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Judge: Michigan Broke Law with Absentee Ballot Rule

A Michigan judge ruled last week that Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson violated state law by unilaterally altering absentee voting rules ahead of the 2020 presidential election,” according to Blaze News. [emphasis added]

At issue is a now-invalidated directive Benson issued to Michigan clerks in October relating to the signature review of absentee ballots. In the guidance, the secretary of state reportedly directed clerks to conduct the signature review “begin[ning] with the presumption that” the signature on the absentee is valid.

The directive went on to say that if there were ‘any redeeming qualities in the application or return envelope signature as compared to the signature on file,” clerks should “treat the signature as valid.’ Such ‘redeeming qualities’ allegedly included ‘similar distinctive flourishes’ and ‘more matching features than nonmatching features.’

“But that ‘presumption is found nowhere in state law,’ State Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray wrote in his ruling, issued March 9. ‘The mandatory presumption goes beyond the realm of mere advice and direction, and instead is a substantive directive that adds to the pertinent signature-matching standards.’

“Additionally, the judge found that Benson did not follow the state’s proper rule-making process, but instead circumvented the state legislature in issuing the guidance, and thus violated the state’s Administrative Procedures Act.”

For more on this report, go to Blaze News.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Given the judge’s ruling, do you believe the election in Michigan has been proven to be unfair and subject to fraud?


  1. Alfreda Cox says:

    We wont have a USA left if you leave Biden in office. He has already got rid of enough jobs!!! You know Trump won please take Biden out and put Trump back in.

  2. Gitmo says:

    Election belongs to Trump and everyone with a brain knows it! Demorats cheated all the elections in 2021 trying to clean sweep Obama’s stupid agendas with Soros footing the bill! There tons of witnesses over absentee ballots being dumped in on recounts and every week there finding Trump ballots in dumpsters or burned! Dominion denies it but the did switch 6000 Trump votes to Biden votes on every machine! Pelosis husband owns 55% of the stock and they claim no foul play! We know that’s not true! All main stream say no evidence and we know that’s not true! Supreme court should have stepped in and listened to witnesses and the evidence! They didn’t want to make that decision because of threats! They should have called a revote without ballots! Everyone knows there wide open for fraud! They created the virus to scare people into ballots and brainwash people with fake news while there stuck at home. They forced people to use ballots knowing they could change, manipulate,and add the fake ballots in and changed the rules in states past deadlines! When handlers went to lunch doors were locked and ballots were dumped in by the thousands!! Bidens to weak to campaine and Trump would have ate him alive with what little brain Biden has left! He couldnt handle the schedule like they normaly do! Biden couldnt get 30% of the people and his tallys proved that! They cheated the key states and everyone of those states now have proven Biden didnt win those states! It was a stolen election and it should be overturned and given back to Trump to be fair! Anybody involved in election cheating should be in jail permanently! Anyone in goverment who cheated should be put to death no questions about it! Obama and Soros or any deep state player should be totally investigated! CIA and FBI is so corrupt thanks to Obama so you cant even trust them to do it right!! The corruption in goveremnt has to go! People who vote demorat are adding to the problem. They need to be sent a message America is tired of the corruption!

  3. David says:

    Mr. Larson just keep believing what the news tells you and what your government says Just like they said there were no UFO”s made people seem like they were crazy and destroyed lives now they admit they do exist Od course they didn’t lie to use they just made a mistake and the crash at Roswell was a balloon. As far as the government killing Kennedy they had a man on his death bed admit they had a part in killing JFK There was also a prisoners who said he shot Kennedy from the knoll and he left a bullet casing on the fence that he bit guess what they found there Tell why marksmen who are experts can not do what Oswald did? Why did Kennedys head go sideways when he was being shot from behind??? why did all those people suddenly die after the murder Why did the warren commission not talk to a guy who was 15 feet away from the limo when Kennedy was shot I guess he was not a good witness. And Sirhan was going to spill the beans a few years ago about Robert the guy he killed but then changed his mind I guess he figured it would be better to live in jail than be dead Like Epstein. Also the magical bullet if you believe that story then the Easter bunny and Tooth fairy are real and Santa Claus But just keep believing in your politician like the two you did not vote for Do you believe the Vietnamese gun boats attacked our destroyer??? 58,000 people lost their lives because of that As for Trump he was not a politician and yes his business failed like a lot of other Casino’s that went under but at least he tried to do something not like this wet noodle who has done nothing all his life. You expect me to believe in a government when a person goes in with not a lot of money Obama and comes out a multi millionare’s??? Like all the other dirt bags. Sorry I cant believe in corrupt lying stealing government Have you see how much foreign aid we give look it up you will be shocked and then look and see the places they give it too I have never heard of some of these places You are putting your faith in a bunch of corrupt politicians they say is our government Why did we give Pakistan Nuclear weapons they are not even our friend Please start really reading my friend I am not a racist I don’t care what color or where you are from don’t care but the Muslim religion makes me wonder my God says it is a sin to kill but they say if a person does not conform to be a Muslim kill them Also I wonder what good virgin wives will do when your body is blown to pieces. But yet they are like Lemmings I am not a terrorist Mr. Larson but you have said I am and you have said I am a racist and you have said I denied the 9/11 event happened and disrespected the first responders and the people killed I have said no such things Mr. Larson Please find the words and the date and time I said those words Mr. Larson You also called me a lair so I assume all the people whose reports I read who have college degrees and years in the fields are full of lies too Do you have a college degree?? have you worked in aviation??? have you worked in Demolition??? do you understand Physics??? By all means Mr. Larson please find where I said all the things you say I said and you are the only one who went nuts on me

  4. They would have found more if it wasn’t for the democrats hold on society. We are trapped now in our own country. Media will not report stories now. They don’t have too. Now they are just fiction authors. Easier than having to go to work and find out the truth. Just make up a story now. Facts who cares as long as it is not good for trump the stories is gold.

  5. David says:

    Mr. Larson you are the Lemming and you did say that I said 9/11 did not happen I will look back and see if they haven’t taken the post off and give you the date and time You also said I insulted the first responders another false statement and insulted the people who died there no such statement came out of my mouth I said I do not believe what the government says happen I did watch the horrible event Did you know planes can fly without a pilot take off and land??? As for who committed that evil event I wonder have you ever read what expert people in the field of demolition say and people in the field of aviation say and the physic scientist who say the buildings could not have fallen like that unless there was a intentional demolition and the planes did not create a fire hot enough to melt the steel and the structure was build strong enough to handle a crash like that Do you read??? I have already given you my full name ad the ship I was on and the place it had s it’s port of call and the dates Just because I despise this government does not mean I am a terrorist I still love the country although it is getting worse and would still fight and die for it Too bad you did not serve to show you are not a terrorist Even you said you did not trust the politicians and did not vote so when I say I don’t trust the government who are politicians you say I am a terrorist Did you read what the owner did with his stock on the gulf oil rig a few days before the explosion??? Did you read what company the President Bush and VP bought here in Texas days before explosion you should read more MR. Larson LMAO And you are the only who lost their mind on my statements And the third building that collapsed had no plane hit it very strange and you are saying the plane that hit the Pentagon left only a black box and a tiny piece of the plane you could hold in your hand must have great clean up crew and you are saying the black woman who crawled out of the hole with her baby and saw no plane parts is a lair she was there sir you were not Have you looked at the one video the FBI let be shown it did not look like a plane to me and why no release of the other videos and why no information of the black box they found there and you are telling me they cleaned up the plane wreck from the hole in PA but I saw they never said they found the black box there either Sir they do not clean up wreckage from a plane crash that fast they use the remains to measure and learn what happened. And to find evidence. As for being a racist I said that id Breonna had not had that boyfriend who shot a cop earlier she killing her but they thought he was in the bed and if you know anything thing about drug dealers they always have a pleasant surprise for cops. I do not condone them killing her But like I have said hang around with bad people bad things happen Have you watched the Daniel Shaver video he was white I bet his family doesn’t get 27 million Well fun talking to you I have to go talk to my communist fiancé and wish my soon to be communist daughter a happy birthday but there are communist because they live in Russia right???

  6. laugh at em says:

    All those blue state circumvented the constitution every one knew it ,judge’s didn’t want to hear it, and the real racist are the dems, is that the only card they have in their deck, I think so ,create hatred and blame the other side, look at what their doing, destroy America, ,bring it to its knees, create a third world country, to many Idiots for politics, top dog Biden dududu wutzup folks hahaha His Wife ought to to feel real stupid by now, mumbling joe,

  7. David says:

    Mr. Larson glad to see you got your CAPS button fixed LMAO Or maybe I am not getting you mad enough lately But it is good to hear your views No mater what you may think I do read you thoughts and Corri’s and CK’s and Sheldon’s and I don’t believe I have ever really been rude to anyone I also listen to Holly And others until you listen to other people’s view you can’t learn I wish CK would use logic and explain why people are wrong instead of just giving them an education in English LOL But she is fun to read. Well take care and remember you are in good hands with this government

  8. David says:

    Mt. Larson you didn’t vote how unpatriotic don’t you believe in your party or our politicians should I call you a terrorist?

    • Charles Larson says:

      David, I didn’t vote, yeah, it’s “unpatriotic” and here in Delaware it’s unnecessary since I knew Biden would very strongly WIN our state’s two electoral votes. I disliked the top two candidates for President, even though I leaned toward Trump until the pandemic came and his leadership faltered with his lies. His arrogance turned off some of his best supporters. I figured I can’t be wrong to not vote for a bad candidate. I also could still support the winner and real President in office, which is patriotic. I can’t be the only poster here who noticed your insulting statements about the 9-11-2001 terrorists attack on our country that played out on national TV and was heavily documented on video and the media. Your fellow Trump supporters here have IGNORED your insane lies and theory in arguing that our government could well have been involved in the conspiracy with terrorists. I never put words in your mouth, I merely correctly interpreted your posts and implications. Just as you stated and believe “our government” killed JFK and RFK, blah blah. You’ve read too much fantasy and delusional nonsense written by “patriots” with wildly unproven theories and concluded the USA Government is out to destroy our country and the American people. Great, then maybe WE ALL should drink your JIM -JONES koolaid and kill ourselves, I mean with your attitude and ANTI-USA HATE why should we go on living? Especially here where our country Is “DOOMED” TO THE COMING ECONOMIC HELL AND HOLOCAUST that even OBAMA AND TRUMP with their island purchases are seemingly perpetuating and subconciously promoting to us USA CITIZENS, WHAT A SHAME. I use Caps to highlight my strongest points.

  9. David says:

    LMAO MT Larson the same way Biden got his votes illegally good to see you back I missed being called a terrorist and racist my day was boring LMAO

  10. Don says:

    Other states did too and SCOTUS sat on their thumbs.

  11. tj says:

    Why did it take this long for the truth to come out? This isn’t the only State
    where State Law was violated. Had the Supreme Court done their Job and looked
    into these violations the election would have had a different result. Why do we
    have a Supreme Court if they don’t have time or want to insure the integrity of
    our Presidential Elections? What a dereliction of their duty!!!! All but those
    who wanted to take the cases should resign and be replace.

  12. DIANE says:

    Our country is close to 30 trillion in debt and under Biden is to tripple in the next three years! And the election was no doubt about it rigged. Biden had more votes then any President ever? He’s was in office 50 Years and did nothing. But people was tired of Trump? He’ll go down in History as the best President we ever had!!! I was a Democrat for years but todays Democrats are socialists, you better believe that!! What do you think Russia was when they were under rule of thumb, USSR United Soviet Socialist Republic. I pray God lets our country get back to it’s roots and people that don’t know seek information. If you want true news go to NewsMax,OAN,or FoxNews!!and just listen for a while!!

    • CECIL SLIGH says:


  13. DIANE says:

    Want you to know Biden called Harris President Harris in an interview. He is not in good health to be President! He’s actually having His first press conference next week, we’ll have to see how that goes! Has anyone noticed how Harris watches over Biden like a hawk watches over his next meal? For anyone that doesn’t know!! Only 9% of the Covid bill went for Covid! 50 Million went for Climate change, 135 Million went for the National endowment for the Arts,135 Million for the National for Humanities, 200 Million for the institute of museum & Library services,800 Million for global food programs, 86 Million for Pension bailouts,350 Billion for failed blue states, 130 Billion for schools & only 6 Billion will be used this year, nothing to reopen schools! 1 Trillion unspent, Maybe for democrats to use when they see fit! The boarded problem as they call it is a disgrace! They don’t care about America but they sure built a wall around the Capital & have the Nat. guard watching over it, then have them out into the garage to sleep in their sleeping bags,they are something else!!!! Harris and Pelosi are running this country. It took Pelosi 7 hrs to put the paper work together to have President Trump impeached for the second time on tax payers money and without McConnell. Biden and Harris need impeached and Pelosi and Chucky need to step down, and we the people need to make it happen!!!

    • CECIL SLIGH says:


    • Charles Larson says:

      Dianne, the $1.9 trillion “Rescue America” Bill was an economic rescue and plan, not the “Covid Bill”.

  14. Charles Larson says:

    The judge’s ruling comes a few months too late, it’s silly since he looks stupid for not overseeing MICHIGAN’S AUDIT OF THE VOTE-COUNT RESULTS. Why is this revelation so late, on March 9 , 2021? Let’s try to put it in proper perspective. It’s about equivalent to a referee in an NFL game reporting a week later that he and his crew missed an illegal procedure penalty that should’ve been called, by the winning team’s offense on a play that went for no gain and would’ve had no bearing on their 4 TD WIN. HAVE A NICE DAY. Well, I’m probably overstating it’s significance. The question is does the ruling make the Michigan election more susceptible for “fraud” and to being ” unfair”? Uh, NO AND HELL NO! WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IF IT COULD APPLY TO ENOUGH VOTES TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME, BUT THE ARTICLE IMPLIES THAT THE ABSENTEE BALLOTS WERE A SMALL NUMBER AND THE JUDGE DECIDED A RECOUNT OF THE VOTES IS NOT WARRANTED EVEN AT THIS TOO-LATE INCONSEQUENTIAL TIME.

  15. Pam says:

    When is President Trump coming back to take his rightful place in the White House! This is his term!!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Pam, we’re all going to see in the very near future that there’s a very good reason why Trump bought his island compound in the middle of the Atlantic for $19 million. It can’t be for nothing. He’s running AWAY from something.

  16. David says:

    Sam at least you are honest and write the truth Run for President I will vote for you sir

    • Charles Larson says:

      David, you’ll be in Columbia, you said. How will you cast your “fake vote” ?

  17. Sam B. says:

    I’m gunna start off by saying I’m a registered barely left leaning very moderate Democrat…* NOT * a lost supporter of the America second/last unhinged pathetic biased double standard radical socialist dictatorship party..NEVER. Having said that there’s no doubt the 2020 elections in Michigan were fraudulent. Michigan is a start but there r several other states where fraud/other shady-ass BS took place.
    In Michigan..the claim after the elections were over was that numerous deceased people voted as well as more BALLOTS we cast than PEOPLE voted. That got shot down before anyone even looked in to this. Now finally..as a patriot first..I hope the proper investigation will prove the REAL final outcome for either candidate.
    Let us not forget…159+ million BALLOTS were cast in the 2020 presidential election….however only 155 million PEOPLE VOTED!! Add this in with all the rest of the fraudulent shady BS that took place..now we’re talking about some serious #s! Haters & naysayers will deny the blindingly obvious facts because their own pride/hatred won’t allow the real truth & reality. Unfortunately these folks do believe in “truth over facts” sadly. LOL

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Boom! Drop the mic Sam. So very true.
      Well said yet again/greatly appreciate your level headed honest comments.

    • Charles Larson says:


  18. David says:

    GK do your parents know you are using the PC to be in this site ?? Why can’t you answer simple questions?? You avoid my Questions like MT Larson. Did you graduate school have you ever left your back yard??

  19. David says:

    Sorry Dave Darflinger My key board is old and the letters stick and most don’t show what letters I am typing LOL

  20. David says:

    LMAO Be careful Okpala and Dace F or the patriot Mr. Larson will call you racist and terrorist LOL But then again I think he saves thos words for me LMAO

    • Charles Larson says:

      Right, Well, you’re the terrorist who’s going to move to Columbia to escape from this HELL-FILLED COUNTRY you keep trashing. > The USA. YOU HATE “ALL OF OUR POLITICIANS” and you have to go somewhere where you can smoke all the pot and crack cocaine YOU LIKE legally and freely. Good luck to you.I hope you stay out of trouble, I’m just concerned that you were at the Capitol on 1-6-2021 and maybe the FBI IS LOOKING FOR YOU.

  21. Anthony Moreland says:

    So we all know the 2020 election was rigged. Now what? More talk? More delay when due process is corrupted? Actions speak louder than words. But we’re told to keep the faith while every second we delay pushes us ever closer to communism.

  22. Henry Okpala says:

    United States has become a great threat to humanity. A country brimming with nuclear arsenal, ready to use that arsenal at sight provocation as was the case in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but electorally has descended to the same level as Burundi in East Africa, where elections are rigged with impunity. The last election was shamelessly rigged in several states, by unlawful changes to long standing election laws (laws that guarded against such rigging) in many states, including in the same Pennsylvania where the declaration of independence against the British was crafted. The very annoying bit now, is this fraudulent speaker of the house, and cheating president crafting so called new election laws to make election rigging a US culture – “anyone can enter an election booth, declare his/her intention, and is allowed to vote – no id, no queries, etc – then he/she perhaps goes to next booth and repeats the same as many times as possible the same day”. The Republicans are a sorry lot. Perhaps owning 15 machine guns per household, stacked in the basement, but Nancy will import finger licking illegals from Guatemala to out vote the machine gun worshipping, own party deprecating Republican morons. Good luck to USA, as it marches to self deprecation, just when China is marching forward to world domination.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 was no “slight provocation”, nutcase. Henry Okpola sounds like a Japanese name. Is it? Your lying assessment of our voting holds no water. It’s the republicans who are trying to change election rules in order to suppress poor democrats and minorities who made the difference in BIDEN’S 2020 BIG WIN AND SPECIFICALLY IN THOSE SWING STATES. I’M NOT A SCIENTIST, BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS THE ATOM BOMB DROPPED ON HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI AND UNLIKE MOST PRESENT NUKES THAT LEAVE LEAVE LONG-TERM RADIATION. MAYBE I’M WRONG BUT DO YOU KNOW IF THE ATOM BOMB DID? ARE THOSE CITIES/AREAS HABITABLE FOR HUMANS NOW?

    • Charlotte says:

      If your not a U. S citizen then screw your rude remarks. No one asked for your opinion! We the people will take our country back and even better! Don’t hate cause you ain’t!! We love our country and we know Trump won! We will figure out the perfect way to get this corrected. We always do!!!!! USA. Land of the free because of the brave!!!

  23. Sic&Tired says:

    Judge Christopher Murray…. Thank God there is ONE JUDGE in this Blooming Country that has a set of B_____.!!!!!! BUT, it really isn’t a set….He is a True American, who Truly saw and felt that there was WAY TOO MUCH – Illegal stuff going on in that Election.!! My Hat is Off to Judge Christopher Murray – And really he is a True HERO….for Admitting with his Judicial Background Smarts and Knowledge that the Election was a Total Farce….Illegal…Fraudulent ..and Just Another Miserable Democratic Episode of Crap – That They Do.!!!! This Country is Really in Big Trouble with the Leadership of the Current Democrats that are in Office…Somehow We the Good, True, and Faithful AMERICANS….Have to Get Back Our Country from the Stupid and Deceitful and Disgusting DEMORats.!!!! Thank You AGAIN… Judge Christopher Murray.!!!!!!

  24. SOS says:

    Thank God for one brave, honest judge who actually looked at the evidence. Too bad our Supreme Court isn’t made of the same stuff. Question is, what are they going to do about it? If all states are investigated they will find the same thing , that we all know. This election was fraudulently overthrown by the Democrats and their Communist money suppliers.

  25. Darcy says:

    If they would look into every states ballots they would find fraud. This election was bought and paid for by the democrats and their money sponsors. We all know it but not much is being done with it. Biden and his democrats don’t want us looking in to it as we will find out the truth but by that time Biden will have totally destroyed our United States, which was our great country , which I can’t say it is so great now with the democrats in charge. It’s too bad people didn’t have the brains to see what the democrats were up to, and now us that didn’t vote for the scum bag are paying the price for those ignorant people who thinks Biden is so great.

  26. David says:

    MT. Larson I would have a battle of wits with you but I don’t believe you should pick on the mentally handicapped people LMAO DJNO

  27. Troy Jackson says:

    Obama is only intelligent enough to rule the Gay Community in San Francisco where his male war bride Michael and their two asshole babies will sleep with his fans! OBAMA IS A FRIGGING COMMUNIST AND TRAITOR WITH THE REST OF HIS ROTTEN STINKING GROUP OF DEGENERATES!

  28. AJ says:

    Hopefully this decision will cause other courts to hear more cases claiming voter fraud. But don’t depend on it. There other states with significantly more voter fraud where the voter fraud evidence has been exposed. But those states refused to investigate it and admit the fraud. And you can’t depend on most elected politicians to admit the evidence exists. People of Michigan should demand sos Benson resign immediately and be prosecuted. Then find others that were complicit in these criminal acts and prosecute them too. Hopefully this is the beginning to over turn this national treasonist voter fraud election coup. But remain prepared to other paths to follow that will require you to stand up personally to save OUR RIGHTS, COUNTRY and CONSTITUTION!!! GOD Bless AMERICA AND PATRIOTS!!!

  29. G says:

    Your preaching to the choir regarding election fraud and interference. People want the charade to end instead of reading the gloom and doom associated with Biden and his executive orders. The military or FEMA is actually running the republic and Biden is in the fenced in corporation showing Americans the evil within. The courts are compromised and they have violated constitutional law for decades. This will end when FEMA and or the military decide the time is right.

  30. Mds says:

    The greatest crime committed against the American people in the last 244 years was this election of 2020. It makes the capital protest seem like a Sunday school picnic in comparison. Pelosi,dominion,kemp,raffleburger,postalservice,the devilcrats and all liars will have their place in the lake of fire.America must repent of her national sins or this is what we get,the globalist and their puppets

  31. The democrats can come out and show how they rigged the election and still nothing would be done about. This country blows right now. King biden in power and with them making all the new laws about election we will never be rid of them.

  32. Ellen says:

    Pray for a worlwide revival. Justice, honesty, love of God. He is still on the throne,LOL – E

  33. David says:

    MR. Lemming I was on the USS Lawrence DDG-4 from 1974 to 1978 did you serve your country Mr.Patriot I did Why do you avoid that question?? You call me a terrorist because I question the government well my Lemming if the fore fathers had not questioned the English rule on us you would be sipping tea To you everyone is a racist and a terrorist unless they conform to you ideas. I have disagreed with Sheldon Corri and Holly and CK and now you but I have never disrespected them in any way They have a right to voice their opinion But you sir take it too another level Again please tell me where I said the Twin Towers never happened and please tell me where I disrespected the first responders Please tell me how you served your country.

    • Charles Larson says:


      • Charles Larson says:

        Oh, and who is “Mr.Lemming”. I did not serve in the USA military. My dad did in the army during the Korean War, and I’ve a nephew who did in the army in Korea and Afghanistan in the 2000’s. I thank you and everyone for their service. It’s hard for anyone to believe much of what you post when you don’t even tell us your real full name or verify your claims. Anyone can say ANYTHING while they hide behind a screen name. It reeks of little or no credibility, though.

  34. Sharon Cook says:

    I and every American knows the election was rigged. It’s time to kick Biden/Harris out and put the real president, Donald Trump, back in the White House.

    • Teri says:

      I absolutely agree! The majority of the Dems want freebies and not work for a living, so do Illegal immigrants at the Tax payers expense that worked all of our lives. President Trump is the “Real” leader!! Wished we could get back to normal. Not ever going to happen under Biden’s administration. 🙄

      • Charles Larson says:

        Teri and Sharon, I guess you were among the insurrectionists and terrorists at the Capitol on 1-6-2021. Well, you sound like you were. Put your money where your mouth is, ladies…..OVER MY DEAD BODY.

    • George Ensley says:

      65 courts, including the SC, disagree with you. As do thousands of R and D elections officials at all levels of government.

  35. JPMC says:

    Despite the stream of lies from the Demonrat’s and the Pressitutes, fake corrupt media, America had a booming economy, historically low unemployment rates and millions of new job’s. Then the CCP engulf the entire world with the China virus and killed so many, and they knew, too help the globalist, leftist, marxist, communist demonrat’s, rhino’s, and law enforcer’s at the highest level’s destroy our Great Country with they’re nefarious act’s are continuing to strip our right’s, our Constitution and freedoms away, little by little. For them to steal the 1st 4 year’s on a witch hunt about Russia, Russia, Russia, AND THEY KNEW IT WAS A LIE, what President Trump did, and could of done so much more, was blocked every which way by Ft. Piglosi and many of the congressmen AND women that have an “Oath of Office” disgusting, this shall go down in history as the “Most Egregious and Nefarious Coup Ever”, God bless America, and may He have mercy on our soul’s!!!

  36. rick says:

    This is what happens when a Criminalocracy decides everything. Nothing will happen to lawbreakers, because judges are in this up to their eyeballs. We are in for a rough time & it will take more than just words to fix this!

  37. Jean says:

    So tell me why biden and others remain in their offices?

    • Teressa Chenoweth says:

      That’s right and what do they plan to do about it? Nothing!! I don’t know how anyone could let this circus continue. He isn’t fit to be in office. He’s absolutley ruining this great place we call America. Im with you.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Will the real winner of the election be put back in office before it’s to late. It’s probably all ready to late.

  38. David says:

    Dave you just can’t put the burden on Texas it is up to every state and American to stop this insanity Did they ever count all the votes the postal drivers dumped and find out how many illegals voted and dead people it had been going on for years and how many vote were changed from Trump to Biden Sadly I fear the only way to stop this is to eliminate every politician and start over But please wait until I can get to Colombia with my fiancé and daughter LOL I am having a hard enough time with the virus I don’t want to have to start shooting people You all will have plenty of fun to have when you have the Blacks rioting the illegal and Jihadist burning stealing and blowing things up and the military just shooting any one who moves what a mess you will have

  39. Michael Via says:

    I and everybody voted for Trump. And we know he is the true president!

  40. Fedup2 says:

    Everyone needs to wake up to the fact that Trump never conceded. The military gives him briefings (they know the election was STOLEN) and they do NOT give Biden Amy briefings nor does Biden have the nuclear codes. President Trump is still the legal President. A lot had been going on behind the scenes and the truth will come out in the next few weeks or so.

    • ck says:

      Yes, something magical will happen soon, just like Jan.6th, Jan. 20th and don’t forget Mar. 4th. Moron!!

  41. steve says:

    So now that we know this, now what? This isn’t news unless something happens as a result. We all knew the election was rigged from the get go.

  42. Corri says:

    The fact is we don’t know if Trump would have won the state if a few votes that might have been in discrepancy for their signature had been researched back to the citizen in question. The statement in the ruling does not refer to the fact that there were only a few signatures that would have been in question. The scientific probability is still in favor of Biden having won the state because of this. So let’s not get all huffy-puffy about this. If the judge felt that it would actually make a difference, he would have called for a re-count of those particular signatures.

    • Diane L Molinaro says:

      Whether he felt it would “make a difference ” ot not??? WHAT??? WRONG is WRONG and since it happened THERE, where else did it happen??? Trump had this election STOLEN from him by rigged votes abd corrupted servers!!!

    • Rando says:

      Another Rat that reads a comment and assumes his assuption is correct. The word used from the get go was not a FEW BALLOTS but a few hundred thousand Ballots you rats fraudulently stuffed and dropped in alot of the swing states precincts. Elections were stolen 100% and the world knows it The frkn courts are rigged and corrupt as the new DEEP STATE RULE .You will be destroyecd by your QWN A HOLE CORRUPPT TREASONOUS DIMENTED BIDEN AND WHORE HARRIS. ALL DOCUMENTED CORN HOLE OPEN YOUR EYELIDS CORN HOLE

    • Charles Larson says:

      Corri, finally a sensible post that echoes my point. Trump supporters just keep grasping for straws about another meaningless tidbit.

  43. Kent Anderson says:

    Its all wrong and the election stolen. Now what can we do? how can we now bring it to the people and justice.

  44. Dominic Iovine says:

    I’m so glad that we do have judges with the courage to say that the election was rigged. There was enough evidence to make it apparent. It was just ignored by the President Trump haters.

  45. Disappointed says:

    The way the democrats are “supposedly” running this country is a very disgusting thing to see and hear. I am ashamed of the government for allowing this to happen and not do anything about it. We’ll be lucky if this country makes it to the end of the year! Make things right and put the correct president in power and blow out the dems all the way. They sure aren’t helping our people at all, just themselves and other countries.

    • Diane L Molinaro says:

      Very true abd it’s being seen by everyone!! The border, cancelled Keystone Pipeline leaving 10’s of thousands jobless and all the supporting communities businesses severely impacted,gas prices soaring, taxes to be increased to PAY FOR THE STIMULUS, China just waiting to take MORE from us, kids STILL NOT IN SCHOOL, MSM OUT OF CONTROL, deep state getting in deeper….. God DOES have a plan though, we just need to stand strong and keep our faith!!!

  46. vinnie says:

    Why is the Supreme Court not jumping in on this “New Found” information so we can get a REAL PRESIDENT BaCK IN THE WHITE HOUSE ????

    • Diane L Molinaro says:

      Keep the faith, all WILL come out in God’s timing!! Sometimes things need to almost completely fall apart for all to see before they can be put back together! Like an addict has to hit rock bottom before seeing the “Light ” , this country may need to too before WE can be rescued!!

      • bill romano says:

        There’s never been a civilization that has lasted more than 250 years. Given the ‘signs’, I don’t see America being any different. Your addict example is a good one…. but don’t forget most never recoup from the ‘rock bottom’. The devil has learned to camouflage his deeds well so most American’s can’t see what he’s doing. Like the other ‘dynasties’ that have fallen (Roman, Greek, Tibetan, Ming, Russian, Myan, etc. Ours too, will be covered by the sands of time.

  47. Allen Stolle says:

    In Jesus name we need to get Biden out and reversed what he has done before it is too late and put the rightful President Trump back in there

    • Diane L Molinaro says:

      God Is in control!! Keep the faith!! All evil is being exposed! It needs to be seen by ALL!! Just be patient!

  48. Dennis Sumner says:

    Yeah, we know! So what’s gonna happen? NOTHING!!!

  49. Sam says:

    I’d like to know where all of these judges were when the illegal results were confirmed and all of the evidence denied prior to Jan 6! Looks like China has a lot of money to spread around to buy off judges, even in the supreme court! YES, THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN! PRESIDENT TRUMP IS OUR TRUE PRESIDENT AND THE CORRUPTION IS MORE WIDESPREAD THAN WE WOULD HAVE EVER BELIEVED IN AMERICA! WE MUST GET RID OF THE TROOPS AND THE FENCES AROUND THE CAPITAL AND HAVE A RECALL ELECTION AND GET THE ILLEGAL REGIME OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!

  50. Frank says:

    This is a nit for the GOP to pick. It does not render the Michigan electoral vote null and void. For the state GOP legislature to try to eliminate mail-in ballots is ludicrous. Why aren’t we trying to build in more safeguards to mail-in ballots? Then test them before 2022.

    • Diane L Molinaro says:

      There should Not BE mass mail in ballots anyway!! Only for TRUE absentee ballots as in past elections. There has never been a mass mail in ballots until this last election AND it was PLANNED when COVID-19 was planned!! All to out Pres Trump because he was getting rid of the evil! The darkness doesn’t like the light because it destroys it!! The “Light ” WILL prevail, just be patient, pray and keep the faith in God!!! He WILL deliver us!!

    • bill romano says:

      The GOP needs to embrace mail-in…. use it the same way the demoRats did…. make millions of fake ballots, pay illegals to sign them by the dozens, then find crooks to run for office that can be manipulated. And finally, find some judges that we can own! That’s the say we beat the rats! Stop fkn around with this Mr. Niceguy BS.

  51. RLP says:

    This says nothing about the legality of the entire Election! So very sad.

  52. JM says:

    2020 election Democrats broke numerous voting laws and now they are doubling down with HR-1. Everything in HR-1 is what they did in multiple states to cheat and steal the President and Senate of the United States of America!!!!!

  53. RLP says:

    This says nothing about the legality of the entire Election! So very sad.

  54. Doris St Aubin says:

    the difference in democrats an d Republicans.
    Democrats would cut the on mothers throat to get there on way Republicans try to tell the truth, just like the border we are in a world of hurt with the illegals Biden is setting in Alaska with his China free so if anything is left he will give to China, he stole from our country when he was vice president and so did Obama and these are facts, now the governors are saying that congress approved the wall so it was against the law for them to stop

  55. Vonda says:

    Knew it all along They stole the election and he is destroying our America

  56. Lora Pettiford says:

    Is it going to put Our Rightful President Trump Back In Office. This should have been done in the beginning. Illegitimate and the evil demons in Congress need to go now. Corruption is out of Hand. America Is Going To Fall And Soon. We can not afford gas prices going 5.00 per gallon. With all the intelligent People In America can not one person right this wrong? The World World Knew President Trump Won This Election. Why has it taken this long for Judges to admit it. I’m disgusted.

    • Fedup2 says:

      Hang in there. The truth will come out in the next few weeks or so. We are on God’s timeline and just relax and be patient. The time will come and all will be well.

  57. Fred Denman says:

    OK, So the Judge ruled that the election was fraud. What will now occur?
    Where is the enforcement at. Will the Judge finish and call for a new vote, will she be arrested for Fraud? Or will the result be Oh well learn from this and get it right tyhe next time , if there is a next time. Why is this not acted on?

  58. Brian says:

    This Secretary of State for Michigan violated many rules in her haste to facilitate as much election fraud as possible. If she does not know the law then find it Harger to believe that she holds the position and if she does know the laws that she broke she needs to be prosecuted. Understand she has also been threatening anyone who questions the election. She belongs in jail like many others of her ilk

  59. Thomas A Southern says:

    So now that this is coming out that the election as a fraud, what are they going to do? Nothing? This is what we already knew from the beginning of the con election. The now so called “President” should be scramming in his pants.

  60. Dave Darflinger says:

    The movement of January 6th was correct. This administration is illegitimate! Arise Patriots and squash the bonds of the Demoncrap tyrants. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC and all Democrats must hang for treason. And Harris, Obama, Adam Schiff, Dick Durbin. My God, do we have enough rope?

    • JPMC says:

      As of the morning of Jan. 7 2021 American’s, “we the People knew that our election was stolen, yet the marxist socialist leftist communist demonrats continuously tried to cover they’re tracks and now, now the truth comes out and what to be done. How can we take down Ft. Pelosi and they’re cabal!!!

  61. Laura says:


  62. James Barton says:


    • Dave Darflinger says:

      Yes, 9 chickenshit SOB’s, unelected, their only achievement being that they graduated from law school. Thousands do so every year.

    • JPMC says:

      How can this travesty be corrected???

      • Dave Darflinger says:

        Resist. Civil disobedience. Blockades by semi-trucks. Appeals to local police to join our cause, which is their cause. Recruit National Guard and regular army forces to our cause. Implore Governor Abbott to deploy the 49th Armored Division to the border with the order that no on crosses, and support him.The last civil war started in South Carolina, this one starts in Texas.

  63. Claudia says:

    Yes this election was stolen . Our country has always had laws to follow and people in charge do not get to pick choose or replace them to their advantage as in so many states have done . Trump has always said follow the law .

    • JPMC says:

      It is said that 75-80 million “we the people” voted for “45”(DJT), what can be done to correct this coup. Just a sad state of affairs, and a clear and present danger not just to American’s, but the whole world!!!

  64. Mary L Janes says:

    Michigan does alot of illegal things bad news is they KEEP getting away with it

  65. Mouse says:

    SO it is coming out that PRESIDENT Trump won the election and biden is ILLEGALLY occupying the WHITE HOUSE. When will we get to KICK biden OUT??

    • Dave Darflinger says:

      When the military takes action to restore the legitimate government.

    • JPMC says:

      The illegitmate commander and chief must go before harris and the globalist cabal takes over!!!

    • Fedup2 says:

      Actually no one is occupying the White House right now. Biden has not been allowed in there nor to set foot in the Pentagon. The military is not in DC to protect Biden that’s for sure. The fence is because the White House is considered as enemy territory. Don’t worry. We are on God’s timeline and He is fixing EVERYTHING with the help of the military and President Trump. It will all come out in the next few weeks or so.