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Joe Buck/Troy Aikman Mock Military Flyover?

The first lesson broadcast professionals are taught is to always assume the microphone in the broadcast booth is "hot" (turned on) and that anything you say can be heard or recorded. Perhaps that's a lesson Joe Buck and Troy Aikman forgot before the start of Sunday's game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers when they were caught on a hot mic mocking the military flyover that happens at most every NFL game during the National Anthem. Buck and Aikman were recorded saying:

Troy Aikman: "That's a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover."

Joe Buck: "That's your hard-earned money and your tax dollars at work."

Aikman: "That stuff ain't happening with Kamala-Biden ticket. I'll tell you that right now, partner."

Listen for yourself by pressing the play arrow on the recording below. Do you think they were mocking the military flyover or, as some have suggested based on the exaggerated tone in their voices, were they making fun of liberals who complain about military flyovers at sporting events? Either way, it's publicity the NFL probably doesn't want given the significant number of sports fans who've stopped watching games due to player, team, and league support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Editor's Note: Red Alert News does not agree with the caption Defector Media has placed on the recording. We present information and let our readers decide for themselves.


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  1. Larry Bailey says:

    No where have I seen that sports announcers are required to make their political stands known while they are CALLING A FOOTBALL GAME. Just another reason that so many are turned off by announcers and their thoughts on things other than the game…and many are turned off by those thoughts, too.

  2. Pegs says:

    What a couple of HAS-BEENS !!!!!!! They DISGUST Me !!!! and no dumbass she wants to take away fuel !! Except her plane of course & POLICE PROTECTION for her but not for us. WAKE UP IDIOTS!!!!!!! Here’s a clue SHUT THE HELL UP ! No one likes listening to either one of u. The nfl has gone down the tubes. #BOYCOTT THE nfl When the t.v. show Family Feud had more viewers than monday night football……oh well, that serves u right.

    • Roscoe Roules says:

      Airman better never go back to Oklahoma and let anyone know he is coming. A bunch of those patriotic okies are liable to whip his ass and ride him out of the state on a rail. Anyone with an IQ over 45 knows that Biden/Harris propose utter ruin for this country and all it stands for so a vote for them is like a vote to cut your own throat. The comments don’t speak very highly of Aikman’s IQ!

  3. Ken says:

    Freedom is what the military helps keep…but the freedom of the thoughtless? Well that’s another story altogether. I would be highly pissed if I paid for a season ticket to get entertained at a game only to watch these high-paid cry-babys take a knee in protest! I will never ever watch a sports game again!

  4. Scarlet says:

    Sporting events are for entertainment. No one wants to hear political crap during any sporting event. We want to enjoy the game. We have stopped watch all sports when all of this disrespectful crap started. There is only 1 national anthem and the flag needs to be honored. Buck and Akmen need to be fired. Of coarse they won’t be. They are 2 of the worst sports commentators ever.

    • Mark Hamm says:

      I can’t believe that Fox is still letting Buck broadcast the World Series after a comment like that and the negative feedback.

    • PSzugaj says:

      They sit in their booth with their
      $500 suits and complain and piss about the fly overs. Excuse me guys who the hell protects the country you live in where you sit on your lazy asses once a week and collect big money. What the hell have you ever done worth while? Bunch of Nancy’s

      • Janet Varga says:

        Rt on! Very depressing to hear these comments from Aikman & Buck. Reputation is now in shatters. Deservedly so.

    • Virginia Van Handel says:

      A lot of people pin this country love to see theses jets every game!!
      It is a beautiful sight to see.

  5. FrankAboutIt says:

    At $20,000 a pop for phony Covid diagnoses by hospitals just to get the Covid case count falsely, highly, overinflated to maintain an elevated amount of fear and anxiety in Americans to keep them imprisoned in their homes, is a far more expensive waste of taxpayer dollars than some jet flying over a football stadium.
    But then I’m all for cancelling ALL NFL games on TV. I’ve been boycotting their games since the Colon started kneeling; a tasteless act of disrespect that has grown in popularity by the highly overpaid sideline jocks; most of whom have single digit I.Q.s. I boycott their Sponsors too; and I know a number of people who are doing the same thing. Just ask the NBA; the most Racist sport played on TV how well it’s working for them.
    The Demise of Televised Sports is the Future ! No more highly overpaid morons playing kids games with little balls.

  6. Jeff Deiderich says:

    Those two ignorant jerk-offs should be fired. I haven’t watched a football game since the Steelers hid in the tunnel in Chicago and left an Army Ranger standing alone and then vilified him. The NFL is full of wife beating, gun toting thugs.

  7. Ron Moore says:

    Have not watched a game this year. I used to be a fanatic for NFL football. I have found college ball to be exiting to watch. I am an a Air Force Veteran. I love this country and was willing to give my life to protect our freedom.

  8. Football is a big joke many players get paid to lose a game. Now tell me how a number one team that beats tough teams easily lose to a team who is in the cellar who have no defend or offense to its name. Games are thrown

  9. E J. Sanico says:

    Buck and Aikman are just clueless what makes the world go round. Political statements should be left out of any sport event.These two characters are not fit to be sport broadcasters. Did they ever think those fly-bys were part of the military air force training exercise to Bless the American people of Strength and Democracy in America. To berate the people that are fighting for our freedom is nonsense. Just because those two are making good money,what do you think when TV ratings drop for CBS, ABC FOX and other networks due to NFL commentators snide remarks on Public TV. They should donate their money to the people in need of help.

    • Mike Pochowski says:

      Totally agree with the statement regarding military training, as well as an ad for the military. Now they may have been hit in the head too often, and not realized that the audience was paying overly inflated prices for their tickets, because of their overly priced salary/egos.

  10. bob young says:

    No words can express their ignorance.

    • Rob Heard says:

      So true. I loved pro sports. Watching a good game on Monday night or Sunday afternoon. No more!!! Last years Super Bowl and MLB Pennant are my last. Good-bye hope you find funding from the Democrats or Antifa or BLM. I don’t watch NBA.

  11. clay rice says:

    Buck and Aikman are just another couple of ignorant liberal clowns anyway. I often turn off the sound when they talk, just to get relief of their
    amateurish blather.

  12. D. Duke says:

    After those overpaid, wife/ girlfriend beating racists got on their knees, I stopped watching football. If not for this text I would not have known about those ungrateful ingrates. After more than 39 years in the uniform, defending our democracy, I find there is not enough words in the dictionary to describe my feelings about them and their followers. Best thing I can think of saying is, give back the money you and your kind raped the American public of and go live in Cuba or better yet, North Korea!!!!!

  13. Dianne Rath says:

    Watching the flyover is better than listening to these overpaid jokers. Need to be replaced.

  14. Bill says:

    What is wrong with keeping politics out of sports, we are supposed to be better humans and supporters of sports than to make this a political point every chance these news paper people can get . IF YOU CANNT SAY ANYTHING NICE! SAY ANYTHING DONT SAY ANYTHING! my grandparents use to say. Why cannt we be descent human beings to everyone? What is wrong with this world?????

  15. F. Slayden says:

    Both of them need to apologize and just hope they can get a job with Horizontal Harris and Sleepy Joe instead of getting a cushy job making an ass of themselves on national TV for big money. Their opinion is just that and we don’t need it.

  16. All the planes, jets, bombers, in military fyovers of events are just the same as basic training exercises they do all the time. Do people think they learned precision flying with just one flyover? I lived near 2 Air Force bases and the sound of F-4, F-14 jets flying overhead was a daily occurrence.

  17. JAMES A. FULLER says:


  18. Liz says:

    Just two liberals talking crap. I will not be watching pro ball anymore. Disgusted with many if the players and owners and now the broadcasters. I love the flyover. It’s called patriotism!

  19. No More Major League Sports says:

    Just goes to show you that athletes should stick to playing games and not open their brains and mouth in things that really matter to the American people…They might have a lot of money from playing their games but it certainly doesn’t mean they have a fully operational brain…
    Major League Sports have done enough damage to themselves without the help of meaningless sideliners…

  20. Lin says:


  21. These Buck/Aikman need to ZIP IT no one cares what they think??

  22. Jennifer says:

    Fire both of them I am sick of these people.

  23. Joey says:

    This is why I don’t watch any sports except Ladies Lingerie Football and Badminton both of which are a lot more fun to watch and all without any dumb sport jock political talk .

  24. Edward M McKinney says:

    You were NEVER in the military. Military pilots MUST fly so many hours, every month. I lived at Miramar Naval Air Station for 10 years about 3/4 of a mile from the air strip. F14 Tomcats would fly every day to keep themselves ready to fly into battle. Look at an aircraft carrier at sea. They are flying to get their hours in. These men and women pilots train all the time to protect our country. What have you done to protect our country?
    STGCS Edward McKinney. United States Navy, 20 years

    • Connie says:

      I agree with you on this. Two Newscasters who must not understand the actions our military takes to keep us safem. . Apparently they don’t know why our military does fly overs.
      They are preparing themselves and their aircraft for the real deal if and when Americans need protection. In my area we have flyovers occasionally for the same reasons. I always feel proud and safe when they do every branch of military service they are always preparing for the time when they must react to protect American Citizens. I am thankful for their preparations for readiness.

  25. Robert D says:

    Being first respond Joe Buck and Troy Aikman don’t seem to care about those people first responders and military all they care about is seeing liberal people get elected they should move to another country and spew the hatred there

  26. Wayne Gales says:

    We tuned in to watch a football game not to hear some rhetoric, off the wall junk.

  27. Marie says:

    Very disrespectful! Who cares what they think!
    Have they ever served in military?

  28. Daniel Peterson says:

    not to worry. If Biden wins these millionaires will no longer be rich.all their money will be confiscated along with all the other rich people. How else will they be able to run the country.

  29. Gary Madl says:

    That’s it! I’m done spending any more time and money watching these Diva’s spout their wisdom anymore!
    I mean this with all my heart…let em fail…completly!!!

  30. Kevin Casey says:

    Sounds Political to me and there is no place for that stuff during Football. If he had endorsed Trump, they would have fired Him. Screw the NFL

  31. mj hollingshead says:

    Being a Texas girl, I always liked and respected Troy Aikman. What a disappointment he is to me now. It’s not that he got caught saying what he did about our wonderful country, but that we now know where he stands. His true colors are very dark! I never thought I’d stop watching football, but I have, and this is just another nail in that coffin…so sad.

  32. GORDON PRESLEY says:

    I think they were being very disrespectful to our Military our Country and all Americans that want to be free like Rita said if sleepy joe gets in there will be no more America ?? and no more freedom please vote to save our great Country please vote for the Right Man President Trump is our friend joe is a wolf in sheep’s clothing GOD BLESS AMERICA ?? AND MAY IT STAND FOR EVER LOOK HOW MANY PEOPLE GAVE THEIR LIVES TO KEEP IT FREE DID THEY DIE FOR NOTHING?

  33. Gary Hull says:

    If you are in professional sports PLAY BALL if you are an entertainer THEN ENTERTAIN if you are in government THEN GOVERN BY THE CONSTITUTION AND LAW. Don’t you realize your personal comments and opinions keep pushing us apart. Please get your acts together

  34. Eagle#17 says:

    Unsure if they were mocking the left-wing Dumbocrats or disrespecting our military, however, both of them need to apologize for being unclear & explain their comments! If they hate our military & our country then they should go live in COMMUNIST CHINA!! These 2 idiots should have clearly praised our military!

  35. Gary Watts says:

    They are there to talk sports and not give personal opinions. I as a private citizen get slammed for not agreeing with the persons around me. Do your sports and shut up.

  36. SALLY Ciotti says:

    Biden,Harris won’t get elected,so not to worry about fly overs??

    • JAMES SHERIDAN says:

      You’re a real piece of work. You and all the other kool-aide drinking bedwetters believe everything you hear from these Democratic bastards that call themselves Americans. If this POC Biden wins and you get your wish you will soon be praying for death. This felon is and has committed treason in selling influence and favor to our enemies. You and your sort display your ignorance and you will rightfully deserve the aftermath of destruction this deceitful party reaks upon you.

  37. JBG says:

    Just another example of ignorance and the reason why Americans are canceling their sports channels and not watching the sport anymore. It’s a real shame that these so called sportscasters, who’ve made their millions, will comply to this nonsense. I’m afraid that even sports will never be the same again. LEAVE POLITICS OUT OF SPORTS! PERIOD!

  38. steve s says:

    so these 2 jerkoffs said kamala-biden ticket—they have no clue—rich asswipes—

  39. Hec says:

    Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Are liberals who don’t care about our country and our traditions. They hope Biden and Harris ticket wins To end policing and pen our borders to the world

  40. linda G says:

    you can’t help ignorance, that’s why they are broadcasters

  41. Bonnie says:

    Voicing their opinion is their Constitutional right, whether we agree or not!

    • Joy Jenkins says:

      It is their privilege but not when they are on open mics or when they are calling a game it very unprofessional.

    • Rob Heard says:

      Yes it is their right. It’s also their right to put on open display their magnanimous ignorance. Remember Democrat’s = communist. What is communism…equal opportunity slavery. With communism Color of your skin means nothing to the ruling elite. Aikman and Buck fall way shirt of the ruling elite.

  42. Rita Aszman says:

    Dumb and dumber speaking!! If Biden gets elected we won’t have a country anymore!! We will all be dead!!

  43. Jim says:

    Joe Buck & Troy Aikman should be fired, I will never watch another game either one works.

  44. Bobby Rohr says:


    • larry staab says:

      bobby rohr—i double your comment—thank you

      • JAMES SHERIDAN says:

        I’ll pay for their tickets for both of these ignorant liberal rich bastards to leave this country if they vow never to return. How ingrateful can two rich bastards be?
        This country has blessed them with all the riches and blessings that no other country could ever expect to fulfill and their ultimate disrespect and venom are what they spew to the masses that help pay for their advantaged lifestyle. Disgusting!

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