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Kamala Promises Radical Immigration Agenda

This was rather predictable. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) announced her and former Vice President Joe Biden’s immigration agenda. If Biden is declared to be the next president, he seems bent on reversing Trump’s immigration policies,” according to Red State.

During a pre-recorded speech at the National Immigrant Integration Conference, Harris told the audience that a Biden administration would lift restrictions on immigration and push through an amnesty for all 11 to 22 million illegal immigrants in the country. They would also restart immigration from nations that export terrorism. [emphasis added]

“Within the first 100 days, Biden and Harris will work to undo President Trump’s immigration reforms. Part of this would involve lifting Trump’s travel ban, which bars travel from Libya, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Myanmar, North Korea, and others. [emphasis added]

“The countries on the travel ban list were placed there because they have been found to harbor and sponsor terrorists or refuse to share critical national security data with the U.S. ‘In our first 100 days, we will send an immigration bill to Congress, reinstate DACA, repeal harmful and discriminatory policies like the Muslim ban,’ Harris said. ‘And during our administration, we will repeal indiscriminate enforcement policies that tear families apart and make us less safe.’”

For more on this story, go to Red State.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with the immigration plans of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden? Or, do you think President Trump’s policies are better?


  1. Evelyn J Lennon says:

    We are going to have a country like Cuba. We’re on lockdown on & off, our stores, schools, businesses,our socialization is cut off, people are afraid to go out. We’re in for a Civil War, mybe that’s just what we need, or else we will be dictated to, and living in the United States, which will no longer be the United States. Countries like China, will see us as weak, and take over,everything that we have known to be ours. Kamala Harris wants to change the bill by President Trump to keep illegal immagrants out. Her and It will change this and we’ll see 12 million of them allowed here. What will this mean for the economy. President Trump’s got this country going. The stock market, was blown sky high. Everything he did was for the betterment of this USA. Every promise the mde, he saw that it happen.

    Have you noticed that no Democrat has had Covid 19? What does that tell you? Biden and the Democrates cooked up this virus,with and blame President Trump,so he would not look good for the election. China. All the other countries, got it too. My husband suggested, one hospital would take only Covid patients. This way there all in one place. Others could go to the hospital, and have needed surgery, such as myself. I’m scared to get my surgery, and Brick, Ocean Medical had 100 Covid employees. We better pay more attention to do, what we have do, to live free, and have the liberties we do. God help those of you that have grandchildren. The voting was Unconstitutional,read it, you’ll be surprised to know this. I hope President Trump can turn this around.

  2. David Smith says:

    I took an oath to defend this country from terrorist from with in and other countries I wonder if I shot Biden Pelosi Harris and a bunch of other terrorist if they would let me go free LMAO ROFL I would never see the light of day but I would be doing what that oath said to do what they said to do

  3. G D says:

    Biden and Harris are extremely dangerous to the USA.
    They “would lift restrictions on immigration and push through an amnesty for all 11 to 22 million illegal immigrants in the country. They would also restart immigration from nations that export terrorism.”
    Biden Harris will offer the US to China for $$$Billions to their personal accounts.
    We need to fight back. What is wrong with SCOTUS. This is USA NOT a communist country.

  4. Nettie says:

    Amnesty for the 11-12 million illegal aliens? What is to say that these illegals don’t have among them some terrorists or criminals? Or is it also because this would mean 11-12 million voters for the Democrats? I guess keeping our country safe isn’t as important as getting more votes. And getting more votes is obviously a major issue for the Democrats, as was clearly seen in the 2020 election, where putting fraudulent activities into play (which in itself is illegal) to appear they won the popular vote and therefore had enough electoral votes to claim the presidential office. I feel very threatened by Harris. Biden isn’t the presidential choice for the Democrats. Everyone knows it will be Harris and Pelosi running the country. My greatest fear is that my children and grandchildren will be living under a socialist regime.

  5. Jules says:

    I hear a lot of defeat in these posts. No! American patriots are going to take up arms and fight back. There will be a civil war in our country. We will fight and NOT sit by and allow any of their plans to destroy us come to fruition.

  6. don says:

    Well, it’s over but NOT totally over ! We need to win both Georgia Senate seats. If we do, we can vote down all the things Harris and Biden want to get rid of only because it was Trumps. They know it was good for the country but since they are such Trump haters, they’ll do whatever it take to nix anything he did that was good ! Then in two (2) years when we have stymied all their crap they want to push thru, everyone, by then, will see them for what they are and we’ll overthrow the House and bolster the Senate. Then in their last 2 years, they won’t be able to get a thing thru Congress.

  7. Mark says:

    Less than 1% in Primaries Kamala only has one skill which is practiced on her knees. Willie Brown knows how she got up the ladder, doing him. She jailed more blacks than in Ca history just for drug use not sales. Withheld exculpatory evidence to keep people in jail. Her family owned a PLANTATION WITH SLAVES IN JAMAICA

  8. Brian Bowes says:

    Quit paying taxes period. I gaurantee that these communists bastards will not get a penny from me I claim exempt.

  9. Mark says:

    The Supreme Court just showed us how useless they are. This administration will put us in the ground. The travel ban needs to remain in place.

  10. Janet says:

    I can believe they are that stupid to let terrorists come into this country. Kamela is so far left. She will probably end up being president and take over Bidens job. God help us. They want us to pay all these people that are coming in. Why should they get a free ride when we worked hard to get where we are at. We are not rich. This is so sad. People are going to revolt against all of this. I hope Biden and Harris get the same treatment and problems that Trump got. Trump didn’t even accept a salary and got all this abuse. Pelosi needs to retire. I can’t believe all the bad mail in ballots. The supreme court won’t do anything. Bidens son Hunter isn’t innocent. It amazes me that they don’t bring up on the regular news stations about all of this that is going on. China is going to own us. Probably already does. They are inching their way in. Now tearing down everything that Trump worked for. Let all these terrorists move into all these democrats homes and let them support them. Make sure Kamela and Biden have some them live with them too. Idiots.

    • Brenda says:

      I agree. we are in trouble. President Trump has done more for this country than any corrupt carreer politician. I believe it is time to fight for judges with President Trump and charge the traitors treason. This includes our supreme court judges. They are supporting the Cabal and the deep dark states’s agenda. They will allow China to invade our country in which we will become ensalved or face death. I can’t believe how igorant and easy it is to manipulate the Americans to the dark side. They will paid dearly! The antichrist is the democrates deal with China.

  11. Robert F. Sellarole says:

    This is about power folks. Giving amnesty to the 22 million illegals among us gets them to count their votes in future elections.
    Years ago we were able to afford millions of newcomers.
    We no longer can afford that.
    Like so many immigrants, my family came from Italy…legally.
    22 million get a pass at pur expense.

    • Kimberly says:

      I wonder how many innocent people will die at their hands? Remember the people at an office Christmas party that were gunned down by Muslim terrorist? Nice Christmas for their families. How many more will die from drug gangs, the cartels and terrorist now? I wonder if they’ll ever apologize or even care?

  12. MARTHA EARNEST says:

    Politicians suck . I don’t know how they get elected. Biden, harris and Pelosi are as worthless as tits on a boar hog. America will never be the same.

  13. Pat says:

    I think the rational, intelligent people of this nation need to protest. The radical thugs do it with destruction. Let those who object to these ridiculous ideas, have sit ins, marches and protest. We need to rise up instead of being the silent majority, let them hear our voices loud and clear. The conservative members need to stand up for our country.

  14. David Smith says:

    You get nothing done writing in here but then again you won’t get anything done writing to you senators or congressmen/women either this country is burnt toast I will see the destructiom from another country as soon as the vaccine and other countries let me in I just hope all the illegals go live next to Harris and Biden and Pelosi and all the liberal democratic idiots that voted these insane people into office Maybe they can sell drugs to their kids Biden Jr. would love that and rape them and kill their families. Too bad for America it was a good county at one time

  15. burley says:

    Seems like Biden is choosing all his appointees on “race and gender”” not on who is qualified. When Biden dies from old age, or whatever, do you want Kamala Harris as president??

    • Harris is wrong for our country she and Biden will destroy it. Biden is choosing race over qualafications, in stead of choosing the right person to do the job. Immigrants that do not beling here should not be allowed to stay and the boarders need to remain closed and so the travel ban needs to be left in place.

    • Patricia A Skidmore says:

      God please have mercy on American. I trust that you will always be in control !!!

  16. Sam B. says:

    With all due respect to the true/honest/good illegal aliens wanting to b here for a better life…”sorry we r full up.” Those that r here legally..welcome!
    First of all we as a country MUST take care of our own first!! Flooding our country/economy with folks from other countries isn’t SAFE NOR PROPER FOR OUR OWN LEGAL CITIZENS! These folks will take millions of jobs from other Americans that need jobs..esp these days. As for the safety part..we must know who’s in the country!!! DUH!!
    As for allowing folks to travel here from countries that we have a travel ban on that harbor & sponsor terrorist…ummm NO! HELL NO!!!! This shouldn’t even b a question nor a possibility!! Is the Biden/Harris administration this ridiculously STUPID?!?! Unbelievable.
    God help us if these unhinged radical quacks take over the White House & run the country. We will damn sure need Trump back in 2024 because he has a SPINE! He’ll need to reinstitute the AMERICA FIRST AGENDA & straighten out all this BS.

  17. Lancedikson says:

    Who do they represent? The illegals,? Foreigners? Muslims? Terrorists? Antifa? BLM? Anti-amerikans? YES,
    Americans ? NO!!

  18. Lee A Reitmeyer says:

    They will NEVER be my President or VP. They are out of their minds! (if they have one at all) They agenda is to destroy all the good that President Trump has done. They want us to live in fear. Well, we won’t. We will fight back!

  19. Sue Cameron says:

    Biden and Kamalia needs to rethink about all of the comments mentioned here. Immigration is ok with us if they go thru the process of entry into U.S.A. slowly and protect us from any unwanted illegals. Not protecting us from harm will hurt us all and we depended a President to keep us safe ,strong and healthy America.

  20. Rodrigo Diaz De Bivar says:

    This is the fear I’ve always had. That these horrible liberals Biden and Harris are going to reverse every good thing that Pres. Trump implemented for the nation for it’s protection. Now, members of terrorist nations can come into our nation without proper vetting as well as those criminals who will cross our southern borders and all because the psychotic Democrats continue to lust for their votes to keep them in power so they can raise taxes and spend it on stupid frivolous projects that accomplish nothing, except for them. I continue to pray that our heavenly Father still has time to reverse this threat to our President.

    • Monet Nagel says:

      I totally agree. Thecstandvthat President Trump excited in this area was very good and actually had the American people in mind. People need to go through the process and in my opinion any country that doesn’t share viral information should not have a open pass.

  21. Papaw says:

    Get ready to start living in hell , we well loose our freedoms .

  22. Honest says:

    Her Stupid Ideas Shows Her IGNORANCE ~~~ A Total Waste Of Human Flesh

  23. Ken says:

    I feel that their actions are just a way of getting back at Trump. I am in strong hope that Trump will “OVERCOME” and we can be back to Making America Great Again. If I may add…Hillary has no room to talk. If they are getting after Biden, and his family….then Hillary should be reinvestigated as well. She needs to get what she deserves…. I don’t agree with “President Harris”…..

    • Robert says:

      NOTHING has been done for four years! With all the evidence they claim to have,even Judicial Watch is unable to do anything about it. No one is held accountable for anything–even Hillary that sold 20% of our uranium to one of our enemy’s,a blatant act of treason, has not been held to answer for that, so don’t expect ANYTHING to happen to any of the Dems Criminal actS

  24. Beth says:

    Trumps immigration policy has provided our country with the needed protection from our enemies! His plan for legal entry to our country to those who have positive qualities helps weed out the unwanted.
    Biden and his anti American policies will ruin our way of life! Biden and his best friend, China, will be a point of no return for our country if he is President.

  25. ERM says:

    Kamala Harris is a nut job and should never have been in the race in the first place.
    Why would anyone open the borders to any immigrants With the Corona virus so rampant? Why would you let in people from countries that export terrotism.
    The President & Vice Presidents job is to keep us safe, not but us in harms way. I do not feel safe at all with our
    incoming leaders, quite the contrary

  26. Becki says:

    TOTALLY AGAINST THIS of course you pathetically stupid Democrats would want this. I just hope you are the first ones to have something happen to your family or job– because it will. Maybe then you can thank old sleazy joe and camel to —just remember THIS IS THE SEWER DWELLERS YOU STOLE THE ELECTION FOR. so don’t start crying when it’s too late after they BETRAY you too.

  27. William H. Wilson Jr. says:

    We lived through 8 yrs of Obama and 4 yrs of Mr. Donald J. Trump so we are very resilient and are more than likely able to survive a Mr. Joseph Biden; Miss Kamala Harris presidency!

    • Lynette Carothers says:

      Your decision that our country will survive a Biden or Harris administration is wishful thinking.
      The cost of caring for 11 MILLION illegal immigrants is unfathomable. They have not paid a penny into the federal government. You expect American citizens that follow the law, pay their taxes, and are responsible members of our working society to provide the money to support the illegals and the criminal element of the illegals?
      Many of us have families who can into this country LEGALLY. Why should they have to allow this to happen?
      Those of us old enough to remember 9/11/2001 have no desire to have our restrictions removed from allowing people from terrorism hot spot countries into the US. The countries on the list are still too unstable to allow possible terrorists into the country.
      The cost alone should make you wonder where are they going to get the money? Look at the history of the Democratic party, they raise the taxes on the middle and lower class. They never raise the taxes on the wealthy.
      We have a security compromised possible President elect. He never left his home to campaign because he knew that the fraudulent election was going to occur and most probably laughed at the American people the same way he laughed at the Ukraine prosecutor being fired. Fired because he was covering Hunter’s business dealings. This is a man with no morals and a possible VP that hates the US. Hates our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And you think we will survive the court packing of the Supreme Court, the eviscerated police departments across our country?
      They will have a mass confiscation of legal citizens firearms and the criminals will still have theirs. They are pushing no cash bail, releasing criminals before their trials. These criminals never show up for their court appearance. They want to release murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and violent criminals from jail. When you call 911 for help you will get a social worker if you are lucky. The looters, protestors, and BLM and ANTIFA are waiting for their opportunity to be the new world order. Think the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany.
      No, you are fooling yourself.

      • Dwight Elsik says:

        Those that are here thru DACA have had PLENTY TIME to get citizenship. They chose to “DO NOTHING ” and want to “BLAME OTHERS ” . OTHERS wishing to immigrate here have a way to come here legally. It’s NOT AUTOMATIC OR A MICROWAVE SPEED but many are here that have followed that path. PATIENCE AND WORK WILL GET THEM HERE. DO SOMETHING…QUIT EXPECTING A FREE RIDE TO GET HERE AND A FREE RIDE WHEN YOU GET HERE.

    • Always5150 says:

      Then you stand in front of them when the shit hits the fan idiot

    • michael perkins says:

      You are dreaming,you moran

  28. Marilyn says:

    Totally disagree with Biden/Harris immigration loosening. There needs to be a plan in place for a process to follow for background investigation for each person interested in immigrating & government approval for each case. Then a follow up for those legally admitted. Illegals identified should be returned to the their country of origin until they obtain requested approval. My great-grandparents had to go through the legal process – thank goodness they did!

  29. Sandra says:

    Well, let’s hope that when one of those terrorists they let in bombs something, rapes or murders someone that individual is related to them. So tired of innocent Americans being killed because of worthless politicians sucking up to foreign terrorist countries to rip off American tax dollars.

  30. Sharon says:

    We must not let them in our WH, they will destroy America, they are both unfit to serve the people.

  31. Sharon Collins says:

    The thought of opening our borders to all these terrorist countries is beyond me. It’s like Biden/Harris want to bring terrorism to our country. They have lost their minds!!!

  32. Dale Smith says:

    Why would we expect anything else? For 4 years there has been a constant fight against ANY POSITIVE EFFORT TO RESTORE OUR COUNTRY. It won’t take that long to tear it all down

  33. Rhina says:

    When you are a domestic terrorist your self why wouldn’t you help your friends. Kamala slept her way up she is only in it for the money for her own selfishness.

  34. Bev says:

    I agree

  35. Leon Lurie says:

    SHE & BIDEN WILL DESTROY THIS COUNTRY, If given the chance,