jeb, you lost the election in 2016 build a bridge and get over it or are you taking orders from that other looooooser Hilllery!

  54. Olga Saltiban says:

    We do not want to hear from failed politicians, who are salivating for positions and not to help the people of this Nation. We need to end this cheating, lying and Evil actions from the liberal Democrats, from the liberal news media and from Lying, fake politicians such as Bush and Romney! Our election was stolen and we need to stop this now!

  55. charles h mac lean says:

    we the people should void our deal with the cult masonic.they were nothing but a boys club anyway.the templars who saved the chritians also required power and money.the demon-crats got to greedy.blame the collage rituals for that.havard being the worst.trumpism should be the new independant party one nation under god for believers and non believers with liberty and justase for all. please forgive my spelling. chm

  56. Sharon says:

    You lost get over it!!

  57. Bob Edelstein says:

    Jeb,:Low energy, sawloser, cry baby, never was wanna be.A Traito.r

  58. Bishop says:

    Bush go to the basement

  59. Mark Ensley says:

    It’s obvious to the casual observer that fraud took place,and not just small stuff, but a concerted effort by Democrats to steal an election. If jeb cant see that, he’s too dumb to run for president. Go Texas, go Trump!

  60. Ken says:

    I think Jeb needs a re-education class as to what the Dems are up to. It’s the Dems that caused this disturbance with their dishonesty and sneakiness….Think about it Jeb…If the Dems are dishonest in this area, what will they do if Basement Biden gets in….???

    • John says:

      If any Physician says Joe is fit for the Oval office they should pull their License to practice Medicine. I hope it happens before he is sworn in and gets the pension.I don’t believe he should have control of the Football.

  61. Monell says:

    The election isn’t over. Fir a smart man, you talk stupid.
    We want to retain our democratic republic. The election was flawed. We’re pursuing the constitution Get over it!!!

  62. Ron says:

    Jed Bush, keep your mouth shot and let the courts do there job.

  63. Michael says:

    I use to be a Jeb Bush and Romney fan. Not anymore. They have shown their true colors. Career politicians that only get involved where there is money to be made for them, the hell with the Republican Party. They both should act like good cowboys, just ride off into the sunset and quit flapping your gums!!!!

  64. Cheryl Scalisi says:

    Trump needs to pull up his diaper and move out. The election was fair, just because he lost doesn’t mean it was any fraud. Beside almost all the people who sign off on that are Rep.

    • Michael says:

      With a comment like that you must be a Democrat posing as a Republican.

    • jw says:

      Cheryl Scalisi , like you did the last four years right , with all your false criminal charges for impeachment that blew up,in your face !

    • rose says:

      You poor soul. You really are unaware about what is in store when the socialists take over our country. Look to Venezuela, once a very prosperous country, that fell under socialism. We will have no freedoms especially to do what we are doing now, offering our opinions. We will have to beg government for all we need to sustain life. I pray for all of you that have been duped by the promise of free stuff.

    • James says:

      What ROCK have you been under? It must have fell on you.

  65. Mark says:

    Jeb Bush is a traitor along with his family who helped finance Hitler during WWII. What more needs to be said?

  66. BevG says:

    Jeb Bush needs to get over his loss of the Presidency. We got the best man as our President. He actually works for American citizens and Workers. Trump supporter and proud of it.

  67. Elton Wolter says:

    Jeb Bush comes from a family of Rinos and rode his father’s coattails just like Hunter.
    Swamp creatures.

  68. D says:

    One of the criminal shrubs. Who cares what he says?

  69. renato hernandez says:

    president trump is the only president who argue and fix the problem with china
    and nobody else want to fix the problem with china especially the TPP,so for the
    working class he is president that solve the problem with china and NAFTA for the working class he is the HERO the man who stand up for the PEOPLE. I rest
    my case.

  70. Marilyn says:

    Jeb, get over it. You didn’t get elected. Don’t be another Hillary

  71. Henry FitzGerald says:

    The only real Republican among the Bushes passed away last year.

  72. Jimmy R Kendrick says:

    Bush evidently referring to the crooked election we patriots are wanting to be made honest !