Kamala Threatens Israel?! (Video)

Kamala Harris

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – A mind-blowing new example has emerged that the radical left has captured the very top of the US government as Vice President Kamala Harris has now threatened vital US Middle East ally Israel with “consequences” if the Israelis keep destroying the Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Israel has been conducting an anti-terrorist military operation in the Gaza Strip since the October 7 terror attack, in which the Palestinian Arab Islamist group Hamas massacred over 1,400 Israelis and foreigners.

In an ABC News interview, Harris made it clear she wouldn’t rule out the possibility of repercussions for Israel from the US government, should it proceed with plans to invade Rafah in Gaza.

The vice president labeled such an action by the administration of Israel’s conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as significantly misguided.

The Israeli leader has warned numerous times that entering Rafah was vital for the complete eradication of Hamas.

“Netanyahu appears to be just flat out ignoring President Biden’s warning about an offensive in Rafah. Is that a red line for your administration?” asked ABC host Rachel Scott.

“We have been clear in multiple conversations and in every way that any major military operation in Rafah would be a huge mistake,” Harris replied, cited by DNyuz.

“Let me tell you something: I have studied the maps. There’s nowhere for those folks to go,” she added.

“A mistake, but would there be consequences if [Netanyahu] does move forward?” Scott insisted.

“We’re going to take it one step at a time, but we’ve been very clear in terms of our perspective on whether or not [an invasion] should happen,” the vice president said.

“Are you ruling out that there would be consequences from the United States?” Scott asked again.

“I am ruling out nothing,” Harris declared.

This conversation follows Netanyahu’s pledge that Israel would go into Rafah regardless of US endorsement.

However, Netanyahu has agreed to dispatch a senior delegation for discussions with White House officials to explore potential compromises.

In his recent conversation with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Netanyahu mentioned efforts to evacuate civilians from conflict areas.

“I also said that we have no way to defeat Hamas without entering Rafah,” the Israeli leader warned.

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