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Judge to Trump: Pay Inmates $1,200

California is seeking to ensure that residents receive their $1,200 economic impact payments – even if they are incarcerated,” according to Fox Business.

A federal judge for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ruled on the side of lawyers who brought a class-action lawsuit against U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig arguing that denying these individuals relief checks based on their incarcerated status is unlawful

The IRS updated stimulus check guidance following a preliminary injunction issued in California to clarify that incarcerated individuals cannot currently be denied a $1,200 check.

The government, however, is appealing the ruling.”


Should federal prison inmates receive the same $1,200 economic impact payments that many Americans received in the weeks after the coronavirus shut much of the country down? Please share your thoughts in the Comment section further down this page.


  1. D. Rouse says:

    No they shouldn’t!
    I agree with what this COMMENTER says:

    October 14, 2020 at 4:23 pm
    Why are they there? Am I missing something here? Free food, free clothes, free baseball, free basketball, free A/C, free heat, free lights, free health care, free medicine, free TV, free exercise, free toilet supplies, free family visits, free meetings with outside speeches, free haircuts, and now.


    This is sad. Showing that it pays money doing crime.


    How much did this Judge donate?

  2. Lisa Pittman says:

    If the felons’ money needs to be allocated, maybe give that money to the victims of their crimes?

  3. Hipshot says:

    Liberal judges want the prisoners to have plenty of money for illegal drugs etc. Bad enough we’re supporting these people. We need to give them a bonus too. Where the hell do these crooked judges come from?

  4. Randy Walker says:

    Hell No !!! I don’t think that we the people should pay any body money to anyone who is in Jail WHO DOES THAT??

    • JJbob says:

      Why are there? Am I missing something here. Free food, free clothes, free baseball, free basketball, free A/C, free heat, free lights, free health care, free medicine, free TV, free exercise, free toilet supplies, free family visits, free meetings with outside speeches, free haircuts, and now.


      This is sad. Showing that it pays money doing crime.


      How much did this Judge donate?

  5. Anthony says:

    What A Joke! California government/judicial system is in the toilet! How dare you continue to drain the pockets of hard working Californians. newsome, pelosi, Harris, feinstein are just a few of the worst California has to offer! When you violate the rights of others, you lose yours! Printing money and giving it away continues to weaking America. Currently we are a Joke around the world! God is watching……???

    • Lisa Wiley says:

      No, I do not believe Federal or State inmates should get it, with that money they want to hand out should go to Homeless families/people to be put into housing and treatment to help them to get healthy and wholeness

    • Lisa says:

      I agree with you, Yes God is watching all the ugly that is going on???

  6. DeVon says:

    Almity Slimmy Judge and lawyers send all monies that the incarcerated receives to victims. The Judge should pay his staff for the time in court. And the time to do research to get it to them. The Lawyers to be charged under the RICO act for organizing thief upon American Public.

  7. M. B. says:

    I am married to sparkled felon and he could use the money to help him get a vehicle. Those still incarcerated do not need anything. Even during this pandemic they have food, clothing, meals… I would rather all that money go to open Good shelters for the homeless as winter is approaching. Working people need the help not people who violated the law and are incarcerated. They knew the consequences of their actions.

    • Kitty Corbett says:

      What on earth is a “sparkled” felon? And I agree that incarcerated felons should not receive the $1,200 Covid benefit, as they are already living rent free with meals delivered.

  8. Michael O'Reilley says:

    This is absolutely preposterous. These people are state prison inmates for a
    reason. In contrast to some other states, California makes it difficult for
    a felon to get into prison. In fact the state is methodically releasing state
    prison inmates everyday. In California, felons often spend relatively
    short times in jails, on probation, on parole and are placed in other programs.
    But now it is ridiculous to even try to comprehend that a judge would force the
    federal government to pay prison inmates even though they have free room, free
    food, free visitation, and free medical care. Some judges simply are clueless.

  9. Just about everything coming out of California makes me believe the state needs a wall around it, and declared an INSANE ASYLUM.

  10. JEANETTE D. FLORES says:

    October 13, 2020

    OMG, I’ve heard it all !!! Hell no that they should get $1200. They are in PRISON! Hello! You have NO RIGHTS when in prison. Gimmie a break. NEVER!!!!!!!
    Voting is a privilege, not a right, it’s something they lose when they go to prison!!

    • jeff says:

      only felons lose right to vote. misdemeanors dont. but to any in prison they should not get a stimulus check. the only time i could see any consideration of this is if in a misdemeanor camp someone is on a “work release” program.

  11. Michele says:

    Hell nooooo ! These criminals destroyed families,business, they’re being paid for by Tax Dollars ! Let Pelosi,Walter’s and The California Liberal Dreamers pay them.Theyve already cost the tX payers enough. They are also a very Bad example
    To our Youth.

  12. MAS says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO checks for criminals. And, if they do give them (for some obscene reason) any $$, it must go towards retribution of their crimes! But, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  13. Bob says:

    No stimulus checks for prisoners! Only California liberals can dream up this crap. They never take into effect where is the money coming from. Does anyone know what a balanced budget is in California I think not even your power companies are bankrupt and causing wild fires from faulty transmission lines !

  14. Richard says:

    No stimulus checks for incarcerated persons.

  15. Oscar McPeake says:

    no. they are already being taken care of by the government and have no financial losses due to Covid19.

  16. Foster Johns says:

    This would reward them for being CRIMINALS!!

  17. yolanda kopecky says:

    WOW now we are paying the criminals gee wonder how many people will break the law just to get 1200 dollars, don’t have to be a violent crime something simple like theft or a misdemeanor of a sort.

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Richard says:

      How many “$1,200 economic impact payments” did California tak saying the were back “Child Support Payments” when they were nothing more than OUTRAGUOS INTREST PAYMENTS that California charges????????????????????

  18. Susan Bernard says:

    They lose those rights when they go to jail, that was probably a Newsome thing?

  19. BobB says:

    They also want them to VOTE. NOW it’s all so clear. They will pay them that will insure which way they will vote.

  20. Pegs says:

    OMG, I’ve heard it all !!! Hell no that they should get $1200. They are in PRISON! Hello! You have NO RIGHTS when in prison. Gimmie a break. NEVER!!!!!!!

  21. Is this decision the SCRIPT from a California Comedy or an entry into Ripleys Believe it or NOT. If the government starts to pay people to commit crimes ,there won’t be room for all the CRIMINALS.

  22. Kamala says:

    Are you kidding me?! Those inmates are being housed and fed at no expense of their own and it’s now being put forth that they should receive (are entitled to) free taxpayer money? That money is intended to relieve the financial pressure of people actually trying to work and survive. This is just another disgusting example of Illogical, liberal policy that will only add to the trail of broken glass already in the wake of the Democrat Party!!! As for that judge…Needs to be thrown off of the bench!

  23. James\ says:

    You have to be kidding me!! Any judge who makes such a request is obviously not qualified to hold his position. This judge should be removed and strongly advised that this type of behavior cannot & will not be tolerated. It is uncomprehensable
    to provide payment to people who break the law, while other law abiding people are being neglected. People cannot break the law and be rewarded for it. Period!!!

    • Maria says:

      I agree James! Judge should be removed. Prisoners have no rights. Monies are not due to them nor should they be eligible to vote.

      • jeff says:

        there are rights for prisoners, such as fair trial to any charges while in prison, violations of civil rights and such. rights to monies paid for lose of income during a pandemic and shut down of businesses? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • CV66RoofRat says:

      I would not be surprised if to find out that this “Judge” is an Obama or a Clinton appointee. Sounds like grounds to be empeached and removal from the bench.

    • Cora Barber says:

      No inmates should not get any money they should pay restitution

  24. Lucy says:

    No I do not think prisoners should receive stimulus checks.

  25. Cheryl says:

    No another ploy by news on as nephew of nancy pelosi. Got an idea governor, if you want them to have money use your own. You’ve been screwing the people of California for years so it’s time you and your aunt paid up.Such humanitarians NOT.

  26. James says:

    If California/Polosi wants to pay stimulus money to inmates, then California can also enroll them in unemployment benefits from their States Payroll also because they ain’tworking and paying taxes or Social Security installments either. Oh California don’t forget their Healthcare and vacation pay oh yeah sick leave too. My appinion HELL NO, TOO THE ABOVE ARTICLE!!!!

  27. Kc says:

    I say no!! Aren’t they already in jail for breaking the law in the first place?? It not like they can go shopping to help the economy!! What is wrong with people these days??!! The government put the American people in this position why should jailbirds of illegals get any stimulus?? Help out the people who want to work or go back to work. Some of us don’t have a work place to go back to because of the rioting

  28. Shelton Bissell says:

    Hell no! That is simply another example of the liberal thinking that is pervasive on the west coast. That judge needs to be thrown out.

  29. Linda says:

    This is absolutely stupid!!! I don’t live in California, but I am in total agreement!! These people are in jail for a reason and this Judge and the Attorneys want to pay them for their crimes??? This makes no sense at ALL! As been said, they are living off taxpayers money now. Those who believe this nonsense is a good idea, just shows how bad those who are supposed to defend us, are broken!!

  30. Karen says:

    Hell NO, how dare he even want to waste time and money. They get taken care of in there and the taxpayers are paying for them. This is what is wrong with this country. Other countries when you do a crime you are TRULY punished. Look at Russian prisons.

  31. Joy says:

    The inmates don’t deserve any stimulus pkg. They already eat better than most people, most of them never took care of their kids when they had a chance, besides the baby’s mother will be getting a sizable amount, most mothers are not working but their kids are dressed better than the ones whose parents are hard working. Birth control is availabl use it. If you can afford fake nails, fake hair, EXPENSIVE CLOTHES AND SHOES, you don’t need the stimulus pkg. In the past children were the main concern, not so anymore. Don’t get me wrong there are many that do care, just need to get the lazy ones up and going.

  32. Mike Masur says:

    This judge is a freaking IDIOT. He needs to be removed from the bench right away. The prisoners are already getting a free ride from the taxpayers now.

  33. Sharon says:

    This judge and all others like it need to be ‘pushed’ off the bench!!!

  34. DonaldL Elliott says:

    The regular tax payers all ready take care of these idiot’s. They already cost us more than they will ever give back to society!Put them on a I’land and give each a knife.Let the games begin.

  35. Roxanne says:

    Absolutely not.. They broke the law. The stimulus check was to help people with rent and food and living expenses. Those are all being paid for and provided by the state/ county where the inmate/ criminal is held. Seems to me if this liberal Judge gets his way( and he very may well ) he should be telling the government to send the check to the state / county providing the services for that inmate for the month because I am sure the expenses for that inmate equivalent to rent and food are more than $1200 if you factor in the employee payroll ( his living expense).

  36. Sic&Tired says:

    An INDIVIDUAL….Who has found their “Illustrious Way” into prison has lost ALL of their “RIGHT”…as a person, due to Society is now having to spend money for these _________.!!….to feed, bed, & overall house these criminals….They DO NOT DESERVE no $1200 check…..IF, that stupid judge and our so called great justice system allows this…Then, that money should just go for Back Payments to all the money that has had to be spend on keeping these ________’s – in jail.
    That would be at least some JUSTICE to the Tax Payers, who have had to foot the bill for these criminals……….Seems like a way to “JUSTIFY”….giving out any money to a Criminal of our Society..!!!!

    • Leland Ogren says:

      Not even that as it would go to California government and not the tax payers there. Screw Gavin and this “judge”.

  37. Nancy Miller says:

    Any Judge that would order that should be removed from the Bench.

  38. John says:

    Inmates have free room and board. The stimulus is to help people meet necessary expenses for survival. Inmates don’t have any. This is a scheme to steal money to line their own pockets.

  39. David Shelby says:


  40. Ross says:

    A judge that would make this ruling should
    be removed. These people are in prison for
    crimes they committed..they are housed at the expense of citizens. They should not receive
    compensation..this should go all the way to
    the Supreme court.

  41. Nurex35 says:

    When you read any event happening today in CA particularly one promoted by a politician or judge, you know it’s some cockamamie idea to keep them in power….like giving inmates the right to vote! I left CA in 1992; the smartest thing I ever did after 20 years of living there.

  42. Linda Perry says:

    An incarcerated person should not be allowed to receive a $1,200.00 stimulus check on his or her own behalf. However, if the government loses its appeal, the $1,200.00 should go to reparations due to an illegal act, such as theft of property not recovered or medical bills to assault victims. If not reimbursement is due, the spouse or child of the prisoner should receive all $1,200.00 with NO percentage going to prisoner or the prisoner’s attorney.

  43. Jim says:

    Just tell cow to go to hell u don’t tell the president what to do are what to do he tells u what ever you do and do what you do then ask for help just don’t work your problem u fix it on your own

  44. Jeffrey says:

    You don’t obay the law you wave your rites

  45. Brenda Davis says:

    When you look at all the seniors who didnt recieve a penny, all because they were claimed on their kids taxes, which they sure didnt worry about giving them 1,200 why would anyone think its right or fair to give it to an inmate?

  46. Bill Hicks says:

    No they get fed no matter what happens. They broke the law they don’t deserve anymore than what they are getting in jail. People in Califonia need to wake up before that state becomes a garbage dump, another judge needs to go back to law school

  47. Timothy says:

    No. They forfeited their rights when they committed the crime!

  48. Emmett Nichols says:

    Other than care for their kids,if they have any at all,I agree. But none directly to the inmates personally
    They ain’t worked for nothing so why should profit
    I have worked over 60 years without freebies. No freebies for them.

  49. Cs says:

    Well if we pay inmates $1200, then we better be prepared to pay everyone who received nothing as well. I never received a penny as my Social Security and unemployment put me over the maximum by a few hundred dollars as my job was eliminated during the year.

    • Robert Schultz says:

      me either. I worked through the whole thing. Even after the illustrious governor of the once great state of Michigan destroyed my business and cost me my home, I worked. I want no handouts from anyone. especially the government

  50. L2sHamd says:

    No they are receiving enough free stuff from tax payers; they broke the law – consequences must be served without handouts. This is the problem with our country – too many handouts make people entitled & lazy. It’s ridiculous to think that inmates should receive a stimulus check.

    • Tina Farrington says:

      All inmates deserve to receive the $1200, they also have bills to be paid, they also have to eat

      • Robert Klein says:

        My God, you’re an idiot. Taxpayers spend over 50,000 to a year for these criminals. They don’t have Bill’s. They have housing, clothing and food. All on the taxpayers. That’s well over the 1200 you say they should get.

  51. Rob says:

    Hell NO.. In prison means just that.. You lose your rights.. Poll smoking Ca. Dema-commies will never get it!!!!

  52. Barbara says:

    Yes, but if married or they have children they must forward that money to their spouses/significant other (mothers of their children) to help them out since the inmates are receiving 3 hits and a cot they don’t have to worry about rent, utilities, food or clothes for their children.

    • Francine Girimonte says:

      Their Spouses are getting it if they File tax returns. My understanding is that the $1200 is based on your 2019 and or 2020 tax returns that were filed. So if you filed a tax return which means you worked and paid taxes your entitled to the $1200. Inmates are taken care of by the taxpayers. Enough with the freebies!