Jill Biden BREAKS SILENCE – Shocking Statement!

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – In a shocking statement, First Lady Jill Biden has broken her silence on the federal gun conviction of her stepson, Hunter, by declaring that the scandalous first son was “strong” and she would be following his example.

After observing most of the trial firsthand from the courtroom, Jill Biden told NBC News over the weekend that last week had been “a tough week for my family.”

She attributed the difficulty to having to “relive … the tough times,” a nod to disturbing testimony from Hunter Biden’s former partners regarding his struggles with crack-cocaine addiction.

Hunter Biden was found guilty last week of three federal gun charges.

Two of these charges stemmed from his false declarations on firearm acquisition forms that he was not addicted to crack cocaine when he bought a gun in October 2018.

The third charge was related to his possession of the firearm for eleven days during his addiction period.

Reflecting on the trial’s conclusion, the First Lady expressed her resolve.

“I think after the decision in the court, Hunter was strong, and so I have to take his example and just get out there and start fighting again,” she said.

The trial, which unfolded in Wilmington, Delaware, brought to light internal family conflicts, exposing how Hunter Biden’s prolonged substance abuse had profoundly impacted his family and others.

Jill Biden, discussing the trial’s outcome, emphasized her respect for the judicial process.

“Joe and I both respect the judicial system, and that’s the bottom line.”

She expressed confidence that the verdict would not affect her husband’s performance in his role, asserting, “Oh, no. He is a strong man, and he is a resilient man, and he’s going to do a great job.”

During the trial, Kathleen Buhle, Hunter’s former wife and mother to his three oldest daughters, testified for the prosecution, creating a contrast with their daughter Naomi, who testified in defense of her father.

Buhle’s testimony highlighted moments of despair and difficulty in recalling specifics about Biden’s drug use, except for an instance in 2015 when she discovered a crack pipe on their porch.

The defense aimed to depict a shift in Hunter Biden’s behavior around the time he purchased the gun, but text messages presented by the prosecution during Naomi’s cross-examination questioned the accuracy of her memories.

Jill Biden, though not present at the moment the verdict was declared, was actively involved throughout the trial, taking only a brief leave to accompany her husband, President Joe Biden, to Paris for the D-Day commemorations.

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