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Joy Behar: Police Should ‘Shoot the Gun in the Air’

Perhaps it’s because our editor carried a gun for 20 years as part of his profession that we’re amazed at the stupid and uninformed comments some people make about what law enforcement professionals (or average citizens who are armed) should do when confronting an armed assailant. In this case (see the video below), it’s Joy Behar saying that police should “shoot the gun in the air.”

Sorry, Joy. That’s a moronic statement.

Watch the video below – it starts with Don Lemon, who, believe it or not, is defending the police officer who killed the knife-wielding teen in Columbus, Ohio the other day – and then quickly shifts to Joy Behar’s comments.

After watching the video below, please share your thoughts about Joy Behar’s statements in the comment section. We read all comments!

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