Judge to Hunter: ‘Get a Job!’

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – Hunter Biden must find a job and keep away from narcotics to stay out of jail, according to an order by a federal judge who roasted him for not paying his taxes and refused to rubber-stamp his probation-only plea deal.

After Wednesday’s hearing in Wilmington, Delaware, US District Judge Maryellen Noreika set the conditions for the first son’s release from custody by ordering him to “actively seek employment, not use alcohol or illicit drugs, submit to random drug testing, not possess a firearm and submit to supervision by the Central District of California,” The Daily Caller reports.

In what was widely considered an outrageously lenient plea deal, last month, President Joe Biden’s son agreed to plead guilty to two tax misdemeanors and enter a diversion program for a federal felony of owning a firearm as a drug addict, thus avoiding prison time.

However, during the hearing, the judge decided that the plea deal was unprecedented, too broad, and legally flawed.

The deal was temporarily broken off when the Justice Department prosecutors said an investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings would continue despite the plea deal. In contrast, the first son’s lawyers thought it would end any DOJ probes against him.

The two sides eventually came up with a revised deal, which was also rejected by the judge, insisting on more information.

Noreika reportedly scolded Hunter Biden harshly, asking him why he failed to pay his taxes, according to CNN correspondent Kara Scannell, as cited by The Caller.

“We did hear a little bit about part of these charges that he’s pleading to is when he had told the judge he was already sober, and she said to him, ‘You were sober, so why didn’t you pay your taxes?’” Scannell reported.

“He essentially said he had just become sober, his life was an enormous mess, he was trying to pick up the pieces and put it together, and that essentially fell through the cracks,” the CNN reporter said.

The judge’s decision to refuse to approve Hunter Biden’s plea deal was lauded by high-ranking Republicans.

“Today, District Judge Noreika did the right thing by refusing to rubber-stamp Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal… The Department of Justice revealed Hunter Biden is under investigation for being a foreign agent,” House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (R-KY) stressed in a statement.