Juan Williams: Girls Who Killed Uber Driver Wanted a ‘Joy Ride’ – The Red Alert News

Juan Williams: Girls Who Killed Uber Driver Wanted a ‘Joy Ride’

You’d be laughed out of our offices here at Red Alert News if you referred to a carjacking of an Uber driver that resulted in the Uber driver’s death as a “joy ride” that went wrong.

Yet, that’s exactly what Juan Williams did on The Five on Fox News.

We certainly hope Juan Williams apologizes to the family of Muhammad Anwar, the Washington, DC Uber driver who was murdered when two teenage girls used a stun gun on him and drove off with his car while he was trying to stop them and calling for help.

Watch the video of Juan Williams below and share your thoughts about his remarks in the comment section. And, in case you missed it, we’ve included the video of the carjacking murder below as well.


  1. Dennis Clements says:

    Juan Williams is a miserable racist lying asshole who should have been fired years ago!

  2. Sick of the BS says:

    Next time I hope they jump in his car for a “joy ride” only a moronic idiot would make a statement like Juan

  3. What the media doesn’t realize is that it was not their first time doing this. Looked pretty rehearst by then. Next time they will have it down pat all the way

  4. Honest says:

    Juan, Would YOU talk this Crap if the UBER Driver was Your Family Member??? Please Reply

  5. Lezly says:

    Juan williams is a typical brain dead demorat who can’t see the truth in anything but covers up or deflects the truth so they don’t have to face it. BLACK LIVES MATTER IS GIVING BLACKS A PASS TO BREAK THE LAW. THAT’S THE TRUTH. CAN’T EXCUSE OR HIDE FROM IT.

  6. dangerous shoppee says:

    This man is a duplicate of the woman Pelosi. No matter what the truth is he has to make it different which is just like the Democratic party does. Biden did wrong by opening the borders especially since so many have COVID. The people in America are not protected in any way and not are the people in Coorado
    What do they want brownie points? shameful.

  7. S. L Trout says:

    I could hardly watch this video. That poor, poor man! A joy ride???? Fox News, if you don’t FIRE Juan Williams you will lose practically ALL of your audience The man will defend outright murder. I’m sick and tired of liberal media giving excuses for violent, hateful, CRIMINAL behavior. Listen up, biden bumpkins, if this is woke, I’ll thankfully stay conservatively asleep until the next election where the people will take back this country and stuff your woke attitudes down your miserable, ignorant throats. These two little miscreants must stand trial for lst degree murder. They ruined their lives–no one else did!

  8. TroopAbn says:

    I’m sorry that it wasn’t Juan Williams that they carjacked. He’d be singing a different story! And that poor man that was headed south of Fayetteville, NC on I-95 taking the wife on an anniversary weekend this past Thursday to Hilton Head. Thugs decided to have “road-rage” anger with them and shot thru the passenger window. His wife died! Robeson County (Lumberton) has always been unsafe!

  9. Peter says:

    This was NOT a joy ride but a straight out car jacking especially when the nasty human hating gals had a taser with them. Juan Williams should be ashamed of himself and should be fired from FOX and tell the family that he is deeply sorry for the death of this hardworking man.

  10. We all know what this is. Not a joy ride gone wrong. These criminals came ready with a stun gun. Looks like it was not there first time doing this. They will get off with a warning. The guy should have just given them the car. This story would have had a totally different priority if the 2 were white and guy was black. The girls just need some talking too and better driving skills. Next time they will get it right

  11. Ron George says:

    Juan Williams is the number one racist on all of TV and the number one reason I don’t watch Fox

  12. Rodney Bunker says:

    I don’t know why they keep them on the five he’s an idiot his answer is still his stupidity .I don’t even know why they keep on Fox at all he has nothing to contribute

    • Elle says:

      I can’t stand to watch Juan Williams!! He is ruining the five!!! Him and Donna Brazil is a waste of air time! Love it when Jessie and Greg stand up to him!! Dana Perino why do you keep Juan on this wonderful show!! He’s worthless!! It seems like they keep showing him more and more! Go away Juan!! We can’t stand you and your moron answers to true questions asked!! It’s nice when you’re not there.

    • David Kirkland says:

      they are providing a constant reminder of the ignorance of socialism

  13. Jeff says:

    Juan Williams is an Idiot and a Racist, It’s as plain as the nose on your face. He Should be FIRED Immediately for His Comments. As Far as these Female Joy Riders go, They are Criminals, This was an Armed Robbery (car Jacking) and Theft which is a Felony and Should be charged as First Degree Murder during the Commission of a Felony. both of them should be charged. The one girl is more Concerned about Her Damn Phone than the Man they just Killed laying on the Sidewalk. I saw no one go over and check on the Victim, He may still be Alive but would lay there and Die because no one would Render Aid to Him. They should both go to Prison for 30 years or More.

  14. AJ says:

    These two murders are safe in jail. Muslims won’t forget this. If and when these two murders get released they are dead. I agree with all the comments about williams. Muslims might go after their families. These people don’t forget or forgive.

  15. johnny says:

    this is bad I thought he was better than that I guess not ,that tells me what I needed to know if it were white girls I guess that they would be called a white supremacist Trump supporter ! I call them car thief murders people wake up look at what is happening good people better stand up for what is right if you don’t this will happen to you or your loved ones . EVIL is loose in our streets

  16. Jack Spring says:

    They’re criminals! Regardless of race, religion or whatever, they’re still felons who deserve a trip away from society.

  17. Pat says:


  18. Ernest Garcia says:

    You are right fox should get rid of him along with Leslie marshal, Chris Hahn. Those people are no good .and they always back up the racist left

    • Nadezhda says:

      Juan Williams is a moron, but is Donna Brazile any better? Why are they on the Fox payroll?


    • Robert Miller says:

      You’re right, I feel the same way about this fool! FOX should can this clown!!

    • deerflyguy says:

      The only celebrities that get canned are Caucasians! There have been a significant number of them that don’t survive even a day of discussion before they are looking for work! On the other hand, there hasn’t been a single black that I can think of that hasn’t had a number of apologists lining up to make excuses for their actions and words! Even when they themselves won’t! They talk about white bigotry but never say a word about black bigotry as if blacks could never be such a person.

  20. I don’t understand why so many of us black people have to justify things when our people commit a crime against ANYONE! Regardless of the victims race/

    • Lisa says:

      There is nowhere that black people have to justify any crime because there isn’t anyway to justify murdering someone. It doesn’t matter what race you are but I guess you’re so used to being the poor victim.

      • Ran Win says:

        Worried about the phone while the body is just feet away.
        Total disrespect for life. Where are the parents?

  21. Juan Williams is a total racist lying asshole and should be fired by Fox. The only reason they keep him is he’s their token black boy. But you all are right, he is a useless POS and gets his rear handed to him regularly by the other members of the five. Go away Juan, nobody likes you anyway!!

  22. Joseph TONEY says:

    Juan Williams is a liberal democrat, an idiot and ignorant racist like his savior Obama, and all liberals. They conspired to put a left leaning socialist in office,and soon they will reap the whirl wind and Rath of GOD.Trump is not thru.

  23. Geri1043 says:

    This is really sad what these two girls did to this Uber driver is disgraceful. as for Juan Williams the man is a kook he is a disgrace to the human race and to Fox News and
    any other news station why Fox keeps him on is Way Beyond me but this man is crazy in the head he is a true Democrat liberal idiots

    • Robert says:

      Because Fox is moving farther, and farther left! No wonder their ratings are in the toilet. People, including me, are moving to News max for the straight poop!

  24. ck says:

    That was absolutely disgusting, they should go to jail and never get out!

  25. Gorilla says:

    He has gone too far! Why do others, conservatives, get fired for so much less said? Juan needs to go and take Donna with him.

  26. maxibaby says:

    Democrat Juan Williams is a open secret! He is the best “spin man” the Dems could ever hope for! I don’t give a rat’s behind how cold blooded, heartless, and evil a Dem criminal(s) is/are, Juan spins the dirty deed until I get dizzy and feel like upchucking lunch! He is too dumb to realize some things can never be justified and he makes himself look like a third rate doofus! Who am I kidding……he is a third rate doofus!
    Go away Juan…….we don’t like you and don’t want to look at you another minute!

  27. Rev4God says:

    I hope this type of outlook doesn’t surprise anyone. black crime being explained by black person. Usually goes this way. They have had decades of excuses, I say where is the joy for the man they murdered.

  28. Robert Shriver says:

    Robert Shriver! Juan get a life. What would you wife and kid’s say if it was 2 Caucasian girls that took you for a joy ride and killed you. Come on man get a life. By they way us white folks don’t exist. ( We Are Caucasian). Wo do you think u is man. (NOTHING) HYPOCRITE! FIND A NEW JOB.

  29. AJM says:

    He’s been a disaster since coming to Fox..He’s always taking the side of the dirtbag, with some lame excuse ,His boy Obama and the rest of the corrupt low life Liberal garbage………Another phony…Sneaky Donna Brazil…Fox should get rid of them all.

  30. rick says:

    Remember when Juan was fired by NPR? Then, FOX took him on & he even subbed occasionally for Bill O’Reilly. For about a year after, he at least had a few semi-reasonable views. But, as soon as he felt comfortable, he started coming up with more & more hare-brained, crackpot ideas. Now, he’s nothing but what I always suspected. A loony, far left, apologist commiecrat with no idea of common sense or justice! He’s even worse than Fox’s other loony-tune, Horrendo Revolver! Get a clue, FOX! Fire both of these idiots!

  31. Laura says:

    No one cares what a washes up ass kisser has to say…
    All DEMOCRATS days are numbered… I don’t care what your RACE IS…

  32. jayvee says:

    maybe he needs a shot between the eyes then we can laugh and say that was a JOY ride.

  33. Glennis Hill says:

    Juan is a jerk in my opinion & getting worse by the day . Years ago he used to make decent comments (when he was being ill treated by the lefties ) now that the same ones who fired him have now accepted him, he is becoming just as evil as they are I seldom watch the five because he disgusts me & I spend precious time using the mute control. Maybe Fox should do the same as NPR once did & fire the man as he is useless as far as his opinions are concerned

  34. Concerned says:

    That was incredibly horrible to say they just wanted a hot ride. Did you see the video one girl was more concerned about her phone and the Uber driver was on the sidewalk DEAD. Those girls should be prosecuted they were responsible for that mans death. But OH they are black, do they are allowed to kill and get away with it. If the girls were White they would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. You know your carrying the Black LivesMatter way to far. If this man would have been black and the girls white the bias-media would have had a field day and called it racism. You would demand they be put in jail for he rest of their lives. This country has gone to far left and som thing needs to make this country to start prosecuting for breaking the law and killing people. It should never be ok to kill if anyone out black,. The double standards of the left make me sick

  35. Chuck Smith says:

    Those girls should get life with no parole for what they did. And for Williams, he should be terminated for his asinine remarks. Let him go back to NPR where he came from. He’s useless.

    • Allen says:

      No, THEY should get the death penalty. They won’t because they are poor, misunderstood black children. Then instead, let’s give Juan Williams the death penalty. He is worthless.

    • Gene Corvino says:

      The liberal politicians have given these girls the go ahead to do whatever they want without fear of consequences. You will see more of this as long as the liberal politicians allow this, yes, even murder!

      As far as Juan Williams is concerned, he should be sent back to wherever he
      came from. He is absolutely worthless.

  36. Marie says:

    Al Sharpton is a racist. He has always been and always will. He will continue to keep crap brewing thing it will get him the spotlight and money. Al Sharpton wasn’t in Minneapolis when this happened. He came in after the fact to the service at the church. Once again preaching racism. He needs to be banned and his racist comments need to stop. He is nothing to look up to and respect. Instead of UNITY he WANTS VIOLENCE AND RACISM.

  37. MINI says:

    No Juan , they wanted to kill a “white man”… because YOU and your unrealistic opinion told them it was OK!!!As we are all aware, Juan you were fired from every job you held… why FOX keeps you around .. Oh , that’s right TOKEN BOY!!! WE ARE AT WAR!!! AN ILLEGAL FRAUD ELECTION RESULTS…. SOON IT WILL TUMBLE DOWN.. BYE.. BYE AMERICA.

  38. Dennis Sumner says:

    Careful Juan, dont say the “m” word or the “n” word or any other word that describes what’s really happening!! Moron!