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Joe Biden: Hunter ‘Is the Smartest Man I Know’

No good parent will throw their child under the proverbial bus even when that child is a grown man. Still, in what can only be described as a jaw-dropping moment, last night Joe Biden called his son, Hunter Biden, “the smartest man I know” during an interview on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Specifically, Joe Biden said of Hunter: “We have great confidence in our son. I’m not concerned about any accusations made against him. It’s used to get to me. I think it’s kind of foul play. But, look, it is what it is. He’s a grown man. He is the smartest man I know…in pure intellectual capacity and as long as he’s good, we’re good.”

Please watch the video below of Joe Biden speaking about Hunter Biden and then share your thoughts on this page’s comment section. Do you believe that Hunter Biden has engaged in acts of criminality? If so, do you believe Joe Biden was also involved in those crimes?


  1. Pegs says:

    To say that your little son is the smartest man you know just tells us all that you are THE DUMBEST man WE know!!! you should be a comedian because that’s hilarious. WOW

  2. Sic&Tired says:

    IF, Dough Head Joe Biden thinks his kid …. Hunter Biden …. Is so smart then WHY.???…Is he under Investigation.??? Personally – I think he is Dumber that the Dirt that he walks on….. Only with his lying, cheating, deceitful, untrustworthy and the list goes on for what might be Our Future Dumb A * * …
    President. Totally Amazing.!!!! Biden and Harris Comedy Show.!!! The One thing that gets me the most………Our Country – thanks to the Democrats and All their Cronies – ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD. So Sad and Pathetic.!!

  3. Purple Olive says:

    IF HUNTER BIDEN’S SO SMART, (1) WHY DID HE HOOK UP WITH COMMUNISTS? (2) WHY DIDN’T HE KNOW THAT HE SHOULD HAVE USED PROTECTION NOT TO IMPREGNATE A GO-GO GIRL? (3) WHY DID HE BECOME A DRUG ADDICT? (4) WHY DID HE BEHAVE SO AS TO GET KICKED OUT OF THE U.S. NAVY? (5) If it was so very important for his family to become wealthy, why couldn’t have devise an honest and legal way to make the money they so desired?

  4. Mad as Hell says:

    At first when Joe said Hunter was the smartest man he knows I wanted to laugh but then I thought about it & who does Joe know, his brother, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Shift & a bunch of other democrats that are crooks, liars & stupid if they think they can put all these crimes over on the American people. So I guess Hunter is one of the smartest men he knows (of course that is not saying much). What is this with Colbert is he a comic news person or jack ass. the way he swoons over Obama & Biden I want to through up, it’s like Joy & Whoopie with Nancy. For all you Biden fans I have asked you to look up Joe on the internet you will see he is not a nice person, he is a liar, plagiarizer, racist bigot, bad tempered crook who has now committed treason & will end up having China take over the USA if we do not stop him & the democrats. WAKE UP before it is to late. If Joe has nothing to hide why isn’t he answering these questions??

    • Sherry Smith says:

      I thought too when Joe said Hunter is the most intellectual or intelligent person he knows, I thought, now I understand the disscusting looking cabinet people he had chosen. My God, All crooks,liars, cheats, deceiving , untrustworthy people I’ve ever seen. They don’t even look smart. Like he chose them from the Misfit Island! My God! I thought, the U S in in trouble now! My God! We need Trump for 4 more years! I pray for a miracle on Jan 6th 2021

      • BonnieB says:

        Hunter Biden is a chip off the old block. What a joke he and his dad are. I can’t stand the sight or sound of Joe, and his son is just like him. As far as I am concerned, prison is made for criminals like these two. Smart? No. Wicked? Yes.

  5. Michael J Korger says:

    Joe’s brother said it best to answer the question by Mr. Bobulinski as to how do you get away with all of your corruption: “plausible deniability.” Joe and his family will lie until their jail cell locks shut.

  6. Edward Holland says:

    Just goes to show you joe biden must not know any smart people.

  7. Lesly says:

    Where the hell is our country heading? I dont believe any citizen with a functioning brain would give Democraps power? They dont care about the people. Only their sick agendas.

  8. Sam B. says:

    Lord have mercy! With all due respect Quid Pro Quo JOE….ur son is the smartest Man U know?! LOL. Who r u comparing him to?? The views/opinions/ideals of the unhinged radical progressive socialist left whackjob politicians u surround yourself with?? As a Democrat(barely left leaning) who knows dozens of others…u & all ur “smart” people caused all of us to gladly bail out & join the party that’s: PRO law enforcement, law & order, jobs, safer & secure borders, America/America First etc etc..aka TrumpPence & others in the Republican Party!! We gladly joined in with the other smart-wise people/14 MILLION LEGIT extra votes that TrumpPence got. Smart & wise…something that lacking with the radical progressive socialist left quacks..formerly the democrat party.
    Beijing Biden…I believe ur smart son has made some pretty poor decisions that the evidence from the investigation that started back in *2018* points to possible future criminal charges. Looks like u may join him! Oh wait…u have the “get out of jail free” pass now. Get all ur ducks in a row QUID PRO QUO JOE!

    • Bob Morris says:

      Joe, deserves no respect. You’ve got to earn respect. He’s a blithering idiot. Our enemies are laughing their ass’s off.

  9. CJ says:

    I guess it is ok for our country to be run by criminals. “Thieves and liars, and frauds, Oh my”! Is that the prerequiste for being a Democrat. Hunter must be very proud that Dad has gone into the family business, making his wallet grow illegally.
    Joe Biden is a load. He has always been a load. Make no mistake he will continue to be a load for 4 years more.

  10. flashy0ne says:

    I could care less about ole’ “crack head” Hunter — the one I’m concerned about is bumbling, stumbling, fumbling OLD Joe. He’s the one who is going to get us into trouble.

    • John says:

      But keep in mind Hunter was/is the middle man making the deals with foreign countries and said he was paying to rest of the family. You can bet Joe Biden keeps takes his salary as POTUS vs donates it to other govt. needs like Trump. Someone needs to watch the Biden’s bank accounts and tax returns!

  11. bkaur says:

    HUNTER SMARTER THAN WHO!!!??? guess he is smart at using his father and family name to take money from China, Russia, Ukraine and wherever else he got it… drug addict and deadbeat dad … oh yeah.. really smart… gag a maggot…
    Lyin’ Biden is corrupt and lowlife disgrace… they both are disgusting…

    • Frank says:

      Y’all are a bunch of NEGATIVE people, cuz you can’t find anything on the Bidens. The Trumps are all losers, no respect AT ALL for the American people, nor for the Executive office. Now THAT is shameful, embarassing, SICK!!

      • Harry Jones says:

        Can’t find anything? When there are people that are preventing the truth from being found, it takes longer, that’s all. The real truth isn’t far from now. There are many facts known, and sources are being found that will tell the facts of these traders of United States security for money. Joe Biden is not fit to be President of the United States.

      • A friend of AMERICA says:

        Fuck Frank!

      • John says:

        Keep spewing your fake news about Trump and family so you can cover up the Biden’s real crimes. You may think Democrats have won, but wait until you start paying your taxes to fix all of the damage and destruction condoned by your hero’s in NY, Portland, Michigan, CA, etc. Mayor De Blasio is already asking the WH to give him funds to rebuild NY because he neglected to use police and refused Trumps help to stop violence. I guess that you are okay to pay for violence, free abortions, green new deal, take away rights, open borders, give citizenship and free medical to illegal immigrants and kill oil & gas jobs, etc. Talk about stupid is as stupid does. Sorry but you made the bed now get ready to lay in it or better pay for it.
        Veteran & Patriot

      • Bob Morris says:

        I feel sorry for you going through life without any real knowledge of what’s going on around you. Please do not multiply.

      • Steve says:

        Can’t find anything on the Biden’s? What freaking planet are u living on? Pull your head out and quit being brainwashed by the liberal media! There is a lot out here on the Biden’s. It just isn’t reported by YOUR NEWS SOURCES. If this man gets put in office on Jan 20 you and all like will realize how badly you failed yourselves. Just a shame you idiots are taking the rest of us down with you!!!

  12. Mad as Hell says:

    The sad part is there are people who put a liar, plagiarizer, racist & do nothing Senator & Vice President in office to be the President of the USA. If you don’t believe me, I dare you to look up what he has done in all his years in government service (oh I forgot he made people pay taxes on their Social Security benefits, which now you are double taxed). Thanks Joe!#?!## That was before we knew about this Hunter Biden mess which Joe & his family are big time part of this mess! My question to you all after seeing how good things got with Trump in office how did you think Biden would make things better when for 40 some odd years he never did a thing but lie, plagiarize, say racist things & do nothing???

    • John says:

      Oh I beg to disagree a lot of people knew about the Biden’s, but the Democrats and their pay for play fake news and social media’s spewed lies and misinformation saying it was Russia Russia like they did from the beggining and a lot of people ignored or believed it and took the bait. Now we will get to see what the Dem swamp have planned and most will pay dearly. Trump did a great job and has led us through the China virus with new vaccines but Joe will take credit like he has in the past 47 yrs. Sad days coming for our great country.

  13. Joan Squitieri says:

    The Biden family is every bit as criminally like the Clinton family was/is. Hunter has been being investigated for the past 2 years by the FBI. Do you really believe that’s uncalled for? Give me a break. President Trump was right when he told Joe Biden that he, Trump had done more for the Country in 4 years than Joe Biden did in 48 the Senate. This election was stolen from Donald Trump & something needs to be done about the entire Democratic Party, they’re a GODLESS bunch of Hippocrates led by the biggest one of all Nancy Pelosi & I’m ashamed that she’s of Italian descent

  14. Holly Rose says:

    I’m glad we have Biden for president. He is a good man and his family is good.

    • Bev says:

      You are evidently on crack or suffer from a debilitating mental illness.
      You are delusional

    • Duane says:

      Holly Rose; please keep your comments to yourself. Everyone thinks you’re stupid. But wait, I think you’re as smart as a dirtglod.

    • Nauvoo says:

      To Holly:

      I hate to say it, but I think you’re trippin’! He’s the exact epitomy of the swamp dweller. If you’ve read the pertinent reports on what Biden bias done with his son, on the government’s dime, you wouldn’t be so quick to praise him and his family. You’re either doing what I said earlier or you don’t have a clue. You’re pathetic.

    • bkaur says:

      I guess you are happy with a liar and a criminal…An evil corrupt man along with his entire family… Lyin’ Biden wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face… I guess you will be happy with higher taxes, higher gas prices, lost jobs, more people back on food stamps, more families in poverty, American taxpayers paying so the illegal aliens can have free healthcare, free college, socialism coming our way… Lyin Biden WILL take this country down a dark and dangerous road.. straight into the depths of hell…. I don’t look for lyin’ Biden to be in office more than 6 months when they invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him for mental issues.. there is NO way the man is capable to do the job.. He has to have someone tell him what to do and what to say… he will need a puppet pulling the strings… the man shows he has dementia and it WILL get worse.. GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY

    • Jeff says:

      Wow, I don’t remember Biden as any of that good stuff you speak, clearly you’re really not old enough to actually remember his true record, but then again after you drink their cool-aid you’ll believe anything they tell you to believe, now that’s the real shame

    • Chris says:

      And What planet are you from and exactly what date did your
      SPACESHIP land? How did you know which Border to take when
      you crossed? There are some fantastic Physicians in this
      Country who can assist with your Eye Surgery, so you could
      watch Fox or Newsmax TV, but the Brain Surgeons are required
      to actually establish the presence of Brain Matter in order
      to actually perform surgery, they don’t make implants for that.
      If you post your address, you will receive a lot of sympathy cards.

      • Sick of holly rose's dumbass comments! says:

        She’s from the planet called dumbfuck where all the shitheads there stab each other in the back and scream nonsense while shit falls out of their mouth.

    • Holly rose is brain bankrupt says:

      Did you vote for Biden because I’m not sure retards even would know how to vote unless you had help from another retarded demonrats who is most certainly brain dead.

    • Bob Morris says:

      Do they let people in a sanatorium play with Computers? What a stupid comment.

    • Steve says:

      To Holly Rose
      Apparently the lobotomy didn’t work out huh?

  15. Sunne says:

    If I recall Bubba Clinton asked HRC………Hey, who are you going to believe, me or your Lying Eyes.?…………….

    GOD Bless Arkansas Humor

  16. Don says:

    Hey, let me know what jail cells the Biden family will be residing in. The dollar store sells envelopes,computer paper, cookies, and hot chocolate packets. All I need is their federal prison address so I can make sure they get a package every month. I wouldn’t want them to be “cheated” out of what they deserve. Does anybody know how to make a presidential stamp? I would want them to make sure they know it’s coming from all the people they tried to screw out of seating our REAL President–Donald Trump.

  17. James Nice says:

    Can senility make plausible deniability possible?

  18. Audrenia Williams says:

    All I have to say is he must not know many people. He wouldn’t know a smart person if he met him or her.

  19. Becki says:

    The whole family should be in prison now. Joey can be in cell #1 decorated with unicorns and pretty flowers. “DR” Jill Biden can be in cell #2 with blank envelopes so she can write “DR” before everybody else’s name. And Hunter can be in cell # 3 with a brand new “clean” computer so he can write “I LOVE CHINA” and ” I am smart because my daddy said so” And don’t worry ,any of you 3— our REAL President Donald R Trump will be running our country just fine.

    • if you want good humor go online and read the hilariously pathetic low intellect doctorate papers Jill Biden wrote for her doctorate from a SMALL community college. it is all misspellings typos and poor grammar and misuse of words. i am hoping that this college ignored this because their senator leaned n them to give his wife a doctorate …. in ENGISH!! Not because the teachers at the college are basically stupid.
      If Hunter is the smartest guy he knows he needs new handlers.
      The Biden crime family SHOULD have been exposed before he election.

      • S. Foote says:

        I agree with you, that whole family are a bunch of crooks including brother Jim. If they get away with the things they have actually been caught at our republic is done for. If Trump doesn’t come out on top I pray that the Patriot Americans will take it from there and administer justice themselves, no matter what it takes. The constitution gives us the right to tumble any administration that is not protecting that Document and install a new Government. people need to be thinking about this issue seriously and preparing for it.

  20. Becky says:

    Daddy Joe can sure be proud of baby boy Hunter. They were both so smart to TRY to screw America. WE know your entire family is guilty of treason against our country. You are all guilty of treason. WE PAID FOR YOUR TRIP ON AIRFORCE 2 TO FLY TO CHINA. WE PAID YOUR SALARY TO SELL US OUT TO CHINA. NOW IT IS YOUR TURN TO PAY. America will not put up with TRAITORS TREASONERS CORRUPT BABY KILLERS ABORTIONISTS to run our country. Sleazy Joe needs to be indicted NOW. He is a traitor to our country and should NEVER be allowed to hold a seat in our government. He should be in prison for CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. HUNTER SHOULD BE MADE TO PAY THE MONEY THEY ALL STOLE FROM US PAID BACK TO THE USA. He should ask China for a “loan”. They “helped” him out before so what’s a few more million. Then see how smart the family will be when China says NO.

  21. Frank Pleso says:

    This idiot has the mind of a 6 year old. This election should be overturned and him and his cheating wife should be kicked out of Washington for good

  22. Michelle says:

    In my opinion. The Biden family are all criminals.. I do not have any respect for this family. I do not trust them. Biden is a baby killer socialism pervert. I will never call him President. No I do not believe what the pervert said about his son

  23. Chelle says:

    I absolutely, without a doubt think Hunter, Joe and the whole clan have sold out our country. Time will tell. But Joe is compromised and should not be briefed.

    • Smith said last night on Dobbs that the Deep State in DC is actually a mob of clowns. Then Joe gets on a comedy show last night might and states that his son is the smartest guy he know.
      how perfect.

  24. Peter says:

    Joe Biden and his Family are dirty. They sold out the USA and the American people to foreign interests. As a retired US Army Veteran, I believe the conduct is not only criminal, it’s treason. I can only hope the truth about Joe Biden’s criminal enterprises comes out some day. The “big guy” belongs breaking big rocks into little rocks in Fort Leavenworth for the rest of his life and anyone who committed illegal acts to assist him belongs right there beside him. USA MSG(ret)

    • Warren Trevor says:

      I agree with you 100%. However, Isn’t treason punishable by firing squad anymore. Both Hunter and Joe and Nancy and chuck and Swalwell should all be tried for treason against the United States. Good Lord. Where will it end. I for one am getting very tired of the Democratic party. Especially the Clinton/s and the Obama’s and the deep state. It is past time to fight back. If they want a Civil War, I am ready to join the conservative side.

      • John Henry Deatsch says:

        Well spoken! I’m ready to Fight for America against Democratic indecency of the American Country & us as Citizens of Freedom!

  25. Honest says:

    Go Touch Yourself Joe And Gang

  26. G says:

    The old saying you can’t be half pregnant and he and is son will go down with the ship. The definition of smart means different things to different people but Joe is in denial, or just 47 years of delusional thinking and making comments like he graduated near the top of his law class. Body language experts watched him answer questions and he gave them all the signs he was not telling the truth about a female accuser. This was the best the Democrats could run out for office should tell you it was a last ditch effort to cheat.

  27. Bruce says:

    A father can be blind about their children. He thinks saying good things will make it so. It won’t. Hunter has repeatedly made illegal moves but was propped up by his family. They have never paid for their crimes. Money laundering, extortion, influence pedaling. They don’t even talk about Hunter accessing congress people as an unlicensed lobbyist. Thats illegal by the way. Joe is implicated in all of this. He even committed extortion when we told the Ukraine they wouldn’t get load unless they fired a prosecutor…

  28. Sharon Kennelly says:

    This is a sick and cruel post, especially given the behavior of trump’s big game hunting and the immoral behavior of trump himself

    • bruce says:

      Such as? You guys make these comments but never actually say what these things are.

    • Gloria says:

      Seriously? You’ve been drinking too much of that kool-aid. Get your head out of where the sun doesn’t shine. President Trump has done MORE for this country and her people than anyone before him. There isn’t a Democrat in Congress that cares more about us than President Trump, and he did it all for free. JFK was the only other President that didn’t take a paycheck, and he was the last GOOD Democrat we had! Joe Biden is nothing but a pawn for China.

    • Warren Trevor says:

      Get your head out of the sand Sharen. Do you hate our country so much you would vote for thay scumbag Joe?

  29. AJ says:

    Evidence is clearly against the Biden criminal family. Need someone with a spine to investigate. President Trump has to appoint a special prosecutor. The bidens’ have committed TREASON!!! Apparently the FBI and others are part of the treason game.

    It will continue until President Trump stops it dead. Otherwise, PATRIOTS will have to step forward to stop these communists from destroying OUR COUNTRY and CONSTITUTION. GOD BLESS AMERICA & PATRIOTS!!


  30. Craig G says:

    Of course daddy Joe is proud of his darling baby boy. And of course baby boy Hunter is a real smart guy. They BOTH worked a deal to screw ALL of America and sell us out to China. Too bad Hunter was probably too messed up on crack that he forgot to pick up his computer with all the evidence to blow this TRAITER AND TREASON deal wide open. Hmmm…. maybe baby boy wasn’t as smart as what your TWISTED mind thought he is. Maybe he just needs a spanking and told not to be so stupid again. OR— maybe you need to admit you both fucked up and America has finally found out just how corrupt the Demonrats really are. COME ON MAN, NOT SO MUCH TO BRAG ABOUT NOW RIGHT???

  31. Sherry Chase says:

    Nothing will be done! Like Nancy Pelosi and the corrupt demorats say! No one’s above the Laws! What they really mean! That they are above the Laws. Always reverse what they say! Lies and more lies.They All should be charged with Treason.

  32. SueFrank says:

    Joe Biden & his criminal family are guilty of profiting off Joe’s status as a Vice President. I believe Joe made lots of money from payoffs by China for favorable laws enacted in China’s favor by Senator Joe Biden. His brother James profited by war time business sent his way by his brother VP Joe Biden. We’re not talking thousands… we’re talking millions.
    The Biden family is CORRUPT through and through.

  33. Terry Adkins says:

    Gonna sweep it under the rug both of you pedefiles corrupt treasonous bastards rotten apples don’t roll far from the tree,jesus christ himself said the American people will have to take the country back from the crooked government, 1990 Bosnia

  34. Maggie says:

    Biden has already been compromised by China because of his son’s dealings. That right there is putting the USA in danger!! Why do people not understand, this man is going to bring nothing but bad stuff to this country for however the Democrats allow him to remain in office. Then Harris is going to step up and sell us to the highest bidder!!!

  35. rick says:

    Joe and Jill went to the Hill
    To do Red China’s biding
    Joe sold out without a doubt
    “Doc Jill’s pride’s now high-riding

    (Sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle”)

  36. Karen M. Hales says:

    That’s funny coming from Joe Biden and Stephen Colbert. The media has done nothing but attack president Trump and his children for four years. Then he said that’s used to get to me. What about the President’s children. But it’s okay if it’s Biden who said it. Biden did nothing for 47 yrs in the Senate and nothing for 8 yrs in the white house but get rich. President Trump did more in four yrs than all the swamp rats who came before him.

  37. Lawrence Mervine says:

    Can any intelligent (even no so intelligent) person think given the fact in the
    case (e-mails from “broken” laptop, softball questions, etc., that Joe Biden
    did not know what his brother and son were doing and that he was NOT involved
    or benefitting from this “Chinese venture??

  38. Lesly says:

    If fake news gave this dumb-bo a hard question, joe would probably faint. All cushion questions. Hows he gonna run a country? Its all a joke

    • Carol says:

      He is replacing a real sneaky, narcissistic, dumbo! How can we loose??

    • Mari Jo Oneill says:

      Joe Biden is a liar, a fake and a fraud. His entire life he has been a plagerist using others words as his own. In his 1987 run for the Presidency he was forced out because of his plagerism, that found it went all the way back to his law school days. “plagerism ” is nothing but lying and in Old Joe’s life it has been his mainstay. He doesn’t have a thought of his own. He is unable to run this Country and the DEMORATS will use him as their “wind up doll” to try and pass their agenda to destroy this Country.

  39. Lesly says:

    I dont think so joe. He has your DNA so how smart is he? You filled your families pockets while serving OUR country and thats smart? Dumb —-ss.