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Jim Jordan’s Big Trump Announcement

Traditionally, Labor Day weekend was when politicians made big announcements about their plans to run for elected office. But, it’s unusual to be getting announcements from someone other than the candidates themselves. Still, as we headed into this Labor Day weekend, several politicians and political operatives were making announcements about what they believe – might even know – Donald Trump will do in 2024.


“Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan said Thursday that he thinks former President Donald Trump will run for a third time in 2024,” according to the Daily Caller.

“‘I think he’s gonna run. I want him to run,’ Jordan said at a GOP event in Dallas County, Iowa, reported the Des Moines Register. ‘He’s proven he can take the heat. We’re at a moment now where you’ve got to have someone who’s willing to fight, willing to stand up to all the abuses.’ [emphasis added]

“Jordan is one of Trump’s top allies in Congress, and he told Des Moines outlet KCCI that he is “convinced” Trump will run.

“Trump has polled as a frontrunner among potential 2024 GOP candidates in addition to teasing a third bid, offering a blunt “yes” to Fox News’ Sean Hannity when asked whether he had made up his mind on another candidacy.” [emphasis added]

For more of this report, please go to the Daily Caller.

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