Judge to Hunter Biden: Go to Jail!

Joe and Hunter Biden

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – HAPPENING NOW: Hunter Biden will go to jail for a year and pay a $20,000 fine unless he provides the required financial information and personally shows up in court for his child support case.

Judge Holly Meyer of the Independence County Circuit Court in Arkansas issued an order threatening to punish Biden after repeatedly failing to produce income paperwork.

Hunter Biden is the father of 4-year-old girl Navy Joan Roberts, whose mother is Lunden Roberts, a former stripper.

In September, Biden asked the judge to reduce his child support payments, claiming to be unemployed. However, the mother has responded with counter-demands, including that her daughter be allowed to use the Biden family name.

Based on his previously known income, Joe Biden’s son still pays Roberts $20,000 monthly in child support.

The judge has now made it clear that Hunter Biden will face “six months in jail for criminal contempt, six months in jail for civil contempt, and a $20,000 fine payable to Ms. Roberts,” The US Sun reports, as cited by Breitbart News.

The First Son’s defense has been arguing that he cannot supply all the necessary documents about his finances because some of those are on his lost “laptop from hell” that has been the source of leaked materials exposing his addictions and suspicious details about his foreign business deals.

“Hunter Biden’s financials could reveal information about his family’s business deals and his anonymous art sales,” Breitbart points out.

Thus, it could disclose how much he benefited from his share in BHR Partners, an investment fund backed by Communist China established days after he and then-Vice President Joe Biden visited Beijing in 2013.

Hunter Biden had a 10% share of BHR Partners through his firm, Skaneateles LLC, controlled by his lawyer Kevin Morris.

In early May, Joe Biden’s son remotely appeared before the court in Independence County, Arkansas. The judge ordered him to sit for an in-person interview under oath and to provide documents about his financials.

The judge also set a hearing for July to decide the child support dispute.