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John Walsh Blasts Gabby’s Boyfriend’s Family

( If Americans above a certain age know one thing, they know this. If you committed a criminal act – especially the alleged killing of a young woman – you don’t want John Walsh, the famed former host of ‘America’s Most Wanted,’ on national television analyzing the case.

After all, even most police officers haven’t investigated as many crimes – including homicides – as John Walsh. So, when he shows up on several different television shows analyzing the homicide of Gabby Petito (the coroner who conducted the autopsy of Gabby has determined it is a homicide even though the precise cause of death has not been released yet), any suspect in the case better be worried.

And, as most Americans know by now, the one and the only suspect is Gabby’s former fiancee, Brian Laundrie, who has vanished and is being sought by police.

And that’s the fact that John Walsh has honed in on as he blasts not only Laundrie but also his parents who he accuses of helping Laundrie escape from the police who are looking for him.

In one interview, Walsh stated:

“And his family has helped him. You know this ruse about…well, he left the house on Tuesday distraught with a backpack, and he went out to this preserve so he could meditate. And then we went to see the car…and they left a note for him in case he was sad and if he needed any help. And then they brought the car home…

“Do you know what it was? It was a red herring. They bought Brian four more days to get away. They bought him four more days to run. It’s disgusting. At some point, this family, this mother, and father, have to realize that somebody’s beautiful daughter was murdered by their horrible, sociopathic son…and the parents have been helping him. It’s just sad. It’s really sad.” [transcription by editor]

Please share your thoughts about what you think happened to Gabby Petito by emailing [email protected]. Do you think Brian Laundrie – her former fiancee – killed her and dumped her body in Wyoming? Why or why not?

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